Limited-Time Sale on Stormcutter Eggs!

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It looks as though the famed Sharp Class dragon, Cloudjumper, decided to pay a quick visit to Berk, and he brought along a crate of Stormcutter eggs ready to hatch and bond with ready and willing Dragon Trainers such as yourself!



It was one early morning when Trader Johann himself got to behold the sights of this terrific creature as he was on his way to Berk. Souring the skies on two sets of wings that form an X-shape, this Sharp Class dragon was certainly came swooping down  on his ship! Expecting to turn around and greet Hiccup and Toothless, Johann was startled to find this magnificent creature perched on his sails with a curious gaze. What a marvelous encounter, indeed!


Feeling jolly from the recent Snoggletog spirits, Trader Johann began to sing bold praises for its intelligence and how delighted he is to be graced by his presence! And for a while, the dragon seemed to listen - that is until Johann had to turn his attention to prepare to dock at Berk. Just as he was about to turn back and ask if Cloudjumper was here to visit the Vikings, he found the owl-like dragon taking off and leaving behind a rather large crate of dragon eggs on deck!


Absolutely ecstatic by this surprising gift, Trader Johann could not wait to offer fellow Vikings like yourself a chance to bond with your very own Stormcutter! And to make sure his unexpected visitor's find caring homes, he marked these eggs HALF-OFF for a limited time only. Stop on by at the Trading Post today!

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Yay! I've always wanted to

Yay! I've always wanted to own a Stormcutter!!



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Hi admin

Hi admin a account that i deleted ages ago it was a accident i really want it back i spent alot fo money almost ahd all the dragons so i want it back

the account anme was bo wie rename bow ie and then renamed Once a Phantom IIII


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I know you guys think im a hacker but the hacking what just happend was my brother he not on my account no more i did hack that was ages ago when i hacked but i stopped my brother did this to make me loose your trust again sorry about my brother

im totally now against hacking

Credit to whoever made this

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That's what you get

You did not delete your viking accidentally, you did it to prove that you weren't going to use a viking with trophies earned by speed-hacking.


The fact that there is hacking activity logged on that viking would mean that you should have all your dragons, UDT points and trophies removed if it were returned anyway. It doesn't matter that you paid for them, you violated the Terms of Service and aren't owed anything.

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Cool! I don't own a stormcutter yet.

Unfortunately, gems completely decided to stop working a few weeks ago, so I'm still waiting for my order to arrive >:


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That will be my second

That will be my second stormcutter! :D


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Please help me get my account back

please help me get my game back I have pmed you a million times pm me for my info!








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I have two stormcutters:one

I have two stormcutters:one from store and an egg from mystery egg box


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YAY!!! I've always wanted my VERY own Stormcutter!!!!


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