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The first time Hiccup set his eyes on a Snafflefang dragon, he wasn’t entirely sure of what it was. From its bulky build and rough demeanor he deduced that it might belong to the Boulder Class, but how was he to know for sure? While exploring the wild Dragon Sanctuary, his curiosity got the better of him and he advanced forward to learn more about one he had been observing from a distance.  The Dragon, having an innate understanding of Hiccup’s love of dragons sweetly crept over, allowing for the dragon trainer to lay his hand upon his head.




Hiccup and the dragon felt a bond and mutual respect for one another, which allowed the dragon to feel safe, safe enough to lead Hiccup to its nest of eggs. The dragon nudged one slight toward Hiccups direction, signaling for him to have it. Dragons were not always safe in the wild, so knowing that her eggs would end up at the School of Dragons brought this Snafflefang great peace of mind.


Initially unsure of what to do, Hiccup eventually accepted that there was no better way to learn about this dragon than to raise one himself, so he collected the egg and promised the Snafflefang that he would do what he could to take care of its growing brood. Hiccup brought as many eggs that he could safely carry back to campus to help teach his fellow Vikings about the ways of this mysterious Boulder Class dragon, requesting a special 3-day sale on eggs at Johann’s Trading Post. And now this dragon can be yours for just 375 gems! Have you picked up yours?

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This story makes me feel like you guys listened to us being upset about having to steal eggs. I really love this one. Thank you guys so much. (Plus, I had asked for this one to go on sale. so thank you for that too!!)



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Name: Buttons (Be careful, he likes to steal your buttons)

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About Woolly Furies

Nope nope nope this is not woolly howl! This is the first and unique Woolly Furies!It is a hybrid between nigt fury and woolly howl and I think the result turned out very nice. These cute creatures are completely covered with soft fluffy wool so you will be pleased to fondle your dragon. These cuties have another interesting feature. All woolly furies know how to pull teeth just like Toothless! Flame all the same and pinkish. --Defy


*Art and fan species by Defy, nightfury species by HTTYPD*

     Name: Magma                                                                                                                                                          Name: Bandit

     Gender: Male                                                                                                                                                             Gender: Male

      Species: Boulder Fury                                                                                                                                    Species: Nightfury


About Boulder Furies     

Charming creatures with indomitable energy. These dragons have a very tough skin covered with plates.

They are a little inferior in speed to other furies but the flame does not compare with others. Only Spirit Furies exceed their temperature and power. Boulder Furies dig and eat small pieces of rock like gronckles. They are very cute and love spending time with the rider. -- Defy


*Art and fanspecies by Defy*


Name: Axel

Gender: Male

Species: Spirit Fury


About Spirit Furies:

And now say Hello to the first ... Sprit Furies!!! Yeah yeah you read that right! Why Spirits? Because they are totally transparent and remind spirits. They look like ghosts , have a huge glowing eyes and a strange glow inside. But actually these are REAL dragons which you can touch and even fly with them. They like to hover above the ground like ghosts and in this  posture to follow the rider. This is one of the largest furies and have the most enormous wings. They are very proud and want to constantly be with only rider.This is a very rare and dangerous dragons. Usually attack luminous deadly flame. --Defy


*art and fanspecies by Defy*

Name: Ruffina


Calm and warm. Ruffina has a very warm nature and she always gets along with all the dragons. She doesn't like squabbles and never comes into the fight with other dragons. Ruffina is very fond of little dragons and always protects them. She's very affectionate. --Defy


My lovingly Adopted Aquaborealis

from Spy aka 1flower

*Species and lineart by 1flower*

*color by 1flower and kcrockett*


I have permission from Kcrockett to put her dragons in my signature. Here is a list of them:

Nova (Trahveller's mate), Tide Pool (Nova & Trahveller's son), Coral (Drevis & Kiwi's daughter), Drevis (Kiwi's mate), Damon (Aryia's mate), Azog (Raeyan's mate), Thresh (Raeyan & Azog's son), Drakis (Verde's mate), Koba (Shamaya's mate), Mist (Ripple's mate), Tundran (Leena's mate), Sapphire (Puck's mate), Dawn (Jekyll's mate), Willow (Regal's mate), Glacius (Máni's mate), Tito (Raynelle's mate), Neon Lake (Twilight's mate), Zeus (Artemis' mate), Iris (Larkin's mate), Silver Mist (Morris' mate), Cyra (Draven's mate).


I also have permission from Maddness to have her dragon in my signature.

Rivercloud (Fleur's mate)


Babies who have now grown up:


Additional Bases:

Full Grown Aquaborealis and their Mates:



From right to left: Trahveller (Maijic), his mate Nova (Kcrockett)

Bottom: Daughter Laylah, Son Tide Pool (Kcrockett)



Lohlaa (Maijic) and her mate Neptune (Krockett)

From right to left: Ignatius (Kcrockett) his mate Glimmer (Maijic), and their son Pyrrhos (Krockett & Maijic)


From Right to Left: Drevis (Kcrockett) and his mate Kiwi (Maijic), and their daughter Coral (Kcrockett & Maijic).

*Kiwi is the Daughter of Glimmer and Licht, Step daughter of Ignatius*

From Right to Left: Damon (Kcrockett) and his mate Aryia (Maijic). Dazran (Maijic) Son of Damon and Aryia


Raeyan (Maijic) and her mate Azog (Kcrockett)

Raeyan and Azog's twins, Rain and Storm

Raeyan and Azog's other hatchling

Thresh (belongs to Kcrockett)

From Right to Left: Verde (Maijic) and her mate Draksis (Kcrockett)


From Right to Left: Shamaya (Maijic), and her mate Koba (Kcrockett)

Bottom: Fleur, Shamaya and Koba's daughter.

Forest, Fleur's son, And Fleur's mate Rivercloud (Madness)

Ripple (Maijic) and his Mate Mist (Kcrockett)


Leena and her daugher with Cursed Eclipse, Calliope

From Right to Left: Puck and his mate Sapphire (Kcrockett) 


Jekyll ^_^ He has a split personality.

and his mate Dawn (KC)


Regal and his mate Willow (KC)




Acai, my little berry boy ^^ He likes roofs


Máni & his mate Glacius

Raynelle & her mate Tito

Twilight, her mate Neon Lake (KC) and her daughter with Denim, Artemis


Larkin and his mate Iris (KC)


Caspert (name pending)

Morris the Melanistic (Maijic) and his mate Silvermist (Kcrockett)

Pyrrhos (Kcrockett and Me) and his mate Cassiopeia, she is blind, and has two tails :D

Cassiopeia was a queen that bragged about her beauty. Though my Cassi is not vain, I thought she deserved a name that was as beautiful as her.

Cassi's daughter with Zyock, Nesoi. She is partially blind

and needs to be in water a lot or her skin will dry out. 

Pyrrhos' son, Canicus. He likes to Growl ^^ (Mother, Crescent)


Draven, my partially tamed wind elemental.

He visits, and terrorizes me. But I love him!

And his mate Cyra, owned by Kcrockett

And Daenerys, their daughter :D


Aquaborealis species belongs to 1flower. Most of the art and coloring belongs to 1flower. Some have been colored by Kcrockett. I used to know which were which, but have since forgotten.

Nova, Ignatius, Drevis, Coral and Damon all belong to Kcrockett.

They are just visting their mates on my signature.





My Smoothskins

*Art and Species by Me*


                          Name: Lemon                                                                 Name: Lime


Name: Puff



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We're always listening!

The team is always listening, Maijic! And we are really glad to hear that you liked the story of how we were able to cut the prices on these dragon eggs! Have you picked one up yet?

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Hey brynolf quick question can u guys start working on the thunderclaw. It is my most favorite dragon in the whole dragon world it would make my day if you would. ALSO TAKE YOUR TIME I DO NOT CARE IF U REUSE A MODEL SO YA


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can you guys make the speed

can you guys make the speed stinger go on sale? i lost a egg to that glitch or hacker i dont know and i really wanted one and i would have one hatched but the glitch wanted to eat my egg (pouts) and i have a dragon that showed up and i dont have any room for it and i never got it from a chest nor did i buy it its just a random nightmare that showed up. any way of getting rid of it?