Limited-Time Sale on Screaming Death Eggs!

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With the release of the fantastic Viking armor modeled after the Screaming Death just last month, it seemed almost comical for Ruffnut and Tuffnut to have come across a nest of this formidable Boulder Class dragon's eggs while wearing the armor! Considering how territorial and possessive this albino creature is, it’s a wonder how they managed to bring its eggs to the Trading Post - but they are here now and ready for Vikings to handle with care!



So the question comes - how exactly did the twins find themselves face-to-face with a Screaming Death and its brood of hatchlings-to-be? Well, it was while they were returning from yet another victory at the Thunder Run Racing. Ever so reckless Tuffnut soon got the idea to take Barf and Belch out to test their armor against actual Screaming Death dragons! And recent rumor had it that Screaming Death dragons had been spotted barreling through the Whispering Death caves on campus so there they went, and almost immediately the twins challenged each other on who could catch a glimpse of the rare dragon first.


As it turned out, neither won because the tremendous creature found them first with its incredible scream! Poor Barf and Belch bonked heads as the disorienting sonic roar bounced through the caves - but the dragon calmed to a wary level as soon as it caught sight of their Viking gear. This certainly gave the daredevil twins a chance to see that the dragon was protecting its nest, and for once the bickering two decided maybe it’s better to not push their luck with this one.


Except that the dragon sauntered after and blocked their way from leaving. After several attempts of trying to persuade it to let them go, Ruffnut realized that the dragon wasn’t going to attack them! From the curious gaze of those intensely red eyes, in fact, they realized that the dragon had been watching them for a lot longer than they knew. Somehow, it seemed to desire the same comfortable companionship that the twins have with their Hideous Zippleback for its brood.


So they guided the dragon and its nest out of the caves so that Vikings like YOU could have a chance at bonding with a Screaming Dragon for 50% off the regular price at the Trading Post. Don’t miss out on this LIMITED time sale! And, best of all, Screaming Death trainers can rejoice since this dragon boasts notable firepower – get one today to check it out for yourself!



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Thanks Admins!

Got an egf yesterday and hatched it. Thanks admins!!









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