Limited-Time Sale on Sand Wraith Eggs!

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Trader Johann is back from his latest voyeague out to sea, and Vikings were sure eager to check out his new stock. Dragon trainers like Snotlout especially needed new gear, but no one was expecting a Sand Wraith and its eggs to join the sales!



That's right, you heard it! This Tidal Class dragon is now on sale for a limited time only, and Trader Johann is hoping his favorite trainers could help this new acquaintance out in getting its eggs to comfortable and caring homes. How did he meet this friendly fellow? Well, Johann would have began the tale from all the way back when he set sail last time, but I'll save you the details of that lengthy epic.


In reality, it happened just as he was docking on a beach not far from Berk for a little break, when the Sand Wraith nearly set his sail on fire with a warning shot from the sands! Thinking it wanted him off its land as soon as possible, Trader Johann made haste - until he saw the dragon digging around the sandy area near his boat as if trying to look for something.


Feeling like he couldn't just leave the poor thing, Johann helped the dragon out and managed to recover a few of its lost eggs. Appreciated for this extra effort, he decided to bring it and its eggs along to meet dragon trainers waiting anxiously to bond with this intelligent dragon. So swing by to shake off the sand for o'l Johann with this NEW egg sale!

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I d really like to have

I d really like to have one,but...No gems,no stables:(


.    This is me.Made by the amazing Pixel!

Madeby me traditionally and digitally by Queen of  dark fire  credits to  Royal Fury for this little fella

This is Sadachbia.Made by Varku.I love it!  This is my Frilled Acidspitter,Solar.Made by 1flower Made by BlackwolfenHOW CUTE IT IS!!! This is Thunder.Made by Gigimon

This is Metalhead,my razorwhip.Made by BeaReptileLover.        

My Shadow Ghost.Made by Dorina the Dragon.I really like it!

Phosphorus,my night fury,made by dragonrider34.     

  The Strawberry Wraith by Flaming Husky

Sweetie,my Nightterror.Made by Gigimon

Spiky,my Neon Nadder.Adopted from dragonrider34 

Made by me

Dark and Light,my Zippleback.Made by dragonrider34 

Strike,my Mained Stratofier.Made by mechfighter.Thank 



   My silly Phosphorus When it is happy.Made by dragonrider34

 My Night Fury,Toothless from SoD.Made by dragonrider34.You are amazing!

Stealth,my Indominus Rex.Made  by dragonrider34

Volcano,my Snow Wraith.Adopted from naderly.You are awesome,bud!Keep making adoptables!

Jaws,my Wave Razer.Made by RaxForax.Amazing!!

This is Aqua,my Banded Featherlure,by Amberleaf

This is Ursa Minor,my lovely Spacial Beauty and is made by amazing Krazykira.Isnt she sweet?

This is Corona Australis,made by Krazykira

 He is Alderamin,my Spacial Beauty.Made by Krazykira

He is Leonis Minoris,another Spacial Beauty.He is made by Krazykira too.

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Awesome, this game is

Awesome, this game is constantly improving. If only you would fix the bug and glitches it would make me and probably everyone much happier as well as all this awesome content you provide us with.


1 more thing I guess now we know that Sand Wraiths are intelligent to.