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Fishlegs and his Gronckle, Meatlug were out by the lake in the Wilderness, trying to catch some salmon. And, while he was casting his fishing rod, a loud grunt far in the distance deep among the trees set off an alarming feeling of fear. However, as he continued to listen, the sounds became familiar, but he couldn’t put his finger on what it could be. As he and his dragon began to move in closer, Fishlegs discovered that the ground in the area had been dug up! Immediately, he exclaimed, “A Rumblehorn was here!”



They started to follow the trail of holes until they came across what appeared to be an abandoned Rumblehorn nest of eggs. “Who will care for all these dragons once the eggs hatch?” he thought to himself. And almost immediately, he knew what he had to do… He needed to bring these eggs to campus and entrust them with experienced dragon trainers… like you!


And now, for today ONLY, this egg will be on sale for half off and is part of our epic dragon egg sale that ends tonight! For non-member the price pf this egg will be 75% off and for members 95% off! What a STEAL!


Head to the store now to enjoy all the adventures that await for those brave enough to learn how to train a Rumblehorn!

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i cant buy it for the  38

i cant buy it for the  38 gems

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95% off??? I might consider getting a second Rumblehorn- even though I kind of want one of each dragon.


Does anyone know if 35g is the actual price? I heard that it's 188 for some people.

Can anyone confirm before I purchase more gems?


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It's 38 gems for members. I'm

It's 38 gems for members. I'm a member. I bought one. and it cost me 225. So something is not going right. I would hold off on buying one if I were you. 


38 gems is a lie at the moment. 



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Oh no! :( That sucks for you. Hopefully you can get reimbursement for that!


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I doubt it, but thanks for

I doubt it, but thanks for the well wishes ^_^

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I cant buy anything including the egg error


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I just got one

A rumblehorn for members cost 38 gems (strange) and 188 gems for non-members so I think this is correct.














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The normal price of a Rumblehorn egg is 600 gems. A 95% discount is 30. A 75% discount is 150.

I kind of understand the 35 thing, but 150 and 180 are pretty different.

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Update on Rumblehorn Egg Pricing

Vikings! It looks like we got a little ahead of ourselves while slashing the prices on the Rumblehorn eggs in our latest dragon egg sale at Johann’s Trading Post. As some of you might have noticed, when purchasing this particular egg, the amount of gems deducted from your account is  actually higher than the listed, discounted price. No need to worry! Our server team is working on a fix to stop this from happening and we will be making sure that all affected players receive those extra gems back later today. 


We are so sorry about the inconvenience and will be updating everyone as soon as we get word that the fix is in and gems redistributed accordingly.  

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Thanks for the swift action, Brynjolf!

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Thank you SoD team!

Thank you SoD team!