Limited-Time Sale on Grapple Grounder Eggs!

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Vikings all around campus know that the Night Fury's firepower is nothing to sneeze at, but did you know that it is not the only dragon that can blast its opponents with pulses? The Grapple Grounder sure can, and it's causing ruckus at the Trading Post with a new sale on this Boulder Class dragon!

With even more species of dragons joining the ranks of Vikings to create a cooperative environment, sometimes it's taken for granted that a dragon trainer is obligated to bring any abandoned eggs they find into the fold. Of course, with some nasty encounters from certain dragons that can blend into the background, trainers typically make sure that the eggs are abandoned first before they go on to help Johann find vikings willing to take care of these hatchlings-to-be.


Sometimes, vikings like Clueless aren't always quite so meticulous about it like today. It was while he was taking a walk from the Lookout  while thinking about how he'd love to train a sturdy Boulder Class dragon with his fellow vikings, when he caught sight of a lonely Grapple Grounder nest! Unable to resist any longer than a few minutes, Clueless quickly made his way to the Trading Post, sadly failing to catch sight of a sneaky Grapple Grounder following close behind.


Unfortunately for Johann, this incidental occasion led to his poor post becoming home to a disaster! Thankfully, Hiccup stepped in just in time to calm the Grapple Grounder down, and even persuaded it to give trainers a chance by featuring its young in this latest egg sale starting today!

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Please.... Update this dragon

Please.... Update this dragon in all. Mainly its model.

Yes, you got it from Rise of Berk but we'd all much rather have the actually Grapple Grounder than RoB's dipiction of it... It looks much cooler.


Art by thedeadlydragon


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it acutally got the one thing

it acutally got the one thing rob did that's even remotely close to "correct"...wrong

the head was the only thing that looks liek the original...aaaannnd they botched that up to




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A Desert Wraith stole my subject...

Thanks for the sale, my new Grounder is incubating now! :D

But please, please re-model this dragon... The RoB one is not nearly as cool looking as the original one. And it really needs a new animation too. It looks super stiff.


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Updated animation for the Sand Wraith and Wooly Howl

Rider/dragon Point of View

Scars for your dragons

The ability to trade dragon eggs

More interactions between you and your dragon

Sleek, aerodynamic saddles (Like Toothless' saddle in HTTYD 2)

Wider range of colors on the color wheel and add a black/white/grey color wheel


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To repeat the repeated....

I'm so sorry Brynjolf but.... to repeat the posts above: 

Please do a remodel devs! We do not have a real grapple grounder; we have a clipped and snipped, overly thin, long, stiff dragon. This is what the actual dragon looks like. (Huge credit to chakuu for taking these in the Wii game)

This is a majestic, springy, wonderful creature that I would totally spend my saving gems on. The creation we got is not worth my gems.... Not even at half price. Again, I'm sorry Brynjolf you are the messenger and how terribly boring and probably annoying it is to hear this a thousand times over.




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call me whiny and ungrateful

okay since i know one of these people are coming any minute here we go:

call me and the others like me whiny and ungrateful for criticizing it all you want but its like being grateful to Shyamalan  for making the "last airbender" movie.



what is there to be so grateful over anyway?


the terrible model and animation?

that it looks nothing like ANY of the grapplegrounders?

its plastic looking textures?

how that they made an entire poll to hype it up only to deliver this?

that it would be terrible even if it where not trying to pass itself off as one of the most well designed dragons in the franchise?


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I like it ow it is now i dont

I like it ow it is now

i dont like The Wii version

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I have debating getting one forever and now I can!  I personally think they look adorable, even if the animation is a bit stiff


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Did The Grapple Grounder Eat A Metal Pole?

Like the many people who want this update, what the Grapple Grounder honestly looks like to me, it looks like it didn't eat for over a month and starved, took a boulder to the head and got a dent in the back, and ate a malleable metal pole that got stuck in his body and limited his movement. What is up with that? This dragon needs to be a little fatter, more sneaky and snakelike, and legs and wings need to be more relaxed, not stiff like a pole is in his body. Hopefully Hookshot will have his pole taken out of his body soon...


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I do agree with the posts above. They do need a new animation. I do like the look though. I did get one during the sale. His name is..... POOFY! (Profile Pic)


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