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Snotlout and Hookfang had a stroke of luck upon finding a wild Skrill with its nest of eggs, and Trader Johann marked it 50% off so that the Strike Class dragon could have some help in taking care of its eggs! Now how did Snotlout attract this electrifying guest? Well, it all happened from playing a frustrating waiting game with the elusive storm.



After a trying adventure with calming the Almighty Thor so that his Sentry Station, Snotlout and Hookfang spent quality time admiring their newly-tamed statue almost every day! Still, watching the magnificent being tower over them like a dormant giant didn’t seem to have quite the same level of excitement for Snotlout. Feeling restless, he decided it was time to get his fill of exercise with Hookfang at the Fireball Frenzy and see if his noggin could get inspired. It was on their way to the Training Grounds that Snotlout noticed Phlegma doing her routine check-up on her thermometers. Then it struck him that the missing element would be lightning from an awe-inspiring storm!


Excited by the image of watching lightning embrace his favorite statue, Snotlout hoped that Phlegma could helping him out with a bit of a weather forecast! Just his luck, as the wonderful botanist explained how the heavy clouds and humid temperature might indicate a storm just around the corner, so they hurried back to the Station after a good run of frenzied fireballs.


There they waited, and continued to wait as the rumbling sounds of thunder seemed to roll in - yet the flash of lightnings never seemed to reach them much to Snotlout’s dismay. Frustrated, Snotlout just about ran towards those taunting clouds to give them a piece of his mind -- and in response, one stray lightning decided to strike his shield! But the electricity wasn’t coming from the clouds themselves, and after recovering from the surprising shock he discovered that it was a warning strike from a growling adult Skrill resting just a few yards away!


Stunned, Snotlout realized very quickly that the Strike Class dragon was waiting for its electrifying nest of eggs to hatch and had been absorbing the storm’s lightning this entire time! Wanting to get acquainted with their newfound guest, Snotlout and Hookfang got to work with delivering a healthy dose of fresh fish. Happy with its meal, the Skrill even sent a few bolts of electricity to light up Thor!


Now that the storm has passed, Snotlout and Hookfang wanted to help the dragon out with taking care of its brood and so enlisted Trader Johann to make sure that the hatchlings-to-be find companions too! Want to get to know the Skrill and help out? Come by the Trading Post today!

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Fa la la la la la! HAPPY SNOGGLETOG!

Aww, I get my gems on the 15th.

One question, will there be a Snoggletog sale on all the dragons?

So they're like 200-300 gems?



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YES....................Now I

YES....................Now I can by two more skrills to complete my OC set, thx soooo much. Im off to but them now.





















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Hi! :)

This is great though I was hoping to see an in-game improvement. :)