Lightfury Update??

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I've been thinking, since toothless got a model update, can the light fury get one too? I think she's beautiful in the movie,but she looks so off in the game and as much as i want to fly around with her, I tend to just choose one of my other dragons because she creeps me out a bit. Her flying animations are great but the way she sits and just looks is so uwusgs..

ANYWAY, that's enough of my ranting I really hope she gets a model change, where she looks MORE like a fury <333

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What parts of her are off? She looks pretty spot on to me. Toothless got an update because his modle was OOOOOLD old. The lightfury is a newer modle.



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Come to think of it, there is a small bug (just asthetics I think) that they might be alluding to. When the Lightfury swims, most of her heads model dissapears at some angles, practically leaving only her eyes visible. Thankfully, the headless Lightfury with floating eyeballs doesn't affect gameplay, and only appears to happen in water.


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I've thought about this too. The devs animation style has changed quite a bit. It's been almost 4 years since she was implemented in the game. She does look off, especially compared to the rest of the Fury family. They don't have to completely change her, but perhaps, a tune up is in order?



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That would actually be pretty low on my list of priorities if I were one of them. There are a bunch of other dragons with models and animations that are visibly outdated compared to the newer models. The Deadly Nadder, Eruptodon, and Sentinel have noticably blocky legs. The Threadtail and other dragons with long necks that use Toothlesses old animations look like they have broken necks. The Gronckle has wierd polygonal bumps. I could go on, but the list of dragons that need some tweaks if not a full out model update is pretty big... and it pretty much concerns every dragon that was released before the Hidden World Update.