Light up your Hideout with Time-Limited Decors!

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Nothing stands out in the dark, so illuminate your Hideout with these limited-time items now available at the Trading Post! 
Listen up Vikings! 
All kinds of lamps, lanterns, and torches are back in the Trading Post. They can be used for decorations, lighting, and most importantly to keep warm! This past winter had me spending some chilly nights at the Hideout and it got me thinking how I should prepare early for Snoggletog season this year. So, I decided to talk to Chief Hiccup over the possibility of having some heating tools in the Trading Post and he agreed to bring back some items. 
Now that Hiccup brought back a few things, I’ve placed a few braziers and lanterns in my hideout to make it as comfy and cozy as possible. 
Limited-Time items are:
Viking Torch Totem
Stormheart Tiki Torch
Fish Head Brazier
Stormheart Floor Lamp
Giant Goblet of Fire
Iron Brazier
Ash Filled Fire Bowl
Ringed Iron Brazier
Defenders' Torch
Stormfly Torch
Gronckle Torch
Zippleback Hanging Pot
Alpha Toothless Torch
Alpha Toothless Lantern
The best thing about them is that they look insanely cool with a stone-like finish. All items vary in sizes, shapes, and colors making them easy-to-place no matter the surrounding decor. My favorite ones are the braziers, especially the Giant Goblet of Fire. It is massive in size making it perfect for both my dragon and me. It resembles a cup that matches perfectly with the Defenders Torch because it gives a legendary look to my Hideout. I also invested on a few Toothless lanterns, they don’t take up too much space and can still light up the darkest of corners. 
Overall, I can say that my Hideout is ready to defeat Snoggletog season this time around! Rush to campus to add some items for the cold winter ahead!
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No, just no.

No, just no.


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Ah, is everything still being sold out for some random reason? O.O






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