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Did a little edit on the SoD Light Fury, which is posted on my instagram... I love the fluient movements of the dragon, despite not liking her design... or her... But, I do like what they did for her animation. Now for the other dragons to be updated to her glory XD

Uses a few glitches, including the "annoying spinning glitch" people tend to have. Which btw, if you get this, keep stopping the movements by moving around the camera view, like you would to view your dragon from the front and so forth. (Mobile- hold two fingers on the screen, and let go every couple of seconds) Let it spin every so often and break here and there, should eventually stop the motion. I personally love this glitch and know how to purposely get it XD So, I don't mind it. Hope you enjoy the edit, tell me what you think..

Also saw the movie yesterday, was pretty good. Though, I don't personally think it was a great ending to the franchise..... Or maybe I just don't want to say goodbye to them. Either way, great movie all together, and an amazing franchise to behold. Can't wait to play the expansion from SoD, and really hope to see more from the actors, and film makers in other movies.

Probably rewatching every single movie and episode made for the HTTYD series very soon... I love the realism they put into their series, and I love the different types of dragons that came from it. I'm really going to miss these guys, this franchise, and the emotional rollercoaster they put us on throughout every movie, I thank them for the amazing decade of vikings and dragons. :')


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Have an edit of Killieh and Corvus in the Hidden world


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This... This needs some touch ups... and more colour.... -.-...... Give me a bit.



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Good job ^ ^  I really liked the video :3 I haven't watched movie yet but  i am exited ^ ^ It was great  i agree all series and movies  and seeing characters growing up : ) I am happy that toothless end up where he belongs  leader of the dragons and even has family on his own  I am very happy to see him free again as a wild dragon and not as a pet  but i am glad that he met hiccup and teach him so many things and most important thing how to stand on it's own. I think it's good that grimmel show hiccup how cruel and dangerous world is for dragons and that they need to finally say goodbye to them.  Thanks for the video again ^  ^  




                   Viking Name: AlphaWinterNightFury                                       

                    Dragon Name:Senri                                                                 

                    Dragon Species: Light Fury                                                                                         

                    Uhhh... Goodbye!! ^ - ^     





        Credits to amazing The BlobfishQueen for drawing Senri !



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I like that they grew up too, that they progressed and learned. I don't think Toothless was a pet, a friend for sure, but not a pet. Him living with others like him and protecting his world like a king is certainally a great ending for the dragon, and Hiccup accepting the world for how most see it and letting go is good too. I wished they made a movie or show of them intergrating back into the humans world, or Hiccup's tribe living with them. But, as this is the end, I can only read stories of such... So will be a good ending for the two. I'd gladly watch it again, and probably will con one of my friends into going to see with me soon XD As always the animation and story were amazing, and the environment was stunning, all the while the soundtrack bringing it more life.... Plus the new dragons were extremely interesting, I can see why everyone loved the Crimson Gorecutter now, it's an adorable dragon XD

And thanks :)