A Light and A Gripper (HTTYD Fanfic)

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I decided to post my story on DeviantArt in the School of Dragons' forum, so everyone can read it!

I hope you'd like it xD I don't do a lot of stories but I do story parts in my freetime, I'll get better at it with time!


Before starting, some rules!

- The story will be divised in Chapters

- Each weeks, there will be a new story part!

- The chapters are either medium, short or long if it is interresting.

- Please don't say ''this is not possible'' or ''it doesn't make any sense than him and him can be friends'' and blah, blah, blah...

- This is a FANMADE story, which means nothing of it happened in the Franchise or Books!

- The main characters are Guardian and Starglow, not Toothless!

- Don't complain if you don't like the story, I don't want drama on this thread...

- Please DO NOT directly reply to the story chapters!

- You can track the thread!

- Blood and some gore stuff (not too much, it won't be THAT detailed) are to be read.

- Hope you like!




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Maybe new Stuff coming soon :'D

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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...
Chapter One: The Hunt of Night Furies

Long time ago... way before I tell this story... I was a hunting dragon. Along with my brothers and sister, we were hunting down other dragons, and most likely...

Night Furies..

My name is Guardian, and I am a Deathgripper. Unlike my brothers and sister, I was born with a strange color mutation. I was beige, and my red color was blue. My eyes were from a turquoise color. Grimmel thought this makes me special and more advanced in hunting than my brothers and sister. I was like his favorite Deathgripper. Even though I was the little favorite of Grimmel and the most special. I was being teased by my brothers, but my sister wasn't caring enough to tease me. She understands me, and that's what I like about her.

When we get to our teenager stage, Grimmel forced us to fly, and after a year or so, we were able to fly through the sky. And then, it didn't lasted long before he makes his great plans about killing dragons with us. One after one, he forces our sedative poison to come out of our sting, and uses it against us by putting the vial into a sort if collar attached to us. He started to use us to hunt down other dragons, and one day, he finds a unknown island, and gets to see the legendaries Night Furies, offprings of lightning and death themselves. With happiness, he releases us and give us for order to kill the Night Furies of the island, and so we did.

Even though I was being controlled by my own venom, I wasn't feeling like killing, I was only hurting and letting my siblings killing the injured Night Furies. Later on, I came accross a black and neon blue Night Fury. I approached her while showing my sedative sting, and she began to growl. I didn't know what pity was at this time, and I quickly stung her, which makes her roar. I also used by tusks and claws to hurt her even more... until...

In a corner, I saw glowing eyes looking at the Night Fury. I was expecting another Night Fury, so I went in defense mode. To my surprise, it was a baby Night Fury. I suddenly felt my heart melting of the cuteness this baby Night Fury was. I slowly put down my sting and watched the baby Night Fury approaching his mother. I wasn't moving at all, I was simply looking at the baby dragon. When he started to put his head on his mother's, I felt bad of what I've did. Even though I was made to kill, I wasn't able to fully kill any dragons or even hurt a baby dragon. After some minutes of watching the baby Night Fury trying to save his mother, I took his mother in my big tusks, but the baby Night Fury started to growl and scratched me on my chin. It hurts, but not enough for me to attack. I grabbed the baby dragon in my front legs and flies off, making sure nobody sees me.

After hours of flight, I landed on another Island, and forced myself to take off the collar. I then looked at the baby dragon trying to wake up his mother. She was still alive, but barely. I tried to explain to the baby Night Fury it was too late to save her.

Guardian: It's too late little one. There's no way to save your mother...

The baby Night Fury growled at me, I knew he was angry at me for killing his mother.

Baby Fury: It's your fault! You're a murderer! I hate you!! Go d.ie somewhere else!!

The baby Night Fury bites me on my legs and tail, but I was just watching him without doing anything.

Guardian: It is not with your little cute bites you can kill me.

Baby Fury: Just d.ie already!!

Guardian: You aren't strong enough to kill me, little one.

I fly up in the sky, and the baby Night Fury went back to his mother. I watched him go and leave the place to go fish, since I prefer eating fishes rather than other dragons. While eating, I was wondering if I should take care of this baby. He attacked me, but yet, I couldn't just leave a baby starving or getting killed by another dragon. I decided to keep fishing a bit but for the baby Night Fury. When I landed back where I let him, he wasn't there anymore, neither the body of his mother. Worried, I went looking around the island and tried to find him. I heard a loud roar coming from far away, and then, I heard a baby dragon's cry. I rushed to the rescue of the baby Night Fury. I landed in front of him and attacked the Monstrous Nightmare that was attacking him. I was able to defeat it, and it flies off. The baby Night Fury looked at me, surprised. I came in front of him and deposited the fishes so he could eat.

Baby Fury: I'm sure you poisoned them...

Guardian: Why would I? I don't hurt babies.

Baby Fury: .... That Nightmare ate my mother's body... I tried to stop him but... he attacked me...

Guardian: Life can be terrible, but sometimes, there's amazing and beautiful things that can be seen.

Baby Fury: *eats a fish* How can you be so sure?

Guardian: I went in many places despite being a slave. Many of them were beautiful, and others looked like an horror island, with bodies covering the ground...

I realised that I was scaring out the baby Night Fury.

Baby Fury: ......

Guardian: Oh, sorry, I shouldn't say such things after all... you still just a baby.

After the meal, the baby Night Fury went closer to me, as I was just watching the horizon. He lies himself next to my front leg, which didn't bothered me. A few minutes of silence occured, until he says something.

Baby Fury: Why did you started to take care of me? Why didn't you killed me? Why my mother only?

Guardian: I felt really bad that I killed a mother dragon and leave her baby without a home. And if my brothers or my sister would have find you, they would have killed you. And for your mother... it's something I would not want to talk about. You don't have the age for this yet.

Baby Fury: Oh, alright...

Hours later, we went for a walk around the forest. He was really playful even though his mother died not long ago. It was better and safer to trust me rather than being alone. I was thinking of a name for him, because calling him Night Fury forever would be pretty long. I was thinking for an hour or so, until I finally thought of a name. I waited till we get into the cave I found earlier this day, then... I told him what his name would be.

Guardian: I thought of a name for you while we were going for a walk.

Baby Fury: Oh? What is it?

Guardian: Your new name will be...


To be continue...