Level Up Your Dragon Methods / Ways [No Quests Left] [Updated to v. 2.5.0]

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Boom, the egg hatches. I customize my new snow wraith and make it look AMAZING! Then I look at it's stats. Speed, 9.2, Firepower, 9.4. I NEED THIS DRAGON <3. But there was one issue, it was a baby. On my personal leveling jorney, I found several ways to speedily level up my Snow Wraith. Here are some of the methods I used.


Levels 1-5:

Eel Blast- I found was one of the fastest ways to get 200 xp in minuets. This method is my personal favorite. You play till round 7, and then the maximum xp is reached, 200. This method is great for happiness, gold, and UDT. This may take so time, but it is a little fun.


Dragon Quests- Find a quest for a dragon quest that is short and gives alot of XP. I overnight quests before I go to bed, and this works for getting gold and such. Also, try growing crops, as this will give you XP aswell. I have a bunch of dragons, so I overnight 3-4 quests.


Feeding / Playing- Feed your dragon 2 things. Eels, and Eggs. Eels will degrade you dragons happiness so you can play with it and give it xp. Also, eggs give your dragon the most XP from eating (GEM COSTLY, or you can farm it and get even more XP ;)  )



Levels 5-9

Fireball Frenzy- Play it, and you will earn trophies aswell as XP.


Flight Club- Play on short wing to get levels complete, and energy down so you can feed it again. :D


Alchamy Adventure- You can do this at any stage, but it is faster to play eel blast.


Levels 10+

You can pretty much just race and do battles. Battles are the easiest to do at this stage because you get almost no points at teen stage. It is also easier with flight. I personally use a Titan Screaming Death to get gold in battles and switch to a baby / teen dragon to give 500 XP to it. It is a fast way to do. If you want to see my method on titaning up a dragon really fast, check it out: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/titan-faster-ever-not-cheat


See you in the next post!

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The guide is amazing, even

The guide is amazing, even though I knew all of it, but that's just because I've been playing this game ever since like 2014. I'm sure it was real helpful to others. :)


I have one thing to correct you on, though: You can get lots of Dragon XP from battles for a Teen Stage Dragon. You just destroy the ship using an Adult Stage/Flying dragon, then once the boat has a bit of health left, you land and switch to your Teen Stage or even Baby Stage dragon you wish to grow. If you get Gold, which is the highest rank, then you could easily get 500-750 XP! Both of which could grow a dragon at Level One to Teen Stage, and could bump up a Teen Stage dragon a lot. :)


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Your are right with battles.

Battles I found give very little points, even though you attacked better than anyone else. I played with my snow wraith to get battle points, and I barely got a silver! The snow wraith's damage is 9.4 so I thought i would do better. So, if you have a adult, try attacking till the ship is weak, then switch to the dragon you want to level up, and 500 XP goes to that dragon. Just to clarify. :D 

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Thank you for posting your

Thank you for posting your ways to level them up! I have been saving up gems to buy the new Silver Phantom, but then I realized.. if I bought it I wouldn't be able to level it up X-X. I've finished all of the quests available (expect the glitched ones) and couldn't think of a way to make a baby dragon level up like quests do. Thank you very much <33 !!




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Good post! My favourite way to level dragons however are stable quests. I just toss in a buncha babies and level them together.




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Great post! I think new players will find this very helpful :)

But actually, I prefer Alchemy Adventure of Eel Roast. Ecpecially if you have membership. If you have membership, then your Alchemy Adventure XP and UDT doubles. And also, I've been playing Alchemy Adventure for a long time now, so I'm really good not to brag. But Eel Roasting, on the other hand. I'm really bad at it :/

Anyways, good post :)


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Thats actually good to know! I played it, but didn't get much XP. Thats coming from a non-member. Thanks for liking it!

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This is super helpful. I always get so excited when I get new dragons, and then I look again and I'm like "Well, outta quests".


Thanks for this guide!




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Thank you so much!

Just to tell you, someone else made a dragon leveling guide for dragons lvl 1-10, but that was 2 years ago. I just thought I'd help you all out and make a up-to-date dragon leveling guide. For those wondering, these are not the only ways! I have found others, but they give almost no XP. Glad you all liked it!