The Level of Chat Censorship is RICULOUS!

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Hi, I’m Sam as you can probably tell from my profile.


I’ve had a long history of being muted by the World Chat due to

completely innocent statements.


When I was in a goof mood one time I visited my friend’s farm and

wanted to compliment her on how cool it was. It had a very

visually appealing layout and she’d obviously put a lot of work into  



Anyway, before that I had already been given a warning for saying

something like:


”It’s really comical”


My second warning came at something like:


”I found this weird glitch”

The glitch was, that when you get knocked out by the fog in Return To Dragon Island Expansion Pack, until you tap on Heather, whenever you change location


I put the second part in the chat, and I think it muted me for saying “location”


My first mute came when I commented on how I found it weird

that, while Hiccup and his dragon riders are completely against

killing, in “Call of the Death Song”, they set up a GIANT


sorry I forgot what they were shooting... Leprechauns, was it?


Lol I didn’t say that. I just said, “I love how they are against

harming dragons but they build a giant ballista on Berk”

I had to do it in 2 statements but 

At least, that’s I MEANT to say; then I got banned from the chat for 1 hour.


and my Chat was muted for a full hour after this. I had to use

bloody sign language by using emotes. All of my friends were

asking me questions. They figured it out in the end, but I had to

answer their questions as yes or no with either a smiley face or a grumpy



And then after that whole fiasco I decided to resort to

simplistic statements for the rest of the day. After my silence was up, my friends and I visited each other’s farms, something we realised we hadn’t done until now.


I went to one of my friend’s farms, and surprisingly, she was also there, feeding her animals. I noticed how nice the layout was. It was like a zoo; all her pens we’re full and she’d made it like a zoo square, with a fountain in the middle.


What I wanted to say was, “daaaaaaaaaam this place is freaking amazing”


instead, because I didn’t want to get muted, and I knew

she’d understand, I wrote, “Nice farm :)”

And then I got muted


I don’t know if you realise, but you can’t ever tell me, “don’t talk

then” because if you ask anyone close to me, I AM A REAL TALKER





OH MY Goodness Gracious can you

please fix this problem. I have done computer science GCSE and I already know that the chat sensor works on an


”If”, “Elif” and “Else” variable. Any

word that it doesn’t recognise it will

think it’s a bad word and ban them from

the chat.


Why don’t you change this so *if in doubt


the chat just leaves it alone?*


Because if you want to uncensor EVERY


INNOCENT WORD you’re going to have to


enter every word from the dictionary


except that small select group of words


that are bad. It’s ridiculous.




And since there are so many words, it’s

not worth typing them all in












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Here’s your stupid image that I spent an hour drawing, and it taking me even longer to figure out how to use this freaking forum.

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CAPTCHA is ridiculous

I once got chat ban for saying saddle...


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I agree with you.


Also, the chat filter's so random it'd seem too. I've said the exact same words someone else will have said(which weren't bad) and got a chat ban as a result. They really need to rework it, or have a seperate chat for more mature gamers, so you toggle a box that says y"ou agree to blah, blah, and you're at least blah years old" then have a version of chat without a filter. Something like that. It'd help with the filter-induced headaches.


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I got banned for 23h because I said "50th".

I was referring to the number of friendship arches I had recenlty got from Battle Events. xD

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I usually don't bother with chat anymore. I once got a chat ban for greeting a freind :/


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I agree!

I got chat ban because of talking to a real life friend!! I think I got banned by saying "Nice dragon" or something along thosel lines. I also can't say like 99 percent of my dragon's breeds or names! I understand the filter thing...But you can even greet a friend or compliment them! 


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The chat censorship is so bad right now :(

It's honestly annoying and I understand your frustration. I once got banned while chatting with my friend and they thought I was ignoring them. Even a menu chat would be better than this! 

Image result for sarcasm hiccup gif



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             I got more than one warning for saying the word DOG... HOW IS DOG A BAD WORD??!! THERE WERE PEOPLE SAYING CAT BUT THEY DIDN'T GET A WARNING BUT WHEN I SAID DOG I GOT TONS OF WARNINGS!!! Sorry really upset at how this is set up...



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I guess SOD don't like dogs :(

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Spoopy Study Time! (I should be studying)

The chat censorship has most certainly gotten worse over the years, will admit that. It was much better in 2014, when only the really back stuff got blocked. I mean, there were a few strange ones, but nothing too serious.

The best cure to this is to just learn to deal with it. Numbers and names have always been a no-no, and anything to do with swearing is usually blocked, unless you know the work-around for it. Symbols, like brackets, are almost always banned, so it's best to avoid them. 

I have a feeling the censorship got worse because people figured out ways around it. I mean, the worst you used to be able to say was "hacker", but you had to write it as "sHacker" to get past. So people obviously figured it out.

This game tries to be kid friendly, hence to hyper-agressive chat system.


Honestly, I don't chat much in-game anymore. And I personally don't miss it. The guys I used to chat to regularly don't really play anymore, and I get harrassed by peeps all the time, so may as well not chat to them, right? I mean, I only really use the chat to help people out, and call people out for swearing and other behaviour.




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Heck you, terrible chat rules!

I've been muted multiple times trying to say "I love deadly nadders!"


that's why I'm usually on singleplayer x)


i am jave, the guardian of dragons. i have been playing SoD since 2014!

they / them pronouns only please!

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Spoopy Study Time! (I should be studying)

It's probably "love" that's setting it off.

I don't think it's the dragon's name, but just to be sure, I'd refrain from including "deadly" in there too.

"Love" implies a relationship to the censorship, so it blocks it. This is mostly because of a lot of people using this game as a "dating site".

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Problem solved?

That makes perfect sense to why it would be set off by things like that. It's understandable how much they've had to censor to prevent dating, harassment, cyberbullying, etc. But maybe the developers could add a menu chat to the game. Sort of like this:

Related image (also anyone recognize this game? I used to play it all the time)

 It would be kid friendly and less people would be banned from using the chat and you could even have given phrases like "I love Deadly Nadders" or something like that. 



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Used to play Wizard101 all the time when I was younger, now I only play once in awhile. But yeah a chat like W101 would be better than this current mess.