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Let it Fly



"Let it Fly" is a story about an adventurous young woman named Arrowalker Orion finding herself, or rather, creating herself.  As she journeys to find her parents, her journey is halted, however, as she comes across a beast that would change her life forever.  Over time, the two souls bond, and an unbreakable friendship is created.  Arrowalker returns home with her new-found companion, and her life finally calms, and becomes somewhat ordinary. 
Yet, as time passed, she became unsatisfied.  Arrowalker still hadn't found her parents, nor herself.  So, with the help of a new being, she journeys farther than any Viking dared, once again leaving her home and the people it sheltered, behind.  Along the duos travels, allies are found, and enemies are forged.  Will Arrow find her parents, and discover her true destiny? Or will she fail to answer the many questions she dared to ask?  
This his is where I will post my OC, Arrowalker Orion's, story.  
Im trying to get more into writing, and I could find no better opportunity. So here I am. ^^
If you would like to track, please reply here only, not to the chapters, nor characters descriptions.
I doubt people would be interested in reading, but if you are, chapters will be added slowly.
This is mainly for myself, and to improve my own writing skills, so constructive criticism is welcome.
((also, if there are any typos or misspelled words, please tell me!!))



 Do not steal art, stories or edits and claim them as your own. Thank you. 



           My OCs          


^Humans by me, Woolly Howl base by Megaboltpheonix^


Arrowalker Orion                                   


Name: Arrowalker Orion
Nickname: Arrow
Friend code: PM me
*Appearance* : Arrow is a brunette, with light blonde streaks littered around her hair. She has pale, ivory skin. Rosy cheeks, nose and very light freckles across its bridge. She has a normal female build, maybe a tad more toned, and is rather short. 5'4" to be exact. She is usually dressed in a deer skin cloak accompanied by a hood, baggy wool pants, rabbit fur lined boots, matching bracers and a leather chest piece overtop a dark, wolf skin shirt.  (This is her primary outfit, as she is usually in a cool climate.) Yet when the warmer weather arrives, she removes her cloak and thick shirt, and wears a tan ruffled blouse under her chest piece. She carries her messenger bag filled with keepsakes her and Pheonix find along her travels, as well as a compass and a few medical supplies. Her hair has two "dreadlocks" near her right ear and she bares an amethyst necklace, given to her by her parents. A small scar stretches over the bridge of her nose, disturbing a few freckles, and reaches to the front of her cheek. She always carries her axe, made by her with the help of her creative uncle. A large knife is strapped around her left thigh, as well as three throwing knifes on her right boot. 
*Personality* : Arrow is a unique individual. If there is any possibility of an adventure, she steps forward, dangerous or not. She has the tendency to be curious, as well as mischievous (this has got her into trouble a few times over.) And she is undyingly loyal to the ones she loves and is particularly close to. She is closed and can come off as cold if you don't know her, but if you break her walls, she has a kindred spirit and doesn't mind cracking a few jokes every once in a while. Arrow never backs down from what she feels is right, and holds on to her beliefs. Stubbornness is one of her, "highly used" qualities, if you will. She is independent and introverted, but after she discovered the bond she truly had with Pheonix, she couldn't live without her by her side. If she sees a poor soul in trouble, she will swoop right in to help, but this can also be a negative trait as she is rather gullible. Arrow inherited her creativeness from her uncle, as growing up she saw the different inventions he managed to muster up. Arrow can be as hard as a rock due to the fact that she grew up without her parents, but if you really try to look beneath her hardened persona, you'll see a broken individual, who desires to care for others and to be cared about deeply. 
Strengths:  Arrow is great in battle, as having the ability to use a variety of weapons she would be a great asset in war. Though, you never see her without her "modified" axe. Arrow is particularly stealthy, and can track like nobody's business. She is great at solving puzzles, and loves to try and uncover a good mystery every now and then. She is a great dragon flyer, but mostly on Pheonix, as this is the dragon she has gotten used to. Arrow is persistent, cunning and a good thinker. She can talk her way out of many situations, and is good at keeping secrets (as she has many). She can find her way around any new island, as she was taught how to use the sun and stars for direction if she gets lost. 
weaknesses: Arrow can be too stubborn at times, this has sometimes gotten her into near death situations. She is gullible and can be tricked easily. She can be too trustworthy of new people, and doesn't get to know someone before she risks her life for them. She has sometimes put Pheonix and her uncle in danger with her "adventures" but she has learned from her (many) past mistakes. She can be too sensitive at times, taking things too seriously and getting but hurt over the simplest things. 
*Weapon of Choice*: Krisalax (name created by mechfighter)
Description: Her axe looks normal on the outside, besides a handle protruding out of its shaft near the end of the base. On the inside, there is a spring, where a small spear can lock into place and be released by pulling out the hammer at the end of the axe. The spring is attached to the hammer and when pulled it acts similar to a slingshot. There are small spikes to aim the spear, and the protruding handle helps to steady the weilders aim. 
Strenths: Can be used in a multitude of different ways, can be thrown due to the equal weights in each end, due to the strong spring the spear can travel up to 40 mph, depending on how far it is pulled back 
Weaknesses: Spear can't reach over 50 yrds, if broken will be extremely hard to duplicate 
^by me^
^by the amazing, mechfighter! Thank you so much!^
Side weapons: Besides her trusty Krisalax, she carries a large knife strapped around left thigh, as well as three throwing knives on right boot.
Clan: The Dragon Racers
Enjoys: Cloudy and cold weather, Early morning and late night flights, Having a quiet, dewy morning walk with Pheonix, Dragon Racing, Winter, Spring and fall
Dislikes: Intentional ignorance, lack of common sense, un-needed sarcasm, rude language & Summer (I know, idk what's wrong with me either .-.) 
Main Dragon: Pheonix- female- Woolly Howl
(credit goes to mechfighter for coming up with the name for my weapon, and sketching it. )
Cold Outfit 
Warm Outfit
^both by me^


* Themesong *

(Just copy and paste it if you want to hear it) 
Species: Woolly Howl
Gender: Female
Rider: Arrowalker Orion
Appearance: She has a dark brown back, tan skin and pale pink, almost white underbelly and wings. A scar makes its way across her snout, between her nostrils and reaches her bottom lip. A scale in the center of her forehead is a cream white. Her eyes are a deep purple, the same amethyst color as Arrow's necklace. She is rather large for a strike class dragon, but her large wings help with sharp turns. 
Personality: Pheonix is a caring dragon, but to others besides her rider can seem like a typical brutal beast. To Arrow, Pheonix is a gentle giant. Helping her when she's in need and protecting her on their adventures. Their a team through and through. Her loving personality however can quickly turn deadly if her rider or anyone she cares for is threatened. 
Strengths: Pheonix is a fast and agile flyer, being able to dive at phenomenal speeds and turn on a coin. Her hail blasts are powerful and can create a small amount of snow if it's a foggy day. (That's always fun.) She is strong, and can withstand harsh weather. Her sturdy structure however can prove to be difficult in tight spaces. She is loyal to her rider yet very stubborn. Even more so than Arrow. Her heart is as big as, well, her. And she will protect her loved ones, even if it puts her own life in imminent danger. 
Weaknesses: Pheonix is agile in the air, but if she has to make a run for it on land, she won't get far fast. With her shorter legs and bulky frame, it's hard for her. Her fur like scales can get waterlogged, so she tries to avoid getting in water if she has to make a quick getaway. Her loyalty for Arrow can prove to be dangerous, as if anyone lays a hand on her in a threatening way she won't hesitate to warn them, or even attack them. If Pheonix is parted from Arrow, it proves a difficult task for her to function normally as she becomes panicked. She is independent, but if frightened can depend too much on another soul. This is why her and Arrow are usually never apart, as they both need each other equally. 
Saddle: A leather saddle that has a chest strap and lower belly strap. It is lined with wool so it doesn't harm her back, and has two saddle bags near the base of her tail. A handle that can lock into place if pushed forward far enough, and a back rest for when Arrow is lazy or injured. There are foot rests on each side so Arrow can stay in place and guide Pheonix a tad easier. 
^by Scarfywings TYSM!^
^by Grumpy^
Finnviðr Véurr
(He's being worked on currently)








Arrows Story- Let it Fly 





^created by Brynakh and I^
Dragon Racers, Dragon Racers, Oi, Oi, Oi!
If you'd like to request a drawing, copy and paste the link above. ^^
^Arrow as an "elegant" 1800s era woman, with Pheonix as an amethyst eyed crow^
^A fun little thing I've been working on. (For a while, I'm a procrastinator. >.<)^


--------------------Art for others-----------------



^Ikran for Archery and Dragons^

^Copykat for Frozt Wulf^ 

^ Shielle for Grumpyforlife ^

^Sketch of Archery and Dragons OC (more coming soon)^

^ Rhayne for Vinilia Viking (hope I spelled those right) >.<^

^for Redwind^


*For more check out my art thread*







^by Umbreon^





            ^ Hyeagle Owl named Ejaz, by Scarfywings^


Me In-Game







------------------ Dragon's ----------------


                                              Pheonix(main)-Woolly Howl- Female- lvl 30

Ironwing- Rumblehorn
Hosscobi- Rumblehorn
Frostbite- Deadly Nadder
Cherryblossom- Deadly Nadder
July- Singetail
Dug- Gronckle
Yukon- Groncicle
Chiko- Groncicle
Qaletaqua- Woolly Howl
Jatayu- Death Song
Nikhita- Razorwhip
Alo & Arel- Hiddeous Zippleback
Baloo- Eruptadon
Atsadi- Armorwing
Kanuna- Hobblegrunt
Miya- Hobblegrunt
Mizuko- Sandwraith
Amadahy- Sand Wraith 
Motega (2nd main) - lvl 30
Honovi- Monstrous Nightmare
Yaholo- Whispering Death
Atlacoe- Moldruffle
Azuala- Flamewhipper
Ambu- Scouldron
Gola (3rd main) - Shivertooth - lvl 20
Chakotay- Thunderdrum


Species: Skrill
Gender: Male
Rider: Arrowalker Orion
Appearance: Dark plum colored skin, gold highlights and white underbelly
Personality: Loyal, Independent, Caring, Aggressive, Introverted
Strengths: Strong, can fly in harsh storms, intimidating to enemies, intelligent, agile in the air, good listener 
Weaknesses: Can be too aggressive if loses temper, can't run fast on land, can't swim well, loses all firepower if in water
Extra: Motega is a wise dragon for his young age, rescued by arrow when he was just a hatchling, they have a strong bond. He knows his way around and mostly helps berk gather fish before storms or for festivals. 
He wears no saddle unless he is being ridden which is rare due to his independence.
^absolutely STUNNING drawing of Motega by Archery and Dragons, thank you!^ 
^Amazing drawing by dogloven^ 

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Arrowalker Orion


Gender: Female
Age: 18
Appearance: Arrow is a brunette, with light blonde streaks littered around her hair. She has pale, ivory skin. Rosy cheeks, nose and very light freckles across its bridge. She is usually dressed in a deer skin cloak accompanied by a hood, baggy wool pants, rabbit fur lined boots, matching bracers and a leather chest piece overtop a dark, wolf skin shirt. Yet when the warmer weather arrives, she removes her cloak and thick shirt, and wears a tan ruffled blouse under her chest piece. She carries her messenger bag filled with keepsakes her and Pheonix find along her travels, as well as a compass and a few medical supplies. Her hair has two "dreadlocks" near her right ear and she bares an amethyst necklace, given to her by her parents. A small scar stretches over the bridge of her nose, disturbing a few freckles, and reaches to the front of her cheek. She always carries her axe, made by her with the help of her creative uncle. A large knife is strapped around her left thigh, as well as three throwing knifes on her right boot.
((In progress)) 
Personality: Arrow is a unique individual. If there is any possibility of an adventure, she steps forward, dangerous or not. She has the tendency to be curious, as well as mischievous (this has got her into trouble a few times over.) And she is undyingly loyal to the ones she loves and is particularly close to. She is closed and can come off as cold if you don't know her, but if you break her walls, she has a kindred spirit and doesn't mind cracking a few jokes every once in a while. Arrow never backs down from what she feels is right, and holds on to her beliefs. Stubbornness is one of her, "highly used" qualities, if you will. She is independent and introverted, but after she discovered the bond she truly had with Pheonix, she couldn't live without her by her side. If she sees a poor soul in trouble, she will swoop right in to help, but this can also be a negative trait as she is rather gullible. Arrow inherited her creativeness from her uncle, as growing up she saw the different inventions he managed to muster up. Arrow can be as hard as a rock due to the fact that she grew up without her parents, but if you really try to look beneath her hardened persona, you'll see a broken individual, who desires to care for others and to be cared about deeply. 

Relation to Arrowalker: Best friend
Gender: Female
Species: Woolly Howl
Age: unknown 
Appearance: She has a dark brown back, tan skin and pale pink, almost white underbelly and wings. A scar makes its way across her snout, between her nostrils and reaches her bottom lip. A scale in the center of her forehead is a cream white. Her eyes are a deep purple, the same amethyst color as Arrow's necklace. She is rather large for a strike class dragon, but her large wings help with sharp turns. 
((by Scarfywings))
((by grumpyforlife2))
Personality: Pheonix is a caring dragon, but to others besides her rider can seem like a typical brutal beast. To Arrow, Pheonix is a gentle giant. Helping her when she's in need and protecting her on their adventures. Their a team through and through. Her loving personality however can quickly turn deadly if her rider or anyone she cares for is threatened.
Finnviðr Véurr
Relation to Arrowalker: Best friend 
Gender: Male 
Age: 20
(Still working on the rest) 
Ferdinand Orion (Ferdinand the Forgetful)
Relation to Arrowalker: Uncle
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Appearance:  Ferdinand (Arrows Uncle) is always grimy and soot covered.  As he spends most of his time crafting and constructing new gadgets.  He has shoulder length, deep red hair, which is kept in a braid down his back.  His large beard reaches mid chest, and is littered with grey particles due to his age.  Two braids are constructed on either side of his whiskered chin.  His eyes are a deep green, holding kindness to even the most discerning stranger.  His nose is large, freckles spread across its bridge and ascend to his forehead, where his bushy eyebrows rest. His build is that of a normal male, stocky and tall.  6'2" to be exact.  Scars can be found along his arms and hands from all his years working, and a prominent one makes its way across his right forearm.  He is usually dressed in a dark green leather apron, loose tan (now browned) tunic, with normal pants and boots.  Wrinkles make their way across his forehead, crows feet near his eyes from all his days smiling, and by his nose conveying his age.  
Personality: You will meet no other the same as Ferdinand Orion.  He can be a gentle giant at times, but if you hit a nerve he can go berserk.  Arrow has never seen his bad side, as around her he acts as a loving father to his niece.  He usually holds a smile across his face and a positive attitude, but when it comes to Arrow he puts his foot down.  He can be rather protective of her, and if anyone dared to touch a hair on her head, he'd grab the nearest object and swing it at them.  He is a man of jokes, and loves a good laugh.  A good mood lightener, if you will.  He can be rather forgetful, as his name suggests, but Arrow is always there to lend a hand.  His positive persona and joyful mood help get Arrow through her day, as many hardships have shaped her life into a mournful one.  So Ferdinand has made it his duty to keep his niece safe and happy. 
Fintan Orion
Relation to Arrowalker: Father
Not much is known of Fintan, as he dissapeared at the age of 28.  All that is said of him is that, growing up, he was a joyful, adventure seeking soul, who stepped up to protect the ones he loved.  Ferdinand, Fintans brother, tells Arrow that they looked nothing alike.  As Fintan had chocolate brown hair, brown eyes and a freckle-less complexion to top it off.  You could tell they were brothers, however, by their actions.  Both loved a good laugh, and held a smile in even the darkest of moments.  Yet, Fintan desired to see the world much more than his brother, this is how he met Arrows mother, Aideen. 
  Aideen Orion (Maiden name: Hocknheiser)
Relation to Arrowalker: Mother
Not much is known of Aideen, much like Fintan, as she dissapeared the same time as him.  She was only 26 at the time, and Arrows uncle describes her as a wise, and loving being.  Arrow contracted her fathers hair, and pale skin, but her mothers beauty, and passionate eyes.  She had deep green eyes, tan skin and high cheek bones.  Her hair was a dark shade of black, almost looking a deep shade of plum at times.  Her complexion was soft, and caring.  Her smile was known to light up the darkest of rooms.  She desired adventure, much like Fintan, and this is how they crossed paths.  
Brynakha Vaettir
Relation to Arrowalker: Friend 
Age: 18
Bryn lives on her own remote island baring the name Tryggr, housing her many dragons.  She tends to air on the mysterious side of things,  and has a very unique partner in her dragon.  He is a Howling Wraith, a Woolly Howl and Sand Wraith hybrid.  The two form a very formidable force, not to mention her many other dragons that will defend their home no matter the cost.  
(By Bryn Herself|| Brynakha isn't my OC) 
Appearance:  Brown hair with natural red highlights, and passionate Amber eyes with green surrounding her irises.
 She is originally from Caldra Cay, so she has a typical body build and complexion of their people.  She possesses many of their skills and personality traits as well.  
Nothing is known, except for the Ægishjálmr symbol. 
More will be added later, such as a main villain or any other
main character I come up with along the way. :3 
You may reply, if desired,
to the above
post now.


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"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." 






     Arrowalker Orion didn't have a very eventful childhood, besides the fact that she grew up without the guidance of her mother and father, Aideen and Fintan  Orion.  She instead aged in her uncle, Ferdinand the Forgetful's, household.  Never learning much of her true parents, she never asked about them.  Feeling as if she'd just hurt herself by wondering what they were like and who they were.  Ferdinand was the only known family left for Arrow to love and be loved by.  And she accepted this.  Her homeland was Berk, the place where dragons inhabited the skies, and the killing of them was no more.  For Arrows eighteen years of life, she looked upon dragons with admiration and envy.  For they could roam freely in the air, a place she longed to be.  She strived to see the world,  much like her own parents had desired.  She had a hunger to see what was beyond the boundaries her uncle had created, this feeling had engraved itself deep into her very heart and soul.  So much so that it would never cease its torment, always telling her "more is out there".  Ferdinand knew she felt this, as he could see the fiery passion to explore the unknown in her twinkling green eyes. The same look he saw upon his sister, Aideen's, face many years ago.  He protected Arrow and kept her sheltered so that he wouldn't see her disappear like Aideen and Fintan, he knew he couldn't live with himself if he let that happen.  Nonetheless, Arrow still desired to see what the world had in store for her.  She wanted to know many things, where her parents were, Are they alive? Dead?  The two questions that circled her mind the most were "who am I and why am I like this?"  She struggled to know who she was and what she was meant to be, and lacking the guidance of her parents made it an even more grueling task.  She felt alone, and as if there was no one else with the same burning desire as her.  Little did she know, she would find the answers to those question upon leaving Berk and all its inhabitants behind. 


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Very Interesting! ^^ 


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By my Awesome Best Friend! Grumpy!


Krystal Winter

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This wolf know how to track...

Awesome so far! I love the storyline! Can't wait to hear more!

-Frozt Wulf



(Howl out to Navlyn Fury! Ow, ow, aaaaaaooooo! Thanks for creating an awesome Viking ID for me! ^^)


(Drawing by me)


The origins of Frozt Wulf and the Wulf Pack...


I'm fairly chill, ready to help defend those in need both dragons and vikings. Love to race, love exploring Dragon's Edge, Icestorm Island and hanging out at the School. I fancy myself a good fisherman, (a necessity with so many mounths to feed) and a decent farmer (when I can remember to harvest my crops). I'm the leader of the Wulf Pack clan. I love looking out at the ocean at The Lookout at sunset and at the Training Grounds, as it's very calming. When I'm not in my flight suit, I typically wear a snow wraith jacket and pauldrons, unless I'm racing. My hair turned white from the cold as I grew up north of the archipelago. Whatever happens, I'm always ready with either Kryos (Wooly Howl), Blizzard (Titan Snow Wraith), Flare (Singetail) or Mirra (Razorwhip) by my side. I also have trained a Wind Walker, whom I named, Hooligan, in honor of Hiccup's family. I'm a Multi-Dragon Trainer (You can see pictures of my dragons below). I may like the cold, but I have a warm heart. So when things get to hot out there, just howl for me and the pack and we'll be ready to help! 

My family grew up in the cold north among wolves, we learned to live in peace with them. I'm a good listener, and look before I leap, but I'm not afraid to stand up for what's right. I choose not to carry any weapons, but rather I use my knowledge of dragons and my surroundings to my advantage when put in dangerous situations. Running with wolves and Snow Wraiths has helped me become quite agile. I decided to form the Wulf Pack to help other vikings and dragons have a place where they could belong and feel safe. I enjoy science,  and have been known to carry a tune fairly well, and while some may look at me as an Alpha, I know how to have fun like a goofy Omega to help ease tension.

When I was young, a harsh storm seperated me from my family. I saw and felt a quick rush of wind stirring behind me, and thought it might be another wolf. When I turned around though, a young Snow Wraith looked me in the eyes. He found me out in the cold blizzard. He seemed to smell that last piece of dried fish I had with me, he looked hungry, so I decided to share it with him. After sharing the last of my food with him, I held out my hand much I would to one of the wolves where I was from, in complete trust that neither of us wanted to harm the other. We looked each other in the eyes, and as I breathed deeply, I could feel the cool forehead of this little dragon brush up against my palm. We immediately bonded and he helped me find a warm place to stay for the night, looking after each other until rescue arrived... 

More of my story below with the pictures of my dragons.

Remember...stay Frozty!


-Frozt Wulf


Serious hang time! XD Glad Hiccup worked out the bugs in the Dragonfly II! :)


My dragons:

FlintSmoke (Titan Hideous Zippleback), was my first adopted dragon at the school, but not the first dragon I've encountered...

Cyclone (Titan Thunderdrum), loves to explore the ocean with me.

Mirra (Razorwhip), and I are looking for Titan runes , but had time for a photo...

Torch (Monstrous Nightmare) *He was getting hungry after a long day of flying...,

Monarch (Deathsong), showing off a bit XD

Oighear (*Irish for Ice, said like Eye-yer) (Groncicle), An bhfuil tu Gaeilge agat? Conas ta tu inniu?

Rocky (Gronckle), sporting his new Gronckle Iron saddle, ready to go fishing...

Blindside (Titan Whispering Death) *Like a sleeping puppy :D,

Toothless (Night Fury),, looks like he's ready to play. I think this was how I got tackled so easily :)

Arctrax, *kinda like Arc welding, since he's so good at making his own armor. He was rescued from the hands of that scoundrel Harold...our paths have crossed before above the Archipelago...but that's another story... (Armorwing),

Can you see Copykat? (Changewing), Neither did I when we first met...which was a little scary at first, but Valka reminded me to show her that I trust her, so our eyes met...after what seemed like an eternity, my hand stretched out little by little, to which she responded cautiously (I think we were both a little scared, but maybe thats what makes her such a valuable dragon for me...she never lets me rush into things, and can do reconaissance for us safely...

A beatiful portait of Copykat by the talented ArrowWalker. TYSVM! After Copykat gave me this look, I realized that my joke wasn't so funny, yet, Copykat still showed support! What a loyal dragon! :)

Auburn helps keep me warm during cold flights... (Typhoomerang),

Kryos, was one of the first dragons I had trained, we both enjoy racing and target practice. He's helped us out whenever wildfires got out of control. He also saved my live from wild Flame Whippers at Impossible Island, even though it meant going against his instinct! I'll always be grateful for his friendship. Gotta howl out to my Wolly Howl! Ow, ow, aaaooooooo! :D

Wonderful drawing of Kryos by InfinityGalaxy! TYSM!

Tootsie and I chillin' with Hiccup and Toothless outside of Flight Club (Sweet Death),

Rockabilly (Rumblehorn), flew me back from the fog after I fainted...such a loyal tracker class dragon! :D

Doc is ready to help heal wounded dragons after a battle! (Prickleboggle),

Spike and I are close friends, he always comes through in a battle... (Deadly Nadder),

Flare (Singetail), was another rescue dragon whom I helped save from Dragon Hunters. I had never yet encountered a dragon with a shot like that before, and he has no blind spots, so he's always alert...Snotlout wanted a picture with us (or was it him wanting a picture of himself? Idr)

Inferno, one of the Great Protectors offered us help with the Green Death... (Eruptodon),

Hooligan (WindWalker), named in honor of Hiccup's tribe, is my loyal swift and agile Windwalker. He loves racing and does well in defending the school.

Waverider is our backup for over and undersea missions... (Tide Glider),

Ping & Sonar (Short-WingThunderdrums),

Blizzard and I first bonded when I was visiting Scuttleclaw Island, he was so young, and so was I, yet we werent scared of each other. We both needed each other to survive the cold until help could arrive. He's been at my side ever since. He's great companion in the cold, since he can sense heat, helping others to find shelter during Berk's cold winters and searching for those lost during harsh storms on Icestorm Island. We understand each other like Hiccup and Toothless do, (Titan Snow Wraith),​ (Camouflaged message before this, highlight it to read about my first dragon encounter.)

Drawing of Blizzard by me for a collab with nighfuryatom4's dragon Pitch. (Check out their race here:


Avalanche is also being trained for search and rescue work, since our missions take us so far away now. Though still a new hatchling, she's doing well so far! I couldn't be more pleased! (Baby Snow Wraith)

Frostbite (Shivertooth), is a helpful addition to our team especially for helping control fires on Berk. His instincts on the TRR racing tracks are phenomenal!

Glacia (Groncicle),

Aridia was a rescue egg, she is swift, agile and loves to race other vikings and their dragons. (Sand Wraith)

Nitro & Turbo (Short-Wing Hideous Zippleback),

Cirra & Strata (Short-Wing Hideous Zippleback)

 Ampera always gives me such a jolt of excitement when I see her all charged up and ready for battle! Then again, that could also be my boots needing more insulation from her electricity, ohm my XD! Currently she helps out our fishermen by stunning the fish, to make them easier to catch. Watt? Don't be shocked. Skrills just have that natural ability...Sorry I couldn't resist XD :) (Titan Skrill), ​(Highlight to charge up the text to read about my sparky little friends below)

While we have the energy, here's Surge, a real dyanmo for the Wulf Pack. He's sleek, fast and is able to sense things around him even in low visibility conditions due to his electrically charged barbs (Shockjaw),

This is StormChaser, a nimble, powerful dragon. On long flights through strong winds and rain, he has always led us safely though. (Titan Stormcutter)

Foxtrot is a ver good dancer! Also, very strong to help defend the School! (Scuttleclaw)

Neon, has a bit of a punker attitude, but never fails to help the team (Short-Wing Deadly Nadder)

Can you see her? Arrow was still a young baby dragon when we first met in the Cenote of Impossible Island, though her fellow dragons didn't seem so pleased to see us. Come to find out she followed me Phlegma and Sculder, always remaining hidden. It was only after arriving back with us that I gave her the name Arrow, because she reminded me of a Poison Arrow Frog. Easily one of my speediest flying dragons, she really packs a punch with her unique fireballs and I don't think that the Hunters would want to try to touch her either, or else, they'll find out the hard way what happens, like Snotlout did XD! We bonded right away, she had been at my side ever since! (Flame Whipper)

Sonic (yes, like the red and white sneaker wearing blue blur), is my first Speed Stinger. I didn't have a wonderful first encounter with Speed Stingers in general, but then Sonic was raised from an egg so he sees me as an alpha. When we have a lot of ground to cover, or have place to narrow for flying, he's my go to dragon! Maybe even faster than that blue hedghog? Now that would be an interesting challenge? XD (Speed Stinger)

This is Quicksilver; with his wingspan, he easily glides a high altitudes and speeds. Dragon hunters will never see him coming. Not to shabby at races either! (Silver Phantom)

This is Anemone, a beautiful Tidal class dragon, yet can spit toxic acid. Great for sinking hunter ships, or places where firepower can't always be used. (Sliquifier)

Steelforge (Short-Wing Moldruffle)


Iceberg (Short-Wing Sholvehelm)

This is Circuit sporting racing paint, a little camera shy... (Grapple Grounder)

Meeting Armóin for the first time...she carries quite the tune. He name is Irish for Harmony, i.e. music. (SlitherSong)

Shinobi the stealthy SmokeBreath



The Law of the Wulf Pack

"Now this is the law of the Wulf Pack, as old and as true as the sky,

​and the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but to the wolf that shall break it...goodbye.


​As the ivy that circles the tree trunk, the law moves forward and back; for the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.


​Stay active and help fellow vikings, both old and new, take the leap; and remember to soar while racing but forget not to get enough sleep.


Terrible Terrors may follow the fishing boat, but, viking, when thy experience has grown, remember the wolf is a hunter - go forth and earn trophies of thy own.


Keep peace with the lords of the clans, be they ancient or newly there; and trouble not hath the silent, and mock not the viking in his lair.


When pack meets with pack in the Great Hall, and neither will go from the trail, stand down till the leaders have spoken; it may be fair words shall prevail.


When ye fight with a wolf of the pack ye must fight him alone and afar, so that others don't take part in the quarrel and the pack is divided by war.


The lair of the wolf is his refuge, and where he has made him his home, not even the head wolf may enter, unless invited to come.


The speech of the wolf should encourage, never filthy, or words causing pain, such a person will be sent a message, so as not to repeat it again.


If ye win many battles and races, put down others not with your howl, lest ye dishonor your pack and each other, earning from others their scowl.


Each one has needs to care for, outside of the School and this clan, so never let more important things suffer, not even in the tournament of clans.


If ye win a challenge against a newer viking, may you not get puffed up with pride, remember you once were like them, have humility, commend that they tried.


​Remember to care for your dragons, take time to eat, play and train, that your bond may grow ever stronger and experience you both shall gain.


​No cursing or bullies allowed here, but if pattern of such is to me made known, such a person will no longer be welcome, asked to change or be on their own.


Because of his experience and learning, because of his gripe and his paw, in all that the law leaveth open, the word of the head wolf is law.


​Now these are the laws of the Wulf Pack, but when all is said and done; the head and the foot of the law and the tip to the tail is -  have fun!


​-Frozt Wulf (inspred by Sir Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, "The Law of the Wolves")



​If anyone wants to join the Wulf Pack, and agrees to live by this code, please fill out our clan application form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe9qAZmnYC3vSIMvmN2XvIPc9XW6vgRWyak0zTWWlpYOjiQ_Q/viewform Then, leave me a request on our clan page. I would ask newer members to try to at least earn 5 trophies a month, please to help us as a clan to climb the ranks. Also, let me know if you have any questions. If I don't know that answer I will try to find the answer.


A Little About Me:

​I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I enjoy studying the Bible and try to live by what I learn and share with others points that helped me make good decisions.

(See www.jw.org for more info about us, what we do and helpful videos and info for everyone)


For fun, I enjoy listening to and composing/arranging/singing music, art (sketching, painting, caricatures), hiking, kayaking, playing tennis, and watching and posting YouTube videos. My channel is IcewolfASL (link down below), I make interpreted songs in American Sign Language (as some of my friends are deaf), I have made some recordings of acapella arrangements, and will be posting some screen captures of moments I want to remember at the School. I enjoy learning languages.


 I went to HTTYD Live Arena Show in 2011, and loved it! Got to meet Hiccup and Astrid, receive training from them and even got to dress up as a viking for a photo! :D I will add more on a separate post soon!


Alright, that's about all from me. I'll be adding pictures of my dragons as time goes on. Thanks for reading my novel of a signature! XD​

​Stay Frozty!

Wulf Pack, Wulf Pack, ow, ow, aaaaaoooooooooo!

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-Insert Subject Here-

Great so far! Tracking!! :)


Above painting of Frytha with my BF, Kylie, (a.k.a. Werewolfgirl1253) by the amazing Pixel! Thank you!!! <3


Art of my Viking, Frytha, and my Sand Wraith, Sapphire, by the talented Duckei! :D


Sapphire, drawn (left) by the talented Alicornbrodie, (right) by the fantastic DatOneTrumpet! Thank you!!!!! :D <3


Sapphire and Wintergreen blinkies by Nessie. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

am a proud member of the forum clan, the Resistance! We are against hacking of all sorts and strive to make SOD a better place every day. To join, click this link!

>> HERE <<


Name: Enigma

Species: Cyber Wooly Howl

Biotech: 35% robot

Cyber Ability: Boosts up running speed by the wheels under its front feet and the jets on its back feet/Jet ability also boosts up speed in flight/Can change the wheels under its front feet into saws and throw them like boomerangs

This is my hacker-hunting cyber Woolly Howl, by our leader, Megaboltpheonix


Coldsnap and Frytha by the fantastic Varku ! Thanks!!!! :D


Check out my Art Thread by clicking > HERE <



My OCs

(Click the below links to view their profiles; if there is no link, I haven't posted their profile yet)



 Frytha Ericson




Lyvra Winterborne




Diantha Dreamcall

Alfhild Asgerson




Ragnor Darkhelm



Bjorn Bergström




Check out the fan-fiction I'm writing, Ghostrider, by clicking the link below! 


Ghostrider Official Tracking Thread


:: Click the link below to listen to Frytha's theme song ::


> Click Here <


^^ By Defy! Thanks! :D ^^



Click the below link to view the dragons I've adopted:


My Adopted Dragons

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Signature under construction!!! Beware the workers, they get angry when they don't get their fish










I have 40 dragons as of now.







I also have 1annoying sister, a mom and a dad, and a black toy poodle named Coco






A picture of my dog. Yes, she is full size, at three and a half pounds!




About me:

Birthday: 18 of February 

Favorite dragon: Tide Glider, Sand Wraith, and Flightmare

My hobbies: I am a pretty good drawer, I love reading, and, most of all, love playing SoD and other dragon games.

Main dragons: Sundance the Tide Glider, Moonrise the Sand Wraith, Stormbolt the Skrill.

Favorite place in game: Berk Docks









Dragon 1. Female Deadly Nadder named Lightningsky (titan)

Dragon 2. Female Whispering Death named Golden mist (adult)

Dragon 3. Male Monstrous Nightmare named Firestorm (adult)

Dragon 4. Male Hideos Zippleback named Sparkle Spike (adult)

Dragon 5. Male Gronckle Named Silver Stone (adult)

Dragon 6. Female Devilish Dervish named Ragestorm (adult)

Dragon 7. Female Gronckle named Rocklette (adult)

Dragon 8. Female Stormcutter named Stormblaze (adult)

Dragon 9. Male Thunderdrum named Thunderglory (adult)

Dragon 10. Male Groncicle named Icicle (adult)

Dragon 11. Male Razorwhip named Hurricane (adult)

Dragon 12. Female Razorwhip named Wintershield (adult)(expansion pack was glitch gave me two razorwhips instead of one but I don't care)

Dragon 13. Female Deathsong named Melody (adult)

Dragon 14. Male Armorwing named Armor Kelp (adult)

Dragon 15. Male Whispering Death named Razorcrusher (adult)

Dragon 16. Male Thunderdrum named Thunder Wave (adult)

Dragon 17. Female Single Tail named Diamond Wind (adult)

Dragon 18. Female Eruptodon named Sparkrystal (adult)

Dragon 19. Male thunderdrum named Thunderash (adult)

Dragon 20. Female Snow Wraith named Snowfluff (adult)

Dragon 21. Female Quaken named Air Crumble (adult)

Dragon 22. Male Sweet Death named Sugarrush (adult)

Dragon 23. Male Screaming Death named Firescream (adult)

Dragon 24. Female Hideos Zippleback named Bow and Arrow (titan)

Dragon 25. Male Prickleboggle named Cucumber (adult)

Dragon 26. Male Hobblegrunt named Airdew (adult)

Dragon 27. Female Raincutter named Aireign (adult)

Dragon 28. Female Monstrous Nightmare named Darkfyre (adult)

Dragon 29. Female Tide Glider named Sundance (adult)

Dragon 30. Female Thunderpede named Lavacrash (teen)

Dragon 31. Male Deathsong named Harmony (teen)

Dragon 32. Male Thunderpede named Blackice (baby)

Dragon 33. Male Sand Wraith named Moonrise (adult)

Dragon 34. Female Skrill named Stormbolt (teen)

Dragon 35. Male Mudraker named Earthlake (teen)

Dragon 36. Male Moldruffle named Mudslide (teen)

Dragon 37. Female Shivertooth named Sparkle light (teen)

Dragon 38. Male Sliquifier named Seadance (teen)




One thing to make clear: I REALLY LOVE DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My background story:

Backstory: Sablie was a very exciting girl. She was just a toddler when she learned of Dragon Fighting. She was five, and didn't understand anything. But she went along with it. Soon, a terrible storm hit, her parents were putting her and her two year old sister into the cellar to stay safe, when a huge wave of flood from the ocean threw down the door and washed away the house, as well as the crate where she, her sister Elira, and all the supplies in their (an axe, food for a week, fresh water, rope, swords, bow and arrow, other Viking stuff, spare change of clothes for everyone in the family, blankets, flint and steel, and a yak hair tent) were washed away to sea. Her parents most likely drowned, and although they couldn't swim, Sablie turned out to be a natural. Soon lulled to sleep by the waves, she curled her sister toward herself and slept. In the morning, as the sun shined into the crate, Sablie saw a remote island not far away. She jumped out of the box, this being a mistake for she didn't expect the ocean water, grabbed the side of the box, and kicked her legs with all her might, holding on for dear life. She paddled in the direction of the island, and got to the shore. Slowly placing the tent far up the shore like her parents taught her, she made quite a cozy home. Starting a fire with flint and steel and driftwood, she took some meat she found in the crate, and cooked it, and mashed up part of it for Elira, who was now crying. Cradling her and feeding her the meat, Elira slowly went to sleep. What she didn't realize is that the crying had attracted a dragon. When she heard a roar, she ran outside with a lightweight sword to defend herself and sister. When she got outside, she saw a rare Sand Wraith. It stood outside, cocking its head at the tent. Sablie dropped her sword as she was shaking terribly. The dragon looked at her, and nuzzled his nose to her. Looking the dragon in full eyes, she didn't see evilness. She just saw warmness. Reaching out her hand, the dragon touched it with his nose. Hugging the dragon and crying, she fell asleep under his wing. She woke up around noon, and found no sign of the dragon. Thinking it was a dream, she gathered the rest of the supplies and took them into the tent when she heard the beating of wings behind her. It wasn't a dream after all! The dragon slowly dropped what he had in his claws, which were fish! Food! Sablie smiled and hugged the dragon. The dragon bent down and extended his wing for her. Un surely, she climbed onto his back, and he took OF on a calm flight around the island. She returned to find her sister crying again, and shushed her gently. After cooking the fish, she mashed more for her sister and gave the dragon his share too. That night the dragon didn't leave the tent, and slept next to it, keeping it warm. After a few days, they moved to a clearing near a spring, with lots of saplings. Using the axe, Sablie cut a big wood pile by the house. Every day at the rise of the moon she went flying with the Sand Wraith, and that is why she named him Moonrise.
When she was seven and her sister was four, she was scouting in the wilderness for any deer she could hunt, when she stumbled against a d.ead Razorwhip and four eggs. She kneeled down and felt each of the eggs, and she couldnt feel a heart beat in the first three. In the fourth one though, she could feel a faint heart beat. She took all four eggs home anyway, and when she came to the tent where Elira was rolling in the sand with Moonrise and cooking lunch, she felt an egg shake. Calling her sister over, she set the egg down in front of her sister, and the egg completely split apart. A baby Razorwhip fell out, and Elira immediately fell in love with her. Naming the baby Razwhipway, the two haven't been seperated since. The rest of the eggs never hatched, though Sablie didn't give it up until a week later, when she broke them in half to use as bowls.     (I included this part of the story because it means a lot to me, and helps understand the ending better)
Sablie was ten and Elira was seven, when a bad storm hit. The next morning, Sablie steeped out of the wooden shack she built to find her beach much destroyed. Calling her sister and Razwhipway (who was now a broad wing) to help clean up when she saw a peculiar sight. A shiny pink body was laying on the beach. It was a Tide Glider. She was a beauty. Calling Moonrise to help her, she pulled the Tide Glider into the yard (which was pretty much beach). When the poor dragon woke up, she looked around, then finally, deciding we weren't a threat, spit at herself. Everyone started in shock at the dragon. She whipped around and looked at us. Her wounds were gone, and we couldn't stop staring (even Moonrise and Razwhipway). Sablie slowly approached her with a sea bass. Not taking her eyes of Sablie, the dragon ate, and accepted a green plant dragons seem to like. After that, she stared at Sablie, and slowly reached out to touch her hand. Sundance was named for the way she danced in the sun, in the mornings. There were now three dragons living with them.
It had been a year since peace was brought to Berk from the dragons, although Sablie didn't know it. She was fourteen years old, and now even Razwhipway could fly. They used hand made saddles from deer skin and boar tusks with wild dyes. Sablie was flying Moonrise around the islands, when she noticed a black dragon that she had never seen before. She of course, knew most of the dragons on her island, and this was one she had never seen. Munching on an apple, she decided to make friends and find out the full look. This dragon was faster than Moonrise, which was a surprise since he was the only Sand Wraith and fastest dragon on the island. She landed where she saw the black dragon land, but was shocked! There was a rider standing next to the dragon saying "This is a new island bud. Do you sense any trouble?" The black dragon snorted, and turned in her direction, where she was concealed behind the trees. The Dragon walked over to the trees now, and pushed Sablie over so she fell in the riders view. He looked as shocked as her. He looked at her and said "Hello, we are friends and don't want to hurt you,". Sablie was scared as she was the time she saw Moonrise for the first time. "Who are you," she managed to say "What do you want from my island," The stranger looked at her and said " My name is Hiccup, and we are not going to take anything from this island. We will help you if you want us to",. Feeling she could trust him, she told him her story, and about Moonrise, who was happily playing with the Black dragon, who looked surprisingly like Moonrise. Afterward she brought him to the shack, where he met Elira, Razwhipway and Sundance, and he told them about Berk. "I think we used to live on Berk, at least that is what mommy said," said Sablie, "But how? I thought Berk fought dragons,". So Hiccup told her about the peace, and Toothless. Finding that they did want to go back to Berk, Hiccup stayed the night, then helped them to Berk, and helping them build a good big Viking hut with stables and get fresher weapons. They had lived peacefully at Berk ever since.


My viking, Sablie, by mangopopcorn. Thank you sooooooooo much!



Backrounds of dragons to be posted soon!




Dragon #1. Deadly Nadder named LightningSky. Nickname: Skyli.

Personality: Curious, slightly aggressive, likes to make me laugh!

Favorite food: Roasted chicken in fish sauce (no offence Tuffnut).

She was my first dragon, so she considersers herself an alpha.



LightningSky my Deadly Nadder and first dragon!!!!!






Amazing edit of Lightningsky by Zitka! I love it!



Dragon #2. Whispering Death named Goldenmist. Nickname: Misty.

Personality:Aggressive, Adventuroes, likes everything in tip top shape.

Favorite food: Golden roasted potatoes with a side of asparagus (I taught her to like that so i wouldnt have to eat mine).

She acts like the lady of the house in front of males, and she considers herself beautiful.



Goldenmist my Female Whispering Death and Second dragon!!!




Dragon #3. Monstrous Nightmare named Firestorm. Nickname: Fira

Personality: Calm, fierce and loyal.

Favorite food: trout with yak milk

He likes o get into fights with other males, especially Hurricane.



Fira my Monstrous Nightnare and third dragon!!!!!!!




Amazing edit of Fira by Zitka. Thank you so much!



Dragon #4. Hideos Zippleback named Sparkle Spike. Nickname: Spike.

Personality: Loyal, strong, and open minded.

Favorite food: Hard to say, one head likes ice and mint, the other only eats meat and fish.

Sometimes in the middle of the night he flies out of the stables to meet a girl in the woods I think…




Dragon #5. Gronckle named SilverStone Nickname: Silva

Personality: obedient, brave, calm.

Favorite food: Sandstone with some granite sprinkles

Sometimes I lend him to Gobber for a day and get nice new Groncicle iron stuff!!!


Silverstone my first gronckle and fifth dragon!!!



Dragon #6. Devilish Dervish named Ragestorm Nickname: Rage

Personality: loyal, bad temper, fierce when mad

Favorite food: brown trout and dragon nip.

Rage was found after the most devastating storm this winter.


Ragestorm my devilish dervish and sixth dragon!!!


Dragon #7. Female Gronckle named Rocklette. Nickname: Rocky

Personality: Happy, aggressive, flexible with new stuff.

Favorite food: Obsidian with dragon nip.

She is always happy about everything, except when her mate SilverStone eats all the obsidian in the house.


Rocklette my second gronckle and seventh dragon!!!


Dragon #8.Storm cutter named Stormblaze. Nickname: Blaze.

Personality: Proud, generous, loyal.

Favorite food: Likse all fish, she eats everything!!!

Blaze secretly tries to meet with other Stormcutters I think so I need to shut her door tightly at night.



Stormblaze my Stormcutter and eighth dragon!!!!!!!!





Dragon #9. Thunderdrum named Thunderglory. Nickname: Glory

Personality: Fierce, aggressive, merciless to anyone but his rider.

Favorite food: herring with rice and dragon nip.

He gets into terrible fights with other dragons, especially Fira, for the houses herring.



Thunderglory my first Thunderdrum and ninth dragon!!!








Dragon #10. Male Grocicle named Icicle.



My fave dragon class:Tidal Class!!!









The majestic tide glider!!!!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!




Spoiler alert!!! HTTYD3





God toothless, what is it with your mood change?


Watch out for the danger…



Just finished fighting crime here, can we take a break?






Happy jail-giving!












Ouch, Piper, don't spread your disease






There's a thunderstorm about to happen, watch out!






They are actually superheroes…



Somebody looks a little blue!





I cant cant get my foot unstuck, I haven't done this before.





My main dragons: 


Racing : Moonrise, my award winning Sand Wraith (if Vikings do have any awards)





Adventuring: Sundance, my intelligent Tide Glider 





Battle: Cucumber, my very aggressive Prickleboggle 





And here is my night fury, Moonglow, by the amazing Cocopuppy! Thank you!!!















I love dogs!!!




Uh, Ok?




My sister really annoyed me today......




I have a perscription.....

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Ch 1-DNR


Chapter 1



vætki einn





    On a cool, Autumn morning, Berkians awoke as the sun crested over the horizon and shed its rays upon the village.  Ferdinand the Forgetful had awoke to terrible terrors chirping and the sound of tiptoeing footsteps making their way through the house and past his small room.  Followed by the creaking open of his abodes hickory door and the click of it being closed.  He rose from his stiff wooden bed after a prolonged period of time, swinging his legs over the side and staying in that position as if to ready himself for the eventful day.  Bringing his hand up and wiping in across his wrinkled and heavily whiskered face, he emitted an exasperated sigh.  Standing and throwing on his usual armor,  he stepped to his door, quietly opening it and turning to his left, looking at a half open door at the end of the rickety house.  Walking towards it he took a deep breath and stopped with his arm outstretched.  His eyes were staring at the floor beneath his feet, contemplating if he should or shouldn't open the door.  He shut his eyes tightly, clenched his teeth and re-opened his eyes.  Mind still foggy from his night of restless sleep, he shifted forward, opening the door.  He looked upon the unmade bed in the furthest corner of the room to see it unoccupied, and dressers empty of its owners few belongings.  He shuffled halfheartedly to a small desk beside the bed, a piece of paper weighed down by a small rock with ancient writing engraved into its being catching his eye.  His shaky hand lifted the steel and set it aside, taking the piece of paper and sitting on the bed.  His dark green eyes scanned over the paper and slowly tears threatened to spill onto the charcoal writing.  He looked up and away from the tattered paper after reading its contents and looked out the small window.  He brought his hand up to stroke his graying beard, then dropped it back onto his lap.  He moved his head, looking back at the paper.  A small smile made its way to his lips, as seeing his beloved nieces handwriting made him think of the evening before, a time of both heartache and felicity.
    "Uncle?" Ferdinand shifted his eyes from the crackling fire he was sat in front of and to the figure standing in the open doorframe to find the owner of the feminine voice. "Where were you? You've been gone all day."  His thick Irish accent failing to sound intimidating, as he was more relieved than angry.  The owner of the figures voice stepped inside, shutting the door behind her, blocking the cold winter wind from entering.  She slid down her fur lined hood and lifted her bag that rested across her torso over her head and made her way to the small dining table while saying "I know uncle..but look what I found!" Excitement started to fill her voice, and her eyes started to shine and twinkle with the light of the fire.  Ferdinand stood and made his way to her, examining what she had in her hand.  "Look at this, do you see the writing?  It's hundreds of years old, older than the last one I found!  I can just go a little farther an-"  Ferdinand cut her short, sticking his hand in the air to cease her talking.  "Arrow." he said looking at her, seeing the striking curiosity in her eyes made him smile, as it reminded him of his sisters own wondering orbs.  "You have went out everyday for the past three weeks.  Maybe it's time to take a rest, atleast sit and have supper with me, hm?"  He raised a thick eyebrow in question, Arrow nodded and layed the stone on her bag as it lay on the table.  "Yes uncle."  She replied.  She turned and walked toward their makeshift kitchen after taking one last glance at the stone.  She started to wonder.  Why was she like this? Always getting caught up in small adventures and not spending time with the Viking that raised her.  Yet she rebelled anyway.  "You cant do this forever, you know."  Her voice was in a quiet whisper, afraid of the reaction she would receive.  "Do what?" "Keep me here." She quickly responded.  Ferdinand looked at her then signed lightly, knowing this faithful day would come.  The day she truly started to wonder, and desire a larger adventure.  The day he had to tell her the truth she deserved.  "I know." "Then why can't I leave Berk?  Don't get me wrong, I love this place, its my home, but.."  Arrow stopped herself as she looked at her uncle, he had a small smile on his face and a cocked brow.  "You know, your just like your parents. Sit."  Hearing this confused her, as she never knew much, or heard much of her parents.  He pulled out a chair and gestured for her to sit, as he grabbed a chair of his own and sat down, the chair groaned under his weight, making Arrow giggle at the slightest.  "Now." Ferdinand shifted in his chair and folded his hands together.  "Do you remember the tale I told you of Niflheim when you were a babe?"  Arrows eyes lit up brighter than ever and a smile grew upon her thin lips.  "Of course! The tale of an ancient place covered in only ice and frozen tundra! A place filled to the brim with jewels an-"  Ferdinand emitted a thunderous chuckle and Arrow ceased her excited rambling with a slight blush creeping over her complexion.  "Yes, yes.  That's the place."  Arrow furrowed her brows as her uncle slowly became serious and cleared his throat.  "Well, I have something to tell you.  I should have told you long ago, but I think now you are more than ready.."  He paused.  Seeing his nieces curious expression, he continued.  "Niflheim isn't just a story I told you when you were a wee babe, Arrow. Its real. And It's the final place your parents traveled to."  Arrow took in the information, never really knowing how her parents disappeared.  Not knowing they even traveled out of Berk.  She had been told they went fishing on the ocean around Berk and never returned, believing a Tidal Class dragon had took them to the dark depths of the sea.  And she believed it.  She never knew of the desire for adventure they had, or the dangerous travels they partook in.  She looked at her uncle, wondering why she was being told this now.  She watched as he opened up his fist, revealing an amethyst stone with a note attached to it.  "Arrowalker, your parents..were just like you."    
(If there are any typos or misspelled words, please tell me. ^^)  
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*smiles widely*


Hello! I am Shamara30! I am new to the forums but I've been watching and I have read a few fanfics too!

I plan to do more with this!&

Profile pic by the talented Frozt Wulf! TYSM!!!!!


Post in your signature if you agree! (Made by MegaboltPheonix)

My OCs






Backstory: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/how-i-trained-my-dragon-1


Appearance: working on it!!!


Weapon:A gronkle iron staff that the ends light on fire. It can also split in half the long way to reveal a leather sheet that works like her own version of Hiccup's flight suit.


Personality: when Shamara sees something she has to know how it works. This makes her good at quite a few things because she knows about them.


Skills:fighting,singing,and flying with Carmen






Unique traits: just as chicken makes Stormfly go faster eel makes Carmen go faster. It brings her speed from 17 to 19 and natural training makes it 20


Pet Dragon


Name: Coal


Species: terrible terror


Colors: black with a grey underbelly and highlights


Other: Shamara has a thin scar across her left eye. She made matching necklaces in the shape of a music note for her and Carmen. She is the leader of a team of Dragon Riders called The OS Dragon Riders.


Name: Vanessa




Backstory: no one can know. When Vanessa was five years old her village was attacked by dragons. Her father sent her and her mother into the woods to hide while he defended the village. On their way to the safe house they had built they were attacked by a monstrous nightmare. Sadly Vanessa's mother died protecting her. Ever since then her father has hated dragons. Even worse he blamed her for what happened. He disowned her. While living on the streets she befriended a singetail and named it compass. This made matters worse between her and her father. Now he not only banished her from his life he also seeks to kill her. Vanessa is on the run when she comes across an ally who is also her father's worst enemy. But they cannot know her secret. Everything she had built up would be lost if they knew the truth. She would be cast out if they knew who her father really was. 


Haha! Now you must live with this until I write it!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


Appearance: black hair, Brown eyes


Weapon:sword from her father


Personality:keeps to herself and in constant mental pain 


Skills:sword play, herbal medicine and cooking






Unique traits: he always knows which way is north which is why he is called Compass






Backstory:Addi lives on berk a year after httyd 2. Life is good for Addi and her friends Shey, Robin and best friend Gustav but when they are enrolled in Dragon training their lives are turned upside down. 

When a dangerous enemy approaches berk and the dragon riders call on them for help they must learn the true meaning of friendship and see how far they will go for each other.


Ha! Again!


Appearance: strawberry blond hair cut to shoulders, bright green eyes


Weapon: Shield like Hiccup's






Colors:Grayish turquoise with silver fins.


And lastly...






Backstory:the dragons have left many years ago and many don't believe anymore. But one girl does. When the dragons return led by an angry Toothless Naomi befriends him. Together they begin the search for Hiccup. Will they find him? (Not all the kinks worked out in this story.)


Appearance:Brown hair, eyes that appear to be changing color




Skills: understanding dragons, sword play


Dragon: ha! You may not know yet!!!!!!!!


And now, meet my newest OC!


Name:Alyssa (Aly)




Backstory: Aly's parents died when she was a baby leaving her  in her uncle's care. One  day, when she was five, her uncle took her in a fishing expedition but the boat was attacked by wild dragons. Her uncle sent  her off in a small rowboat and Aly was never sure what  happened to her uncle. After many  days  floating around(the oars had been lost to the dragons) she fell asleep. When she awoke she found  herself surrounded by dragons and a young woman. She learned that  the woman's name was Valka and she lived with and trained dragons.

Valka nursed Aly back to health and after  that the thought of leaving never entered her mind. She grew up among dragons and even bonded with a yellow  and green triple stryke which she  named Hunter. 

At the time of httyd 2 Aly was on a trip to find  more dragons wounded by Drago Bludvist and take them to the sanctuary.


Appearance: she dresses like Valka and had similar hair.


Weapon: stick thing like Valka's.


Skills: Training dragons and thankfully, cooking.


Dragon:Hunter (triple stryke)< Other:Aly speaks dragonese since she grew up with dragons. /p>



                     Dragons I hope to get


Name: Echo


appearance: (both done by The talented VexyLu. Thanks!)



Here is baby Echo by nightfuryatom4! TSYM! 



And here is my first Dragon, Skyfire! (Also by VexyLu;-)


Okay! I plan to do a lot more with this but thank you for reading my OCs!!!! So long dragon riders!!!!






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Ch. 2-DNR

Chapter 2 



inn ferð framar 
     Arrowalker was frozen in her spot, eyes forgetting to blink as they were wide and bewildered.  Her heartbeat had seemed to cease, and time stand still.  She was trying to process the information she had been told, eyes darting around the wooden floor then back to her uncle as his quiet voice spoke up once again.  "Your parents..Johann found their boat as he was making his way back to Berk..It was set aflame, and he found these in what was once your mothers bag.  This was all that was left, Arrow.  It was meant for your eighteenth birthday, they wanted to give it to you..but.."  His pained eyes looked at his palm, holding the parchment and glistening purple stone.  Arrow looked down at them slowly, her shaking hand reached to grab them but she stopped herself.  Her breath was stuck in her throat, and she let out a gasp as her nimble hand quickly snatched up the tattered and slightly burned paper, along with the stone.  "Why..?" She asked, fist clenching the new materials.  "Why have you kept this a secret for 15 years..."  Arrows parents had went on their trip when she was only three, she never did comprehend or remember why it was they had never returned until she got to the age of six, when lies started to spill from her Uncles lips.  "I..I never wanted to hurt you Arrow..I didn't want to see you leave like your parents and never return.."  The grown man sounded like an upset child, beckoning his mother not to get mad at him for breaking a vase.  Arrow had stood from her chair, and Ferdinand scrambled up as he spoke, becoming a broken mess.  Arrow saw his state and soon pieced together her entire life.  Why she was forbidden to leave, why her uncle was so protective.  It all made sense now, and her eyes, glassy from threatening tears, looked up to her uncle with realization, her soul calming. 
    Ferdinand held a desperate expression on his own features. Arrow knew, he begged for her forgiveness for all the lies and fibs her life was made to be.  Her face softened, and she truly saw how much Ferdinand loved her.  She walked over to him and threw her toned arms over his neck without a word, shutting her eyes, a few stray tears finding their way down her rosy cheeks. The two parted after their tender moment, and Arrow wiped her eyes with the back of her ivory hand.  She turned back to the materials in her clammy palm. "Who..What killed them..?"  Arrows uncle cringed as this was the question he didn't want her to ask.  For if he answered truthfully, he knew she would leave Berk.  "Was it a dragon..?"  Arrows eyes looked into her uncles intensely, begging for an answer.  He gave in and let out a sigh.  "There..It..Johann found this.."  He stuck his hand up, telling her to stay put.  He descended down into the houses cellar, and a short while later, returned with something new in his hand.  His entire being was shaken, and he gave a tattered piece of cloth to his niece.  She layed the previous things on their dining table, and took the cloth from her uncles gruff hands.  "What is this..." Her voice was a mere whisper, as her green orbs traveled across the symbol that was on the cloth.  The Ægishjálmr symbol was etched into the brown stitching.  "This symbol, it means 'countenance of terror'.."  Her thumb ran over the embroidery, and she looked at her uncle as he spoke once more.  "They were on their way back here when they were..." He paused, and inhaled.  "They had found Niflheim, yet didn't take anything but that stone.  All they desired was to see that it existed.  That stone.." He pointed to the dining table where the amethyst jewel lay, "is the only proof of its existence.."  Arrow placed a hand on her head and sat back in her previous chair, Ferdinand eyeing her worriedly.  She shut her orbs in thought, as she tried to decipher what this all meant.  In a few moments time, she opened her eyes abruptly, shooting up from her chair, fist clenched around the cloth bearing the Ægishjálmr symbol.  "No one is known to bare this symbol.."  Arrow began to pace back and forth, staring at her feet with her dark brows knitted together.  Being a master at solving puzzles and mysteries, she was trying to untangle this new one she found herself betrothed in.  "My parents were on their way home from Niflehim.."  She looked down at the cloth, her eyes growing darker as she conveyed an anger she never knew she held inside of her soul.  "They were killed..intentionally..Why else would this be there, they would not bare this symbol themselves."  Her voice grew louder with each word, she held up the cloth as she spoke.  "Someone who bared this symbol killed them, most likely because my parents were the only beings to find Niflheim..Somehow..Somehow this was there.  I do not believe it just happened to be there or was a coincidence.  They must have fought back in some way, and this was left behind."  She was convinced of her theory, and held a passionate and determined gleam in her dark green eyes.  "I must find out who killed my parents."  Arrowalker Orion now had a true reason to leave her home, something much deeper than the simple thrill of adventure.  She felt a desire to find more of her parents, and, their killer.  
(If there are any typos or misspelled words please tell me! ^^)
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Chapter 3




hjartaþófi sannligrvel
    Arrow quickly grabbed all of her things from the table in her arms, and headed to her room, the house creaking with her steps.  She laid her messenger bag, along with the stone, parchment she has yet to read, and cloth.  She walked over to a corner of her small room, picking up a large leather bag, heaving it over her shoulder.  She lugged it to her bed, then began to gather all the materials one would need for a long journey.  She hadn't noticed Ferdinand in the doorway, watching her every move with sorrow.  She turned feeling eyes gazing upon her, and her determined look ceased as she saw tears running down her uncles whiskered face.  He wasn't a man to cry, but over his niece he would bawl.  Her heart broke, and she layed a spare shirt she had in her hands down on her unmade bed.  "Uncle.." She began, yet he smiled at her and stepped forward to stop her words while wiping his tears away.  "You must do this Arrow.  I cannot..I will not stop you."  Arrow looked up at the burly man with large eyes, feeling as if she was the six year old who listened to the mans stories once more.  Her bottom lip started to quiver and she looked away, not enjoying it when another saw her cry.  "I..I.."  She couldn't find words.  For she knew he was right.  She needed to do this, she felt obligated to.  Ferdinand placed a large hand on her shoulder, making her look up at him with her glassy orbs.  "Pack your things, you will set out tomorrow.  Take this-" He grabbed her hand and placed something cold in her palm. "-with you.  It will guide you.  I've taught you how to use the stars if you were to get lost, but this..this will point you where you need to go.  Trust in it, and you will find what you truly desire."  His calm voice made Arrow tilt her head.  She looked down into her palm to see a compass rose, intricate metal work around the edges, and a blurry glass casing over the top to protect the water stained parchment inside. "N, E, S, and W" was inked in large letters on the other side of the glass.  "A..compass..It sounded rather magical the way you explained it to me."  She held a sceptical look upon her features as she examined the object.  "Who said its not?"  Ferdinand's bushy eyebrow raised as Arrow looked upon him with wonder.  She was one to believe in any fairytale, so she slowly grinned and ran her thumb over the dusty contraption in admiration.  "This has been in the family for generations, I had forgotten about it until today.  Do not lose it!"  The man pointed a finger in his nieces direction jokingly as he emitted a blundering laugh, making Arrow giggle herself.  She sighed at his forgetfulness but soon took her mind elsewhere. "Thank you, I will keep it safe."  She placed the compass inside her messenger bag, then turned to her uncle as the room grew uncomfortably quiet.  "I will help you gather some supplies."  Ferdinand smiled sadly upon the young woman, turning to leave the room.  "Thank you.." Arrow said quietly.  "Your very welcome, dear."  "No..for telling me.  For preparing me..for raising me..and making me who I am today."  Ferdinand had turned himself back around.  A genuine smile growing across his face, as he stepped to arrow and placed both his hands on her shoulders.  "I did not make you who you are.  You made you who you are.  And your still making yourself, Arrow."  She thought upon his words with narrowed eyes, then let out a quiet laugh as she began to cry, not caring who saw her at the moment.  "I love you, uncle."  She jumped up and hugged her arms around his neck, as he looked with wide eyes upon her actions.  Hugs from Arrow were never this heartfelt.  He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her shoulders.  "I love you to."  He said, feeling as if Arrow was his own daughter in that moment.  "Now."  The gruff man said, "let's pack your things."  
   The night had been filled with gathering dried meats, healing herbs and other necessities for Arrows journey.  She had no idea how long this would take her, she thought atleast a few months.  With each passing minute, her heart began to pound harder against her ribs.  Yet, she didn't know if it was with excitement or fear.  "I think your all set."  Ferdinand spoke, as the pair stood in front of the large leather tote, now filled with needed materials.   "You will leave before dawn tomorrow, that is the best time for sailing.  You will take my boat, I know it isn't much, but, Bessy is the best thing you'll ever find! Been with me for years!"  His chipper attitude enlightened Arrow, as well as the name of his boat.  Arrow grinned and shook her head slightly.  "Thank you."  Ferdinand looked upon Arrow, who was looking at him.  He nodded slightly, and let out a sigh.  The two just looked around for a minute, rather awkwardly.  Then Arrow yawned, making Ferdinand smile and slap her shoulder gently.  It was nearing midnight, stars danced about through the clouds in the chilling atmosphere. "You best be off to bed, you've got a long day ahead of you tomorrow."  "Day..more like months."  Arrow thought to herself.  She ran a hand through her tangled chocolate hair and smiled at her uncle.  "Sounds like a plan."  She said, eyes beginning to droop.  "You uh..you stay safe out there.  Take your axe, always keep it by your side.  Oh! And remember what I told you about wild dragons, they will not harm you-" "if you do not harm them."  Arrow finished his sentence.  "I know uncle."  Arrow said while giggling.  "I know."  The laughing ceased, and Arrow emitted another yawn.  "Off to bed."  Her uncle shooed her as he stepped to her door, neither of them were good with "good-byes" or "see you later's".  Arrow sat on her bed and took off her boots.  "Goodnight Uncle."  She spoke quietly,  "Goodnight my dear.."  Ferdinand said, he shut her door and made his way to his own room.  The night for the pair was restless, and neither slept.  Arrow had spent most of her night writing a farewell letter to her uncle, as she could express her feelings much better through writing.  Once arrow had finished, she laid her charcoal pencil on her lap, and read over her letter.  
"Dear Uncle,
   I cannot express my gratitude towards you enough.  Not only for letting me take this journey, but for raising me, teaching me and preparing me.  For I know what all of that means now.  I thank you for the life you've given me for these eighteen years.  You have treated me like a daughter in the absence of my mother and father.  You have kept me out of harms way.  I thank you for everything you have done for me.  I love you as much as a daughter would love her parents,  never doubt that.  Tomorrow morning, I will be absent from our abode. I do not know how long I will be gone.  Make sure to keep the chickens corralled, the dark red one likes to get out sometimes.  Stay safe for me while you create new masterpieces, will you?  They can get a bit dangerous.  I promise I will stay safe for you as well.  Even in my absence, know that I am always with you.  
Ps.  Don't forget to make yourself breakfast.  You do sometimes when you get busy.
                                                                                                Yours Truly,   Arrowalker" 
Arrows tears began to drop as her shoulders shook.  She stood, grabbing the stone she had found earlier that day from her bag.  She made her way to her now empty dresser, and layed the letter down, setting the ancient stone atop its being.  "What am I doing...?"  Her tear filled eyes looked at the paper then out her window, her eyes catching a few stars.  Her eyebrows knitted together, and she balled her fists.  "I will find out what happened to you."  Arrow had always imagined her parents are dancing with the stars, so she spoke to them as such.  Her head turned, looking at the brown cloth with the Ægishjálmr symbol resting upon its being.  She walked to it, and gripped it tightly within her hands.  Her tears had ceased long ago, as passion filled her entire being.  "this is going to change my life." 
(If there are any typos or misspelled words please tell me. ^^)
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Trackalackin' meh bestie's backstory! :D  -hugs bestie-

((P.S. Ya know, this is kind of interesting, cause my babe Pearl has a backstory a lot like Arrow's ^^))


"Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end."

~Quote from A. J. Lawless






Life is gray & dull, & all i see is dark,

stay by my side & i'll be there no matter what,

though the snow falls faster, & the wind blows louder still,

i'll be there by you're side, to blow away the chill.

~Poem i made for Pearl & Snowdust 








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Winter can be unforgiving

Hard, evil, and cold.

But if you stay with me,

I promise you'll never be alone.

~Poem by me for Pearl & Snowdust





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Pearl looked inside & gasped.  There, as if inviting itself to be read, was the map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hand & shakily unrolled it.  She scanned it, beads of sweat forming on her forehead.  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

~Quote from my fanfic, The Winter Rider



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"It was vicious, relentless, and impossible to see in the white out. The Snow Wraith."

~Gobber translating Gothi's text


"This dragon has notoriously poor eyesight and uses thermal censors to locate its prey.

It camouflages itself in the snow because if it can't see you, it doesn't want you to see it!"

~Dragons: Rise of Berk





"Snow Wraiths have no known vulnerabilities, making them 

supremely formidable force to be rekoned with during battle."

~From howtotrainyourdragon.com





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Name: Deadpool

Species: Cyber Night Fury

Biotech: 72% Robot

Cyber Ability: Equipped with plasma educed claws that burns through

any material/Modified plasma blasts that act like explosive darts






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Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

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Chapter 4 



liflátinn lǫgr
       Arrowalkers hands gripped tightly onto the stiff, wooden handle of an oar, as the small boat, Bessy as her uncle named it, was rocking back and forth with the waves of the sea.  Her heart pounded, for her fear of getting engulfed by the ocean bounced around in her mind.  "Uncle took you fishing too many times to count Arrow, you know how to do this.."  She coaxed herself, as the unrelenting storm she found herself stuck in showed no signs of ceasing.  In the mid morning hours of the cloudy, autumn day, Arrow had left her sanctuary of Berk, where dragons roamed the skies, riders happily upon their backs.   Five years prior in Arrows life, this wasn't true.  For the scaley beasts were killed relentlessly, every so often they would raid fields for sheep, or ransack rickety barrels for a few old salmon.  Arrow memory of these happenings is foggy, only being the age of thirteen when Hiccup Haddock III had trained the deadliest of dragons.  A Night Fury.  After they had bonded, Berkian lives were peaceful.  Arrow had always looked upon dragons with a sense of jealousy, as they were free.  Being able to roam and explore the farthest reaches of the world, places she did not fathom existed.  She longed to sprout wings one day, and be able to leave the cage she was entrapped in.  Yet, of course, this could not happen.  So she chose to accept the fact that she would never break out of her cage, always holding onto the bars.  Shaking them and wishing her Uncle would let her leave.  That is, until the day prior when her uncle allowed Arrow to "fly".  She learned of her parents being wanderers like herself, the thirst for adventure that left them quenched.  She now knew she was not alone.  This on its own gave her courage and strength.  Ferdinand had let his niece leave her binds, knowing it was time.  He had kept many secrets from her and even lied to her in her eighteen years of life.  Some secrets she still was yet to know of.  Ferdinand desired to see Arrow grow up in his small cottage house, not disappear like his brother and sister in law.  Nonetheless, he knew she deserved the truth, and upon hearing it she would leave.  So he prepared her, taught her, and trained her.  The young girl never realizing what he was preparing her for.  Now though, as she sat in the rocking boat which could collapse at any given moment, she realized what it was all for.  
   Arrow held onto her amethyst necklace, made from the stone she had received a day prior to her current situation.  She was afraid of losing it so she quickly tucked it underneath her deer skin chest piece, hiding it.  The thin sail of her boat threatened to tear as the chilling wind blew violently, making her deep green eyes widen dramatically.  Her teeth chattered as her jaw trembled, the autumn air slowly began to transition into to the colder temperatures of winter over the previous months.  As a large crack sounded through the air, she turned to see that the butt end of her boat had been chipped, splinters of wood bounced in the air and landed in the dark water below.  She cursed quietly to herself, never being one for foul language, and stood.  She held her arms out to steady herself, her hood had fell from her head and her hair had became a tangled mess due to the violent wind.  "I swear Rán hates me.."  She covered her face as the salty ocean water slammed into the side of her boat, spraying onto her flushed face.  Her clothes were drenched, her water proof cloak somewhat helped trap what warmth her body emitted.  Arrow had no idea where she was, all she knew was that she was South of Berk, and had made it far beyond the reaches any Viking had dared to cross, she was farther out than the Archipelago on Berks Northern side.  Not having many other options, Arrow stuffed her scratched up ivory hand into her messenger bag, and pulled out the compass her uncle gifted to her the night before.  "Alright, work your magic."  She stated sarcastically, remembered her uncles words.  She squinted her eyes down at the compass to see where she was, but suddenly it began to spin around, as if it was catching the wind.  Her dark brows furrowed, and her deep green eyes held a gleaming curiosity.  In an instant, a large tumbling wave brought itself against the boats side, jostling it violently.  Arrow stumbled forward and fell on her side, the compass falling from her palm and gliding across the slippery deck.  Arrow scrambled forward, and seeing the compass slide towards the boats end, she grabbed a throwing knife from her boot and didn't even bother aiming.  She slung it, hoping it would make its mark.  Luckily it did, imbedding itself into the wood of the deck, it's blade between a chain dangling from the compass' body.  "Oh thank Thor."  Arrow stood and waddled with the swaying boat, she grabbed her blade and shimmied it from the old wood and grabbed the compass rose, sighing happily as it was in her palm once more.  It's spinning had ceased.  She looked in the direction it was pointing.  "East."  She shut the compass, stuffed it back in her bag and grabbed a thick rope that was made to turn the sail and pulled it.  The wind was now at her back, aiding her in her efforts to turn the small beaten boat.  "I hope uncle wasn't lying.."  Arrow spoke to herself, often to calm her nerves.  Arrow got the boat turned, and now it was pointing directly East.  The storm had died down, yet dark clouds still lingered above her head, making her weary.  If the compass would direct it's user in the direction of what they truly desired, then surly Niflehim was just beyond Arrows grasp. 
(If there are any typos or misspelled words please tell me ^^)
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Chapter 5

nú inn áræði fyrsta
     Night had soon fallen and Arrow was asleep atop the boat, unbeknownst that it had washed upon a cold, sandy beach.  The island Arrow and her boat were now on was fairly large, holding a beach and a thick graveyard of trees.  The forest was so thick, sight couldn't be used to aid a soul in their journey through it.  A few silver cranes were asleep in a small lake at the islands center, frogs chirped and a few small fish made their way through the dark water the crater held.  Arrow suddenly awoke with a fright, gripping the hilt of her axe and peeking through her disheveled chocolate hair at the new scenery she found her green eyes gazing upon.  Her eyebrows furrowed and she had a dumbfounded look upon her flushed features, mouth slightly agape.  "This isn't Niflehim.."  She looked around in the darkness as best she could and made out the tree line of a lush green forest.  She stood on the boat and looked off its side, seeing it was imbedded into the dirty blonde sand.  She jumped from the boat, knees still weak from her previous sleep, she stumbled forward.  Arrows hands dug into the chilling sand and she emitted a frustrated huff.  She unsheathed her Krisalax, the cushioned grip welcoming to her palm.  Her eyes wandered to the horizon as a light blue was slowly beginning to paint the sky, followed by a deep orange.  Morning would soon come.  Arrow used her free arm to pull her boat farther upon the beach, knowing if it was lost she would never find a way home.  She used her Krisalax to cut a few low hanging branches from their bearings, and concealed her boat with the brush.  "Just in case."  She mumbled to herself.  Her slender hand dipped inside her messenger bag, pulling out the compass rose she had used the previous day.  She wiped her thumb over its glassy surface to remove some grime and dirt, and watched as the arrow at its center span.  The brunettes head began to bob with the red arrows movements then halted, as the arrows tip rested on "N".  "Well, North it is then."  Arrow stuffed the contraption back in her worn leather bag, and began her trek towards the menacing labyrinth of a forest.  What it held, she had no clue.  Yet what she would find would change her life forever.  
     Arrow grunted and huffed as she cut down underbrush with the sharp blade of her Krisalax, becoming exhausted as this had been the entirety of her journey on this newfound island.  Sweat had began to drip lightly from her brow, and constantly her pale hand came up to wipe it away.  Despite feeling a bit warm, she kept her brown cloak on, feeling as if it wasn't worth the trouble of removing.  Arrow halted her endeavors and squinted her green orbs, happiness slowly flooding her being.  She saw another beach ahead of her through the thick line of trees.  Even if she found nothing, she would still be out of this god forsaken maze of a forest.  Her axe finally cut the last vine blocking her path, and her boots met thick sand.  She debated wether or not she would bend down and kiss it, or press forward.  She chose the latter.  She placed her underused weapon back in its holster on her right hip, and looking in front of her.  Ocean.  That's all she saw, there was nothing here except something her aggravated orbs had already saw.  Her happiness soon diminished.  Arrow was about to turn on her heels, cursing the supposedly "magic" compass her uncle gave her, but she froze.  The brunettes head turned to her left, she heard what sounded like the rattling of metal.  A large rock was blocking her view, so she made her way towards it, becoming upmost curious.  She pressed her scratched up hand to the rock and listened harder, her thick brows furrowed and head tilted down.  "I couldn't have imagined that.  Could I..?"  The brunette stood still and silent for a good two minutes, but all she heard was the crashing of the ocean waves and the frantic beating of her own heart.  She quietly sighed, turning around as her hand slid from the rocks rough surface.  She felt disappointment.  For she thought she had found adventure, or it had found her.  As she neared the edge of the forest she had emerged from, she heard a voice this time, along with the clanking of metal from before.  She dove down and crawled back to the rock to hide herself.  "I knew I didn't imagine it."  A small smile creeped across her pink lips.  She looked to her left.  She couldn't go through there, for the forest was that direction, and trying to travel back through it would require a blade and would emit too much noise.  Arrows head turned right.  Blue ocean.  Her only option was to climb the rock.  So, she did.  She stood, and gripped a dip in the rocks surface, hoisting herself up and getting a good grip with her boot.  She continued this process as the voices became louder.  She could make out a choice few words as she climbed, such as "We.." "Beast.."  "Locked.."  "Drago.."  She threw her hand up onto the ledge of the navy blue rock, she praised herself for actually making it this far.  She threw her leg up, catching the same ledge her hand was clenched onto.  She pulled herself onto the rocks top, laying on her back for a breather, before quickly getting up and looking forward.  "Seriously...?"  Arrow thought as her shoulders slumped, eyebrows tilting halfheartedly.  The rock had another small "mountain", if you will,  ascending from its center.  If the brunette could hop over this, she was home free.   With motivational speeches in her head, and a hop in her step (literally),  Arrow had, once again, gotten her hands to grip onto the ledge of the dark rock.  This time, however, she froze with her eyebrows furrowed.  She heard the voices and rattling much clearer, a deep voice seeming to have a somewhat English accent, made its way to her ears.  Deep, gruff grunts filled the air, for what reason Arrow had no idea.  She propped her elbows onto the ledge, and pulled herself up.  She only peeked her curious eyes over the ledge however, feeling slightly afraid as these people could kill her at the slightest gesture.  Her orbs soon widened, what the exhausted brunette saw amazed her, angered her and frightened her all at once.  Her heart stopped, her eyebrows furrowed and her teeth slowly gritted.  Without a thought, or even a plan, she pulled herself to the rocks bumpy surface and unsheathed her Krisalax, pointing its blade at the "intruders".  She opened her mouth to speak, but let out a yelp instead as the stone underneath her feet crumbled, and she tumbled down the far side of the rock, facing the newcomers.  Arrow met soft sand and reached her hand to her head, her hood had fallen over it in the process, hiding her appearance slightly.  She looked at her Krisalax still in her hand, and recovered from her fall.  "That's my luck."  She cursed herself in her thoughts.  Arrow was soon back to her feet taking a defensive stance, all the voices had fell silent, bewildered eyes upon her being.  She held a newfound confidence in her soul, where it came from she had no idea, but she wasn't complaining.  Her voice was serious and held a tone she had rarely used.  She once again pointed her Krisalax's blade towards the souls gazing upon her curiously, and looked at them from under the fur of her hood, which danced in the light breeze along with her other loose garments.  "If you would like to save us all the trouble, I suggest you leave and go back from which you came.  After I free that."  Her blade now pointed towards the men's boat, which was larger than hers.  She wasn't pointing at the boat however, but what was on the boats pristine wooden deck.  "The choice is yours" 
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Wootwoot 8D I can't wait to read more! 


Btw, the Viking god of the sea is actually a godess named Rán, and the HTTYD characters follow at least the basic Nordic gods, so I think Poseidon should be Rán in your story, but up to you xD




     My name is Brynakha the Baleful, and I got quite a bit of dragons - 40 in total - on my home island, Tryggr. Look all the way down to see it!

     To tell a bit about myself, I quite like to experiment and create new things from my dragons' leftover scales or spikes that fall out, including my bowaxe made from the old scales of my Razorwhips, Bruni and Snarlinga, and gronkle iron that my gronkle, Fiskr, provided me with. The axe blades have two dagger-like weapons that are in the shape of the wolfsangel rune and are embedded inside the each axe blade, they can come out of the axe to form their own weapons. 

     The arrows for my bow are hollow, and they're the thinner spines that my Whispering Death, Orindi, and my Screaming Death, Jarmr, drop. Sometimes I use their teeth as well. After I hollow out their spines, I put soft bird feathers, color coded, on the ends and depending on the type of arrow, I attach either flint, jasper, blue chert or just gronkle iron. The arrows with the jasper on the end are filled with Monsterous Nightmare gel, provided by Bal. The arrows with flint on the end are filled with Zippleback gas, provided by Tven 'n' Ri. The arrows with chert on the end are filled with Flightmare mist, provided by Faela. The final type of arrow is tipped with Gronkle Iron and is not hollowed out, forming a normal arrow.


     What? You want to know more? Well, I can't tell you all my secrets, but on my island rescue for dragons and animals alike, I live and handle it alone.

My dragons that are pretty much just residents on the island are more like a wild pack and they're handled by my rescued Singetail, Svidar, who is extremely loyal to me.

     My main dragon? I have a peculiar dragon, that's for sure. Oh, his species? He's a hybrid between a Sand Wraith and a Woolly Howl. He doesn't really have a classification just yet, but I call him a Howling Wraith. His name is Draugr, or Ghost.

    Oops! Almost forgot, I do have a pet Terrible Terror named Odaell, or Troublemaker. I often just call him Sinni.


Please do NOT steal or copy any of my characters, art, edits, or ideas. All images are done by me.


         Riding Dragon

Draugr: Titan, Male, Howling Wraith

         Hunting Dragon

Odaell(Sinni): Titan, Male, Terrible Terror

         Personal Dragons

Aldrienn(Snaer): Adult, Male, Night Fury

Vargulf: Adult, Male, Silver Phantom

Lanyi: Adult, Female, Sand Wraith

Vedr: Adult, Male, Woolly Howl

Meizi: Adult, Male, Windwalker

Lit Rjuka: Adult, Male, Smothering Smokesbreath

Leita: Titan, Female, Stormcutter

Aeva: Titan, Female, Snow Wraith

Flotti: Adult, Male, Timberjack

Faela: Adult, Female, Flightmare

         Wild/Rescue Dragons

Svidar: Adult, Male, Singetail (Leader)

Seydir: Adult, Female, Flame Whipper

Orindi: Titan, Male, Whispering Death

Jarmr: Titan, Male, Screaming Death

Skellr: Titan, Male, Skrill

Skyrr: Adult, Female, Silver Phantom

Skipta: Adult, Female, Changewing

Bal: Titan, Male, Monsterous Nightmare

Tven 'n' Ri: Titan, Female, Hideous Zippleback

Midla: Adult, Female, Prickleboggle

Fiskr: Adult, Male, Gronkle

Banikalla: Adult, Female, Deathsong

Fleygja: Titan, Female, Deadly Nadder

Hvata: Adult, Female, Scuttleclaw

Bruni: Titan, Male, Razorwhip

Snarlinga: Adult, Female, Razorwhip

Vagr: Adult, Male, Scauldron

Veifa: Adult, Female, Scauldron

Orendi: Adult, Male, Moldruffle

Feitr: Adult, Male, Hotburple

Hraun: Adult, Female, Eruptodon

Vigr: Adult, Male, Armourwing

Bein: Adult, Male, Boneknapper

Astir: Adult, Female, Hobblegrunt

Ausa: Adult, Female, Tide Glider

Grellir: Adult, Male, Thunderdrum

Skrida: Adult, Female, Shockjaw

Svienn: Adult, Male, Grapple Grounder

Vollska: Adult, Female, Grapple Grounder

Skjotr: Adult, Male, Speed Stinger

Svell: Adult, Male, Groncicle

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Ahh thanks, I'll be sure to

Ahh thanks, I'll be sure to change that later. XD What is wrong with me, I just realized Poseidon is a Greek god. Noice going Arrow. XD Thx for the track too btw. :3

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No prob cx

LOL, yep! I was a bit confused to read that. Arrow must be very well traveled ;) and ofc!