~Let’s go train a dragon and save the day!~ - A 9 spot HTTYD RP (closed)

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~Let’s go train a dragon and save the day!~ - A 9 spot HTTYD RP (closed)


 Hey guys it’s me Yen…again XD. So Yeah I haven’t seen many new HTTYD rp out here lately and decided to make this one. It’s nothing special, but I haven’t made one like it so I decided to give it a go

Anyways without any further ado …


You’re just a Viking living on Berk, but unlike most you don’t have a dragon! What a disaster XD. Anyways even if you don’t have a dragon you still visit the dragon training classes and Hiccup believes that you are more than capable of taming a dragon on your own. He send you and a bunch of other Viking that share your problem to an island nearby where a lot of different dragons call their home. The reason that almost every dragon species lives on the island is pretty simple. Dragon Hunters. All dragons on the island were previously captured on a big ship that crashed on the shore a few years back when a big storm was going on. They all escaped and now lived on the island. What happened to the dragon hunters is still unknown. Your job is to live there for a month or so and train yourself a dragon.

….However when thing finally seem to be going fine something ruins everything.

After all these years the dragon hunters send another ship to collect the dragons and lock them on another ship. But to their surprise these weren’t simple dragon hunters, oh no, these were Pritshas, a tribe of merciless bloodthirsty warriors known not only for their perfect battling skills, but also for their mounts. Shadowscales – a type of dragon that lived far from the Archipelago, and it was better that way, for the shadowscales were cannibals, dragons that ate dragons much like our familiar deathsong, however it was much more aggressive and killed for sport. It is still unknown how the Pritshas managed to make the dragons serve them. Let’s just say that 7 student that have just trained their dragons weren’t enough to stop the enormous ship and all the hunters. Now their only mission is to find a way to free every dragon locked on the ship, will they succeed or will they fail?



So yeah that’s pretty much it XD, just another stop the dragon hunters and save the day cliché rp, but I though it’ll be fun!

We’ll start when they leave Berk and I’ll be throwing the plot twist to keep the story going.

As for the shadowscales I imagine them something like that but much smaller, say the size of a monstrous nightmare http://luffie.deviantart.com/art/Demonic-Dragon-280636447

And the Pritshas something like the cannibal tribes in game of thrones

http://katehon.com/sites/default/files/refugee.jpg wearing something similar to this

and with the face marking like this http://www.aveleyman.com/Gallery/ActorsB/tve119167-2478-







Thx for reading :)








Hi I'm Witcherforever, but you can call me Yen :)




Cadash and Iocaste blinkies by Defy :3



Iocaste gif edit by me 


My Woolly Howl Bigby by me 

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Dettlaff blinkie by me :)

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Yen and Iocaste :) (I love this one <3)


by me (took me 3 hours to draw this XD)


by me 

Edit of Yen and her terrible terror Vhenan by me

Edit of Yen by me






 All the drawings above 

By Me :) 




Yennefer and Iocaste By the endlessly talented TosiLohi


Thank you so much!!!




An amzing edit of Yen by the one an only Nessie :D



Yen by Frytha TYSM!





Yen and Bigby Wolf by me


Bigby by the amazing Kattistal :D




Bigby by Nessie :D 







Acid by Nessie :D











Yen and Krystal by the talented umbreon27 

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A dragon my little brother did for me <3


(this is his first drawing in digital and he's seven years old)


Little Dettlaff - By Me






Dettlaff Blinkie by the amazing Nessie :)






Dettlaff - By Me




Base by xXHallaXx



By the amazing artist Nessie Thank you!!! ^^




By the talented Fury of the night TYSM ^^




An edit of Iocaste by me




My Timberjack Vesemir and Yen by Aelyras TYSM !!!!










My Flightmare Kelpie by me ^

My Screaming Death Aranzeb by Fun Dragon TYSM!!! ^




Narcis by Nessie TYSM!!!


by GymLeaderCheeky






Mist- Stromcutter




Iron Bull-Razorwhip

Midas- Armorwing

Dettlaff-Sand Wraith 



Iron Bull- Razorwhip

Diablo- Whispering Death

Poison- Monstrous Nightmare

Nerisa- Scauldron

Silversong- Razorwhip

Cadash- Deathsong

Eskel- Skrill

Midas- Armorwing

Frostbite- Groncicle

Mist- Stormcutter

Lilac- Graple Grounder

Dettlaff- Sand Wraith

Dante- Screaming Death 

Toxic - Deadly Nadder

Vesemir - Timberjack

Aranzeb - Screaming Death

Lime and Lemon - Ziplleback

Bigby Wolf - Wooly Howl

Kelpie - Flightmare

Narcis - Deadly Nadder



My adoptables


My dream guardian Vhenan

by me ^

By kcrockette and 1flower Thank You!!! ^^



Lemonade by the talented chameishida TYSM!!!



Yen met Lemonade on an unusually hot day on Berk, she decided to make herself some lemonade and brought some from trader Johan. When she got at home with her woolly howl Bigby, she told him to cool of the lemons by frizzing one of the metal bowls in her house. Bigby happily did so and she put the lemons in the bowl that was now full of ice. She went to find some sugar before she cut the lemons, and her dragon followed behind, when she came back she found a green baby dragon chewing on a lemon that was covered with ice, Bigby growled at the dragon, but Yen shushed him and told him to wait outside, she knew how he was near new dragons. The wooly howl hissed, but waited patiently outside the room. When the dragon noticed Yen it made a cute squeak and tilted its head curiously at the human. The dragon bit the ice again, but this time his teeth hit the lemons surface, when the juice touched its tongue the dragon made a funny face and threw the lemon away. Yen chuckled and petted the baby dragon. The hatchling purred and nuzzled her head in the human’s hand. Yen named her Lemonade and she lived with her and Bigby ever since this little accident. Bigby was a bit jealous, but he liked Lemonade nevertheless, the dragon was too cute for him to be angry at.





Borovinka my blueberry fruit wraith  and my green elemental dragon Jago by grumpyforlife2 (I only made it digital) Thank you so much !!! ^^




Albino my Cave Raider by Valoris620 Thx :)




Yen growled in frustration as she threw her map on the ground. She had been searching g Icestorm Island for three days now, searching for a groncicles. She rubbed her temples to calm down and sat on one of the icy rocks near the entrance of the ice tunnel caves.

“Why do all the dragons hate me so much? “C’mon Yen, go tame a Nadder, it will be fun” She said mimicking Hiccup’s words as she pulled out a Nadder spike from her old wooden shield. The dragon just attacked her on sight. Next she tried a Nightmare…. Yup she still owed Fishlegs a new copy of the book of dragons, after the Nightmare attacked her and turned the old one into ashes. Now had spent days on the only island in the whole archipelago that she hated, searching for a dragon that simply disappeared after she land foot on the island. It was like if all the dragons knew about her past… Yup she was a dragon hunter, but she couldn’t stand it when she had to kill a dragon, capturing one wasn’t the problem, but when Viggo gave her the task of killing one and skinning it… It was too much. Lucky for her they were on Auction Island and she managed to escape the ship the same day, by hiding in another ship’s storage room until it reached another Island and she traveled with trader Johan to Berk.

But back to the present…

Yen snapped out of her thought as she heard footsteps nearby, it was like if someone was running. She quickly gripped the handle of her sword and dodged the axe that was thrown at her. She rolled on the ground and was quickly back on her feet, her sword already drawn.

“Gardar? Why am I not surprised?” She said, rolling her eyes at the familiar dragon hunter.

The white haired man, simply smirked as he charged at her again, she dodged again and swung her sword at him, only to have him block her attack. She kept her sword to his axe refusing to back up.

“Good to see you to, Yen. I’m always glad to see an old ‘friend’” He said sarcastically and with one swift move he sent her sword on the ground.  The sword stood straight up as the blade buried itself in the icy ground.

Gardar swung his axe at the girl again, but she dodged and rolled to were her sword was. Yen pulled out her sword and this time charged at him instead of dodging. She was much faster than him, but Gardar knew her better than anyone else, he knew how she fought and this move didn’t surprise him one bit.

He moved to the side, dodging her attack and pinned her with all his force to one of the cave walls near them. She dropped her weapon from the sudden move and Gardar pinned both her wrists above her head, preventing her from escaping. Yen tried to kick him and break free, but it was no use. Gardar was much stronger than her.

“Sorry that it had to be this way…” He said and he sounded like if he really meant it. Yen didn’t get what he meant by this at first, she didn’t even had time to react when he pulled out a rag cloth and pressed it to her face. Within seconds everything became black…

When she opened her eyes, her head hurt and her vision was very blurry at first.

There was someone talking to her and a silhouette in front of her, but she couldn’t make out what they were saying or who they were. After her vison cleared up she recognized the figure as Gardar.

“Rise and shine sleeping beauty” He said mockingly and Yen groaned in pain as she turned her head to him. She was chained to the celling of a cavern.

“Where am I?” She said with a serious expression, with no fear in her voice.

“That’s not important now. Viggo told us to get whatever information we can from you about the Berkians” He explained.

Yen’s face fell to the ground as she sighed.

“Why are you doing this to me Gardar?” She asked her voice full of sorrow.

“I had no choice, it brings me no joy to see you like this, believe me. I never wanted to hurt you. We could have ruled together… we were the best hunters after Viggo and Ryker.” He said with a frown on his face.

“But I made my choice” Yen said not even daring to look in his eyes. She never wanted to leave him…All this years he had been there for here, everything she knew she knew it from him. Even though he was a bit older than here he always treated her as equal. Their friendship soon turned to something more…but they never got the chance to continue their relationship after she left the hunters.

“You choose the live of a traitor instead of staying with me?” Gardar said his voice much lower than the usual.

“I’m a lot of things Gardar, but a traitor is not one of them. Yes, I left the hunters, but I didn’t told nothing about them to the Berkians, and I never will. And I didn’t choose them instead of you. I choose to do the right thing. And staying here and killing dragons was not the right thing to do-“Yen started, but he interrupted her.

“I’ve seen you on the battlefield Yen, and killing was never a problem for you.”

“Yes, but on the battlefield it’s either me or the enemy. Here it was me against a defenseless chained dragon. There’s no honor in killing a dragon that’s chained to a wall and is starving. Gardar, I know what you think about dragons… I thought the same thing, but… It’s a lie Gardar. All of it. Dragons are not evil, they feel no need to kill. The ones that destroyed your home… They were just defending themselves, because we destroyed their nests. You can’t blame them for that. You know I’m right. Please, it’s still not too late to do the right thing…Come with me, and leave all of this behind. Please, I lost you once… I don’t one to lose you twice.” Yen said this time looking straight in his eyes, a single tear streaming down her face.

Gardar didn’t answer. It was a good sign, he was actually considering her offer. Yen knew that he was good at heart, and she hoped that he’d listen to her. She examined the room that she was locked in and noticed a magnificent dragon chained in the other corner. It was unlike any other she had seen. And it did looked more than just a normal dragon, he looked like an albino. Even though it was chained it didn’t looked one bit like the other dragons that she had captured before, instead of cowering it stood up proudly and still continued to scratch its chain in his tries to get it off. His neck had a lot of scars and it was clear that he was also in the room for the same reason as her… to be broken. She snapped out of her trance as another man walked in the room. She recognized him as Alexius, in her eyes he was nothing but a coward, working as an interrogator to save his hide from fighting a dragon. He was always a coward and even if she was the one chained to the wall, Yen had no intentions of giving him the pleasure of seeing her be afraid.

“Well, well. What have we here?” Alexius asked a smug grin on his face.

Yen gave him a disgusted look and kept her chin up, looking her gaze with his.
“Do whatever you want, Alexius. I have no reason to fear someone like you… Once a coward, always a coward. Even here and now, with me chained to the wall and you being the one to hold a knife to my throat, I can still see the fear in your eyes. Hear your voice shaking as you try to play it cool, but we both know the truth don’t we” Yen said returning his smirk.

“We’ll see about this very soon…Won’t we?”

Gardar turned to the man, a serious look on his face as he walked towards him and pulled the helm of his shirt.

“If a single hair falls from her head, I swear, you’ll wish that the dragon laid its claws on you before I did” He said quietly through gritted teeth to the man as he left the room. Alexius gulped and nodded.

After a few hours of basically talking with Yen in circles, he got nothing. No matter how he tried to make her talk, no matter if there was a knife to her neck, Yen didn’t told him anything. He was wondering if he should torture her, but Gardar’s threat was not to be taken lightly. He knew what the man was capable of and getting him furious was not helping. He growled in frustration and pulled out his sharpest knife, holding it just next to Yen’s throat.

“You will break!” He said through gritted teeth, anger burning in his eyes.

“I will hidefirst” Yen answered spitting in his face. The man pulled back in surprise with a disgusted look on his face. All this time the albino dragon watched the human girl. He had to admit she was impressive. No matter what the man threatened her with she didn’t betray her friends. She reminded him of himself. Loyal to the end, perhaps the human was different than the others that he had seen before after all. The dragon noticed the girl motioning him where her sword stood with a tilt of her head. He turned his gaze to it and noticed that the sword was displayed on the wall near him, with the scarp end sticking out of the wooden board it was hanged on. He quickly connected the dots and realized that this might be his only chance to escape. The only thing that really kept him locked up was the muzzle on his mouth, it was preventing him from using his hot flame to melt the chains. He quicly jumped up and cut the muzzle with the sword. After he felt it fall to the ground he quickly freed himself from the chain.

“What the…?!” But before Alexius could even finish his sentence let alone draw his axe, Yen had him knocked out with a kick in the head. Her legs were not chained so why not use them. The dragon turned his gaze to her, he slowly approached the girl. Yen closed her eyes in fear of what might happen. All her encounters with dragons so far didn’t go well. She waited for the pain, but it never came. Instead she felt a soft snout against her cheek. She opened one eye only to see the dragon nuzzling its snout in her cheek. When it pulled back it carefully blasted the chain that kept her hanging from the wall. She fell on the ground with a quiet thud. As she dusted herself she expected the dragon to be already long gone, but instead it waited for her patiently with a calm and friendly look on its face. She finaly realized why when the dragon motioned her to mount up. She smiled widely as she hopped on its back. The dragon blasted the bars on one of the holes in the walls that was used like a window and flew off as fast as it could. Yen was amazed by the creature, all it did was something that she never expected to see from a dragon. Before they left the island she turned her gaze back to it.

“Well meet again, my old friend” She murmured quietly as she turned her gaze forward again. The dragon sensed her sadness and made a low rumble to catch her attention. Yen barely had time to react when he dove down and was now flying just above the water. She smiled in awe and touched the surface of the sea. She never expected that flying was such a magnificent gift, the dragon was more than just noble to share such a gift with her. She hugged the dragon’s neck and thanked him. He simply purred and relaxed into the hug. From this day forward Albino never left Yen’s side… She didn’t mind him, whenever he was with her she felt safe and loved, that was all she could ever ask from her dragon and in return she did the same… 





My Seasong Sh'eenaz by adopto66 TYSM!!!^^



My Hopeless Deathtrail - Cahir

by the awesome Snowflake TYSM!!! :D ^^


Olive and Pink by xXPhinaXx



My Glow Fury Hunter

By Princess of the Night Furies


Solas by Selethesis Thank you!!!^^




Zoltan the Gill Grunter by infinity12356 Thanks ^^


By Natalie TYSM!!!^^


Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Screenshtos by Me



Things I like:


Assassin's Creed (All games and books)

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Dragon Age (All games and books)

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1. No Night Furies

2. No instant taming, like you give the dragon a pat on the head and a fish and it turns in the most amazing friend you have ever had… nah it doesn’t matter that attacked you earlier and tried to kill you, right?

3. No too OP characters

4. No controlling others

5. Please be kind to everyone here

6. No killing others

7. Keep in mind that the Pritshas are very hard to defeat so don’t be to OP here killing ten of them alone in one battle

8. Gore and violence is allowed, but please don’t cross the line and keep it toned down

9. Romance is allowed

10. Have fun : )

11. Only 2 dragons from one specie

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Form DNR



Viking Name:









Crush: (Optional)


Dragon name: (can be decided later, when you tame it)




Personality: (Optional)






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Tracking Post!!




  1. Witcherforever (Yennefer and Vesemir)
  2. MajoraTheHylian (Marciel and Will -O-Wisp)
  3. Buddyfan1 (Snæbjörn "Wolf" and Shiverpain)
  4. VoSpader  (Westerna and Flugpucker)
  5. DatOneTrumpet (Lucas and Rock)
  6. VanilaViking (Rhaeyne and Nightsky)
  7. Wolf and Start (Azure and Skrill)
  8. Starke Raving Madmen (Topaz and Minty)
  9. Navlyn Fury (Zar ans Saebyn)


Dragons Taken:

(Only two per species)

Timberjack(1) - Witcherforever

Skrill(1) - Wolf and Star

Sand Wraith(1) - Vanilia Viking

Woolly Howl (1) - Navlyn Fury

Terrible Terror(1) - DatOneTrumpet

Windgnasher (1) - Buddyfan1

Smothering Smokebreath (1) - VoSpader

Nadder (1) - Strake Raving Madmen

Flightmare(1) - MajoraTHeHylian



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Viking Name: Yennefer Bergfalk


Age: 18

Gender: F


by me

by Fireflash <3




Very bold and proud, she’d rather di.e than swallow her pride and admit that she’s been bested by her enemy, however when it comes to decisions that she has made and that proved wrong, she’ll accept the consequences and take the blame for it. She’s very loyal and her trust is not that hardly won, but if you lose it, don’t except to find it again. When someone hurts her or betrays her trust, she’ll never forget in and never forgive the person. She’s very curious and loves to know everything about what’s going on Berk, basically if something is going to happen on Berk she’ll be the first to find out. That’s mostly due to her profession. She’s basically the person who makes all kind of healing mixtures, poisons, some sort of poultices, oils for weapons and basically all things that involves alchemy stuff ((Sorry if I used the wrong words somewhere, English is not my mother tongue, but you get the point I hope))

She’s pretty friendly and welcoming to newcomers, whenever she isn’t experimenting with alchemy she’s reading or sparring with a dummy or whoever is brave enough to fight her.

Yup she’s one of the best fighters you’ll find, but she’s not good at leading or making spontaneous decisions. She likes it when there’s a good leader she can count on and follows their commands without question. And let’s just say that climbing trees and traveling with boats isn’t exactly her thing. She fights like a witcher ((I’ll make it simpler don’t worry I know not many on the forum are familiar with the game, I’ll change it a bit so that it fits the httyd universe))

Basically they “dance” with their swords, very fast and with good reflexes. They roll out of combat or dodge when needed, but their strategy is to move as much as possible, they use different poisons on their blade to make it easier when killing an enemy and they use different bombs with weak effects to distract enemies or to get them off their backs when running.


Other than that… hmmm

Well, all you need to know about Yen is that she’s loyal, talkative, a bit of a nerd when it comes to alchemy and swordplay and that she’s friendly and kind to all that don’t make her angry, she has a short temper though so don’t make her angry XD





Titanium Sword (The one in the second pic)

And a lot of handmade bombs and poisonous oils


Extra: Has a scar across her nose that she got from being careless when she was sparring with her trainer (After the accident she tries her best to never get distracted in a fight again, be it a practice or a real one)


Crush: None so far, plz pm me if you want to pair your character with mine :) (I love to rp with her when she has a love interest XD it always makes things funnier because of how her character changes when she’s having a crush on someone)


Strengths: Very good at swordplay and alchemy

Weaknesses: She’s afraid of climbing trees or rock or anything that involves climbing, she has seasickness, she can make some very stupid decisions when she’s in danger or very angry




Dragon name: Vesemir

Species: Timberjack

Gender: M




He is loyal to his rider, curious and a bit overprotective over Yen. He doesn’t like when there’s boys around her and might get a bit aggressive, but will listen to Yen nevertheless. He loves flying over the woods. He’s a very calm and lazy when not flying with his rider, being older than most dragons that the new riders get on Berk.

Strengths: He is huge and can fly for hours without getting tired

Weaknesses: He is huge and can’t fly when there’s not enough space and can take sharp turns fast

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Vanilia Viking
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FORM: ~~~~~~~~ Viking Name:



Viking Name: Rhaeyne

Age: 18

Gender: female


Personality: Shy, doesn't like beeing around people. She loves inventing. She's clever, but not necessarily brave or pretty.

Weapon: Mostly her brain and invention, but if I have to chose one, it'd be the bow and arrows.

Extra: -- 

Strengths: Her brain, and creativity.

Weaknesses: Her fears. She has a lot. The worst is probably heights, but she is afraid of closed, huge open wide, or crowded areas. I know she's a coward, but she's based on me, so yeah... I cannot change it. :P

Crush: (Optional)

Not any yet. :)


Dragon name: (can be decided later, when you tame it) Nightsky

Species: Sand Wraith

Gender: male


Personality: (Optional) Pretty similar to Rhaeyne. They're unseparable. Usually quiet, but if Rhaeyne would get in danger, he could be pretty dangerous. 

Extra: -- 

Strengths: His brain. and clamness, that can be really useful if Rhaeyne feels bad. He's pretty fast, and have really good reflexed, due to that they've always flew in the forest, not above it. His dark blue colour camouflages really well.

Weaknesses: He's afraid of heights. He can be a little unfriendly. 

((I know Sky has a little more strengh, but Rhaeyne got the weaknesses. :P))


Welcome to my signature! :)

((This is Kinght. He protects my signature, and everything in it. DO NOT PET!! He's very dangerous!! You can definitely not buy him with fish!! Made by the amazing Werewolfgirl1253!! TYSM!!^_^))


((made by the amazing awesome talented Geo!! Arts by TosiLohi (x2), Fireflash, Azura, 1flower and Alicornbrodie. TYSM!! :3))


Rhaeyne's Courage

((A story written by the super talented writer, IrishMexicanViking))

Vanilia, Rhaeyne and Nanuru by the famous TosiLohi. :3 TYSM!!!! :D







Proud member of The Resistance hacker-hunting forum clan. And this is my cyberdragon, Rune the cyber Armorwing. (made by the awesome Megaboltphoenix.)


A BIG thank you to all the artists.^_^

I had to delete the artworks from my siggy, because it caused lagging for every thread I was attending. I still love all of them and I'll keep each and one of them forever. :)


Nightsky soaring (not too high) in the sky.^^ Drawn by the super talented grumpyforlife2 :3


Amazing edit of my first 36 dragon by the even more amazing Stiger23. :3 Thanks!!!


Thank you for everyone for the artworks!!


Rhaeyne (2016–) /The middle child. Shy, clever, loves inventing stuff. Doesn't like being around other people, but loves her friends very much. Both her and her dragon (Nightsky) are afraid of heights, but they keep pushing their limits. (19)/


  Proud elder of The Dragon Racers  



1., Summer (Monsterous Nightmare)

2., Snowflake (Groncicle)                                        Nightsky:

3., Nightsky/Sky/ (Sand Wraith) <--main,TRR 

4., Nanthea (Wishpering Death)

5., Waffle (Thunderdrum)

6., Leaninsidhe (Raincutter)

7., Draecena/Racey/ (Scuttleclaw)

8., Starlight (Flightmare)

9., Thunderstorm (Hideous Zippleback)

10., Winter (Snaptrapper)

11., Cloud (Deadly Nadder)

12., Naerys (Armorwing)

13., Needle (Razorwhip)

14., Freya (Death Song)

15., Strawberry (Gronckle)

16., Icicle (Groncicle)

17., Siracusa/Siri/ (Snafflefang)

18., Maecy (Grapple Grounder)

19., Silver (Singetail)

20., Lava (Eruptodon)

21., Lani (Hotburple)

22., Northstar/Naru/ (Wolly Howl)

23., Rylarth/Ryla/ (Hobblegrunt) 

24., Periwinkle/Vini/ (Snow Wraith)

25., Honey (Sweet Death)

26., Windraiser/Winds/ (Windwalker)

27., Rime (Stromcutter)

28., Firefly (Typhoomerang)

29., Compass (Mudraker)

30., Vanilla (Rumblehorn)

31., Rune (Armorwing)

32., Nayvie (Shockjaw)

33., Stufflebean/Binnie/ (Boneknapper)

34., Sapphire (Sliquifier)

35., Ash (Smothering Smokebreath)

36., Mistletoe (Snoggletog Nadder)

37., Xenon (Fireworm Queen)

38., Candycane (Christmas Razorwhip)

39., Myopie (Flame Whipper)

40., Neptune (Skrill)

41., Bluestreak/Blue/ (Speed Stinger)

42., Comet (Moldruffle)

43., Scauldy (Scauldron) <--battle

44., Loki (Thunderpede)

45., Thallula/Thalu/ (Changewing)

46., Knightwing (Night Terror)

47., Adara (Silver Phantom)

48., Bloom (Slithersong)

49., Plue (Terrible Terror)

50., Snugglehelm/Snuggle/ (Shovelhelm)

+1., Lyra (Night Fury)

+2., Nawfar (Night Fury)


Rhaeyne's signature, by the wicked creativ ScaleFeatherz:


Vanilia (2013–) /Oldest sister of Rhaeyne and Nanuru. Warrior Princess. She has two weapons: her favourite axe and her beauty. Wakes up early, to train with Sunshine every day. Loves to be in the middle of the attention. (21)/


  Leader of the Nightfall Warriors  


1., Sunshine (Monsterous Nightmare) <--main

2., Peach (Gronckle)                                               Sunshine:

3., Midnight (Gronckle)

4., Cloud (Deadly Nadder) 

5., Grass and Leaves (Hideous Zippleback)

6., Scauldy (Scauldron) <--battle

7., Stone (Wishpering Death)

8., Sky (Thunderdrum)

9., Snowflake (Rumblehorn)

10., Skullcrusher (Rumblehorn)

11., Iris (Shockjaw)

12., Cherry (Gronckle)

13., Verity (Grapple Grounder)

14., Zarina (Tide Glider)

15., Maura (Pricklebogger)

16., Sheirwood (Stormcutter)

17., Mars (Skrill) <--TRR

18., Gaia (Gronckle)

19., Phoenix (son of Sunshine)

20., Ignis (daughter of Sunshine)

21., Glacier (Groncicle)

22., Icecube (Groncicle)

23., Longstorm (Skrill)

24., Eligius (Hotburple)


Nanuru (2016- ) /Youngest sister. She is a lot like Vanilia. The difference is that, she'd never dirt her hands. (14)/


1., Prince (Rumblehorn) <-- main

2., Stardust (Deadly Nadder) <-- TRR                         Prince:

3., Noblewisp/Wisp/ (Whispering Death)    

4., Snowball (Groncicle)

5., Glimmer (Gronckle)

6., Moon and Stars (Hideous Zippleback)

7., Diamond (Screaming Death) <-- battle

8., Sparkle and shine (Hideous Zippleback)

9., Velvet (Monsterous Nightmare)

10., Grey (Deadly Nadder)

11., Linnea (Gronckle)

+1., Luna (Night Fury)




((All 3 drawing made by the one and only ScarfyWings. TYSM!!!!^^))

Female | 19 | Europe | books | Game of Thrones/ASOIAF | Fairy Tail | piano


Nessie's Forum Pins:



Thanks for reading!! :P Bye^^

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A wild post appeared!!!

Hey! Save me a spot for a skrill please! I'll get my form out soon





Viking Name: Azure

Age: 16?

Gender: female



Azure is a very quiet, private viking. Due to being by herself for most of her life, she has trouble interacting with others, sometimes stammering when trying to talk. She gets easily scared by loud, hectic situations. And often tries to avoid being around others by going off to read books. Azure is very anxious about what others will think of her, and doesn't open up easily to her peers. She's admitted to herself at one point that she doesn't want anyone to be able to see her subconscious, because then they would never like her. However, Azure is very patient and loyal. She prefers not to lie to her friends or peers. She had a sweet nature and is very easy to talk to and trust. Execpt, she has one, big secrect.


Weapon: Orgionally, it was a simple  bow and arrow. However, when she becomes a skrill rider, she will end up attaching a ythin metal chain to some of her arrows. This makes for a perfect conductor of eltricity.

Extra: Has a arm band as shown in her picture of a dragon.

Strengths: Good with a bow, patience and loyalty. She is swift on her feet although not very strong. Preferirng to use her brain rather than her brawn

Weaknesses: Socialy awakrd, reserved, quiet. Was never bold enough to go out looking for a dragon until now. Under estimates herself. Cant lie very well.

Crush: No, as of now :>


Dragon name: IDK yet

Species: Skrill

Gender: Female

Appearance: (imagine the purple as blue)

Personality:She is aggressive, powerful, and nearly untrainable.She is belligerent and as unpredictable as lightning strikes. She is very territorial, despite following stormy weather. However once you gain her trust she becomes very loyal, however not to friendly twoards other drgaons.


Azura rides ontop of a leather saddle that coats nearly her skrills's entire back. Azure wears nothing metalic. Even her arrow tips are not made of iron. This is to prevent getting struck or eltracuted with lightning as they fly. Her skrill is very careful not to hit it's rider. However, that doesnt always work out.


 Like all Strike Class dragons, Skrills have blazing speed, extreme intelligence, unique firepower, and are masters of stealth. What is unique about these dragons is that they are able to manipulate electricity, absorbing electrical energy from storm cloud and redirecting it back as powerful blasts.


It cannot fire its lightning from the water. Force a Skrill into the ocean, and it loses the upper hand. When she is really mad, she might forget her rider is even there and soemtimes tends to eltracute her.


Welcome To My Signature

"If you live among wolves, you have to act like a wolf" -Khrushchev

In Game Name (IGN): WolfandStar

Friend Code: Not Accepting











 Art done by DuskDayBreak

Lynx is rather bold and loud She is like Luna Lovegood in the sense that she is rather... odd. Loud, shameless and weird. She is more animal like than human. Lynx enjoys being flashy, showing off her skills. Once she sets her mind to something, she is natrually good at it. The problem is that she loses focus easy and doesn't like setting herself to standards. She craves adventure and can grow bored easily. She is particularly fast on her feet, but has low stamina levels. She is strong and tall for her age. Lynx is stubborn and laid-back most of the time. She does not like to follow orders. Some of her skills include: being double jointed, the ability of being able to climb almost any surface, very good at mimicking animal sounds and is EXTREMELY good at sneaking around. However, there is a side to Lynx that she does not show very often. She is very lazy and selfish at times, mainly because she lacks compassion twords humankind, caring more about dragons and animals more so than humans. This tendency causes her to be merciless in the face of battle.





 Art done by xXSadieKaneXx

Lyra is very concealed and secretive. She rarely shows emotion and looks down on those who do. She is insanely obervative and could possibly rub off as edgy. Lyra can be rudely scarcastic, and may accidently hurt you. Don't expect remorse.  Though in fights, she doesn't appear to have a sense of honor and isn't afraid to fight dirty. She WILL kill. Lyra is willing to do anything to ensure her well being, and the well being of her mother. Which could be a weakness. she values her self preservation. She doesn't talk much either. She usually has her hood masking her pale delicate face and long hair. 







.....................................................................................................................................Edits done by Me and Cocopuppy


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Navlyn Fury
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mah form for viking and dragon is a WIP (sorry!)



Viking Name: Zar

Age: 15

Gender: female

Appearance: 4'9, black hair, usually wears reddish black quarter sleeve tunic with darker red pants pants, black leather boots, brown eyes

Personality: WIP

Weapon: Kraisler sword(not much different than the standard broadsword, but the metal is much more effecient and reliant than normal made broadswords), recurvebow and quiver of at max 20 arrows

Extra: WIP

Strengths: most of the time agreeable, is very dependable to get stuff done, is strong both physically and mentally,

Weaknesses: can get a little too bossy whenever put in charge of something, is stubborn until persuaded by a very good reason, 

Crush: (Optional) none yet but she's open (unless, that is, you wanna get past Nace to do so ;D)


Dragon name: (can be decided later, when you tame it) Saebyn

Species: Woolly Howl

Gender: male

Appearance: standard wolly howl appearance, only black with red fur and electric blue eyes

Personality: (Optional) workin on it





((i will edit and finish the forms later))



This user will be inactive!

I will be inactive for quite a while, so I will be dropping out of all Rps at the moment and take a break from social media life for a few months. 


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Rogue Wolf by TosiLohi

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Zier by 1flower


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Rogue Wolf by donnala


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Jensi the Notorious Nadder by Lululu6161


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Saebyn by Feenix the Fire


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Viking Name:

Westerna Frank








She tries to be brave, but sometimes misses the line. She likes to call herself smart and curios, but sometimes freezes in fear or worries. She's also very mischievous, she likes to do pranks and make her friends luagh. (Okay might just devolp her as a write, not quite sure how to describe)


She uses a slingshot that's louded with small but powerful rocks.

In cases when that doesn't work, she uses a small battle axe, kind of like Alvins if you've seen riders of berk.


Nope nothing


She's optimistic and looks ahead and not behind. She knows different types of plants and animals. Is somewhat good at tracking. Makes very good diversions.


When she's alone, she'll often coward and fear and will stay pUT and wheres she's at. She also can't bring herself to hurt or kill a living creatures.


Welcome to my Siggy! 


These are my siggy guardians,  Mist and Snuggles, made by the awesome Wircherforever! TYSM!

An amazing edit of my dragon Felix by Archery and Dragons! TYSM,

And next I'll do my adoptables. Thank you for all of the arists who made all of the art.



Whirlwind and Einstein. Both by Megabolt  Pheniox. TYSM!


And here's Snappers, my Ratagator, and Spiritwatcher. Both by ScarfyWings!

And I can't forget Johnny! Also made by ScarfyWings!            Another amazing picture ofDeanna by Dragon Hellenist!!


                 And Odin's Whisper by Zikta.                                               Jisty by Bavelly


Riptide by Wutend Bonfire. TYSM!


My mythical whalee, by Wutend Bonfire. TYSM. The left one is Glowspark and the right one Dottie.

My new, and only, night fury oc family I will ever make. Made by the awesome Lunarpride! The mother is Dreamseeker, with her babies, Brain Dead, Lilac, Ginger, Gabriel, and Pillow. Thank you!

These sup cute chibli dragons made by the amazing Vinilla Viking, TYSM! The left one is Deanna and the other Banana!


This is Rootpuller! Made by ScarfyWings!             And this SplishSplash, my Muddicry. Made by chesmiea (sorry I can't spell )


 And this is my Boomerwing by GoldenWraith. THANK YOU! This is my Shelleye, also by GoldenWraith, thank you again!

Another Vespa by Bavelly. This is Xelida!

This is one of my Ocs, Jakill, in his Venpus form. Made by Bavelly, thank you!

My big baby Felix, by Ashia Snowqueen. TYSM!


My two baby dragons I won off of  Dragonist Hellen's survey. If I have time I may color them. But for now,

Toe Taster and Bass!

Awesome gifs I stole off Google!




This is not finished, not even close, but if I do this all now, I'll go insane. Stay turned!

Congratulations! You have officially reached the end of my signature! I have some of my favorite animated characters here to wish you goodbye!

By The Ecliptic Eight, thank you so much!

Rainwing bouncy not by me.     Disney and DreamWorks gifs were found on Google.

Disney and DreamWorks characters are owned by their companies who made them.

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Viking Name: Lucas Age:

Viking Name: Lucas

Age: 17

Gender: male



hyper, easily distracted, eloquent, quippy, flirtatious, self-indulgent, very patient.


Lucas is very flirtatious and kind. Normally, one would not know if he had a crush on them or not due to the fact that he treats most people with kindness. Lucas can get a bit hyper at times if he has done nothing for too long. He can be very witty in these times because of being so hyper.


Lucas loves compliments, and can never get enough. This self-indugence is not exactly bad or good, but it does annoy some people.






has ADD


Strengths: Can multitask well, good runner

Weaknesses: can't communicate well with most dragons.

Crush: (Optional)

none yet


Dragon name: Rock


Species: Terrible Terror


Gender: male




Personality: Friendly, humanitarian, loyal, honest, intillectual, detatched, contrary, intractable, unpredictable


Extra: none


Strengths: swift, stealthy flier


Weaknesses: very weak fire power


Welcome To My Signature

I'm dat one British guy that eats your subject

in game name: DatOneTrumpet

friend code: EK6IQ1

get your dragon drawn by me here --> http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/datonetrumpets-new-art-thread

^made by donnala^


^Lucas, drawn by my friend^



Funny thing about Drakone, my sand wraith, is that I got him on accident. I went to get a snow wraith, and accidentally chose a sand wraith. Funny. I was frustrated at first, but eventaully became attatched :P

^Ghust by the wonderful floofqueen^

^made by Laykary^

^Aerial by the talented Scalefeatherz^

^made by nessie^

^made by Nessie^

^My symbol, created and drawn by ScaleFeathers^

^made by Nessie^


About Me!


I am British

my name starts with an L

I am a trumpet in marching band

My parents and I moved to the US, and we will be here for about two more years. (Even though I really don't like it here at all. America is weird)

I get too much attention at school because of my accent. I dont like it at all.

I love to play football! (soccer)

I've been drawing since I was four. (thats like 12 years ago)

I happen to be an atheist


All artwork below is done by me


^Shameless, my WhirlPool^

Adopt one like him here -> http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/whirlpools-are-here-adoptables

random stuff



Rhaegal - level 12 Skrill

Virysie - level 8 Thunderdrum

Drogon - level 15 Razor whip

Catelyn - level 5 razor whip

Valkar - level 10 Singetail

Ygritte - level 14 Typhoomerang

Missandei - level 11 Sliquifier

Chygra - level 1 changewing

Hicaapt - level 6 Eruptodon

Gemini - level 7 Zippleback

Drakone - level 30 Sand Wraith

Cosima - level 6 Flightmare

Ada - level 17 Deathsong

Gaea - level 8 W. Death

Tyrian - level 4 W. Death

Mercury - level 10 Nadder

Orion - level 14 Stormcutter

Pluto - level 3 Groncicle

Amber - level 18 Timberjack

Andrew - level 10 Boneknapper

Timpani - level 1 Boneknapper

Amreya - level 20 Terror

Wolf - level 15 Woolly Howl

Sorren - level 1 tide glider (adult tho)


Random gifs!


Aerial Blue

^im making night fury blinkies!^




^("sand burial!")^





^Ghust the night fury*

• Slower than the average night fury, but is also more agile.

• is comonnly mistaken as the bad guy to anyone that hasn't met him because he likes to talk with those he knows

•prefers comrades, not an army.


•Trained by Lucas (still thinking of a last name)

theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9I2dLGNSk0g



^Aerial Blue the night fury^



•was trained by Aedric Armoral

•very bad sense of humor



•trained by Delta Wolfferson



•fear of the ocean

•Likes to prank others

•people watcher



<made by me

<made. by. TosiLohi.

^Lucas, my Viking persona^

•awkward at times


•does not like to be ignored

•has a British accent (shhhh)

•acts silly and energetic around others

•good artist

•Has a Night Fury named Ghust

Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5KOERF_akc


random ARK screenshot

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Supreme Viking Champion
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Dragon name: (can be decided

Dragon name: (can be decided later, when you tame it)




Smothering Smokebreathe 







((Made by Lovelytigeress, thank you!))


Personality: (Optional)

She's like her owner but a lot more shy.






Her smoke makes her and others around her invisible.



She runs in the face of danger. Very shy around others.


Sorry that this is in so little detail. I already posted it once and now I'm angry at it.

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DNR! My form will go here later. Oh, and save spot for a Windgnasher.
Viking Name: Snæbjörn "Wolf"
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: ( sorry, only been able to post links lately )
Personality: Wolf is a clever girl with several tricks up her sleeves. Her intelligence is her greatest strength. She is both a great friend and force to have on your side. She isn't very outgoing, and doesn't speak much. She preferes to work alone.
Weapon: The sword in her appearance. A mace in her belt.
Strengths: Very intelligent, learns the moves of her opponents quickly, is excellent at using just about any weapon
Weaknesses: Works terrible in groups, won't except advice from others, a little stubborn
Crush: (Optional) N/A
Dragon name: (can be decided later, when you tame it) Shiverpain
Species: Windgnasher
Gender: Female
Appearance: Champion Windgnasher from Rise of Berk
Personality: (Optional) A brute dragon with a reckless personality and attitude. Don't get in Shiverpain's way
Strengths: Strong, comes up with attacks quickly, can fight for a long time without growing tired, high pain tolerance
Weaknesses: Slow in air and on land, reckless, stubborn


" We spoke unspoken things, We rode on broken wings "

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Viking Name: Marciel

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Personality:  Marciel lingers between being oddly quiet and stepping up for what she thinks. She's a very intelligent lass, especially in terms of dragon knowledge. Marci is a hard one to earn the trust of but will stand up for you when you earn that trust. She can be rather suspicious at times, known for her knack of pickpocketing and looting items. Marci could be considered the "creative" because some of her plans are out there and strange, but she seems to know what she's talking about.

Weapon: A nice looking long bow with slimmed down and shaped Nadder Spines as arrows



-Very agile due to her small figure

-Knows a lot about almost every dragon in the Book of Dragons


-Terrible at close hand combat and fist fighting

-Quite stubborn a lot of times / wont take orders from nearly anyone

Crush: N/A


Dragon name: Wil-O-Wisp

Species: Flightmare

Gender: Male


Personality: Will put in later

Extra: His back left leg was injured badly when he was a little younger and still gives him trouble when running or landing on it


-Rather quick for a Flightmare with incredible bursts of speed sometimes

-Has a very fast reaction time in most situations


-Has a bad back leg which makes him slower on land

-Doesn't have good stamina, can only fly at a more quick pace for not very long


Sig gid by MajoraDrowned


 DeviantArt | Tumblr

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Starke Raving Madmen
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Dis gonna be fun!




Viking Name: Topaz Gypsy A. K. A. Paz

Age: 15

Gender: F


Personality: I guess we'll find out.


Extra: Scratch across right eye from an accident when she was a baby.

Strengths: Intelligent, hardworking, humorous, hardy.

Weaknesses: Naive, Socially awkward, introverted extrovert, afraid of the dark.

Crush: (Optional) N/A


Dragon name: Minty

Species: Deadly Nadder

Gender: F


Personality: (Optional)

A loyal dragon with a generous helping of sass.

Extra: N/A

Strengths: Awesome tracking skills, quick reaction time.

Weaknesses: Afraid of water.



Siggy under perpetual construction...


​Normal active hours for this user:

Mon- Sat: 4:00- 6:30 PM (CT)

​Sun: 12:30- 5:30 PM (CT)


​I am a proud member of the SoDPD!

Table of Contents:


OC Human Bios

​OC Dragon Bios

​RPs I've been in

​List of Fandoms

Not so random facts about me

Fantasy Idea Corner

Random quotes



Viking ID created by Navlyn Fury the Talented!




  Digital art of Paz by Arrowalker the Amazing!           Drawing of Topaz Gypsy by Ally Kay the Skilled!



          When Paz was 3, she and her parents were sailing along with the rest of their tribe to find a new island. When a huge storm capsized the boat in the middle of the night, it killed the majority of the tribe, including her father. The remaining few washed up on the shores of Berk. When they realized they had been blown drastically off course, Stoic offered to let them stay, under the condition that they became members of the tribe of Berk. Shortly afterwards, however, Paz's mother had contracted an unknown illness (pneumonia) and died. Gothi, who had grown fond of the child in that short time, decieded to raise her as an apprentice.


Due to her postion with Gothi, she does have an aqquaintence with Hiccup and the other dragon riders, but that's about it. When she's not studying at the School of Dragons during the school year, she's assisting Gothi at her house. She recieved a deep scar across her right eye when training her first dragon Minty. Fortunetly it doesn't affect her vision. It does, however, tend to flare up on occasions, which makes it burn and turn an irritated red.


​If you want to learn more about Paz, then click the title below for backstory fanfiction about her done by IrishMexicanViking the Stellar!


​The Topaz Chronicles


(Thank you so, so much for this, IMV, it means a lot!)


Likes: Animals, music, stargazing, watching the sunrise/ sunset, being helpful or witty (which doesn't happen often), practicing with her ax, hanging out with friends (also doesn't happen often)

Dislikes: Being belittled because of her occasional naiveness and/ or appearance (She looks 1-2 years younger than she actually is), the dark/ unknown, romance, pink, girly things in general, the taste of mint (suprisingly enough, she likes the smell though)


((Note: Besides her axe, Paz also carries a leather satchel, which has a small first aid kit, compass, a whittleing knife that she uses to carve patterns on her ax handle, a small spyglass and various other items))


((Funfact: Paz means peace in Spanish, which I did not know when first creating the character. Ironically enough, being peacefull is not one of her strongsuits))


Main Dragon:


                                                                   Pencil sketch by Lulu6161 the Awesome!

Dragon's name: mint chip

Nickname: Minty

Gender: Female

Species: Deadly Nadder

Class: Tracker (Still don't get why they were moved out of the Sharp class)

Color: Mint Green (Hence the name) with beige details.

Personality: A loyal dragon with a generous helping of wit and sass. She doesn't really see anyone as in charge, so she can be somewhat unpredictable, doing what she wants or thinks is better. She will stick one of her spines in you if annoyed, which Paz figured out quickly. Despite her flaws, she will do anything to protect those who gain her trust. While not the most powerful Nadder due to her size, she is one of the fastest. Racing is one of her favorite hobbies.


Likes: Racing, dragon nip, mint, salmon, hunting.

Dislikes: Being cooped up, people who annoy her, being told what to do, swimming.



"Foster" Dragons:

((She promised Gothi she would rehome these ones. So far that has not happened))



Dragon's name: shadowofdeath

Nickname: Shadow

Gender: Male

Species: Whispering Death

Class: Boulder

Color: Pitch Black with a white underbelly.

Personality: Unlike the majority of his species, Shadow is very laid back and extremely lazy. One of the Death twins, he and his sister were rejected by their owner when they didn't live up to expectations. Paz is hoping to work on his work ethic before rehoming him.



Dragon's name: Milky Way

Nickname: Wé

Gender: Female

Species: Whispering Death

Class: Boulder

Color: Blue with a galaxy-like pattern on her underbelly that consists of pinks and purples.

Personality: The second of the Death twins, Wé is actually a bit hyperactive, making her have difficulty focusing on the task at hand. Takes interest in the most random things, like the rain, or a bug crawling up a tree, or the sunrise. Paz is hoping to get that under control before rehoming her, but she might not get the chance before her perfect rider comes along (winky wink).



Dragon's name: Starred and Spangled

Nickname: Spangled

Gender: Male

Species: Gronckle

Class: Boulder

Color: Blue with a red underbelly and white spots.

Personality: Stubborn, independant, gruff, toughy on the outside... in a word, PATRIOTIC!!! Wasn't as great of a beginner's dragon as the previous owners thought...



Annie made by ScarfyWings the Gifted!

Dragon's name: Oceanna

Nickname: Annie

Gender: Female

Species: Gronckle

Class: Boulder

Color: Deep blue with a ocean-like green underbelly.

Personality: Paz's "cuddle buddy", Annie is the most out going and enthusiastic of the bunch. Her love of water and attention has made her Paz's second favorite dragon (after Minty, of course). Unlike the other boulder class dragons on Paz's side of the stable, However, Annie's owner's parents just somewhere for her to stay until thier kid was ready for the responsiblilty of owning a dragon. There will come a day when her "cuddle buddy" will not be around all the time, and Paz is not looking forward to it.


RP's that I've taken part in (not all of them were finished)


Let's go train a dragon and save the day! (HTTYD RP):


Power Play (Superhero RP)


The Rogues (Criminal HTTYD RP)

​(Psst this one's been my favorite so far so check it out!)


The Trial of Riders (HTTYD/Hunger Games type RP)


One HECK of a CROSSOVER! (Crossover RP)


Painting a Storm (Warrior Cat style RP (But with wolves!))

... Yeah, that one was a bit of a wild card for me. I've never even read the Warrior Cats series.


​The Escapees (Kind of a sequel to The Rouges)



(By the way, if you know of an rp that you think I'd be interested in based on the ones listed above, let me know)

I also have an MCU RP in the making (Planning is on hiatus until whenever I get the motivation to do something with it)




​And now the fun part...







Y'all get to learn



about me!!!!




(a little bit. Probably wouldn't be wise to give away my secret identity)

​(Not that I'm a celebrity or anything... Or am I?)




​(No... thankfully not... moving on)



​I'm probably not in any fandoms, per se, but I feel like I have a borderline unhealthy obbsesion for some of the subjects listed below:


​(P. S. These are not in any particuar order)


HTTYD (why else would I be on here?)

​Big Hero 6

​The Avengers (Actually, just the MCU in general)

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Chronicles of Narnia (sorta, haven't hung out in that fantasy in a while)

​The Fellowship of the Ring

TMNT (The 2012 reincarnation)

​Phineas and Ferb


​Star Wars

​Back to the Future


Milo Murphey's Law (again, sorta. It only just came out)

(There are probably more. I'll update as I think of them)



​A couple of not-so-random facts about me


1. I'm a Christian.

​2. I'm a pianist.

3. I'm 100% American (Not that it technically means anything as far as ethnic heritage since the US is the mixing pot of cultures and whatnot. I think my great great grandparents were Polish, but besides that I have no idea what my ancestry looks like) Specifically, I'm from the southeastern portion.

4. I've traveled to 18 out of the 50 US states. Outside of my country, I have been to Italy, England, and Germany.

​5. I'm an equestrian.

6. I named my OC after two of my pets.

​7. I sing in the alto section of my choir (which means yes, I'm a girl. Is it just me, or are the majority of the people on this forum also girls?)

​8. I'm working on learning Spanish, so don't be suprised if I pop a couple of spanish words while talking on here. (I probably won't, but if I do, now you know why)

​9. I'm not an artist, but I do draw when I'm bored. If you care to see any examples, you can go to my Art Dump.


​I also now have an FAQ if you have additional questions!


Favorite Music Artists

NF (Which stands for Nate Feuerstein, not Night Fury), Toby Mac, Ryan Stevenson, Mattew Parker, Jaymie Grace, Tori Kelly, Unspoken, Lecrae... (I could go on for a while, so I'm just gonna stop there)






Fantasy Idea Corner:


(This is likely to be updated every time a new idea pops into my head)


(largely, if not entirely based on stuff I've read from other people, so not exactly original)

​Here's an idea for a fanfiction that I'll probably never write

​...As in, 86% certainty that I won't



Tony Stark A. K. A. "Iron Man" = Hiro Hamada A. K. A.... "?" (Not sure he has a superhero name)

Steve Rogers A. K. A. "Captain America" = Jack Overland Frost A. K. A. "Winter Soldier" (I know, name's taken, not caring over here)

Bruce Banner A. K. A. "The Hulk" = Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III A. K. A. "The Night Fury"

Thor= Merida (They're so cool they don't need an alter ego)

Natasha Romanoff A. K. A. "Black Widow"= Elsa A. K. A. "Frost Bite"

Clint Barton A. K. A. "Hawkeye"= Eugene Fitzherbert A. K. A. "Flynn Rider" ('Cause I don't see how Rapunzel would get caught up in this in the first place)

Nick Fury = Nick Fury ('Cause he's awesome. I'd put Frozone, but that's a little too much ice for my liking)

​Maria Hill = Heather the Unhinged

​Agent Coulsen = Agent Coulsen ('Cause who else is gonna do his job?)


​Loki= Merida's brothers (Because I'm evil)


​(If you've had any experience with marvel in general, you probably get the idea)



​This one I'm actually more likely to do at some point... After the HTTYD trilogy is over... So it's gonna be a while before it comes out.


The short summary is that when my OC, Paz, is grown up, she'll become an immortal glob trotter.

...I know, that's kinda lame...





​*(Actually if you'd just go about your life and forget this was here that'd be great)


​And now for random quotes!


​"Why are we stopped?​"

​"The light's red.​"


Gogo and Wasabi in Big Hero 6




"Ooohhh yes."

"You, sir are playing a dangerous game. Keeping this much raw... vikingness contained. THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!​"

"I'll take my chances. Sword. Sharpen. Now."

Hiccup and Gobber in How to Train Your Dragon.



*Cap's shield flies though the air doing awesomeness.*

"That thing doesn't obey the laws of phisics at all!"

Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War


​​"Loki is beyond reason, but he is of Asgard, and he is my brother.​"

"He killed eighty people in two days."

"... He's adopted?​"

Thor and Black Widow in Avengers.


"Sometimes the only payoff for having any faith is when it's tested again and again everyday."

Immortals by Fall Out Boy.


"Great Scott!"

"Yeah, I know, it's heavy."

Marty McFly and Doc Brown ​in Back to the Future III

(When they switched catchphrases for a scene)


"You dare challenge Megamind?"

"This town isn't big enough for two super-villains!"

"Oh, you're a villain all right. Just not a super one."

"Yeah? What's the difference?"


Megamind and Titan in Megamind (the movie)





​(More pictures/stuff coming soon A.K.A. at some point in the unforseeable future)

  Thanks for reading my sigg​y!


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So when can we start?

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Yup :)

Sorry for the long wait :(

I just had some school stuff to take care of

I'll post the first post in a few minutes ^^

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Yennefer and Vesemir

It was just another chilly day on Berk, Yen was currently walking towards Gobber’s forge, now more known as a dragon dentist’s forge. For a person that didn’t had a dragon Yen visited only when she needed Gobber to fix up her sword. She usually took care of her sword alone, but in very dire situation, for example like this one. She needed his help. An Armorwing had stolen it and tried to melt it, but luckily Yen managed to get its owner to stop it and save her sword. Yen’s sword was one of the most important things for her, it was made from the strongest titanium and crafted in the perfect way for her fighting style – light and short enough to be wielded with only one hand. That’s why she named it swallow, it sort of reminded her of the bird. Anyways as she entered the forge Gobber greeted her with a wave of his hook.

“Oi, lass. Whatcha doing here?” He asked.

“Hi, Gobber. I need your help. An Armorwing stole my sword and … well you can figure out the rest. Think you can fix it” She asked with a frown.

“Sure thing lass, just give me a day and tomorrow it will be as good as new”

Yen nodded and bid him farewell as she left him to his work.

The next morning she visited the forge again. True to his word, Gobber had made the sword look as good as new.

“Thanks Gobber, I owe you a drink” Yen said chuckling.

“Nah lass, you don’t owe me anything. I’m always glad to help out one of the few customers left that request weapon every now and then” He said.

Yen knew that after Berk had made peace with the dragons, Gobber didn’t have many weapons to work with and that he was always happy to get back to his old job.

After exiting the forge Yen headed to the docks, today she was going to be leaving Berk with a few other students on a mission to train their own dragon. Yup, Yen was one of the few on Berk that didn’t have a dragon. Not that she minded, she never personally needed one. However she didn’t objected when Hiccup had told her about this mission. Exploring a new island would be fun and taming a dragon didn’t sound that bad. Besides she didn’t mind making some new friends. When she reached the docks, Yen noticed that no one else had arrived yet.

“Huh, that’s new usually I’m the one that’s always late” She thought as she sat down on one of the crates that had been laying around and drew out her sword, admiring the beauty of the blade.

She decided it’d be best if she prepared her blade for a fight, just in case. She was Berk’s alchemist. Unlike Gothi she didn’t knew almost anything about healing so people came to her only if they needed a poison, a poultice for some sort of already healing wound or for other kind of oils. She opened her satchel where she had stored most of the stuff she packed for the mission and picked up a bottle with very interesting poison that she had been working on lately. It had some of the Fligthmare’s mist qualities. It paralyzed the victim and combined with a bit of nightshade, it was also very venomous. She put on her gloves and started polishing the blade, wondering who she was going to travel with. Speaking of which… they were going to travel with one of the small ships…yeah let’s just say that Yen’s seasickness and boats didn’t mix well.

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The woods were filled with morning sounds, birds chattered lightly in the trees, animals silently played in the deep undergrowth. 

Staying low Azure stalked through the tall grass, moving at a slow steady pace. She stepped carefully, as her father had taught her, advancing in silence. Sudden motions and sounds would send her prey running. The target came into view, small round, red. If this were the real deal, and that wooden target was a deer, it could easily out run her.


Comind to a standstill, Azure eased an arrow to the string of her bow. As she pulled it back, the bow creaked. Instictivly, Azure froze. If her target had been a real animal, it would of noticed her, looking up and ready to spring. The arrow flew true skewering the target on the wooden beast's imaginary heart and lungs. 


Azure pricked her way through the underground, her hand brushed the wooden target, then pulled out the arrow. The tip wasnt even remotely dented, or dulled. Azure slipped it back into her quiver. She slid her hood over her head then looked up at the sky. The sun! The time! She was supposed to meet the other rider's a the docks.


Azure was among the few without any dragon. She was quite comtempt with that. No dragon, no attetion.

'Maybe Ill get somehting stupid... or ugly. Then no body will want to talk to me.' This thought offered little comfort. Sighing Azure took off through the forest. Her loak billowed behind her, she could feel the items in both her satchels bounce up and down with her gate.


Azure leapt over bushes and trees, stealth completely forgotten. As she ran back to Berk, taking a worn out animal path, she noiced the older targets she suspended from trees and hidden in bushes a while ago. So, Azure decided to amke a game out of this.

She drew her bow, snapped an arrow to the draw string and pulled back still her hand reached her cheek. Then she let it fly, as she was running, she must of misjudged the target. The arrow hit it, but no where near the bullseye. So, she tried again, her arm working at the speed of lightning, rab a arrow, draw the bow, shoot. Edventually she began to get the hang of running and shooting like this. She htit nearly every target either on or around the bulls eye.


Suddenly, the forest disappeared. Azure hatled.  The peaceful ton of berk streched out before her. Her gaze trailed downward, twoards the docks. A girl was already there, waiting.

'Oh great.' 

The thought grumpily. Azure racved down the steady slope of the village until she ended up at the docks. She slowed to a walk, maade sure her hood as secure over her head, and slowly walked onto the wooden dock. Past the other girl, instictivly she shifted her shoulders back, to look smaller. 


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Westra ran through the village. "Cuse me, Parton me!" She said running into multiple vikings. Today she was going to a island to find dragon. She'd always wanted a dragon. Someone she could trust in times of need. A dragon that could trust her. She was getting tried of running into vikings so she went up to the closest house. She started climbing up the side when a women stuck her head out the window.


"Westra! Get off of my house or I'm telling your mother!"


"Sorry auntie! But this way is faster!" Yes she was climbing on her ajnt's house. She finally reached the top and looked over the village. It was a quite day. She loved quite days, this was the time she wished she could stay but it wouldn't be like this tomorrow. If it was quite today, the twins would do something tomorrow. The chief knew that too. So did every other viking in town. If she would've been home today, she would be barding her doors close.


But that was not the case today. She turned to the sea and the wind blew on her face, the hair blowing in the wind. This made her fell like a dragon. She couldn't wait until she had a dragon and she could fly over the ocean and d fell the wind in her face, for real.


Then she snapped back to life and looked and not the docks. Two girls were already there. She couldn't be the last one there. She started running on the house and jumped to the next. She did this while hearing stops and complains from other vikings. She tried to apologize to all of them back she was going to fast. 


Then she finally made it to the entrance of the docks. She jumped off the last house and looked back. Viking were inspecting the damage of the houses she jumped on. Most of the houses were completely fine. But one of them she did slip on and loosened one of the tiles. 


She quickly turned around and ran down the docks. She saw carts of chickens and weapons. One of the carts she actadently fell into. It happened to be the chicken one. She blew feathers out of her month and jumped out of the cart ignoring the yelling of the viking.


She finally reached the ship with the other girls and came to a screeching halt. Her helmet covered her eyes as she tried to stop. She lose her balance though and fell into the water. She pushed her helmet off of her eyes and looked up at the other girls and smiled.

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Yennefer and Vesemir

Just as Yen was starting to worry if she got the time or day wrong another girl arrived. She was a bit younger than Yen and didn’t exactly looked very happy to be here. Anyways Yen decided to introduce herself, just as she was about to get up when she heard someone running their way, before she could even turn her head to look at what was causing it she heard a loud splashing sound. She quickly walked to the edge of the wooden surface and noticed a very young girl that was swimming casually as if nothing had happened with a goofy smile on her face. Instead of getting angry because her hair was now wet, Yen let out a chuckle as she kneeled down and reached a hand out to the young Viking. At least her clothes didn’t get wet.

“Now that’s what I call a spectacular entrance!” She said with another chuckle.

“C’mon kiddo, let’s get you out of there.” Yen said as she helped the girl back on the jetty.

“Oh and I’m Yennefer by the way, but you can just call me Yen. It’s nice to meet you.” The alchemist said with a friendly smile to both girls as she squeezed the water from her braid.

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"Thanks, my name is Westra. Nice to met you Yen." She said to the two girls. They helped her out of the water. "Sorry, helmet over eyes. Happens all the time. So who else is coming?"

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This morning was like all the others for Rhaeyne. Well, excpet that today, she will leave Berk for the first time. She went to Gobber to ask for a few thing before she goes. Another girl was there. Gobber fixed her sword. They both looked happy about it. Rhaeyne waited until the girl left. She was really bad at making friends, so she avoided as many contact with people as she could. 

"Hi Gobber. You know I'm in the team who leaves today. You know, the dragonless vikings." *Rhaeyne sighed.* (She always wanted a dragon. But she was always afraid of heights. She didn't wanted to get attached to a dragon, if she will never be able to ride it. She was fascinated about the bond dragon and rider can have. She was always jealous of it.) But now, for the very first time, I might have a chance. "I just came for my...stuff. And if you have any rubbish, I'd gladly take it."

"Your inventions are in Hiccup's old room. I collected a few stuff, that could be useful for you. They're there too."

"Thanks Gobber."

Rhaeyne ran to the back, and grabbed as much stuff as she could. She went out, and wanted to say goodbye to Gobber, but he was busy with a patient. She just left instead.

She was packing her stuff. She was humming in herself. I won't do it if anyone can hear me. So it might be the last time for a while. She started to sing. She didn't had a good voice. It was rusty as his fathers, but certain songs sounded really good with it. Than she heared someone beside their hut, so she stopped. She strated thinking instead. I should find a dragon that can't fly. Or one that is afraid of heights. Who am I kidding? There's no such thing. Or maybe a Cave Crusher? Ahh they're just...not my type. Maybe an injured dragon... I could help him with my invention, and we could create a bond. We'll see... She finished packing, hugged his sister and left. (Her parents were working, she already said goodbye to them in the morning. )

Rhaeyne arrived at the wooden docks. Two girls were already there. And one in the water. She giggled to herself. But than got seroius again. She didn't said hi or anything. just sat down a little further. They were all waiting.

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She saw another girl sit down. She tip toed over there. "Hey I'm Westra, what's your name?"

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The other girl looked as f she were about to troduce herself. Azur shied away abbit, only to be saved by a 12 year old. No matter how crazy that sound, suddnely there she was. In the water, staring up at the teenagers witha a big goofy smile and round trusting eyes. 


The girl, who appeared to be a bit older than her reached out twoards the kid and pulled her out of the water, introducing herself as Yennefer- Yen for short. The kid introduced herself as Westera, a pretty name, Azure had to admit. Azure tilted her wings back, trying to keep small, insignifigant. She silently observed, leaning against the wall.


Then another girl joined them, giggling at the sight of poor little, dripping wet Westera. Azure still diddnt say anything, too shy. What did hey think of her/ WHat if she weere judged... what if they found out.

Secret.Hidden.Safe What was her mother always told her. 


She was not pleased to find out that she would be training a dragon, with this group of vikings.

"Y-you mean I'd be stuck with them?" She had asked. 

"Well, thats not how I would of put it but... yeah." HE replied. 


Azure slid down the wall into a sittign posistion. Maybe if she acted to scared.... but what kind of viking would she be then? A coward?

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Yennefer and Vesemir

Yennefer noticed the other girl that appeared, she kept her distance and Yennefer just thought she might be a bit shy, Yen smiled a bit when she saw Westerna tip toe to her and introduce herself. The kid seemed nice, Yen was thankful that there was at least one other person here that didn't acted so shyly. Not that it wasn't normal or bad to be shy, Yen herself didn't knew anyone here. She turned her head to the girl that had arrived first, she was sitting next to one of the walls her form and look just screaming that she didn't feel comfortable around them. Yen's eyes yellowish eyes softened, she was wondering if she should talk to her, but decided against it. Whatever was bothering the girl was probably bad and has been the reason for the way she acted, she decided to give her some space and not to disturb her, it was just going to make things worse, maybe later she'd introduce herself.

When the girl turned her yes to her, Yen just smiled softly and nodded in understatement taking her leave to where Westerna and the shy Viking were talking. When she reached them she leaned against one of the big tall crates that were lying around.

"Name's Yen, nice to meet you" She said with a warm smile.


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(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

((Ooooh, I left for a bit today. Can someone catch me up on where everybody is at the moment?))

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Well Azure, Yen, Westerna and

Well Azure, Yen, Westerna and Rhaeyne are at the dock waiting for the others to arrive, not much happened, Westerna fell in the water and Yen helped her out, Azure's trying to disappear XD, and Rhaeyne is being antisocial

Nothing really, i think that's all 
Sorry I'm bad at explaining catch ups XD

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'This means she's thinking to herself.'

'Get over to the boat, Paz.'

'But there's only like a couple other people!'


'So let's wait for more to show up.'


Paz groaned in frustration, she had been arguing like this with herself for almost two minutes now, and she was beginning to think people might notice. She didn't mind being in big crowds, it was the small ones that bugged her. In a big crowd she wouldn't be as easily noticed if she did something stupid, but with a small group, especially with people she didn't know, she fells uncomfortable at first because she's afraid of sticking out like a sore thumb.


'Paz, just get to the boat.'


As Paz quietly took a seat, her eyes briefly swept across the dock surveying the others. So far there were only girls here, which she found a little odd, but figured it wouldn't stay that way for long. As she quickly studied each of them, two people stood out. The first was a girl that didn't appear to be much older than her who was sitting by herself with a hood over her head. In Paz's mind, she looked like someone who did not want to be talked to. The other person she noticed was who she figured to be the youngest one on the ship. Paz was always being teased about how young she looks, so she hoped she wouldn't have to worry about it on this trip.


After making her mental assessment, Paz got out a small knife from a satchel she brought for the trip and began whittling away at her ax handle. Anything she could do to pass the time and release the knots in her stomache.

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'Pit... pat.. pit... pat'

Using a hunter's intuned hearing, Azure's head snapped up just instime to hear the quiet footsteps of a new comer step onto the docks. Her face was mostly neutrual but her eyes betrayed her.


Idmedianly she coudl tell that this girl, did not exactly want to be on the baot with them. Azure could amost feel the mental conflict. Azure observed as the girl sat down and pulle dout a knife, toying with it.

'Not exactly a social butterfly. Tryin gto releif her srtess by object. NErvous.Used to being invisible.. in fact, almost prefers it.' 

She also noticed how this girl unconsiously scanned the area. Her eyes dragging only a milisecond longer on her and WSestra.


'Smart, observant.' She noted. Then Azure pulled her eyes away. Being silent and observing, she understood human body languge much beter than most. She turned to look at Yen who met her eyes with a light of understanding.


Her brain began spinning figuring this girl out. First she noticed her well crafted sword. She noticed how it was already ploished, clean, brand ne looking.

She cares deeply about that sword. However she is nervous. Polishing it even after its already been reworked. Obviously trying to keep her mind off something..' Azure's gaze flcikered to her face. 'Worried possibly. About what? She doesnt seem comfortable on the ship. Her posture is just a little bit rigid. No... maybe she is scared. No, she isnt... why cant i fgure you out?' 


The posibility was there, straining at the back of her head this entire time.

'Seasick? A possibility. She might be weary of the ship itslelf. But that understanding. She may be just as good at reading expressions as I am. So smart, and bold. She will probably take up a leadership role in our gro-- 

Stop it Azure! This is exactly what mother warned you about!'


Azure looekd away quickly. She shouldnt figure peole out like this. No... it wasnt safe, nnot for her, not for anybody. She exhaled and tried to keep her mind going at a slow, nomral pace.


((If any ofthis isnt right, that is probably on purpose. Azure cant read minds and she needs flaws even in her observing.))

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Rhaeyne was thinking in herself, when an other viking came closer to her. "Hey I'm Westra, what's your name?" "Hi, I'm Rhaeyne. Sooo...why don't you have a dragon? If it's not too personal..." She tried to have a conversation with a human being, but she was really bad at it. She didn't wanted to scare away the first person. She was waiting for the answer, when another girl leaned towards her. She was around her age. "Name's Yen, nice to meet you" She said with a warm smile. "Hi, Rhaeyne. Nice to meet you too." She tried to smile too, but it looked a lot more like a weak grin.

Another girl arrived at the docks. She was a little younger. She looked a little uncomfortable too. Huhh it's not only me. Great! She kept thinking. The boat...I've never been on a boat... I hope I won't be seassick. I wouldn't be surprised tho. I'm like the weakest viking ever lived on Berk. Ahhh...I have to do it for my dragon. He or she is somewhere out there waiting for me!! Hopefully... She totally forgot about the conversation she was trying to have. She turned back to Westra. "Sorry, I zoned out a bit. It happens a few time." She had a sorry-smile. "Where were we?"

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Snæbjörn "Wolf"

Snæbjörn was at Gobber's, retrieving her sword from the blacksmith/dragon dentist who was amazing at maintaining two jobs at once. Because of making peace with the dragons, his requests for weapons decreased, but every now and then he had a customer ask for something. Wolf was one of his most active customers, for she always needed her sword sharpened or upgraded. She trained quite often both alone and with other vikings, some with dragons even. She was currently trying to find out what dragon she wanted. She concluded that Deadly Nadders were the most common dragon here. Sure, they were beautiful and fierce, but she felt like they just weren't right for her. She wanted an ice dragon, one that would represent her people and family back in Iceland. Speaking of her old home, once she got a dragon of her own, she wanted to pay them a visit, if they were just alive anyways. She hadn't seen them in 11 years. Anyways, Wolf's sword gotten dull often from her training. Gobber had suggested getting a new and more durable sword, but she refused. It was thing she had from her family that reminded her of them.
" Ah, here you are lass. Good luck on that quest." Gobber said, handing her the newly sharpened sword with a deadly sharp tip.
Wolf looked at her reflection in the dulled metal, before slipping into its sheath. She felt to make sure she had her mace in her belt, before heading down to the docks. Turns out, she was actually one of the last ones there. Five girls were already in the boat, waiting for the last few vikings to arrive so they could set sail. Snæbjörn was used to riding on boats, for it was the only way to travel to other islands, which see did a lot of when scouting. Plus, her people used boats all the time to travel through icey waters. Sometimes, the whole ocean would freeze over, preventing boat travel. Wolf loved the cold. Maybe she would find an ice-breathing dragon.
Wolf climbed onto the boat, remaining silent as she took a seat and looked over at the other girls. It seemed like she was the oldest of the bunch. She stared off towards the ocean, feeling exciting to finally able to find the dragon that she would spend the rest of her life with.

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"We were talking about we not having a dragon. And the reason why is because my mom thinks I'm to young. I'm twelve and Gustoff even had a monsterous nightmare for a little while. So I asked my mom and she said I was to young and that all the dragons were taken. And I was like, there are dragon all over the archipelago, and I can't have one, come on mom! And she was like, you're too young and we don't have the room. Of course we do live in a tiny shack....... So why don't you have a dragon?" She asked her.

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Yennefer and Vesemir

((Yen's dragon is named after Vesemir... just so there's no confusion on who Vesemir is. You'll understand after you read the text bellow))


Not that the conversation wasn't interesting, but Yen was already feeling a bit dizzy from only looking at the rocking ship. Some of the others were already on board, however that wasn't something Yen looked forward to. 

After the kiddo answered Rhaeyne’s question Yen decided it was her turn.

“Simply never found the need of one, or one that was … I don’t know … form me. All the dragon’s here are … too not like me. I want a dragon that will be my friend not just a companion, I hope I find one on this journey.” She said with her voice, calm and soft.

“Anyways, I’ll leave you for now, I’ll go take a walk around the dock… I just don’t like ships...” She said her voice quieter than usual. It was embarrassing for her that something so stupid was one of her few weaknesses.

“If there’s something, please come find me. I won’t go far. I’ll just take a stroll around the jetty.” She added as she started walking away.

She noticed another girl arriving, whoa guys we’re short on dragonless guys on Berk she though. The girl was a bit older than her, she carried a sword and a mace. Both weapons in perfect condition. Good, now that’s someone to have at your side in a battle, her inner warrior thought. Yen wondered how to take her mind off the stupid ship and the whole nightmare of the traveling that was soon going to begin. She started walking around and soon realized that she was starting to nervously pace in circles. No, that was a bad move, she didn’t want to show any weakness, she was a strong warrior and didn’t want anyone to think otherwise. She mentally slapped herself and stopped in one place. Yen took a deep breath and clenched her hands in fists. She breathed out and relaxed her body and hands. Although her perfect stance never wavered. That was one of the most important lesson she had learned from her trainer, his name was Vesemir, he had died a few years back of old age… He was like a father to her and she missed him greatly.

“You can forget to eat, to drink, and even to breathe, but never forget to take care of your sword” It was the one lesson from him that she never forgot. The other one being that the most important thing was her stance.
“If you can’t keep your stance, you can’t balance, you don’t move right on the battlefield, you can’t wield your sword right, you’re dea.d… A simple chain of events… Never let it take place when you’re fighting”

Vesemir’s words were wise… A single tear rolled down her cheek, but Yen quickly wiped it off, she didn’t want anyone to see this… not that it was wrong to be sad about such things… But Vesemir would have wanted her to be strong. So she had to be. She calmed her nerves and started walking around calmly again. Her emotions were always strong … it didn’t matter if I’d be saddens, anger or happiness… love… it was both a weakness and a strength.


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As Paz worked the blade of her knife throught the wood, her mind was abuzz about her fellow passengers. Three of them were having a conversation about why they don't have dragons, which made her think about what kind of dragon she would get. After thinking through a list of possible dragons, she began to realize the the fact that she had no idea what kind of dragons she would see on that island. She finally concluded that she would probably have to take whatever she got.


Suddenly, Paz began to get the uneasy feeling that someone was watching her. She discreetly glanced up at the hooded girl across from her. When their eyes met, Paz, unsure of what else to do, gave her a shy smile and went back to work. 'I wonder what her deal is?'


The sound of footsteps began to grow near as another girl approached the docks. She looked up long enough to notice the mace she was carrying. 'Note, don't get her mad. The last thing I need is another head injury.'


Paz's nerves were slowly untwisting, and she was almost done with the pattern she was carving on her ax handle. She loved personalizing it and wondered what she would do when she finally ran out of room. Suddenly Paz inhaled sharply as her knife made a small nick on her finger. 'Add it to the pile.' She sighed as she returned the knife to her satchel.


She began wondering how much longer until the others would arive and they'd be on their way.

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Both Yen and Westra answered her quesiton. It was her turn. "Well, I have a quite unfortunate fear that stopped me to ever bond with a dragon... I'm not afraid of them...it's something else...But I hope I can find my partner-in-crime throughout the mission." She didn't wanted to tell anyone her fear. Onyl her family knew. She was afraid, that someone would might use it against her. And she didn't know these girl too well yet. 

Yen stood up, and walked away. She was walking in circles. She seemed really nervous. Rhaeyne knew every type of nervousness. She was always worring about something. But she knew a lot of remedies too. She walked up to her. "Ummm....Yen?" Her voice was pretty quiet and low, but it looked like Yen heard her. "I couldn't help but notice that you look a little nervous. You don't have to tell me, why. I just wanted to help...Here! Take it! This is mint. I grew it. It helps me a lot when I'm nervous. The cold always calms me down. It might help for you too....I'll leave you with your thoughts before we leave..." She did as she said. 

She climed abroad. A few girls were already on the ship. She searched for a place on the back of the ship. She sat down. She needed 2 minutes to realize. Ohh great...just great... I guess I'm seasick. Why am I not surprised? She took a few mint leaves and put them in her mouth. It calmed her down. She woke up early that day, and she was tired. She took out a wool-blanket and put her head on her bag. It was surprisingly comfy. She fell asleep in no time.

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did i miss much?

((sorry im late in joining. been busy this week)) ((are we on our way to the docks to start the adventure?))


Zar''s boots clomped on the wooden jetty as she raced to the small group. She nearly crashed into someone as she skidded to a halt. She teetered precariously over the edge of the dock, waving her arms to catch her balanace. She finally regained balance and looked at the others. 

"Hi," she said a little shyly. "Sorry for the abrupt entrance," 


((was Zar supposed to be doing something before she got to the docks? if so ill add that later))

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“Anyways, I’ll leave you for now, I’ll go take a walk around the dock… I just don’t like ships...” 

Azure heard Yen's voice ringing from the other side of the boat she pciked up her head.

'Aha!' her brain went. Then quickly she mental constricted herself,

'Think slow, think normal... normal.' She inhaled slowly. Then steadied herself. Azure's mind was always whirling a mile a minuet, only when she was hunting or singing she was ever truly at peace. 


A pained huff caught her attetion. Azure turned her gaze over to the girl with the axe, Paz was it? Appeared to have cut herself. Quickly Azure looked away, no, she couldnt let herself start thinking. Thats what got hr in trouble in the first place!. 


She quietly sat upon the boat's slick deck, feeling the sea spray cooly against her pale skin. Azure was told she was pretty, bu frankly, she always envied the other girl's sleek simple hair. Her own was stringy long, it ha dno layers. Not that she particularly cared. She guessed it was from being exposed to the sea for long amounts of time.


Azure slipped her hand in one of her stachels and pulled out some yak jerky. She slowly began to nibble as she tried to clear her head.

She noticed another girl walk on, carrying a mace, she also noticed Yen's slip of posture FOr a brief second, then the moment of vurerbility was over. The girl had turned away, presumbaly to stew in.. grief was it? Huffing Azure once again forced herself to look away. No, it was rude, knowing almost everything there is to know about people who dont even know her own name. 


Thats what her mum always told her, therefore thats how it should be.

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Yennefer and Vesemir

Yen thanked Rhaeyne for the mind and noticed that one other girl had arrived as well.

Yen introduced herself. Noticing that everyone were here, but maybe they could take the ship that was going to leave later.

“Alright girls, listen up” She said with a loud clear voice, yet it was as firm as it was soft.

“Let’s get on the ship. We’ll be leaving shortly. There’s a few others left from what Hiccup had told me yesterday, but they can take another ship that will leave tomorrow” Yen added as she quickly got onto the ship. The mint that Rhaeyne had given her earlier was helping her to deal with the seasickness for the moment. She waited until everyone got on the ship.

“Alright, so I guess that’s everyone. Let’s get going” She said to Mulch that was going to sail the ship.

Yen was good at barking commands and taking the lead in exploring situations, however in battel she was an awful leader, she put too much strategy and thought in her decisions, thus always making the wrong one when there wasn’t enough time to think.

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'Finally, now we're talking!'


As Paz boarded the boat, she looked around. One of her favorite passtimes growing up was walking around the docks and watching people come in and out of Berk's harbor. It wasn't until then that she realized that, while she had been on many boats, she hadn't been sailing in the longest time.

'Man, I haven't been on a since... since the accident.'


Paz cringed a little at the thought. When she was 3, her parents had been sailing when a huge storm came and capsized their boat. It killed them both.


Paz shook her head slightly, 'So what, that was like 12 years ago, you don't even remember your parents well enough for it to matter.'


She decided to redirect her thoughts, looking over the side of the boat, watching the water softly rock the boat back and forth.


'I wonder if I'll get seasick? What's the island gonna be like? Are we gonna camp on the beach or farther inland? What kind of game is there gonna be? What's wrong with her?'


She managed to catch a couple glances at the hooded girl that was previously sitting across from her. Something was seriously bugging her. She couldn't tell what, and every bit of her curiosity wanted to ask.


'Nope, don't do it Paz. You know better.' She repremanded herself. The last thing she wanted was to annoy her with her pestering. She was notorious for her curiosity and naiveness, and was disliked because of it. Maybe if she kept her mouth shut for once, these strangers wouldn't mind her company.


'Yeah, let's see how long that lasts.' she scoffed at herself.

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Opps, accidentally double posted.



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When Rhaeyne woke up, they were already on the open water. She had to take a deep breath, to process that no land is seen near and far. She looked at her bag. She packed out a few stuff, and strated playing with them. The randomness was her strength. She loved to put stuff together, what if they might work. People sometimes tought she's crazy. But she never really cared.

She needed to keep her mind occupied. She was trying to make a tent kinda thing out of yak fur and old sharpless swords. It looked really bad, and she doubted any good will come out of this one, but she had fun. 

When she realized her surrounding, it was getting dark. She could barely see. She lighted a lantern, and put on her goggles. She saw Yen. And Westra. And a few other girls she hasn't know yet. She kept working until she was tired again. She looked out and spotted a small island. It calmed her down, and she could fall asleep.

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“Alright girls, listen up” Yen said with a loud clear voice, yet it was as firm as it was soft.

“Let’s get on the ship. We’ll be leaving shortly. There’s a few others left from what Hiccup had told me yesterday, but they can take another ship that will leave tomorrow”


Azure smirked. She called it. This girl will most likely end up leading them. Azure stood up silently and filed in after Paz, taking her place on the boat, near the end. Azure sat herself in a wooden seat which alike everything else was slick from the sea water. 


Paz cast a few stolen glances her way, and Azure pretended not to notice. A lot fo things way ahrd to get past her keen eye. In fact, in those looks, she saw Paz's brain deeply at work. Shining with curiosity and regret? Greif? It seemed as if everybody here did not have a perfect past.

'The boat reminds her of something that happened deep in her past  a tradgey. Hmm. She is also concerned about what we think of her.'


Honestly Azure did not have an opinion of the girl. She eyes scanned the rest of the boat. Yen appeared to ne chewing something in her mouth. It looked like a leaf.

'Mint?' Azure guessed. Her assumption of Yen's seasickness appeared to be corret, so logically it would have to be a stong smelling and tasting herb. 


Azure looked out twoards the sea, it quite reminded her of her home in her small town. Her stomach lurched iwth homesickness and greif. She sighed and pulled her knees to her chest, hugging them and burryin her face. She wasnt crying, but this will be a long trip. And the more she looked at these fellow vikigns the more she woud try to figure them out.

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She heard someone yell that it was time to get on the ship. She quickly scooped up some branches and grabbed some vines. She didn't know how long she was going to be on the ship and how bored she'd get. She went on deck and appoached the front of the boat. She dropped her twigs on the ground and looked out to see. She she saw seagulls flying around. She even spotted a thunderdrum swimming in the sea. She wondered what kind of dragon she would get. Deep down inside she wanted a sea dragon but at the she he'd sea a me time she wanted something cute and under estimated. Like a terrible terror.


Then thinking got boring and she thumped down on the deck. She grabbed one of the sticks that was straight with two smaller one poking out of the top. ((Aka the wood of a slingshot)) She pulled off her helmet and twisted it into the two sticks that were on the top, leaving holes in both of them. She pulled out a vine out of the pile and poked it through one of the holes. She pulled the other side of the vine through the other hole and tied a knot. She pulled the vine that was on the other hole and left it loose but tied a knot. She pulled back a vine to see how strong it was. It was very strong and stretchy. She nodded her head it approval.


She found a small pebble and put it in her weapon of justice. She pulled it back and aimed it and and girl who was looking out to see. And Westra let the pebble fly. She knew the pebble wouldn't hurt much. She quickly approached the girl before she turned around. "Hi, I'm Westra! What's your name?" She asked the girl.

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Who were you asking exactly?

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((I knew I should have put it

((I knew I should have put it in there! I'm asking Wolf and Star but she left as I was writing the post. It can be to you if you'd like!))

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Just checking!

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Paz was just thinking that the boat had gotten oddly quiet when a small object bumped into her head. Her eyes widened, 'What was that?!' She thought, still staring at the ocean below.


Suddenly a voice popped up behind her. "Hi, I'm Westera, what's your name?" Paz turned around. It was the kid from earlier, with a mischevious grin on her face.


Slightly confused by the young girl's actions, She answered, "Name's Topaz, but most people call me Paz. What was the rock for?"

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Westra shugged. "Only to get your attention. And because I wanted to test this slingshot I just made!" She held the slingshot up at her. "Made only from vines and twigs! So, what kind of dragon do you want?"

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'Okayyy... This kid's wierd.'

'What, like you were normal at that age? AT ALL!'

'True, at least she's got a knack for inventing, that'll come in handy.'


Paz pondered Westera's previous question. She then replied, "I'm not sure. I mean we have no idea what kind of dragons we're gonna see, so I guess I'll just get whatever comes. How 'bout you?"


It was only then that Paz realized that was the first time she said a word since she left the house that morning. That was an all time record for her.

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Yennefer and Vesemir

Yen was still fight with the urge to vomit of board, but for the moment she was managing. She was Paz and Westerna talking, she made her way to them slowly.

“Sorry to interrupt, just wanted to say that I’ll stay night watch for tonight, if you need help with anything I’ll be around … or somewhere losing my dinner of the side of the ship” She said sighting.

“Darn ships, anyways again if you need anything come see me. Night girls.” She said with a warm smile. She didn’t knew why, but her overly protective and motherly nature was just begging her to do that.

With a small wave she started walking back to where she was previously seated.

“Oh and you’d best get some sleep, tomorrow will be a long day… And tonight will be a long night for me” She chuckled and sighed over the last part. She sat down on the wooden deck and started cleaning her blade. It was one of the things that always calmed her down and it also reminded her of Vesemir. She smiled slightly as the ragged cloth cleaned the poison from the blade’s surface. Tomorrow she was going to polish it again, it wasn’t like she was running short on ingredients anyways.