Leirazva: The Skrill who defied Dragonkind

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Prologue: Musings of a Skrill 


The hill was the perfect place to watch the sun setting against the water. It was also perfect to look down upon the young dragons playing in the valley below. The setting sun caught the blues, purples and reds of the mixture of dragons. Several young red Gronckles, a blue Monstrous Nightmare, a young purple Skrill and a black and green Nightfury were all chasing each other and wrestling about. Their growls and laughing barks echoed up the hill to the adult Skrill. 
 The Skrill was golden in color with white patches on his wings and head. He had several faded scars on his body and tail showing he'd lived a harsh life. Yet his eyes were kind and sad as they watched the children. He sighed softly and rested his head on his front legs. His wings were folded back and his tail twitched idly. The Skrill appeared to be far away in thought. Which was probably why he missed hearing the dragon padding up the side of the hill. 
 The purple Flightmare, with pink outlining her wings, walked slowly up to the Skrill and pressed her side against his, gently nuzzling his face as she did. She glowed lightly and settled down next to him. The male blinked and raised a wing to drape across her body. She rumbled softly and happily before looking down at the children. Her eyes sparkled and she smiled softly. "I thought I'd find you here Leir," she spoke softly as her head turned towards him. 
Leir rumbled softly back at her and nuzzled her gently. "I felt like watching them today..." he trailed off not explaining himself. But the female understood. Most days the Skrill acted like a very large kid always playing with the other young dragons as if he was their age. It wasn't often he acted this way. It wasn't often he showed his fragile heart. 
"What is it? "she pressed close to him in an urge to protect him from what she didn't know. The Flightmare didn't like seeing him this way. As if he was bothered. This was not her Leir. Her playful and strong mate. This Leir was... Haunted. It bothered her more than she'd ever admit. 
" Please don't worry Gem. I'm... Okay, "Leir nuzzled her again. Gem pushed his head away. He smiled softly at the agitated look on her face. His Gemmalynn. She couldn't help her need to defend and protect those she loved. It was in her nature. As was her need to forgive and love. A moment later she sighed and nuzzled him. She could never stay mad at anyone. Not when they needed her. 
 "Please tell me. Don't push me out. No secrets okay?" Gem tried to give him a glare but it was pitiful at best. She'd never been successful at staying angry at her male. But for once he nodded. He'd let her have her way. Leir nodded at the children and they both watched them quietly. 
 "See how the sun hits her?" he spoke softly. They both watched the young black and green nightfury. The sun glinted off the green in her hide making her almost glow. She looked like a ghost from his past. Another Nightfury that had almost glowed green. She'd been beautiful and fierce. She'd been quick to tell others how things were and never accepted any back talk. And she'd taught a young Skrill male that there were some things you had to fight for. 
 "She looks like her?" Gem blinked softly. She knew the story almost as well as the Skrill. He'd told it to her many times. He sometimes dreamed of it. Then he'd wake sweating and crying. She'd spend hours while he retold it to her and she comforted him. To this day he hoped retelling it would free him of the ghosts of his past. Gem was beginning to doubt he'd ever be free. "Tell it to me again," Gemma nuzzled him while they continued to watch the young Nightfury jump atop one of the Gronckles. "Please." Still it seemed to help him to share it with her. So she'd listen again and hope one day he'd be free of it. 
Leir curled his tail about hers, his eyes transfixed on the Nightfury, "I was born into a strange Skrill group. At the time I didn't know it. Instead they were just my family and I didn't know that there could be any other way to live..." his rumbling voice was soft as he recalled his first days of life. 


(Little extras: a commission of Leir and Gem together made by GreenCheekedGroot. I'll occasionally add extras like this or side notes to the story. ) 

Hello my name is Keiran Dragonheart, this is Leirazva my Skrill soulmateand you have entered the domain of my Motley Dragon Clutch.  We have grown in numbers this past year but our mission is the same.  Rescue, heal and protect dragons from harm. We thank you for your interest and welcome you to visit our growing family in the picture below. 
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Leirazva: The Skrill who Defied Dragonkind (in progress. Half the next chapter written) 
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Chapter 1. A Dragon Apart
I was born into a strange Skrill group. At the time I didn't know it. Instead they were just my family and I didn't know that there could be any other way to live.  My very first memory was of a beautiful white-gold female skrill, with kind eyes, who peered down at me and soothed my cries. I only saw her for a short time, my mother, before another face took her place. 
An old and battered golden Skrill, whose spikes were broken and who was scarred and ancient, glared down at me. At us. I recall being in a large group of hatchlings of many colors but mostly golden like me. She sneered at some of us and at others her eyes sparkled with a gleam. She was the most frightening thing I had ever seen as she plucked out the golden colored males murmuring to herself. "This one. That one. Oh what have we here?" she paused over me and I shuddered. I cried out fiercely for my mother but she didn't come. In the distance I heard crying from different points of the room. Later on I'd find out it was the mothers of the chosen skrill mourning.
The old Skrill picked me up, turning me this way and that, lifting my wings and murmuring to herself. Weak electricity crackled between a few of her broken spikes as she grew excited. She looked over at my mother and nodded her head, "he resembles his father. A good heir he may yet make. Be glad. Rejoice. You may have mothered the next leader." and she tucked me in a clawed foot and flew out the cave where the newborns where kept. My last view of my mother for a long time was her being held back by red-gold skrill males as she cried out and tried to run to me, openly weeping. 
The old Skrill flew with ease through the underground cavern system that housed our group. I remember being more curious than frightened as we whipped through light and dark corridors going deeper in. The wind felt good to me and I longed to be doing what the old skrill was. To fly. To experience it for myself. I wiggled a bit in her claws but didn't fight. I was to enraptured by the journey. Finally we seemed to arrive at a cavern deep within the cave. We passed by several orange-gold guards at the opening and soon were in a glowing cave. 
The cave was dotted in glowing moss, at its center was a nest made of straw and a group of young skrills that varied from newly hatched to almost flying. The older skrills wandered around wrestling one another and trying to glide off the various ledges. The young ones stuck near the nest and comforted and crawled upon each other. All of them had a few things in common. They were all a deep golden color, male and without their mothers. At the arrival of the old Skrill the older males all perched on a ledge and stood still for her inspection. She placed me in the nest and then did a walk about the room eyeing them all before returning to the hatchlings and me. 
"You all have great potential to be... Wait... "she sneered and grabbed at a young male near me. We cowered away as she brought the young male, a few weeks older than I , to her face and examined under his wing. She screeched out in dismay at the bright green splotch of color on his side. The males on the perches all trembled and we hatchlings all cowered away from her. A guard quickly came as if called and took the male from the old skrill as if this was an often occurrence. She sneered,  "Imperfect. Green spot! Ugh! Take it away! Return it to its mother!" the old skrill left screeching and ranting as she flew away having forgotten us. The guard sighed and gently carried the male out. 
I looked fearfully at the other hatchlings in the nest but they didn't seem to know what was going on either. I recognised a few of my fellow hatchlings from earlier and we shivered and huddled together. The older hatchlings recovered faster and went about pecking the nest or napping. We looked about in terror. The older males left their perches and circled about the large nest looking down at us with disdain. We watched each other quietly for a time before one of the oldest males spoke up. He was a bright gold color and seemed ready to fly soon. 
"Listen up meal worms, the old crone isn't gonna give her usual speech so I'll give one instead. "the other boys chuckled and bumped against each other enjoying this. The bright gold male screeched at them a sharp single note and they settled down." You've been chosen because you worms are the best of the newest hatchlings. Your pure gold like our Father. The old crone would say your potential heirs but don't buy that crap. We all know I am the true heir. "the other males agreed, a few grumbling, but no one dared challenge him on this." I am Kahrain and I will rule our people one day. Get used to it. You worms will be lucky to be my guards one day if you survive the crone... "they all laughed at this sharing some inside joke.
 One glance from Kahrain and they quickly shut up." You better lean quickly to listen and obey or you will find yourselves our next meal. There is no room for the weak here. Only the strong overcome. " With that Kahrain and the older males laughed and returned to wrestling and gliding about. 
The older hatchlings ignored us as much as possible, except to heckle or pick on us if we left the nest. Only the males strong enough to fight back left the nest and then they did not go back to it once they left. They joined the older males on the ledges and soon forgot about us too. We in the nest napped often and crawled about each other trying to get our bearings and master walking. Our days went like this uninterrupted except for meals several times a day. It usually consisted of some four legged animal carcass dumped near the nest. The older males quickly devoured this and we only left the nest once they were sleeping on their ledges. Then we fought over the scraps eating our fill and exploring. This was the only time we could safely explore. When we tired of this we returned to the nest and slept. This was our lives for the first few days. Until the old Crone once more returned in response to the accident. 
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Cool story!

I'm excited to read the next part!

Edit: lol I meant to reply to the whole thread :)




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Lol its fine! We all do that

Lol its fine! We all do that sometimes. And thanks for reading! 

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That's it for now.

I will add as I write more. I have plans for the next few chapters but haven't found time to write more than the first chapter. I will add more as I can so look forward to more soon. Please let me know your thoughts.


Also what do you think will happen when the Old Skrill finds out Leir has developed white on his perfect golden body? And what of the mysterious Alpha/father of all these young Skrills? Will we see him soon? And what about the Old Skrill? What part does she play in the group exactly? 


Hope you enjoyed the first chapter! 

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Tracking :)

Ooo! I like it, well written! Can't wait to see what happens.


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Thanks for reading! I

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it! And I can't wait to add more I have some nice plans for this story. Or not so nice plans... Lol

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Very well written, and very interesting story! Can't wait to see what happens next!












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Thanks for reading! 

Thanks for reading! 

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No new chapter yet but I was

No new chapter yet but I was playing around with a template/stencil of a baby Nightfury that is open for recolor just for fun and I made the baby Nightfury that Leir and Gem were watching (to be honest she was a short Wing in the prologue so a little older). I thought it'd be nice to add it in so you have an idea of what she looks like. This is the young nightfury that was playing in the prologue :




For fun I'll add the Dragon model of her I made in Dragon maker. I'm hoping to have an image of her made soon for future chapters. Sorry about the lack of quality in the baby image. I can't get good enough control with my finger on the tablet (gonna try and get a stylus for drawing soon to make my edits better). 



Hopefully my next addition will be the next chapter. Thanks for reading I appreciate it! (I just noticed I forgot to make her eyes green in the second image.. Opps) 

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Chapter 2. A Friend and ally.
I can't recall how many days it's been. I haven't yet got a real sense of time. I am steadier on my feet and I want to explore. Most of the other new hatchlings are still trying to learn to walk. They sleep a lot so I am mostly alone  in my desire to leave the nest. 
One day I discover another hatchling who is eyeing the outside of the nest. We stumble into each other as I trip over my tail on my way to him. He laughs and looks up at me from upside down. 
"Hi, "I squeak as I try to unjam my wing from the nest. We both scramble about and right ourselves. We are now sitting in front of each other laughing. 
" Hi, " he replies back. He wiggles happily and we bump heads in greeting like we've seen the older ones do a lot. He looks at me," Do we have names? "I shake my head." Okay I'll give us names. Your Ha, because your funny. "I laugh and nod excitedly." And I'm uh... "
" Okay Uh! "I reply. We both break into a fit of laughter. From that moment on we are friends. Uh and I are inseparable. We eat together, sleep together, stumble together, and even dream together. Uh wants to leave the nest too. We talk about it a lot. After the older Skrills sleep, and we eat, we wait for the other hatchlings to tire. This is our time. 
 Uh and Ha race about getting stronger and faster. We climb on pebbles and try to glide. We crash a lot. Usually it's face first. Uh is a little faster at running than me, but I'm a little better at trying to glide. We practice until we're exhausted and then we pass out in the nest. I am happy. I like my friend. I will glide one day soon. Then Uh and I will leave the nest. We will join our older brothers. We will fight and wrestle. We have promised to help each other and always stay brothers. Ha and Uh forever. I am happy. 
(Short chapter it just felt right to end this bit here. Next chapter should see the accident and the Old Skrill again. Hope you enjoy and got a chuckle out of their self given names. If your wondering who names the baby skrills you'll see a little later on. I'll try to add the next chapter in a day or two. Sorry been busy with my adoptables. FYI, They'll be out sometime in the next week)