Lazy Snoggletog Update This Year?

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Where's the snow?

They literally just added a few Christmas trees. Everything else, even the lighting, is the same from the Haunted Harvest update. We usually get snow and other things. But they just got lazy this year. They put snow falling, and on the rooftops. But none on the ground..


Good job, game.

Big thumbs up.


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Well, think about how many

Well, think about how many bugs there have been lately. They did their best to patch them up when the update came out. if I were you, I'd just be thankful my account hadn't been so glitched it deleted itself lol.



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If there were so many major

If there were so many major bugs like that, they should have focused on patching them up. All of them instead of coming out with what could maybe be considered an update.

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This is only a part of the Snoggletog updates. more will come soon :)


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I suggest you to become a

I suggest you to become a Developer and see how hard it is to do 100 things all at once, returning mistaken banned accounts each day (but most likely one account),(Possible Triple Stryke designing), Thinking of ideas for quests and dragons in the next Expansion, new farm/hide out items, Dragon themed armour, Titans, New dragons for the future, patching glitches up and don't need to mention they have a LIFE of their own they could spend their weekends of relaxing but instead they do 100s of things for the sake of happiness of the players and parents Forum and game, basically anything good for the game. but if you want to complain do the updating yourself then.


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.....I can't find my subject....

It's probably very hard being an admin. They work non stop for the players in SOD. more updates WILL come later on. Just be patient.  



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Do you really have to

Do you really have to complain about a brand new update? If anything, you should be very grateful! Brynjolf said himself that more Snoggletog features would be coming in the very near feature. But sure, go ahead and complain about yet another thing, especially one that made the game better!


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You make it seem like I've

You make it seem like I've complained about every living thing on Earth.

Stop being so triggered

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I didn't mean that, but

I didn't mean that, but others do complain about everything, I meant you are yet another person who is complaining about something. I promise you I didn't want to start an argument. I'm sorry if my post sounded rude. :)


(Also, if you're looking for snow on the ground, I'd suggest visiting Berk.) ;)

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Wibberly Wobberly Timey Wimey Suff

It is also not December yet. Im sure they will add more


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Admin say 1 thing and do another. 1 has already contradicted themselves (a post compared to a p.m. and no i was not the 1 on both counts, but was shown both, not my p.m. so do not ask me for the proof. Believe me or not, Your choice. I have got a generic message from brynjolf, that justin sent to someone else, says to the have "automated" messages for cut and paste, really says caring (pffttt)) As for the programing many others else where do better jobs. Glitches etc will always be there (anywhere, but SoD wins "The Golden Glitch Award" by a country mile), as SoD are concentrating on new things to throw out at you for profits. Terrible terror, buffalord, etc (and way to many issues, and yeah 2 programmers in family). They have no time for much else. As for justin no idea if he is lead game designer or just a face man. Do not believe he is original game designer. Only appeared about 35 weeks ago in forums (some would say because he has been hard at work, u continue to believe that, if it gives you comfort. The game has been glitched since day dot though. (Say what you will, they are relying on the face of a Celebrity/franchise to carry them through, so yes i believe they are being a bit lazy in there job and as i already told them if they can not handle their job, either get more help or pass it along to someone that can handle the job, but more then likely this would not happen as it would take away from company profit. They know many of you will fork over cash, mostly to own a toothless. Discounts are just an added perk. May mean nothing to some, others will know what i am getting at, already know others are in agreement with me but may not write here due to fear of retribution from SoD. As for patroling forums, unless admin r part of programing etc, then really office assisstance, you know the ones that answer the phone. Jumpstart support do a far better job at answering, and that is just 1 person. There should be someone to patrol the forums, maybe they always do, again only answer the ones easy to answer, As you can see from posts they only show up when it is convenient for them. Some people after a year still waiting for a reply, and if they say u have an issue, p.m. us, then by rights they should respond. Even the people many of you respect and admire are in agreement, not saying who as SoD will start targeting them. Already know i am black listed due to my "diplomacy" . Do not care what you think of me. Doubt i will see Your responses, as i am just answering this to get many of you thinking.