Layer Glitch Exploitation X3

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Thanks to a video I now know of a layer glitch in the School that allows you to fly around inside the mountain walls and see everything in the school through them. You can even here sounds of growling dragons back there if you fly in just the right spot over close to the training ground entrance. I'm sure some people already knew of itas well as the one I'm going to show some shots of. These pics are not from a boundary breaking glitch in the school, no no. These are from one in the Wilderness.

Recognize this?

This is a stunning view of Icestorm Island, just slightly more close up than what you can see when you go through the cave that leads to it. Unfortunately, however...

...once you get closer to it, you'll notice that...'s the same as the moon at the ship graveyard. You fly to it and go right through it. Getting to it is also a little tricky cuz you have to fly at just the right height (go lower) to get around an invisible wall just outside of the boundary break.


I have some more pics, but it's kind of late, or early rather... I've been up all night... at the moment I'm posting this so the others will have to wait. I'm sure some of you already knew about this amusing glitch and might even know of an easier way to get to it than the one I used. Where I found it was in a spot in the mountainside to the left at the top of the waterfall.


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Wow, that's amazing!  didn't know you could do that! that is really cool! i don't do many glitches so i don't know a lot! 


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Moar pics

Now for the other pics I mentioned:

This is a view of the lake in the Wilderness from under the map. Can you see the flying fish? XP

This is a view of the Wilderness from the outside.

Anyone recognize this? It's that cave on the far left corner of the Wilderness; the one that's blocked off with a boulder. Yah this is what it looks like inside. You can actually get inside the cave this way, but as I found out the hard way, once you do you can't get out without using the map button.

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Dang, that's so cool! looks awesome! good pics!

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Eh, I'm to lazy to write a subject

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                            RANDOM PICS TIME!!!!! (i got all these pitures off the internet. so i don't know who the artist is)




                                           by google images XD








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Uhh...Merry Christmas to you too... For me it's on Monday...