Latest SOD installer file flagged as virus

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What is in the SOD installer file for the latest update for Win PC that is triggering all my virus scans to block it?  Not to mention the mobile update won't complete loading after it's update.

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They're false-positives, you can safely ignore/add the installer to your antivirus's exceptions list. 

As for the mobile issue, assuming you are using Android, I've tried and tested updating the game on two mobile devices: it loads on one (Android 11) and won't complete loading as you said on the other that has a lower Android version (Android 8). This leads me to guess that it may be an OS version issue but I could be wrong.




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Hmmmmm, you may have

Hmmmmm, you may have something there. My phone is running android 6.  Of course the app still says it requires android 5 and up, so that shouldn't be an issue unless they've changed it and haven't updated the app desc. yet.

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I got that too, which is concerning but yeah as the previous person said.


With how much this game heats up my pc, it's practically malware you can play dragon games with!


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