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First of all, it was really nice to see something completly fresh and engaging like all the candies-prizes system. New racing tracks, quest and Dragon Tactics levels were super nice BUT...

Well, I wasn't even able to finish one single race during the whole event. The game crashed everytime when I was about to get my trophies.

Quests? Okay, that was fun for like 2 days. Then they started repeating themselves even twice in a row! Fishlegs cards were buged, Deathsong quest was buged, What about Cloudjumper quest? Uhm... yeah, even planting seeds was buged :') Let's not forget about fameous white pumpkins quest! Pumpkins which we weren't even able to get because seed weren't available in the store!

Okay, but how about the amazing new levels of Dragon Tactics? I wasn't even able to explore all of them since the 3rd level was buged during the whole event which made it impossible to play other levels...

Comercials are still not working so anyone who was counting on getting candies by opening Dreadfall chests, well, I feel you, bro.

But let's move to all the amazing rewards like ugly mask, ugly mask, ugly mask, ugly pumpkin, ugly axe, blurred skin, meh sword, blurred skin, another meh sword, ugly flighsuit, dragon which you'll never get, another dragon you will never get and which was added to game because the dev team didn't suck up enough money from your parents.

What about 'help' we got? Well, sure we got some free candies but even doing all I could every single day, I was still far from getting the dragon, even after spending almost 3k gems on chests.

There was even one FUNNY situation when I confronted the admins on SoD fp and told them that Dreadfall cauldron is still not working. All I got as an answer was something like 'mE nOt kNo, YoU kEeP cLiCk AnD mAyBe DiS wIlL wOrK'. Seriously? Shouldn't you guys like...TRY TO FIX IT SINCE IT'S YOUR WORK?


That's all for now, peace out.

Feel free to share your favorite Dreadfall bugs!





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Ok... Chill

Ok the event wasn't perfect but I don't think anything was ugly at all I know you didn't like that you didn't get the Dragon but neither did I or many other people the event was covered with glitches but are u sure your not salty from not getting what you wanted.


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Well, it's my personal opinion on the rewards, of course you can have your own and like them xD

And honestly, I'm more censored that I lost trophies and couldn't play dreadfall DT levels...

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okay the prizes werent ugly, and none of the skeleton skins are blurred for me.. try changing your graphics settings. lots of people did end up getting the dragons. Be glad the admins and devs actually tried to do something fun this dreadfall. the event ended yesterday and I'm sorta tired of people bringing up negative stuff about it. it's over.. maybe they will change it next year but you dont need to keep complaining after the event. -hides under a giant hat-


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Screenshots and Art


Me and Jolt Lock


Me and Hero


Me and Demise


Me and Deadheart


Me and Screaming Silence




​This is my first picture that I've made on my computer, I don't know how I would add textures or details, and I'm only really used to drawing by hand (my profile picture was also drawn by me.)

​I drew an ice dragon. I don't think its good. Yes, it has 3 eyes. I have a habit of drawing dragons with lots of eyes.

This is Cyro. Shes a Protogen. She's also my old profile picture.



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​Hates: getting fired at by others in the school.. her enemies..

Her dragon form:


​(I have never written a backstory before so it might be bad.)

​It was normal at the school as always, Hiccup was working on new inventions, and the twins were destroying stuff, Until Astrid flew in from the training grounds saying she saw hunters coming towards the school. Hiccup and the gang along with all of the other students rushed to the Training grounds to stop the ships from getting into the school and hurting dragons. After a few minutes of fighting the ships, there was a roar so loud that it was heard over all of the growling and explosions coming from the dragons in the school. All of a sudden, a white and purple dragon with metal on its forearms, face, and its legs landed  on the crows nest of the ship and started blasting fireballs made of a black smoke like substance at the students and everyone who was firing at the ship, and they all started backing away. Then the white and purple dragon flew up off of the crows nest of the ship, and blasted a ball of smoke at the ship. When the smoke cleared,  There was a giant hole in the side of the ship, yet no debris anywere. Then the dragon flew back away from the ship, and then flew headfirst into the crows nest, tipping the hunter ship sideways and causing the ship to flip over.  The white dragon looked at hiccup and everyone else. Hiccup looked closely at the dragon, trying to see what species it could be, however, he didnt recognize it as anything he had ever seen before. When he blinked, it was suddenly gone. Later that day when the ship was being removed from the school, Fishlegs ran up to Hiccup and said he found something interesting. Hiccup and Toothless followed Fishlegs, and he took them to the hunter ship from earlier that day. It had been flipped so the place where the black smoke hit it was visible. Fishlegs started saying that the fireball wasn't smoke, but it was burning hot ashes, that were hot enough to entirely disintegrate  the materials from the ship within seconds. Then Fishlegs handed hiccup a dragon card with a drawing of the white and purple dragon on it, yet there was no info about it written on the card. Fishlegs was shining with excitement.

"ooh! I cant wait to learn more about it! Can we go search for it?! Pleeease?" 

​Hiccup thought about it for a while, thinking about how dangerous this dragon was, but then he remembered all of the dragons he had faced before. He agreed with fishlegs, and told him to get Astrid and the others. Fishlegs was so happy that he was running around looking for everyone. when he was searching for snotlout, He ran into Plague and Storm Splitter. 

​"Sorry Plague! We are going to search for that white dragon and I'm so excited!!"

​He kept running, but out of the corner of his eye he saw Plague glare at him. He ignored it and found Snotlout, and they all started flying out towards the ocean. 

​"Why are we searching for this dumb dragon?? Nobody even saw where it went!! I could be training right now!" Snotlout yelled.

​"Yes but that dragon could be dangerous, or it could get caught by dragon hunters and used to destroy the School. " Hiccup said.

All of a sudden, Stormfly stopped flying and growled.

"Whats wrong girl?"  Astrid pet Stormfly.

​ "Hh whats that over there? Is it a giant bird? CHICKEN IS NOT AMUSED!!!" Tuffnutt yelled. 

​Hiccup got a worried expression on his face when he turned and saw the white and purple dragon staring directly at them.

​Then, the white dragon flew towards them faster than they could all react.

It pushed Hiccup off of toothless and they both started falling. Stormfly blasted a fireball at the white dragon, but the dragon flipped around and fired a ball of ashes at her fireball before it hit her, causing a giant explosion of ashes. Astrid looked around trying to think of a plan, but suddenly a titan Stormcutter grabbed her and Stormfly and started flying away from the others. When she looked back, she saw everybody else being carried by titan stormcutters as well, But the titan stormcutter carrying Hiccup and toothless looked.. familiar.. Storm Splitter. When she turned again to face forwards, she saw the white and purple dragon flying ahead of her. After a couple of hours of flying, they landed on a rock, and the titan stormcutters stayed close. The white and purple dragon walked closer, and Astrid went to grab her axe

​The titan stormcutters growled at her and she instantly dropped it on the ground. The white dragon smacked the axe far away from astrid with its tail, and then it sat down. Hiccup looked at it closely. It just sat there castually. Hiccup looked at Astrid with a confused look, and then everybody looked at each other. "uh... Plague?" Fishlegs said in a confused voice. Hiccup turned to look back at the white dragon, but instead of the dragon.. He saw Plague sitting where the dragon was. He looked at her in a confused way, until he looked at her hands and saw.. the white dragon's hands.. "Wait.. What?" Astrid asked. Then Plague stood up, and flicked around a long white tail with a giant purple fin at the end, and purple spikes.

​"Boo" Plague said

​"WAIT YOURE A DRAGON??" yelled the twins.

​"Can you blow up trees?! I love blowing up trees! You can come with us! LETS GOO" Yelled Tuffnut

​"Nobody is supposed to know about this, so no, I can't help you blow up trees."

"​Youre no fun!" said Ruffnutt.

​"Why cant anybody know?" asked Astrid.

​"Just act like you dont know, Ok??" Plague said in a serious tone.

"We won't tell anyone." said Hiccup. "Right Guys?"

"I still wish we could blow up trees.."  Said the twins in a sad voice.

​Then Plague waved at her titan stormcutters, and they took them all back to berk. To this day, nobody knows that Plague can turn into a dragon, except hiccup and the others. Plague shows up at hunter raids to destroy ships every once and a while in her dragon form, but It still remains a secret.


(If you reached the end of my signature and read through my bad character backstory, PM me and I'll make a drawing for ya.) 

 I will add more to this and fix it later.




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As I mentioned before, it was my personal opinion xD You have your own, I'm glad you liked the rewards even if I hate them ^^

My graphic settings are always maxed out and skins are still blured, guess it's another glitch. What a surprise, right?

And I honestly think posts like that are needed. Maybe before launching Snoggletog they'll at least check if everything works as it should. Not going to be quiet and pretend I was havong fun when I obviously wans't :')

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hello I'll be your chef today.. *burns food*

You didn't really say "This post is just my personal opinion" anywhere on the first post. At least not that I read. and almost this entire post was just you saying all the prizes were terrible and bringing up stuff there was already 70 other posts about before.
if the skins are blurry for you it could be your device. I went on the game on my new phone and they look fine, and then tried with my old phone and they were blurred. Even though my old phone had the highest graphics settings. Not everything is exactly a glitch y'know.. sometimes it's the device you use. I'm also sure there could have been a better way to say your opinions instead of saying everything was bad.

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Hehe lol.... Ugly mask ugly mask

Ahem anyway, do you have a screenshot of the cauldron tweet? I'm interested to see


One truth prevails!

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PM me, don't really want kids here to know my personal informations xD

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Haha, love you point

Hi Foxburrow,


I love you statement. Not that I would agree, but you express your thought of this event and I like that you stand your ground.


I liked the flightmare dragon amor, since now I can in disguise myself as a male, haha. The mask I would sadly not have any use for since I have bought a glasses looking mask, that I really like. Mostly to look more like me.


To be honest, I was a true fan of the event, despite all the glitches. Not that the glitches cost me anything. Maybe I lost some trophies, but I am quite sure that it was due to a speedhacker, since first I was number one, and then suddenly it said that lost the game. Never happened before, but I also just started to race.

More about the glitches, since you talked about the quest, there was a quest were you pick up an egg from Astrid. Caused by a glitch I receive around 50 eggs instead of 1. It was quite fun.

Sometimes I think the server did not handle all the pressure, and logged me out. The thing though, they cannot help it.


About the Dreadfall cauldron, did you click and hold until the item seem to free itself and the dragged it? Also the candies, they were not supposed to be opende with Commercials/Ads at all. That wound not be fair to the PC-playes.


Overall I liked the event, though I had one major complaint, look at Hybrids are taking over the campus, and trade suggestion where I explain it.


Have a wonderful day,





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I'm happy you had fun during event, wish I did too :') 

As I said before, it was my personal opinion on rewards, of course you have your own. For me the masks are just ugly and will rott in my closet forever untill I can scrap them or something... Swrods are already scrapped. 

Yes, I tried everything with the cauldron and nothing worked. Think it started to work around 7-5 days before the event ended. 

I know chests were not supposed to be opened with ads. No, it's not unfair since they were in game before so if we're thinking that way, everything is unfair because mobile players have a chance to earn gems every hour unlike PC players. Btw now they are back BUT with 2 gems instead of 5 as a bonus for daily rewards </3

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Wrong forum lol. This is GA.


I truly do think that the event should have been tested more, because the only thing that made doing all the dailies absolutely tedious were the bugs forcing me to re-do the same things a bunch of times. The rewards, aside from the dragons, were pretty bad as well. I do love that blue pumpkin, though.


For the rest the event was GG EZ.


Also admins can't and won't fix bugs because it's not their job to do so.


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Completely agree with you,

Completely agree with you, Varku.


In my opinion, this event was amazing, apart from, as you said, having to do some quests over due to a bug.

The devs should probably think twice before doing another event like this, since not a lot of people really enjoyed it. 

Hopefully, Snoggletog will turn out better than Dreadfall did.





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I do hope we'll get some kind of snoggletog event!


I don't think many people hated the event hated it because of the bugs-- a lot of threads/posts seemed to be from people who expected the prizes to be handed to them on a silver platter w/o them having to do any work. Some threads/posts on the event were just surreal.

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Let's hope they'll learn from the feedback and make Snoggletog better than Dreadfall was. 

Well, what left then? Decorations? In that case yeaah, they were cool xD

I know it's not literally admins job but they're part of SoD team so they're also responsible for passing the info about bugs to the rest and that's what I meant 

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What's left when what?

The admins do pass along bugs and other issues. There's nothing wrong with them offering a possible workaround until an issue gets fixed either.

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there are no event

hi, for this event i can't see it at all. I try log out and back in but this event neever shown up for me.


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there are no event

hi, for this event i can't see it at all. I try log out and back in but this event neever shown up for me.