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I feel like since this game has been on for so long that there should be landing animations. The flight on many dragons is somewhat rigid, so I believe that a landing animation and button would be awesome. I saw a post from a loooong time ago that displayed gifs of different landing animations for the different dragons. Landing on walls, ground shake with big dragons, etc. would be freaking amazing! Also, I feel like the game would be more realistic to an extent to have typhoomerangs and timberjacks to be much bigger than what they are. yes they're large dragons but they're supposed to be large enough for other dragons to ride on top of them. Which would also be a cool feature to add.



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I think that's a good idea! I

I think that's a good idea! I do not really think that we could just land by flying towards the ground, but I think there should be a land button. There is this game called "Dragon Sim online" where you can of course play as a dragon. There is this button that lets you land if you are close to the ground, and I really want this because I have issues with landing with dragons like Silver Phantom, Snow Wraith and Sand Wraith. I write this over here because I want the button and the landing animation. Also, I do not want people to yell at me that I'm copying when I create a topic about this







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I know right!

The last post I saw about this was from 2014 so I think it's a good time to bring it back up!

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I know right!

The last post I saw about this was from 2014 so I think it's a good time to bring it back up!

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That would be Quite Interesting.

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