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I know landing may not be such a problem in this game, many people might not even notice this. Sometimes the dragon hits the ground and hovers, sometimes it hits the ground and keeps flying. I would like a land button to be added.


Landing would need new animation, so this would take time to make, but it would be an amazing detail to this game. Not all dragons would have different landing animation, some could be copied. This would also make the dragons even more unique. 


This would be similar to the flight suit button, it will only appear in certain situations. It will also have a hotkey (T for example)

When flying close to the ground the button will appear. You will slow down, click the button and your dragon will land. 


Some dragons could also have special abillities. Nightmares and Stormcutters will be able to land on rocky walls. Heavy dragons will create a small shake (like an earthquake) for effect...



Toothless always lands by flapping his wings quickly making him slow down and then jumps to the ground. The Flightamre could have the same animation.



When near the ground Hotburples would continue flying and after their wold start dragging their tail they would just flop to the ground (shaking it). This animation can also be used for Gronckles.



When close to the ground they would just retract their wings, jumping to the groun shaking it. Thunderdrums, Scauldrons and Snafflefangs could have the same animation.



Landing with their back legs first, the same animation could be used for Zipplebacks, Nadders, Skrills, Boneknappers, Typhoomerangs and Smokebreaths (Maybe Stormcutters). The dragons would slow down using their wings. They would either flap them quickly or just extend their claws making a silent land.



Hobblegrunts could land quickly, using their front arms/claws to help them come to a stop. Raincutters could have the same animation.


The gifs are just a reference.  Of course there could be more different animations. I would really like to see this added, since it would be great for dragons to have smooth landings.



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This would be very helpful. I

This would be very helpful. I find it frustrating when my dragons don't land right away. Hope this is added


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I would love to see it

I would love to see it applied.




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Yes!!! My nadder and whispering death do that all the time unless im at a slow speed. I would love it if the admins could at least consider this idea. I personally love this idea, it would make each dragon unique. :)


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Actually Cloudjumper lands like Skullcrusher, as seen when Toothless  becomes Alpha.

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that would be so awseome i

that would be so awseome i would really love that everyone would think that as a good idea






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Very nice idea

If the admins havent read this or considered this, they realy should. Im tired of crashing into things to land, definitley needs to be added. 


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Thanks for the support! :D

Thanks for the support! :D

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I love this idea. I have an excepcionally hard time trying to land my Skrills, and it would be really wonderful to see something like this implemented to the game! I really really liked this idea. :3

Hopefully the admins will look into it! I all up for it.


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#23 | DRAGON: Boneknapper ♂ | NAME: Chimera

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#25 | DRAGON: Gronkle ♂ | NAME: Musgo

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#30 | DRAGON: Screaming Death ♂ | NAME: Warmonger
#31 | DRAGON: Armorwing ♀ | NAME: Titanium
#32 | DRAGON: Night Light ♀ | NAME: Dart
#33 | DRAGON: Eruptodon ♂ | NAME: Molten
#34 | DRAGON: Deathgripper ♂ | NAME: Prowler
#35 | DRAGON: Whispering Death ♂ | NAME: Groundbreaker
#36 | DRAGON: Singetail ♀ | NAME: Moonflower
#37 | DRAGON: Triple Stryke ♂ | NAME: Deathtrap
#38 | DRAGON: Grapple Grounder ♂ | NAME: Talontwist

#39 | DRAGON: Elder Sentinel ♂ | NAME: Gaius

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#47 | DRAGON: Flame Whipper ♀ | NAME: Windwalker

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#49 | DRAGON: Tide Glider ♀ | NAME: Lakefin
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#51 | DRAGON: Deathgripper ♀ | NAME: Venom

#52 | DRAGON: Speed Stinger ♂ | NAME: Nightraptor

#53 | DRAGON: Hideous Zippleback ♂ | NAME: Jelly & Bean

#54 | DRAGON: Sand Wraith ♂ | NAME: Duskfang

#55 | DRAGON: Thunderdrum ♀ | NAME: Waverider

#56 | DRAGON: Shockjaw ♂ | NAME: Kialos

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It should also have a keyboard button

like maybe tap the key "L" to land as well :) 

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Great idea, Ellie! I know I'm not the only one who often experiences difficulty landing. The only issue with this suggestion is the actual animations. If this was to implemented, it would be quite problematic animating the landings, especially with the graphics of the game. Despite this, I hope the admins consider this amazing idea!







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I love this idea!

This is an awsome idea and i think a lot of players would use this. I mean once you finish all the quests you end up kind of role playing and this would just to the experince!


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I have also been thinking

I have also been thinking about a land button, I guess you beat me to making a topic on it. XD


I would love to see a land button! :)


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This is a very good idea!


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Super support! I hate when I

Super support! I hate when I have to continuously press down to land my dragon when it hovers........




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This is a great idea:) I

This is a great idea:) I always have problems landing my skrill.


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Great Idea. I would like to

Great Idea. I would like to see this added.

but for now... once you get close to the ground, press the "Shift" key. your dragons legs will go forwards and you will have a smooth landing :)



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A wonderful idea!  I have

A wonderful idea!  I have also noticed that my dragons don't always land right away and I have to fly higher and try landing again somewhere else.  A landing button would be very helpful and I was honestly surprised that it wasn't an option from the getgo as I was looking for one the first few times I went in for a landing!