Lagging and Crashing (MMO)

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Hey guys. So I haven't actually played School of Dragons in a VERY long time due to getting fed up with the many bugs and performance issues, but recently I decided to give it another try and it seems to run pretty well with MMO disabled.


That being said... When I enable MMO the game will lag like crazy (Which is to be expected I guess) but it will usually result in a crash. I know I can just play the game in singleplayer mode but I like to see other players wondering around the map and it makes the game seem less empty.


I don't know if there is a true fix to this but I wanna know if other people are experiencing constant crashes from enabling MMO?


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There's a simple way to fix that, just turn your graphics down on low on the main log in page and you will experience WAY less lag and crashing. With SoD, lagging and crashing can be expected (especially with older devices or devices that can't handle running it) so doing this should help you out a ton c:



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I had crashes like this a few

I had crashes like this a few Times, but now it's working. The problem was that the graphics were on Low. When I changed it to medium, the game worked. Are the graphics on your game Low? Maybe that's the problem. The lagging when you turn on the MMO are normal and take a few second to stop. If you get in the game with the MMO already on, it should be better. The PC/phone matter too, how well they can run the game.


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Try this?

Sometimes, if it's a graphics problem, what works for me is turning off Shadows or some other shader. For whatever reason, it can help load things a lot quicker.


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Thanks for the replies

Thanks for the replies everyone, I will try toggling the graphics to see if it makes a difference.