Labrador Retriever puppies! Adoption thread

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Do not respond yet. In the meantime, have my picture of Charlie as a Leprechaun!





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Here. Have a puppy.

Hi! So before I go offline for a week, I wanted to try something new. This is a test for that plan. I’m going to post traditionally drawn puppies below, that you may adopt! This week is Labrador Retrievers, but if it’s a success, you might see another dog breed in a couple weeks. One of my best friends just lost her cocker spaniel, Rest In Peace. I’m really sad as he was a fantastic friend to me, and I wanted happiness. So there! Puppies.


This works in a fairly simple way. You walk into the Breeder’s dog-pen (this time in a kitchen), and pick your puppy. If there is more than one request for a single puppy, I’ll be asking our arch-enemy the calculator to choose who gets lil’ Malteser or Cindy. I’ll do my best to persuade the calculator to pick you next time, but I can’t guarantee that. My calculator has a mind of its own. You’re gonna have to describe a bit of your personality too, so I know if your human-dog match will actually work.

-These puppies are in litters, and their litter size is determined by a calculator. If there’s ten one week and only one or two the next time, don’t be mad. Blame the calculator instead of me.

-You may only have one puppy per litter

-Be nice, please. Mah puppies don’t like meanies.

-Actually fill out your personality, please. I can’t give you a puppy unless you do.

-You must must MUST have your subject as “No puppy mills” to get your doggy. Please, read all the rules. I really don’t wanna turn anyone away.

DO NOT RESPOND DIRECTLY, but you may now reply. I’ll have our first puppy up in a few minutes, but the rest will come later. Patience, please. Feel free to comment on the puppies, but NOT DIRECTLY. PLEASE. (And yes I know Charlie is not a lab. She’s a golden retriever.)

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No puppy mills

Breed: Mixed Labrador Retrievers

Parents: Kite the Yellow Lab-Black Lab mix, and Valentina the Brown Lab

Current abode: Inexperienced breeder’s kitchen


Cindy: Claimed


Backstory: Cindy, welcome to the world! Early! Cindy, runt of the litter, came days earlier than her siblings, and it’s quite the miracle that she survived. Even so, her right eye, with a larger pupil than its twin, tends to deter possible adopters. But don’t let her features mar her near-perfect personality!

Personality: Cindy, with her enlarged right pupil, proves that you should never ‘judge a pup by their coat’. She’s sweet and quiet, cautious and responsible. If Taco or Pink are getting into trouble, she’ll be there to hound them out. Literally! Her name is derived from the fairytale Cinderella, and despite her eye, she’s rooting for her own Happily Ever After.


Aleisha: Claimed, renamed Hazel


Backstory: Aleisha, second in the litter, came shortly before her brother, Sorbet. After that, the long line of puppies came. Aleisha might just be the prettiest of the litter! With her silvery fur and piercing blue eyes, she embodies a perfect-coated lab. She even has a kinky, white-tipped tail!

Personality: Aleisha is a little bit of a fashion star, with her proud posture and elegant trot. She would make a perfect agility dog, or even a show dog! She has unlimited energy and curiosity, but settles down at the end of a long and pampering-filled day. But buyers beware: when you aren’t watching, she can get into plenty of mischief!

Sorbet: Claimed, renamed Tahoe


Backstory: Sorbet...doesn’t really look like a lab, does he? Those unusual spots, the choppy, thick hair...everyone, including his siblings, are critical at first. But he’ll win you over!

Personality: Sorbet’s breeder doesn’t even know why they named him that! He’s a goofy, clumsy pup with big feet and a loveable fear of anything smaller than him. Adorable!

Taco: Free


Backstory: Taco, what have you gotten yourself into? A brand new puppy, sitting with lettuce leafs on his head. And, to top it all, a tomato plopped atop the leaves! From that experience, his name was created. Who would’ve known Taco would be such a cutie?

Personality: Even though Taco came before Pink, he follows his little sister around everywhere. Too bad Pink likes trouble, then. He often winds up getting the worst end of the deal, too! Oh, Taco, you sweetie.

Chamira: Free


Backstory: Chamira’s like the jack of all trades in the litter. She’d make a fantastic agility dog, or a low-key family dog. She’s pretty, but not afraid to run into the water puddle from the leaky sink. Despite her malleability, one thing is for sure: you won’t find Chamira without her signature butterfly hair-er, fur clip!

Personality: Chamira’s pretty happy-go-lucky, like her brother Malteser. But she strives to stand out from the rest of her litter mates, and has enough confidence to believe that she can do anything.

Malteser: Free


Backstory: Wait, wait. Who put the Dalmatian in the litter? When your brothers are both named after food, you gotta match with ‘em. Malteser has those little spots all over his body, his mother and father’s genes pooled together evenly. His nose is even multicoloured! Is he black, with large beige spots? Or beige, with small black spots? Oh, and those smudges that aren’t spots? That’s fireplace soot. Somehow, this doggie got out of the pen and rolled in the ashes.

Personality: Malteser is pretty carefree, other than when he is thwarting the vacuum cleaner and growling at the neighbour’s cat. Even though he gets into mischief, he doesn’t really try, and he definitely doesn’t hide it. He likes to snuggle, too! But he needs a confident person with leadership traits, to make sure he doesn’t get into a dangerous situation while on one of his little endeavours.




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No Puppy Mills!!

Can I adopt Sorbet? My personality type is Defender (ISFJ-T). I am introverted, and find it difficult to connect with people, but when I do manage to make friends, I am loyal, funny, and kind. I usually connect better with animals than with people.


Credit goes to Aussie the second



credit for these two goes to Lady fighter


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This is a little random, but a song that I love is The Dark Before the Dawn, by Andrew Peterson. A lyric video for that can be found by clicking/tapping on this link


I am a teenage girl, a HUGE Loki fan, a bit of a Tom Hiddleston fan, ProLife, and Christian. I have two rabbits, and am a little. . . *clears throat* . . . obsessed with dragons. I enjoy creative writing and a little bit of drawing in my spare time. I have accounts on, Wattpad, FictionPress, and MessagInk under the same username as here, but so far, all I've posted on any of them is my Wings of War fanfic trilogy on my Considering putting it on Wattpad as well. . . idk


My main movie fandoms are HTTYD (obviously), LOTR, Star Trek (remakes), and Marvel. My main book fandoms are The Green Ember Series, by S. D. Smith, and The Ashtown Burials, by N. D. Wilson, although The Wingfeather Saga, by Andrew Peterson, is also good.






Lucy (left) and Hazel (right), my siggy's resident rabbits, adoptables done by Moonfyre. The art section, what with its combination of a rather diverse amount of animals, can get a little crazy at times, so these two are here instead.


Tahoe, my siggy's resident puppy, an adoptable done by Silver Phantom



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Myria the Manticore, by the very skilled Speedyleaf :) I love her!


Speckle the Night Light, made by the amazing AndreaEaston :D she's brilliant!


Stormkeeper the Blight Fury, by ZestyDragonWing :D thank you so much!



Davion the Deathly Singflyer(top) and Skyfire the Piercing Shriekscale (bottom) by Chameishida :) TYSM!!!


Stormcloud the Alpine Squaller, by Featheronfire :D she looks great!


Hilan and Leaper, made by TosiLohi :D TYSM!!!!!!


Moon Raider, my Light Fury OC (top), and Flaming Honesty, my first Night Light OC (bottom), both drawn beautifully by Iamthesenate! They're awesome!!




Ocean Dawn drawn by the amazing InkyDigiWing!! she looks amazing!!


Ocean Dawn, Leaper, and Winter Wildflower, drawn by Tigerli1y!! tysm!


Reisu the Sand Wraith, by the amazing Madoka Miyazono!!



Hilan, my main OC, in her Lycanwing form (top), and Amaroq the Aleution (bottom), both drawn by the amazing Dylieh!! TYSM!!!


Hilan in her farm at Dreadfall, drawn by the amazing Silver Phantom!! tysm!!!

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Thank you for fixing it :D

You head into the kitchen, bouncing on your heels. You feel pretty nervous, but excitement takes over! You settle on the floor, back against the wall. For the longest time, the pups play with you, but none of them seem Suddenly, Sorbet pops out from behind you, tumbling to a dizzy stop. How did he get there? You shrug, smiling as the puppy puts his paws against your leg.


All yours! If you rename him, lmk please!

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Puppy Mills S.UCK

I believe I shall call him. . . Tahoe! After my parents dog :D


Me when I realized I put the wrong thing in the subject bar:

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Okay seriously... Aleisha looks and acts almost EXACTLY like my lab! Except my dog doesn't have a left ear flap and no white tail tip and has greenish eyes.. but otherwise I feel like you stole my dog so uh... May I adopt Aleisha? 

Also Charlie is so cute in that outfit! She's all fluffy :D also how old is she?


Also here's my personality:

I'm pretty introverted so I'll be home quite often (its not like I'm going anywhere anyways :P), I tend to be pretty kind and silly, I like to snuggle with my animals, I'll probably spoil her.. a lot, I treat my animals like people mostly... Uh... that's it I think -\0w0/-



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I'm a proud Christian and I believe Jesus Christ has died for me!

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I'm female

I live in 'Murcia where everything is on literal and metaphorical fire


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I enjoy:

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Drawing/ doing art stuff (Yes, I do take requests, and you can PM me for one!)

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Don't worry :3 have a jellyfish!

Yesssss Jellyfish >:D 


















Huh... Your really into reading this siggy... Did you read my warning then? Perhaps not since you don't look okay... You're not possesed now are you? Are you- OH HECK YOU'RE POSSESSED! *runs away screaming*


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You enter the kitchen rather shy, wishing that you could immediately set eyes upon that one pup that would come home with you, as if in a movie.'s not like that at first. You sit in the pen, trying to play with the pups and being ignored. But as you slap your knees in frustration, getting up, a silky, quicksilver-furred pup prances over and settles in your lap, looking up at you. Apparently, she thought you were inviting her in for a cuddle!

You may re-name her whatever you'd like or keep her as Aleisha! :D


I STOLE YOUR DOGGIE MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Yes by all means she is yours!


And thankies! It's from St.Patties, but currently she's seven months, nearly eight months! My lil girlie is growing up so fast! Ahhh! 0o0 :,)

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Yay my fluffers is in art form now! I'm gonna rename her Hazel... Like my dog XD

Anyways: Thank you! Your art is so adorable! 




Aww puppy (:3 savor these moments, cause soon enough she'll be too big and too crazy to handle XD 

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  May I Adopt Cindy (if that's her name)? She's adorable!  I don't know my personality type. But I am loyal, caring, loving, and I love animals! Especially puppies!!




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          Amazing drawings of Hypnos and Nyx the Night Lights. :3

                                                             Nyx by Lissafish! :D My profile picture!

    Hypnos by Lissafish! My favorite version! :D



                                        By Dylieh!!! :D :3 


                     A drawing of Hypnos trying to catch me as I fall was made by Dylieh! Thanks Dylieh!



                                                    By Izzydrawsdragons. :D   


                                                                  By Frugal. :D


                  By Icee Glacier. :P         

                                                                                                                           By Speedyleaf. :D





    By AndreaEaston                                                                                                                                                                  By AndreaEaston



                                                                                                            By Anic101


                                                By Frugal. :D


      By Frugal :P


    By Madoka Miyanzono :3

  By Madoka Miyanzono :D


         By EndlessNight :)


        By Endless Night! :D



                       By Silver Phantom :D


   By VicZarSky :P




                                 Amazing art of Helios! :D  


                                                     Helios made by Lissafish! :D   


An edit of Helios, Hypnos, and Nyx made by xKnightFuryx! Background found by me! My profile picture!


                                             Helios banner made by DragonRider's Fury! :D


                                                  Helios and I Made by Tosi Lohi! 






     Helios made by TigerLi1y!


  Helios made my Maz!

  Helios again by Maz! 


                  Art of my amazing Dark Claw and Lady!


                                      Dark Claw made by Lissafish! :D



                         Midnight and me by Toothless0603! Also my profile pic ~





                                               Midnight by Flitt!




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           By Toothless0603! <3

       Me and Midnight by Silver Phantom! <3

                            Me and Midnight by Equestwestherider!


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            Made by Frost Shards                                            



     Made by Slargvarg

  Made by MidnightSXN


   By WoollyHowlEra


     Made by IamTheSenate


           By Victorea (hope I spelled that right)!       


             Art of my wonderful Moondust! 




                                                  Moondust made by Lissafish! :D


                                                 Moondust and Dark Claw by Lissafish! 




                               Cyclone The Windwalker by Sohki the amazing Windwalker Queen. xD   









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You skip towards the kitchen, slowing down when you close the latch of the gate with a soft click. Your heart swelling, you fawn over the puppies, enamoured. They shower you with attention and kisses, but one holds back, as she has experienced being pushed away. You inquire about her, and learn the story of her unusual eye. With a small smile, you scoop her up, where she yips and snuggles into your arms. Looks like Cinderella got her happy ending after all!



Enjoy! If you wanna rename her lmk! (But I think Cindy is a good one for her)

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 As much as Cindy fits her I would like her name to be Jinx.

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Something 'bout no Pup Mills

I'm just gonna track this... 



Can I adopt Malteser? If not, then can I get Chemira? (Yes I did not spell it right, sorry)



Okay Here's my personality!

ENTP, Hufflepuff, I'm carfree but also can be stern when needed. I love animals (Mostly big fluffy dogs though) and would Love to have one of these wonderful pups! (tell me if you need more)


                        Last updated: 1/4/2020, (Profile Pic made by

Go here for a Lycanwing!

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(But you can just call me Maz. :3)

Age: Teen

Gender: Female

Religion: Christian :3

Personality: ENTP, I try to have fun while staying kind and respectful to everyone. I love laughing and having a good time! :D

Likes: I love musical theatre, friends, reading, and drawing! :3

Honeycrisp my siggy guardian done by the simply fantastic Fun Dragon! :D


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FANDOMS!!! :D :D :D 

BBC Merlin, Dr.who, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Rangers Apprentice, Avitar the last airbender, Chuck, Once upon a time, Disney, Warrior Cats, Percy Jackson, and many more! (I'll add more later)

                              I have so many dragons it'll take awhile to write it all down!

1: Marya, the green sand wraith,  2: Sky, sky blue Deadly Nadder,  3: Will treaty, grean wispering death,  4: Pendragon Gona (or Morgona, they wouldn't let me name her that though) Purple wispering death 5: Jennny, pink purple groncicle 6: Arther Pendragon, red wispering death 7: Uther Pendragon, grey wispering death 8: Phill Colson, blue eruptadon 9: Bomburst (from chitty chitty Bang Bang, I did that play before) red Groncle 10: Thanos, Baby purple Groncle 11: Jemima (also from Chitty) pink nightmare 12: Jeremy Potts (Chitty) blue titan Nightmare 13: the Flash, red speed stinger 14: Garmadon, Purple Changewing 15: Kili and Fili, pink Zippleback 16: Zuko, Bronze red Razerwip 17: Azula, Grey red pink Razerwip 18: TheBalrogOfMorgoth, Red and black Snafflefang 19: Regina Mills, purple Deathsong 20: Ananis, Purple thunderdrum,  21: Saphira, Gold (or yellow, whatever you want to call it) Thunderdrum 22: Bealfire,blue and gold armurwing  23: LunaLovegood, yellow wholly howl 24: Shuri, purple deathgripper

(these are done by Aetherna)                                         (This is Foam)

(for anyone wondering, my two other accounts are called, Spot Conlin, and Oashnokia)

In game I have 4 accounts, My two main and My two Just-for-fun ones. On my first (Name: Mazhira) account I have almost everything done 'cept a few expansions. In all the other accounts I still have a lot left. You're likly to find me at the training grounds around battle times under the name Mazhira or AlenkaJackson. 



      I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever.

                                                                   -Psalms 86:12


Sorry for the bad writing and spelling, I have slight Dysgraphia and  thus my thoughts arn't very easly understood (Plus I talk in an Accent sometimes and it bleeds into my writing) :D 



           ART!!!!! Oh NO! Were'd most of it  go?!?! Oh wait, here it is!




(I'll put newest art peice I get here :)) Here is Daisy and her mate the Silent Fury Slayer! Thank you so much KasaneLover! :D 

Here is Spout! My amazing Silver Phantom done by the talented Sohki!



Here is Honycrisp when someone wakes her up XD Thank you so much Wholly Howl Era! :3



Here is Honycrisp! Done talently by Slargvarg!



I do art! :D Look at the top if you want any!

Here's a few of my pieces of artwork in link form!

Here's some on paper, top is a person the other one is a dragon

Here's a few things I will not draw, Sand wraiths,deathgrippers, (Can never get SW or DG' heads right) and anything NSFW. I reserve the right to refuse any art request that I feel is wrong or something and makes me feel wrong. That being said, I love drawing for you people so everything should be fine. :3


Here's a wonderful gif of my dragon done wonderfully by DrakeTheDragon5567!



And with that, You have reached the end! Great Job! :D


Hey! You can request a free drawing via PM now! Yay! :3


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No puppy mills!!

You head into the kitchen, determined to be calm and collected, but at the sight of puppy dogs you melt into mush. Fifteen million kisses and wagging tails later, the breeder walks in with a scruffy, black-smudged pup. They plop him into the pen, head shaking. The pup waddles around, immediately trying to find his way back out again. You seem like the best way, so he manages to climb up onto your head. But once up there, he decides to take a little snooze on your hair. Ten minutes later, he was snuggling into your lap for a longer nap.


If you wanna rename him, just lmk!

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:) pup mills? Nah

XD This is litterally me. Although I wouldn't let it onto my head as my hair is really long, thick, and course and no matter how much I love puppies and dogs I'd rather not let them on my head. But also, I love him! 


I think I shall rename him. He shall be henceworth known as.. Hiccup! Because IDK. It felt right. Thanks a million!


(also, can I put him in my "siggy?")

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Feel free to add Hiccup to your siggy! :D

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No puppy mills! Whatever that means

Can I adopt Charmira? Also, why are we putting no puppy mills in the subject?

I'm a smart, blunt, I love dragons, Ravenclaw, and I love math and reading.



Name in Real Life: Can't tell you this

Age in Real Life: Can't tell

Grade in Real Life: 5th

Gender/Pronouns: Girl, She/her pronouns

Real Life Hobbies: Math, Reading, SoD, Writing, School, Playing the Flute, Mario Cart Wii

Name in SoD: TheNightLightTrainerOfBerk

Clan: I tend to swich clans a lot, but right now I'm in At last you see the light

SoD Hobbies: DT, Flying around aimlessly, running the mazes, and hanging out in the Hidden World Annex.

Where to find me: Um... Anywhere but Zippleback island, Impossible island, and Hobblegrunt island.