KristineFuryxD -Viking of the week?! O-O

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Joined: 11/07/2021

Viking Name: KristineFuryxD

Age when i made that name? 9.

Favorite dragons now:

TheCutiesMonster, Sand Wraith (I was 10, that's why...yk, name) 
Sjostorm, Seastormer

I love using my seastormer in Battle Events, and especially Fireball Frenzy! My Sand Wraith is my go-to racing dragon, because it requires skill to master the bad acceleration and pitch rate it has! I like to work my way up. I still love and adore my 

40 other dragons, and I keep them busy and happy with the stable quests!

My clan is Fiery Reign, and it's a really helpful clan. The symbol is also one of the coolest one you can get.

Hobbies/Intrests: Reading chat and answering new/younger players' questions, especially about the cool colors you can get! Grinding.Anything. I love earning rewards for events, seeing the number of my trophies go up, and earning awesome gear from dragon tactics. I especially enjoy racing, it's so nice to feel the cold air run through my hair, especially since it's winter...which means that snoggletog is here soon! Im really excited, have to prepare some gifts for my dragons, but see you later!

Enjoy the pictures! In one of them, Sjostorm is resting after taking 2.nd place in the battle events, because you can't always be best..:')


I have to admit I might have gone overboard??)

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current dragons:

If you have any questions about the names, hmu!:)

Meatlug, Gronckle

Ironclaw, Gronckle

Boda, Gronckle 

The WishperxD, whispering death

(Alpha) Toothless, Night Fury

Razle, titan razorwhip

Razler, razorwhip

MyArmorxD, Armorwing

Kanius, Death Song

Fish, Devilish Dervish

Frozt, Groncicle

Torch, Typhoomerang

TheCutiesMonster, Sand Wraith

Smurf, Smothering Smokebreath

Rumblee, Rumblehorn

Skrulle, Skuttleclaw

SIvi, SIngletail

LivRedder (LifeSaver), Eruptdon

Shokki, Shockjaw


D.d.s, Titan Deadly Nadder

Timian, Speed Stinger

Torden, Thunderdrum

Light Fury

Penn, Elder Sentinel

Gobblewobble, Hobgobbler

Dodener, Deathgripper

Kompis, Triple Stryke

Gotha, Prickleboggle

Balo, Skrill

Skrikern, Screaming Death

Mareritt, Monstrous Nightmare

Egg, Hideous Zippleback

Sonja, Fireworm Queen

Skrik, Flightmare

Skyhopper, Stormcutter

Reign, Raincutter

Skallo, Shovelhelm