Krisona - for Viking of the Week! *UPDATED*

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I am Krisona, a student at the SoD. I'll tell you some about myself!

Full name: Krisona the Unknown (I'm adopted by Gothi after being safed from Dragon Hunters by Astrid ^-^)
Viking name: Krisona
Age: 13
My dragon: Shyra, Deadly Nadder

Hi there! I am Krisona, and this *roar!* is Shyra, my very own Nadder. I love her!
We enjoy racing in Thunder Run Racing, BT we LOVE exploring caves, forests or complete islands! Shyra is very playful but not very social, she likes flying with me.
Me? I'm always alone with Shyra. Except for lessons at the School of Dragons, but all my spare time I spend... alone!
Well, not ALL of my spare time... I like discussing with my Clan mates, racing too, but I'm not really social. ^-^

Favourite httyd dragon: TOOTHLESS! and CloudJumper too!
Favourite 'minigames' in SoD: TRR, Flight Club
Least favourite minigames: ALCHEMY ADVENTURE, eel roast

Favourite colour: blue/green
Favourite dragon species: Night Fury, Sand Wraith, Stormcutter and Scuttleclaw and Skrill

My dragons:
Shyra, female Deadly Nadder - lvl 27
Elsa, female Groncicle - lvl 18
Night Quarts, male Whispering D. - lvl 15
Emeraldo, male Whispering Death, lvl 10
Torch, female Fireworm Queen - lvl 9
Stoketail, male Monstrous Nightmare - lvl 4

Main riding dragon: Shyra!
Main racing dragon: Elsa, when grown up Stoketail too
Main battle dragon: Shyra or Torch
Main 'Derping around' dragon: Night Quarts or Emeraldo
Main quest dragon: a dragon who has to grow, but mostly Shyra

Trophies: 177 (?)
Stars: 1 silver star xD
UTD points: 30000+
Clan: SkyBrooke
Clan leader: FALCON VA

Reason why I want to be VotW: I just thought: 'IDK why I don't just try it) ;-)'

You didn't fall asleep while reading this whole thing? I'm very proud at you ;-)!

See ya later!

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'This, is Berk. The best kept secret this side of... well, anywhere.' ~ Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, httyd 2.