Krayfin on the loose

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Has somebody seen my Krayfin?

I must have lost him somewhere on my way to the fallen statue. While I was focusing on jumping from one platform to the next and not to fall into the water - again - he must have sneaked away from me. I guess he was getting bored.


Now I am in that room with the four pressure plates and the two little statues, frantically jumping up and down on the third one and could really use him for the fourth. But he chooses not to show up. 


So please if you see him, please bring him back to me I miss him.


And yes I have cleared my cache and I play with the download version.



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And I also relogged a few

And I also relogged a few times already he is a goner :(

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Is your quest currently saying "Climb to the Eruptodon Statue"? If so, you missed a quest trigger. Instead of entering the maze, follow the mountain path that is off to the right in front of the building where Skulder is trapped, and then it should lead you to a cliffside, of which you go around a corner and it triggers another quest. Be careful about making it all the way to the top- sometimes the next ledge you have to jump on is above you/nearby and out of sight, so be sure to keep a careful eye on following it!


Hope this helps.




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nope I am much further in

the quest is "make your way to the fallen statue".

I did the outside part. But thank you very much for your help. I know that one was tricky too.


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I'm stuck at the same place you are! It's so frustrating.  I just want that other door to open, but the Krayfin just stays on the platform outside the tunnel and doesn't help me with the pressure plate :(



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You at least know where yours

You at least know where yours is but I can't find mine anywhere. Have you tried to lure him closer with some fish ;)

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Looks like you may've skipped

Looks like you may've skipped a step if you're at the puzzle with the 4 platforms. If you're objective is still "Head for the fallen statue" by the time you're down there, you need to exit the game so you restart at the top of that deep pit. After you activate the first set of platforms that begins your decent down, look for another door, one should've opened and it will lead you down a corridor where you'll see the Krayfin along with the broken statue that was mentioned. Once you reach that point, your objective should change and you can continue your decent properly along with the Krayfin to solve the quad-platform puzzle.
I was stuck in this area for a good few minutes, restarted the game two times before I noticed another door opening near the begining, honestly I could see why one would get stuck here, if you've been immersed in the journey like I've been you could easily jump right by it without noticing the change..X3 

Really hope this helps!..^^


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Yes Thank you so very much

I found the door and the Krayfin. It's good to have him back. Now going to the four plates room


And that worked out well too. Thanks again!!