Kirby and waddle dee customs

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Hi guys! I have risen from the d.ead and decided to do a brand new art request basically it's Kirby and Waddle dee so do not reply til I get the spots, form and examples up!



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Hey guys sorry for the message but i am very lazy when it comes to posting and answering :/ I got lots of warning to post stuff and make requests also I will NEVER be ONLINE ... anyway continue...


Wow I haven’t edited my signature since Christmas 2018. - made in November 2019 - Now it’s march 14 2020 - no it’s July 8 2020 lol -


My dragon cave needs help please join the link below to help my egg/dragons. all you have to do is click on the draagon image and your done just make sure the unique view got 1+ from your view its like feeding except your looking at it. Hope you help me :)

help my sister too!!! Thanks!!!! Please do the same thing to her


Now the artwork by amazing people! griffins to fanart to real dragons in game. 

Note that some art may not show up.

made by LissaFish




Species of griffin:Exotic griffin also know as rainforest griffin

Backstory:There was a plain white rainforest griffin which was the mom of dawn. The was waiting for the egg to hatch but it didn't hatch till a week. The egg hatched in dawn time and when she hatched she looked dawn colored so her mom named her dawn because of this. When she 1 year old the mother got lost then the baby founded her in bad shape. The mother was in a net in a car which a hunter did the baby was too weak to help her so she dediced once she grows she will try to find her mother and stop the hunters. The hunters were trying to sell her mom but the baby dowsn't know that she has escaped.

made by LissaFish


Name:Snowy Claw


Species of griffin:Snowy Griffin

Backstory:snowclaw was lost at a fake  snowy area. the fake snowy area was a volano. she found a potion then the potion broke because it was actally being controlled then the potion got stuck in the fur then soon she couldnt see.

she bumped onto everying then landed in water then the blindesss got off the found a claw during that time covered in real snow and put it in a chest underground at her home thats how she got her name 

Lizzy Jewel Spinner Ref by demonguitars1214Blackest Shadow Jewel Spinner Ref by demonguitars1214

Lizzy(left) and blackest shadow(Right) by dyliehidol1214

Ice blox by Nightflowers

two pictures of FlameBow made by AndreaEaston

seashocker art by AstridTheRogueRider

Flame by Embalathedragonhatcheer


Thunder by dyliehidol1214

By cryted




Made by AstridTheRogueRider

Bigy fire by Embalathedragonhatcher

By Embalathedragonhatcher

oh no it’s not working



Gender: male

Backstory: none

shadow night made by AndreaEaston - not working For me

by Xikta

by AnderaEaston - not working For me

This amazing Triple stirike (Stryke) art by Fireflash


That’s it now get outta here or else 




idk what else


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you may do kirbs and waddddddlelelelele dee

Games Kirby Gif |

Spots :

1. The seashocker tamer (Complete)











Rules :

-First comes, First serves

-Please no weapons I dont want kirbs with weapons

-If the spots are full and I feel like doing more i'll open up again so don't get upset about no spots

-Also the feet and arms might be different from others because I don't use a base and I dont know how to draw them

-Don’t rush me! I am a human! not a robot!!

-Max of 3 kirbys and waddle dees don’t feel bad you can put 3!

-Please credit me if you plan on putting it in your signature and DON'T CLAIM THAT YOU DREW IT 

-Have fun 


Some examples:

Untitled by 1parrot

I drew this for my sister Warmetalgarurumon who asked me to base off her mascot Nightfury125 (yes she has 2 mascots don't judge her ok?)

Untitled by 1parrot

a waddle dee

Untitled by 1parrot

this kirby wants food (uncoloured)


Now everyone's favorite the form!






Uncoloured?/Coloured? (dont do the colour ones if uncoloured):

Colour of body :

Colour of hands:

Colour of lil feet:

Eye colour:

Background? if yes then tell what setting?:

Accessories/item? if yes then tell what accessory/item you want?:

Copy ability?  (kirby only) (search up if you dont know what they are and if yes what ability?) Also if it’s custom describe it in detail:

Anything else :

If you got examples POST PICTURE HERE BELOW NOW:


You may reply but not directly to this post!!! 

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The Seashocker Tamer
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Just did an online lesson on

Just did an online lesson on what a kirby is and what it's abilities are to have one of these cuties XD

Name: uhh, will think of one once I see him

Gender(optional): he

Backstory(optional): will make one once I see him

Personality(optional): also will make one once I see him XD

Uncoloured?/Coloured? (dont do the colour ones if uncoloured): colored please!

Colour of body :  dark blue

Colour of hands: 

Colour of lil feet: 

Eye colour: 

Background? if yes then tell what setting?: its up to you, I dont mine :)

Accessories/item? if yes then tell what accessory/item you want?: see below

Copy ability?  (kirby only) (search up if you dont know what they are and if yes what ability?) Also if it’s custom describe it in detail: Ok! Here's where it gets interesting! I saw all of Kirby's copy abilities and can't decide between these, they are all so cute! You can do any of these :D  ice kirby  festival kirby

snow bowl kirby 

wing kirby

triple star kirby


Anything else : if you are going to do a copy ability where kirby doesn't already have something in his hand (such as festival or ice kirby) can you please give the cute kirby a star rod:

Thanks for doing these! I hope my request wasn't so bad XD










I would first like to introduce


My signatures fierce but loyal 

guardian made by the amazing 

Sohki!                                                                And here's my mini dragon irl who will protect this siggy with

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(Protect us well Honey)                    




This is snowball, she's waiting for winter

 Made by the ever so talented AndreaEaston!






                      Now that that's out of the way....   


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 I guess you can call me a SOD veteran, I started in 2014 but then my account deleted and I took a LOOOOOOONG hiatus afterward, haha. I am OK in racing, I have my good days and bad. I recently moved to sunny CA but used to live in Chicago. I am proud to say I am a Jehovah's Witness, been regular pioneering since 2016 and that is my main priorty in life. It was the best decision I ever made. I'm also an animal lover, I have an Indian Ringneck Parrot, 2 betta's, 2 mastiffs, 3 quail, and 14 chickens (hopefully a horse soon)!



Banner by EmeraldHuntress65                    


But enough me! 

         Here are some of my favorite memes, screenshots and wonderfully done art!

This is my titan woolly howl who was drawn magnificently by Madoka. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful

work of art!     


                         My girl Joshie was made stunningly by Tigerli1y!                             

                    Another beautiful masterpiece of Joshie done by Sohki!                 



Here is my extremely rare Titan Light Woolly made by Kasanelover!



This is azul who always hangs around my shoulder and loves looking in the mirror. (Made beautifully by Belubel)


                                 The end!   (For now....)










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frosted kirb

here it is

Untitled by 1parrot

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The Seashocker Tamer
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Kari! Come back with the subject!!!

awwwww, my adorable little ice kirby! Thank you! I shall call him......*thinks for a whole day* Kari! (means covered in snow in turkish) Kari the Kirby! And his little snow ball friend is frosty! XD Kari and frosty shall go on many snowy adventures together! Thanks again!