kesupatro and Black Knight

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kesu patro
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(by Nessie!!!) 


Dragon(breed):Black Knight(Monstrous Nightmare)

Hobbies/Intrests:Racing helping out new vikings!/Finding new features and new glitches!

Hey there my name is kesu patro you can call me kes,pat or kespat for short i was born on the indian ocean yes on, my mum never got to a hospital in time anyways i have met some amazing vikings and clans and i am extremely luck to meet these wonderful people!i have a daring personality(to daring infact)i also love to race someone who is a really skillful and tricky but i am not to bad myself.

Enough about me time for my dragon Black Knight!

Black Knight=Ŷ≈→ºõØÍŷŒ¥(<in Dragonese)

Transaltion:Hi, i am Black Knight you can call me blakie for short! i am kesupatro's long life companion i always have his side unlike my trainer himself i am cautios in a race i will always go for short cuts that i know of buy my trainer kesupatro on the other hand all he thinks about isim speedy ill just zip to the finish line!what he doesn't relise is he isn't that smart (*kesupatro glares at Black knight and shakes head*) im the brains and brawn he basicly just gives me

the looks. Me and my master have been through some tough things but we went through them together!!


never put your dreams aside they can take you to many great places



credits to Diamond Racer

credits to NightFuryLover


credits to Nessie!!!!!




credits to the talented Primus

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Diamond Racer
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i like it! It's very

i like it! It's very creative. :)


I am the founder of Diamond Storm but have now stepped down from leadership.

Artemiaz is the new leader. :)




{Thank you for these brilliant artworks Stworzydlak, Storm and Red WInd123! :)}


{I have been playing SoD for 1 year from 12/12/2014}


Took part in the Race To Dawn Tournament with the wonderful Phantom Lords! :)




{Diamond Racer Artwork made by me} 


{Anti hacking banners wonderfully made by Nessie!}


Character: Diamond Racer

Clan: Diamond Storm

Position in clan: Leader

Friend Code: Private

{Smoke dragon art created by Nessie!}

V My dragons V


{Credit for this amazing collage goes to Skyler Smile!}






{Absolutely amazing photo edits by NightFuryLover!}


{Absolutely amazing Hobblegrunt Banner and Nadder bouncy (above) by Rae Didgeridoo!}


{Smokey banner made by me}


{credit for this fantastic whispering death signature goes to Asvald Veleif!}


{Amazing Smokebreath and Whispering Death bouncies briliantly done by Hattori!}


{Diamond Storm banner made by me}



{Diamond Storm emblems made by me} {This really cool Diamond Storm GIF was made by Meen}


Gift from The Phantom Lords! :)

Click the image to go to my art thread

kesu patro
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Glitches are the best!

You like discovering glitches? I do too! In fact, I have a page Funny Glitches which is all about that. If you have any pictures of the ones you have found, I would love to see them on that page.


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1. Globstract   -  1134

2. Streamglide - 1095

3. Sparkflare   -  1070

4. Headvord     -    958

5. Flingshot     -    900

6. Grimpinch    -    895

7. Bulkshield    -    859

 8. Brightslime   -   736!


Expansions completed:

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 Sparkflare                        Streamglide

Female titan wing Nightmare                 Male Windwalker           

Level 50                                         Level 50

 Found July 18, 2013                    Rescued July 23, 2016

      Cheerful, ferocious in battle,               Caring & comforting, dragon rescuer,

distracted, excitable, reckless                        brave, stealthy, nimble     



Globstract                                  Flingshot 

Female Death Song                           Male Singetail    

Level 50                                         Level 50

Adopted Nov 11, 2016                   Bonded Feb 12, 2017 

      Reclusive, disobedient,                       Sociable, co-operative, curious,

showy, artistic, cheeky                              lively, protective of me




Persistent & focused; mature; outgoing; confident; short-tempered



 Bulkshield                        Brightslime

    Male Rumblehorn                     Female Flame Whipper

Level 50                                        Level 42

  Hatched Jan 1, 2015                  Adopted June 11, 2017

Friendly, stubborn & determined,             Adventurous, likeable, observant,

      moody, tough, heroic                        has quick reflexes, poisonous



Headvord                          Grimpinch

   Male Sentinel                            Male Deathgripper

Level 50                                         Level 32!

Befriended Oct 10, 2018              Befriended Aug 30, 2019

Dignified, benevolent, tenacious                Dangerous, touchy, submissive 


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Hi Kesu Patro!
We wanted to congratulate you for being named Viking of the Week. Great Job!