Kazxhtean and Peach ( Viking of The Week)

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Viking Name: Kazxhtean

Main Dragon Name (Breed): Peach (Deadly Nadder)

Clan: Warriors of Royalty

Hobbies/Interests: Racing, Flying and exploring the island on foot. Berk, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Gryffindor, Astrid Hofferson, Hiccup, Swords and axes, Turning EVERYTHING into a competition AND Minecraft! YAY!


















Hi i am Kazxhtean but you can call me Kaz in-game. I like Httyd and Harry potter. My favourite place in SoD is Berk because it has many islands to explore and many glitch caves too. My most favourite chracter in Httyd is Astrid hofferson because she is competetive and also a great friend to have. I like Hermione Granger in Harry Potter because she is smart, loves books, top in class and is friendly. I have a Kaz skin in Minecraft so that i look special and also a wizard Kaz skin for my Harry potter mod.I love to race in Thunderrun expecially with my friends because most of them are great racers and it would be a real challenge to beat them. But most of the time you can find me in berk in some of those islands over there. If you want me to tell you any ways to go to a place that you cant go on foot you can ask me! and you can also ask me for help with your School of Dragons quests and stuff i would be happy to help or you could ask me for some challenging competition i would give you my 100%!





In-game Name: kazxhtean(Kaz)

Main Dragon: Boltstrike(Skrill)



Don't come close if you can't handle the heat...

- Dragon & Trainer

i am strongly against hacking!











Skrill Bouncie made by Rae Didgeridoo

Deadly Nadder bouncie made by Rae Didgeridoo.

S.O.D.A.H.T banner made by Chakuu.

Drawing of me and Peach made by Primus04

Drawing of me done by Pixel.


Special thanks to all that helped make this signature how it is now <3

Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 08/02/2014
Oh my gosh, can't believe I

Oh my gosh, can't believe I used to be so cringy at that time xD My English tho >.< 

Can't say it's any different now xD