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So, i'm new to the forms not SOD ^-^

Just going to put some of my Vikings in 

here. If i post in the worng topic just shoot

down a Pm! <3


Do not post!

Thank you <3

Ello, My name is kaydejesus or just call me kayde.
I really love the TWD and HTTYD! I will never stop loveing them!
I have a dragon called crash and his a Stormcutter,
Very lovely dragon he his! ^-^
crash; censored for koyo
sub and koyo:
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Ava and Crash.

Name; Ava Unidottir 

Age; 17

Gander and sexuality; Female and Asexual

Origin; Ava was born in a island called Enclave.

Enclave is a big island full with people and dragons

who live together. And Ava father is the chief of this island.

Occupation; Ava is the chief daughter who acts like a true

viking around him. Ava thinks this world is just noaml but 

Ava father doesn't from the dragons who attacked them years ago

but now he's loveing them from the help of ava making every thing right.





Appearance; Ava is really small about 4,9 for her age. She has long messy

hair that hits her hip, Big skyblue eyes, small chubby legys and amrs.

Ava has a dark green top thats all ways dirty from work with leg sleves.

Has a skirt  like astrid's bit in black and her leggings are dark gray.  Big 

fluffy boots.

Flying with crash or going to war= 

Her clothes are the Stormcutter Armor.



Ava his that one teen who gets up with every thing. She doesn't really mind things

that much but sometimes she does take it seriously. Ava can be come rude at sometimes

only when she likes but thats rare on her. She's one sweet teen who will help anyone in her

heart. As known she's the chiefs daugter she came become bossy around the people who don't

listen to her very well but she does say sorry to them if they will acceptd it. After all she does have

anger in her too if someone real make her mad.



Ava was born onto an island called Enclave. Her father was big and her mother was small just like

her. Ava has a brother called tony and they both love eachother from friendship. When Ava was about

13 years old she went out all on her own with out telling someone even her brother who was walking with 

his dad with something. Ava Walked to this pond full with koi fish, She was bored until she heard something 

like a growl. Quickly she steped back seeing a dragon in a small cave with big yellow eyes. Not knowning 

what it was she walked to it seeing a dragon who was on the floor in pain. She put her hand out onto the head 

but it growled more at her, So she steped back and ran all the way to her brother to find him and take him to the 

dragon. Her brother was shook to find what she saw.


Ava wanted to help the dragon so she did in the past weak with out telling her father but her brother kept it all to himself until he found a dragon. Ava became friends with  the dragon. Not knowing what dragon SPECIES it was.

so she ran all the way to her small little book place to find the book of dragons. She looked throw and found what it was. She was shook and happy at the same time as known they are rare to find around the world. This draong was

a Stormcutter. Ava wanted to fly with the dragon but it can't from hitting his head hard onto a rock making him forget his Family, Home and others.


Days passed until this dragon can fly. she kept it way from her family and the island members. This day when ava and the dragon was flying he crashed into a tree as known he was crashing into alot of things when why where flying. Ava looked at him and smiled giving the name "Crash" to him. Crash didn't like it much but he loved at still. When Ava and crash became befriends in the world her brother came across with them with a dragon. His dragon was a night fury with fully black skin and dark blue ring around his legs and his ears. Just one patch on his eye with them light blue eye. Crash fell in love with the night fury.


Ava's island was under attack with this big dragon who sents dragons to kill them or take things away from them. Ava and tony help the island but their father was not a big fan onto the dragons they had. He tried to kill them when ava and tony was helping others until crash lot a leg from ava's father. Crash didn't hurt any one even tonys dragon. Some

time pass and both of them won the battel with the big dragon. Who fled with others. Ava was happy at crash from saving her alot in that day and her father accpted dragons onto this island and became friends with crash.


Now on this day dragons and people help eachother and work together like Owner and pet. Ava became Tonys girlfriend and became chief after ava father past away. Ava is happy with crash and crah is happy with her and his new

family with "Koyo" (tonys dragon).


Family and fmily; 

Vott Unidottir/Father/Chief.

Ava has all ways love her father and she is following his foot stepts with tony to become strong like him.


Dalla  Unidottir/Mohter/Chief wife.

Ava really loved her mother and care for her when she was ill and all ways made her laugh with her



Tony Unidottir/Brother/New chief.

Ava loves her brother and fell in love with him from helping each other and now they are Bf and Gf.


Crash/Brother like/Dragon.

Every thing!


Gabby Jorundottir/Best friend/Viking.

Gabby and ava has all ways been friends from the start and will never leave each other side. 


Purasu Vigisson/Best friend/Viking.

Just like gabby.