Kasi Dragonpearl for Viking of the Week!

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Kasi Dragonpearl
Joined: 05/07/2019
Name: Kasi Dragonpearl
Dragon: Kayden (Deadly Nadder)
Clan: Unbreakable Veterans (Leader)
Hobbies: Dragon Tactics, Thunder Run Racing, Flight School
Likes: Flying high above the clouds on the back of my dragons
Dislikes: Kayden likes to steal my things and play or naw on them. Especially my helmet!!! I tried to hide my helmet from him once but hiding something from a tracking dragon isn’t as easy as it seems...
Hi I’m Kasi Dragonpearl. I first started attending the School of Dragons 7 years ago. That’s when I met my best friend; my beautiful Deadly Nadder named Kayden. We’ve trained, fought, played, and adventured together ever since (even adding new family members along the way). Today you’ll usually find me in Dragon Tactics sharpening my skills in battle alongside my scaly companions. If I’m not there you’ll find me earning my weight in trophies over at Thunder Run Racing. I’ve been told I can be a little over competitive sometimes but I just like to give it my all. I’m always so amazed at how far I’ve come as a dragon trainer. From when I first hatched my bud Kayden till now, having trained dozens of dragons. I’m so close to achieving my goal that I set out to accomplish since year one; becoming the Ultimate Dragon Trainer!
Comments: "When people drag you down, soar higher than their expectations."
Name: Kayden
Likes: Chicken Eggs, Eel Roasting, Adventuring
Dislikes: When Kasi takes my toys away!
Comments: GRRRawwwRRrrrr