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After not being satisfied with my original post like this (even with all the "clean up efforts"), I decided to make a new post for this. So look forward to this new and improved thread! ^^


Aliases: Kas or Kasane

Main Dragon: Papa Moon the Titan Stormcutter

Favorite Dragon Breed: Stormcutter

Other Favorites (in no particular order): Buffalord, Skrill, Prickleboggle, Triple Stryke, Woolly Howl, Thunderdrum, Deathgripper


Somehow interested in my opinion on dragons? I (re)made a Dragon Review Here: My Dragon Review 2.0

Information about my dragons can all be found here: My Grand Dragon Family

Information about my HTTYD OCs and their dragons can all be found here: My OCs and Their Dragons


Requests From Others!

"*Banshee screech* You look so cute!" - Comet Burst

-Insert Wise dying on the inside here-


Drawn by the terrific TosiLohi!



Sometimes Papa's ego becomes as big as Jupiter. . .screenshot edited by Zeezur!



Happy wife, happy life. Made by Snowflake12298!



The main character for my story made into a beautiful Snowy Griffin. Made by LissaFish!

A cute Papa headshot made by HoneyCloudy!


As much as I love the big guy, it's fun to occasionally spite him. ewe Made/edited by SilverNight!




Drago once said the strength of will over others is true strength. . .and Hiccup says friendship is true strength. . .but they're both wrong. Cuteness is the one and only true strength! These faces will be the death of evil, I'm telling you. Made all by Zitka!



Hobbleslicer, the male Tingecutter made my AndreaEaston!


A truly fuzzy Moon made/edited by HoneyCloudy!

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Human Characters (DNR)

I forgot to mention this in the original post but please don't directly reply to any of the posts; as I get more dragons on these Vikings and/or make more OCs, I'll be editing these posts!


The Wise Freedom Flyer


Alias(es): Wise, Freedom Flyer

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Birthday: January 23rd

Height: 5'03"

Alignment: Good/Dragon Rider

Status: Alive, Married

Spouse: Comet Burst

Background: The Wise Freedom Flyer originated from a small, peaceful, dragon friendly tribe. Unfortunately, said tribe was wiped out during a brutal dragon hunter attack, with Wise and two baby dragons being the only survivors. During this ambush, a dragon hunter managed to strike her, leaving her blind in her left eye. The following morning, Wise went into hiding and found the only surviving dragons along the way; these two dragons would later be known as Raiun and Aventurine. After years of hiding and raising her dragons to their Titan Wing stage, Wise initiated an attack on the hunters. She freed locked up or controlled dragons and managed to overwhelm the hunters. Despite finally driving them from her home, she couldn't bare to look at what was left of her island and left with her dragons. She has since dedicated her life to fighting for dragons.

Finding the School/the Berkians: Wise was in search of an area where she could mend her armor and create more dragon-themed wingsuits when she found the School of Dragons. She arrived in the midst of a dragon hunter attack and helped fight them off. Unfortunately, she nearly attacked Berk's finest dragon riders out of fear that they were hunters as well but Hiccup's pleas stopped her in her tracks. After learning that she was in dragon-friendly territory(ies), she became an official ally of Berk. However, she can't shake off the fact that it took Hiccup crippling poor Toothless for Berk to change their ways and doesn't like being near him much.

Meeting Comet Burst: Wise was relaxing in the Wilderness with her dragons when Comet confronted her. Contrary to other dragon riders, Comet wasn't put off by Wise's social awkwardness and got along quite well with her. The more the two saw each other, the closer they became; eventually, Wise fell in love with Comet and confessed to her. Though it took a while, Comet returned these feelings. Only a year after dating, Wise lost during a dragon hunter attack gone wrong. Comet's Nadder was slayed while Comet herself was taken in by a wild Prickleboggle. For seven years, Wise and Comet's family thought she was dead until said Prickleboggle lead Wise to where he was keeping her. A month after the long-awaited reunion, Wise popped the question and the two are now officially married.

Personality: On the surface, Wise appears emotionless and standoffish. She tends to be very plain-spoken and isn't afraid to point out something or speak her mind. However, she has a good heart and (usually) doesn't have bad intent when doing so. She is incredibly passionate about anything dragon related and prefers dragons over people, minus a few exceptions. She's anti-social but is trying her best to be more open towards people for Comet's happiness. While her paitence has no bounds when it comes to dragons, the same can't be said for people and just one insult towards her human and/or dragon comrads is enough to set her off. She will often spew bitter remarks to ward away such people but isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Wise is also selfless and would put her life on the line if it meant keeping all that she cares about safe. Every now and again, she will have flashbacks of her past and be overwhelmed by them--episodes if you will. These are getting better with time and support from Comet.


Fun Facts

  • Wise was made when I first got a membership; she was made using the member-exclusive Viking slot.
  • Unlike Hiccup, who can glide with his flight-suit, Wise can actually fly with the ones she makes; she refuses to share her secrets with other dragon riders.
  • Wise doesn't like children; the closest thing to children she likes is baby dragons.
  • Wise wears masks to conceal her scar; she doesn't like people questioning it.
  • Wise's real name is a mystery. She discarded it and never shared it with anyone; not even Comet or her dragons know what her name was.
  • Originally, Wise had 35% vision left in her injured eye.
  • Wise initially had purple eyes but I changed them to make her look more natural. . .well, slightly more natural.
  • Wise doesn't have any favorite dragons; she loves them all equally. She not only does this because to her natural love for dragons but because she doesn't want her dragons to fight if she favors one species over another.
  • The "Wise" of her name stems from her immense dragon knowledge while "Freedom" comes from her goal to liberate all dragons from bad clutches and "Flyer" comes from her top notch dragon riding skills and ability to fly with her wing-suits.
  • After stumbling upon the School, Wise stopped making wing-suits and dragon armor since the Trading Post is stocked with them.
  • If you see her in-game, you'll notice Wise isn't affilated with any clans; this is intentional. Wise not being in any clans is to represent her being distanced from humans and her "lone wolf" nature.


Comet Burst

Alias(es): Comet

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Birthday: August 12th

Height: 5'01"

Alignment: Good/Dragon Rider

Status: Alive, Married

Spouse: The Wise Freedom Flyer

Parent(s): Randy (Father) and Marci (Mother)

Sibling(s): Amber (Older Sister)

Background: Similar to Wise, Comet Burst was born in a dragon friendly tribe. However, said tribe was an ally of Berk during the dragon war so they had to keep their dragons hidden until Berk finally befriended dragons. When the dragon war on Berk officially ended, Marci gave Comet a Deadly Nadder egg and, with the help of the rest of the family, showed her all she needed to know about having a dragon. In the time she waited for the egg to hatch, Comet practiced her new skills with the other Nadders of the family. Once the egg hatched, Comet was declared an official dragon trainer by her family and obtained the dragon rider title after years of bonding and riding her faithful Nadder. Once she became a dragon rider, Marci and Randy encouraged their daughters to go to the School of Dragons; while Comet left the moment she was allowed to go, Amber declined.

Meeting the Wise Freedom Flyer: Comet found Wise while the latter was relaxing in the Wilderness. She was drawn to a then-baby Spectacle and couldn't help but ask Wise about the little guy. While other riders were put off by Wise's social awkwardness, Comet didn't seem to mind and bonded with Wise almost immediately. The two grew closer with each visit and Wise eventually confessed her feelings to Comet. It took a few days of thinking but Comet came around and returned these feelings.

Failed Dragon Hunter Attack/Disappearance: While flying around with Wise and their respective Nadders, Comet spotted a large dragon hunter operation. Despite Wise's warnings, Comet and her dragon swooped into action and attempt to wipe them out. Unfortunately, there were just too many dragon hunters and she became overwhelmed. She and her Nadder were eventually shot out of the air, leaving Comet unconscious and her Nadder vulnerable. The Nadder was killed while a wild Prickleboggle took Comet without anyone noticing. The Prickleboggle mended her wounds and refused to let her leave for some time. After many failed attempts, Comet gave up on going home and stayed with the Prickleboggle. She wouldn't see Wise or her family for seven years; the Prickleboggle, which was found and trained by Wise, finally lead Wise to her and took her home. The reunion was bittersweet since she had to not only deal with the death of her Nadder, but the death of her mother's Nadder as well. A month after reuniting with everyone, Wise proposed to Comet. The two are now happily married.

Personality: Comet is energetic, positive, and outgoing. She loves making friends and does her best to motivate others, especially Wise. While she is encouraging Wise to be more social, Wise in turn is helping her with toning it down and becoming serious when need be. She is incredibly passionate about dragons and farming. She loves children and finds herself getting along with them just a bit more than she does with adults.


Fun Facts

  • Comet Burst was originally going to be named Star Burst.
  • Comet Burst was named so because she was born in the middle of a meteor shower; her birthday is the date of a real--in fact, MULTIPLE--meteor showers.
  • Comet's disappearance was inspired by Valka's backstory; she was originally going to get killed during the attack.
  • Comet is hard at work trying to get Wise to like children so they could have a family together. Unfortunately, no progress has been made so she's settled on having baby dragons instead.
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Sharp Class

I've decided to do things by classes this time around.


Spectacle the Male Stormcutter

Alias(es): Spectrum

Mate: Borealis

Background: Spectacle's egg was found on an abandoned dragon hunter ship while Wise was flying back home. She quickly took the egg and brought it with her, only for the egg to hatch the moment it touched soil. When he hatched, he was small enough to be fit in Wise's hands. Because of this, he was kept away bigger, wild dragons until he was a little bigger. To this day, Spectacle continues to be the smallest Stormcutter Wise has ever stumbled upon, being only a smidge bigger than Toothless. However, he is also the fastest and the only Stormcutter able to keep up with Toothless, if not outspeed him to date.

Progressing Wise and Comet's Relationship: Spectacle is the whole reason Comet struck a conversation with Wise to begin with. He would let Wise know when Comet was nearby or let Fatal know when Lila was close, the latter of which made Comet and Wise see each other more often. When Wise proposed to Comet, she had Spectacle bring the ring while wearing a fancy bow.

Meeting Borealis: Spectacle was the only dragon Borealis wouldn't attack after he was rescued from dragon hunters. When Wise would treat his wounds, Spectacle would be on standby to keep Borealis calm. Similar to Wise and Comet, they bonded fairly quickly and Borealis fell in love with Spectacle. The two have been very happy mates since.

Controlled by the Dragon Hunters: The same hunter who took Wise's eye managed to survive her fury and got a hold of Spectacle after the dragon rushed in to save Wise from the other hunters. Poor Spectacle was given a dose of Deathgripper venom and was put up against his own family. When Wise instructed everyone to retreat, the hunter used Spectacle to navigate them to the rest of Wise's dragons. Fortunately, the hunter never made it to the island as Wise used an antidote to free her beloved dragon and Spectacle helped fight back.

Personality: Spectacle is extremely playful, energetic, and a bit naive. He has a big heart and gets along well with all dragons; even wild dragons pick up on his posiive energy and calm down at least a tiny bit in his presence. He doesn't like seeing his friends and family fight and will go drastic lengths to make them stop. However, he isn't afraid to take on dragon hunters and will set their ships ablaze. He rarely leaves Wise or Borealis' side and doesn't like being alone for long periods of time.


Fun Facts

  • Spectacle was originally going to be named Spectrum; his name was inspired by his bright colors.
  • Contrary to other dragons, Spectacle doesn't like the taste of dragon nip and tries to avoid it.
  • Spectacle's energetic nature was inspired by dogs.
  • Spectacle is among Wise's fastest dragons.


Borealis the Male Titan Stormcutter


Mate: Spectacle

Background: Borealis was shot down by dragon hunters while he was bringing his food back home. His loud roars lured Wise and her dragons to his location. Once the dragon hunters were defeated, he was brought back to Wise's home island for treatment; unfortunately, he responded to just about everyone aggressively. He wouldn't calm down until Spectacle showed up. Every time his wounds needed to be mended, Spectacle would have to be on standby to keep him distacted. Once his injuries weren't as severe, he was socialized and eventually trained.

Becoming the Alpha: During his recovery, Borealis attempted to assert dominance over Wise's dragons. He would walk around with his chest out and his head held up high or let out a mighty roar every now and again. Hardly any dragon took him seriously, especially with Screecher being the current Alpha of Wise's flock. The only dragon who would bow down to him was Spectacle, a gesture he greatly appreciated in the long run. He wouldn't get the respect he desired until he risked his life saving Spectacle and Screecher from dragon hunters. This rescue delayed his recovery but earned him the Alpha position he's always wanted.

Losing Spectacle: When Spectacle was under the influence of Deathgripper venom, Borealis became incredibly distraught and tried his best to snap his mate out of it. Sadly, his efforts were in vain and his unwillingness to hurt him was part of the reason why Wise decided it was best to retreat. At home, he was miserable and didn't even have the energy to lift his head. He wouldn't get out of this state until Wise gave him a motivational speech and begged him to help save Spectacle. Once he was motivated, he helped deliver the pain to the hunters and kicked the hunter riding Spectacle right off so Wise could administer the antidote. The immense joy he felt seeing his mate be free almost got him shot down but he quickly collected himself before such a thing could happen.

Personality: Borealis is a proud Stormcutter who takes his position as Alpha very seriously. He treats every dragon under his care as his own and will fight endlessly to ensure every member's survival. He is equally as protective of Wise and would've put a claw on Comet if she hadn't her strong bonds with Wise and Spectacle. He's generally serious but has his heart in the right place. He seldom plays around but he has a lot of paitence.


Fun Facts

  • Borealis was named after the Aurora Borealis.
  • Borealis' old home was on Glacier Island; needless to say, he is incredibly angry dragon hunters have overun the island.
  • Borealis mistook Spectacle for a female when he first saw him; despite finding out he was a male, he never let go of his feelings for the little Stormcutter.
  • Borealis is (currently) Wise's oldest dragon (not to be confused with her first dragons, Raiun and Aventurine).


Sky Slice the Male Stormcutter

Mate: Unnamed Female Stormcutter (deceased)

Offspring: Unnamed Male Stormcutter and Eclipse (daughter)

Background: Sky Slice had lived on the island Wise currently resides on long before she set foot on it. After seeing her come in and out of the island for years, he decided to interact with her. . .more specifically, her things. The two wouldn't interact until Wise found the dragon toying with her dragon armor. While Wise was able to train him with ease, Borealis' mistrust towards Sky Slice made him difficult to integrate into the pack. Fortunately, the two have since set aside their differences and get along well.

Losing His Mate: A small but incredibly vicious group of dragon hunters arrived on Sky Slice's home before Wise did and began to attack the island. Sky Slice's mate had him evacuate with their offspring while she fought them off but she was ultimately killed. After the loss of their mother, Sky Slice's children left the island, leaving poor Sky Slice without a family. He is currently trying to find a new mate but his luck has been terrible.

Personality: Sky Slice is a kind dragon who puts others before himself a little too often. He prefers not to fight but when he has to, the damage he causes tends to be devastating. He has a soft spot for babies. Despite his friendly exterior, deep down he is miserable and heartbroken. He is still grieving the lost of his mate and misses his children dearly. Thinking about either of them too much will make him incredibly distraught, However, he greatly appreciates Wise's efforts in helping in find a new mate and is getting better at controlling these emotional outbursts.


Windcutter the Male Titan Stormcutter

Background: Windcutter saw Lavender from afar before Paradice. Things were going smoothy until Paradice came into the picture; now there was another dragon about to take Lavender's heart. Unfortunately, Windcutter lost Lavender to Paradice but doesn't have ill will towards the couple. He does however get bummed out whenever he sees them together but cheers up whenever Wise comforts him. He now serves as Borealis' right wing dragon.

Personality: Windcutter is a benevolent dragon. While he is a formidable fighter in the battlefield, he isn't one to start conflicts at home. He will make use of his large size to prevent squabbles between other dragons.


Tinker the Male Titan Speed Stinger

Background: Tinker was caught in an avalanche on Icestorm Island when he was just a baby and broke his leg. Bittersweet sniffed him out and brought him to Wise to get his wound treated. Afterward, the Sweet Death returned Tinker to his pack but the tiny Speed Stinger refused to leave Bittersweet's side. Wise was able to use this to her advantage and quickly trained Tinker.

Personality: Tinker is very friendly and docile, especially for a Titan Speed Stinger. He loves building things, hence his name. He is protective of his massive, diverse pack and isn't afraid to give anyone a nasty sting if they pose a threat. However, he is even more protective of Bittersweet and sees him as a big brother.


Fun Facts

  • Tinker was colored after Icebreaker from Rise of Berk.
  • Tinker's story was inspired by the baby Speed Stinger you help during the Icestorm Island expansion pack.


Quickster the Male Speed Stinger

Background: Quickster came from the same pack as Tinker but his father originated from a pack in a much warmer region, hence his colors. He was inspired to leave his pack after Tinker did the same so, once he was fully grown, he pursued Wise. Despite going as far as to dash across the ocean to find her, he didn't take to kindly to being trained. He didn't understand Wise's advances towards him and stung him whenever she got too close. Eventually, this caused him to get stung by Tinker whenever he even lifted his stinger at her. He was finally trained once he put his stinger down, mainly because he didn't want to get stung again.

Personality: Quickster isn't the brightest dragon in the bunch and has a "sting first, think later" mindset. Nevertheless, he is a very loyal dragon and when he puts his mind to something, he can do great things.


Fun Facts

  • Quickster was colored after traffic lights.
  • Quickster was named after a superhero in Spongebob of the same name.


Rip Tide the Male Raincutter

Background: Rip Tide was found flying past Wise's home in the midst of a thunderstorm. Wise didn't think much of it since Raincutters love the rain but sprung into action when she saw the dragon being chased by an angry Skrill. She, Raiun, and Screecher worked together to chase the Skrill away; Raiun and Wise got the Skrill's attention and flew out over the ocean and Screecher roared the dragon out of the sky. After taking a dip in the ocean, the Skrill fled. When all was said and done, Rip Tide returned to Wise and was trained. He now brings worms and grubs to his saviors to express his appreciation, though these gifts are always politefully denied.

Personality: Rip Tide is a warm-hearted dragon who always returns the favors others do for him. He is also incredibly generous and shares his food with others. He has a small fear of Skrills but is fine with Raiun; his main problem is with more aggressive Skrills like Bolt Flinger. While other Raincutters prefer the rain, Rip Tide likes to relax in the sun.


Fun Facts

  • Rip Tide was the very Raincutter I ever obtained; he came from one the golden chests lying around the Archipelago.


Swamp the Male Raincutter

Background: Swamp was trapped in a net while swimming around. For days, he was suspended above his marsh until Wise finally found him. She quickly cut him down and had Borealis carry him to safety after realizing the area was infested with similar traps and Swamp was too weak to fly. Once he recovered, he was trained. He now spends most of his time making makeshift mud puddles and lounging around in them until they dry up.

Personality: Swamp is a good-hearted by lazy dragon. He spends most of his days sleeping or laying in mud. If you're lucky, you might find him relaxing in the water! He is good at looking out for danger however and will notify the others immediately if something's wrong. He sees Rip Tide as a fatherly figure and respects him greatly.


Hyper the Male Scuttleclaw*

Background: Hyper was one of the baby Scuttleclaws on Scuttleclaw Island. Wise stopped by to check on the nest and the little guy happened to follow her back to the School without her noticing. No one's sure why Hyper followed Wise in the first place but he's happy living with her.

Personality: True to his name, Hyper is full of energy and rarely sits down for long periods of time. He is incredibly playful and friendly but has a habit of firing at things when he's over-excited. The only time he's calm and collected is when he's trying to hide, something he takes very seriously for some reason.


Fun Facts

  • Hyper was colored after the Scuttleclaw Gobber rode in How to Train Your Dragon 2.


Nipster the Male Titan Scuttleclaw

Background: Comet found Nipster's egg on her first solo dragon hunter ambush with Sparkler and the first egg she ever obtained outside of Lila. The moment he hatched, he began to gnaw on whatever he could get his gums on, even Comet and the other dragons. Wise had to make him multiple teething toys in an effort to make him stop nipping at others. Once his teeth grew in, he finally stopped nibbling on others but his name has stuck.

Personality: Nipster is a playful dragon but is more serious compared to Hyper. He isn't very social with dragons but thrives in the presence of humans. He would rather ward potential threats away with his size or warning fire than directly attack them but, when he absolutely has to attack, he will get up close and personal and ram into enemies.


Slicer the Male Titan Razorwhip

Background: Slicer was rescued from an eel infested ship during the events of Call of the Death Song. Moments after hatching, he already had high standards for himself and strives to be the fastest, strongest Razorwhip in the Archipelago. He helped raise Sheer and taught him most of what he knows.

Personality: Slicer takes pride in his abilities and appearance--especially his appearance. While he is a hard, loyal worker, he often doesn't know when to stop and requires Wise or another dragon to make him take a break. However, Sheer frequently shows him the improvements he's made with his flying abilities, making the dragon push himself to the point of great pain.


Fun Facts

  • Slicer was colored after trophies.


Sheer the Male Razorwhip**

Background: Sheer was one of 12 eggs from a crate Wise recieved from a fellow trader. Slicer took him under his wing and helped him grow to be the fast, quick-witted Razorwhip he is now. He is currently the fastest Razorwhip Wise has documented.

Personality: Sheer is a good dragon and likes to show off his skills, similar to Slicer. He likes to show the improvements he's made in speed and agilty to Slicer whenever he's training but doing so has caused Slicer to push himself too hard too often. Sheer isn't aware of this but Wise is afraid of how the dragon will react upon hearing he's been unintentionally harming his mentor.


Icicle the Male Shivertooth

Background: Icicle lended a tooth to Astrid when she was making an ax for Wise during the events of Rise of Stormheart and continues to do the same for other weapon and armor makers. In return, he gets plenty of fish. . .sometimes too much fish. As a result, he's on the heavier side and is slower than most Shivertooth(teeth?). Wise trained him during their first encounter and is currently helping him lose some weight.

Personality: Icicle is a very docile Shivertooth. He doesn't mind giving away his teeth whenever they fall out, so long as he gets something in return. If someone takes his teeth and doesn't return the favor, he'll take back his teeth or, if they've already been used, gladly help himself to their belongings.


Woodland the Male Timberjack*

Background: Woodland was found in the middle of the Wilderness with a broken wing. He refused to allow anyone to come near him, including friendly Prickleboggles like Hopemaker. Unfortunately, drastic measures had to be taken and Tinker had to sting him so Wise and Hopemaker could get to work. It took a few days for him to recover and he was very grumpy about it all until he could fly again. Once he could fly, he thanked Wise with a lift and the two began to forge a bond.

Personality: Woodland isn't as friendly or peaceful as other Timberjacks but he isn't one to start unnecessary fights either. He lives to fly and being grounded for too long makes him incredibly grumpy. He doesn't take too kindly to strangers approaching him and he will gladly send them away with a wing blast if they don't leave him alone. He is protective of Wise and bares a bit of a grudge against Tinker for stinging him, even if it was for a good cause.

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Mystery Class

Note: You may noticed I put the Prickleboggle under the Mystery Class instead of the Sharp Class. This is because Richard Hamilton has provided a "cheat sheet" of dragons and their dragon classes on Twitter and the Prickleboggle is under the Mystery Class instead of the Sharp Class. You can view the chart here: https://twitter.com/RegardsRichard/status/1071470653860044800


Bittersweet the Male Sweet Death

Background: Bittersweet's home was safe until dragon hunters began to slowly invade it. The hunters set up traps, one of which poor Bittersweet flew into and was blinded by. For days, he was well hidden and silent but was immobilized. Once Wise and her dragons found the island, they quickly destroyed the dragon hunter operation and tended to the trapped and wounded. Bittersweet would've been completely overlooked if Wise hadn't tripped over him while doing one last sweep of the island. She quickly freed the dragon and tended to his wounds while her dragons retrieved food and water. He was eventually transferred to Wise's home island so she could closely monitor him. He was trained once he made himself comfortable in his new home and is learning to fly on his own.

Finding Tinker: Not too long after getting trained, Bittersweet was brought along to Icestorm Island. While exploring the new territory with Wise, he found a then-baby Tinker trapped in the aftermath of an avalanche after hearing his cries for help. He quickly pulled the dragon out and brought him to Wise. After his rider fixed him as best she could, he returned Tinker to his pack, only for the dragon to follow him. His kind gestures towards the Speed Stinger made Tinker significantly easier to train.

Personality: Bittersweet is incredibly docile and shy. He doesn't interact with other dragons or humans often, aside from Wise and Tinker. The few times he does, he's very quiet and doesn't move much but tries to enjoy the company. He doesn't fly around on his own anymore due to his blindness and doesn't go too far without Wise or Tinker but this is being worked on slowly.


Fun Facts

  • Bittersweet was named for his blindness--the "bitter" part--and his warm heart--the "sweet" part.
  • Bittersweet was my first ever Sweet Death.


Pumpkin the Male Sweet Death

Background: Pumpkin was one of 12 eggs Wise recieved from a fellow trader. Once he hatched, she introduced him to Bittersweet in hopes of getting the older dragon a new friend. Unfortunately, Pumpkin didn't really like the apparent cold shoulder he was always getting and seldom interacted with Bittersweet. As he matured, he learned Bittersweet was just shy but still doesn't like hanging out with him that often.

Personality: Pumpkin is very active for a Sweet Death. He'd rather chase his food than lure it to him and engages in plenty of races on the ground with his fellow dragon bretheren. He gets along well with other dragons and riders fairly well but doesn't like being ignored for too long; if he is, he will passive-aggressively nudge the Viking or dragon in question until they focus on him.


Spark and Flare the Male Titan Hideous Zippleback

Background: Spark and Flare was caught in a dragon net while wandering about on Zippleback Island when he was just a baby. Fortunately, he sustained no injuries but he was stuck in it for a few hours. Wise managed to find him after hearing him struggling about and freed him. He was then trained and brought back home. This Zippleback caused all the dragons trouble but acted like an angel in Wise's presence; he would pull pranks on the dragons and use his cuteness to get away scotch free. As with all things, Spark and Flare eventually grew up and his cuteness couldn't protect him anymore. Borealis finally put him in his place and the dragon doesn't do as many pranks anymore. Spark is the head that produces the gas while Flare is the head that produces the sparks.

Personality: Spark and Flare is very mischevious and loves to pull pranks. However, he has a lot of determination and when he puts his heads together for things other than pranking, the results are usually good. While he's doing his best to resist the urge to prank others, dragons like Frost Streak make it near impossible do to so.


Knotty and Nice the Male Titan Hideous Zippleback

Background: Knotty and Nice was one of 12 eggs Wise recieved from a trader. Of all the dragons from the bundle, this dragon proved to be the most difficult to train and ride due to his high energy, love for exploring, and giving whatever he finds away. However, all of Wise's work paid off as Knotty and Nice has grown to be an excellent Zippleback. Knotty is the head that breathes gas while Nice is the one who ignites it.

Personality: Knotty and Nice is a much more calm and collected dragon than when he was little. He loves giving things away, Knotty giving away rocks and Nice giving away fish. While he generosity is always appreciated, sometimes he goes too far and forgets to save himself some food. He loves to fly around the Archipelago.


Fun Facts

  • Knotty and Nice is a play on "Naughty and Nice". He was originally going to be named this but the game didn't allow it.
  • Knotty and Nice's colors are partially inspired by the naughty and nice lists, with red representing naughty and green representing nice.


Dusk, Dawn, Night, and Day the Male Snaptrapper

Background: Dusk, Dawn, Night, and Day was an interesting dragon to train. Each head was active during the time of day they were named after. Wise lost a lot of sleep training this Snaptrapper but fortunately it paid off; Dusk, Dawn, Night, and Day has become a loyal sentry dragon alongside Almighty. He is currently working on keeping all four of his heads awake at the same time but progress has been very slow.

Personality: Dusk, Dawn, Night, and Day is a loyal, docile Snaptrapper. He is a hard worker and takes his job as "co-sentry" very seriously. While he wants all four of his heads to be active at the same time, he does use them to his advantage; there's always one head awake to keep an eye out throughout the day while the others rest.


Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Spicy the Male Snaptrapper

Background: Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Spicy was like training a four-headed Zippleback: Play with all of the heads at the same time and feed them. The only problem Wise faced was feeding them; the heads would only eat a specific type of food. Sweet would only eat honey or chocolate, Sour wanted lemons, Salty wanted fish drenched in a tremendous amount of salt, and Spicy wanted peppers.

Personality: Though he's a picky eater, Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Spicy is a good dragon. He's incredibly obedient for the most part, as long as the right head gets the right food; otherwise, he'll be grumpy and refuse to move. 


Fun Facts

  • Comet named Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Spicy but Wise is his official trainer.
  • Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Spicy were colored after table cloths.


Hopemaker the Male Prickleboggle

Mate: Medic

Background: Hopemaker was found on an island riddled with fallen dragon hunters and empty dragon hunter ships. Much to Wise's surprise, the dragon was incredibly docile and easily trained. However, he initially refused to go anywhere with her. A few days later, he randomly showed up at her home island but left only a day later. He would continue this cycle of showing up for one day and leaving for at least a week for months. Then one day, he showed up with Comet's shield. This gesture boggled Wise but it restored hope for her and Comet's family, hence his name. Eventually, the Prickleboggle pieced the puzzle together and realized Wise was Comet's girlfriend. He quickly brought her to Comet and brought them back to Comet's home for a family reunion. He has since become an extremely valued member of Comet's family, getting extra fish and neck rubs (which often gets the other dragons jealous).

Meeting Medic: Medic showed up randomly on Wise's home, just like Hopemaker. Hopemaker gave him a mini tour of the island and began to bond with him. One day, Medic decided to bring Hopemaker the most vivid flower he could find and flattered the Prickleboggle. Hopemaker returned the favor with a makeshift flower crown, though it quickly fell apart. Despite this, Medic appreciated the gesture and the two became closer with time. They are now happy mates and frequently watch Wise and Comet to learn about how a relationship should go.

Personality: Hopemaker is a very friendly dragon who likes helping others. He doesn't like fighting and would rather heal allies or flee from conflict instead of partake in it. He seldom leaves Medic's side.


Fun Facts

  • Medic was originally going to be Hopemaker's name.
  • Hopemaker's existence is the reason Comet's story changed; she was originally going to be killed by the dragon hunters.
  • Comet didn't name Hopemaker because she saw him as a roommate; needless to say, she and Hopemaker are happy with the name Wise provided.


Medic the Male Prickleboggle

Mate: Hopemaker

Background: No one knows how or why Medic showed up in the middle of Wise's home but at the same time, no one's really questioned it either. Fortunately, he was quickly trained and now helps tend wounded dragons with Hopemaker.

Meeting Hopemaker: Hopemaker was the dragon who gave Medic a tour of the island when he first arrived. The dragon quickly fell for Hopemaker and decided one day to bring him the most vivid flower he could find. In return, he recieved a flower crown, though it fell apart very quickly. Nevertheless, Medic greatly appreciated the gift and his love for Hopemaker only grew stronger. Eventually, the two became mates and frequently examine Wise and Comet for a lesson or two on relationships.

Personality: Medic is incredibly mysterious, even more so than Hopemaker was in the beginning. He hardly makes a sound and the few times he does is only in Hopemaker's presence. He is friendly but would rather watch others from afar than interact with them. He never leaves Hopemaker's side.


Fun Facts

  • Medic was colored after ambulances.


Impish the Male Prickleboggle

Background: Impish's egg was found hidden in a bush during Dreadfall. What or who left the egg there, let alone why, remains a mystery. He hatched in the middle of the night and frequently scared Wise for randomly showing up in places she least expected him to be. Things only got worse when he grew up; not only did he continue to show up in random areas but he's also bigger than other Prickleboggles and roars as loud as a Thunderdrum when he wants to get Wise's attention.

Personality: Impish is a dragon of few words but when he does say something, he makes sure he's heard. As intimidating as he may seem, he is a friendly dragon.


Fun Facts

  • Impish was originally named "Devillish".
  • Impish's colors were inspired by demons.


Scorch the Male Dramillion

Background: Scorch was one of many Dramillions used to teach dragon hunters in the making how to hunt dragons. Fortunately, Wise was able to shut down one such operation before Scorch could be killed but the same couldn't be said for the rest of his family. It took months to rehabilitate poor Scorch and even then, he is still emotionally and mentally scarred. He is close to Wise and Borealis but is weary towards others.

Personality: Scorch has a good heart but the pain he went through makes him weary of other dragons and fearful of most humans. He is playful and energetic towards those he trusts but becomes the complete opposite near anyone else: Quiet and even hostile at times. If too many people and dragons surround him, he will become overwhelmed and start firing until everyone is gone or he is back in the comfort of someone he trusts.


Ashes the Male Smothering Smokebreath

Background: Ashes was just a hatchling when Comet and Sparkler found him. He was alone, hungry, and very sad, for his nest had been destroyed by controlled Deathgrippers and his pack was either captured or killed. He was quickly taken in and nursed back to health. He has grown to be a strong, healthy Smothering Smokebreath.

Personality: Ashes is a friendly, brave, very loyal dragon. He is always looking out for shiny items to bring to Comet as a gift and is willing to hunt eels for Sparkler (though he has gotten eel pox quite a few times because of it). He would rather fly with Sparkler or Comet than on his own. He likes to curl up in laps and be picked up.


Fun Facts

  • Ashes' love for lying in laps and getting picked up was inspired by lap dogs.


Skeletal the Male Titan Boneknapper

Background: Skeletal lost his mother to an aggressive Typhoomerang after she stepped into its territory. Wise had to take him in after seeing he was malnourished and missing vial pieces to his bone armor. For years, he had a fear of Typhoomerang but kept it surpressed since he hadn't encountered one since; when Sparkler came into the picture, the fear was re-ignited and he became incredibly aggressive. It took months for him to finally trust Sparkler but even then, he is still weary towards the dragon.

Meeting Skully: Wise introduced Skeletal to Skully when the latter was still a Tiny Tooth so he could finally have a dragon to bond with. Initially, Skeletal paid little mind to the tiny Boneknapper but soon grew to like him and now sees him as a son.

Personality: Skeletal is a reclusive dragon and primarily interacts with Wise and Skully. He doesn't take too kindly to strangers and will roar them away. He is especially hostile towards Typhoomerangs and isn't afraid to attack them, trained or not, but he is getting help for this.


Skully the Male Boneknapper**

Background: Skully was found playing around in the Whispering Death tunnels on Berk. His mother was nowhere to be found and the Whispering Deaths seemed to be getting agitated by his high energy so he was quickly removed from the area. He was then introduced to Skeletal in hopes to give him a new friend; initially, Skeletal didn't pay much attention to Skully but now sees the dragon as a son. Days later, Skully's father came to retrieve him but, upon seeing how happy he was in Wise's care, left him be.

Personality: Skully is like an oversized puppy: Full of energy and always up for a game of fetch. He is incredibly friendly and likes giving others a lift, though he isn't the best at navigating. He gets easily distracted, making him a bit of a challenge to ride.


Detector the Male Armorwing

Background: Detector was rescued and trained during the events of Battle for the Edge. After being freed from the hunters' clutches, he wanted to help fight but his wounds were too serious and Wise instructed him to stay put. . .unfortunately, this backfired because he came into the fight anyways. He had good timing at least; Screecher was shot down and before any hunters could get to him, Detector surrounded him with a ring of fire to keep them at bay until he could be taken to safety. Now that he's full healed, he is one of Wise's top line of defense and acts as a distraction during combat. He'll swoop down and either blind hunters with his fire or make use of his magnetic skin and add their weapons to his armor. True to his name, he is able to find some of the finest metals in a short amount of time.

Personality: Detector is a hard working dragon who puts the safety of others long before his own. While he constantly adds to his armor, he'll sometimes find metal and bring it to Wise for the sake of giving it to her, even though she doesn't make weapons or armor much anymore. He is incredibly loyal and protective of Wise.


Fun Facts

  • Detector was named after metal detectors.


Frost Streak the Male Titan Flightmare

Background: Frost Streak was the Flightmare egg on Scuttleclaw Island; Wise spent weeks monitoring it, only for Crunch to fly in and take it. The egg hatched only a day after being transferred to its new home and was raised by Wise and Crunch. Frost Streak was so influenced by Crunch that he almost took up the dragon's rock-based diet; Wise was quick to stop this before he could swallow a rock. He now lives comfortably with Wise and her dragons.

Personality: Frost Streak is incredibly mischevious and a master prankster. He even pranks the Alpha dragons among Wise's flock, much to their dismay. However, he does have a good heart and makes it up to them one way or another. He doesn't get along with other Flightmares, especially since so many have nearly paralyzed Crunch. He looks up to Crunch as a father and will attack anyone who harms the Snafflefang.


Heartkeep the Male Deathsong

Background: Heartkeep was obtained during the events of Call of the Deathsong; he was abandoned by his parent on Berk and nearly eatened when Wise attempted to return him. He feared other Deathsongs for sometime but Wise helped im get over the fear and he can tolerate them. Wise gave him his name to remind him that he always had a special place in her heart whenever he felt down or abandoned.

Personality: Heartkeep is an extremely docile Deathsong, so long as Wise likes the person and/or dragon in question. If she doesn't, he'll gladly encase them in amber, though Wise is trying to break this habit. He doesn't like being alone because it reminds him too much of his abandonment.


Carnelian the Male Titan Buffalord

Background: Carnelian was found grazing on some grass on Wise's home island. No one is sure where he came from but he did bring something with him: A dragon trap, clamped right on his foot. He seemed completely oblivious to it until Wise managed to pry it open and Hopemaker used his healing blast in an attempt to mend the injury. At that point, he took a deep breath and deflated. His foot, for the most part, has healed but he now walks with a limp. Contrary to other Buffalords, Carnelian doesn't constantly eat and doesn't seem to mind going from island to island. However, if he senses something wrong with an island he's about to set foot on, he won't land.

Personality: Carnelian is a solitary dragon, seldom interacting with others. He's really close to Sky Slice though and watches him and his step-son from afar. He has an incredibly high pain tolerance and doesn't get angered all that easily. However, as with most dragons with great patience, once he is angered, he's like two raging bulls crammed into one. While he doesn't mind going from island to island, he doesn't like being forced onto an island if he senses there's something wrong with it; if he's forced onto it, he'll be on edge and may accidentally launch his spikes until he can get off of it. He's fine with hovering above the ground.


Fun Facts

  • Carnelian was named and colored after a gemstone of the same name.
  • Carnelian was obtained to celebrate Wise's two year anniversary at the school (May 22nd 2019).

Disruptor the Male Chimeragon

Background: Disruptor's exact origins are unknown, other than he was in hunter captivity for at least a year. Hunters sent him to the School of Dragons in hopes he'd destroy everything in his wake but along the way, he got distracted by a Chimeragon on Hobblegrunt Island. Though the Chimeragon took off upon sensing his presence, he remained on the island. Here he met Wise and lashed out, almost burning the place to the ground. It wasn't until Anchor Tusk gave him a sting to the head that he finally settled down. He was initially relocated to a land yet to be tainted by dragon hunters but he returned quickly, determined to settle the score with Wise and Anchor Tusk. Dragon hunters had a different plan; the moment they saw him flying overhead, they restrained him with chains. Thankfully, Wise got there in the knick of time and had Anchor Tusk melt the chains off of Disruptor. The Chimeragon is now one of Wise's most powerful dragons and helps ensure potential trespassers don't even get the smallest glimpse of his new home. He also tails Wise on rescue missions, hiding in the water or high in the clouds until Wise deems his brute force and elemental attacks necessary.

Personality: Dragon riders who aren't familiar to Disruptor consider him a malevolent dragon held back only by Wise, who can make him act with just a snap of her fingers. The reality of it is he simply doesn't care about anyone outside of his circle; he's often cold towards them and focuses more on Wise and the flock. A bad look is enough to get him riled up but he won't cause chaos until Wise gives him the signal. To those lucky enough to be consider allies, he is like a guardian. He ensures the safety of all of his allies, even if it costs him a tusk or wing. Though he won't show it, he's somewhat jealous of how close Comet and Wise are, still unaware of their relationship.


Growl and Snarl the Male Zapplejack

Background: Growl and Snarl was in the hands of dragon hunters for decades. He was intended for dragon fights but after wealthy viewers noted how great his hide was, he was thrown into dragon auctions. Most of the time, he was only purchased to be resold again at a much higher price but his final buyer had plans to make him into a trophy. Wise and Comet saved him. . .sort of. As soon as Wise destroyed his chains and removed his muzzles, Growl and Snarl did everything else. All seemed dandy when he made quick work of his buyer and destroyed the ship but the two were quickly proven wrong when Growl and Snarl chased them right afterward. He pursued and fired at them for almost an entire day before Screecher and Borealis intervened, forcing him to settle down. With the help of these dragons, Wise and Comet were able to bond with and eventually train Growl and Snarl. He now gets along with the two and the rest of the flock without the Alphas' supervision but anyone else, even the legendary Night Fury himself, is a completely different story.

Personality: Growl and Snarl's poor treatment from hunters has left him extremely bitter and aggressive. He is very untrusting and if he's given the chance, he'll attack without second thought or warning. That said, he seems to be the opposite on his home island; with his family, he's very calm and he avoids fights with his flock mates when possible. Though he prefers to be alone most of the time, there are rare instances where he will seek out his riders for a little attention.

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Aventurine the Male Titan Whispering Death

Mate: Wild/Helper Female (Titan) Whispering Death

Background: Aventurine was found playing amongst the empty Whispering Death tunnels of Wise's former home island only a day after dragon hunters destroyed the area. Wise quickly took him before the hunters could see him and raised the little dragon. Once he and Raiun were fully grown Titan Wings, he helped fend off the dragon hunters from the area once and for all. He has since stayed by Wise's side.

Meeting Zircon: Aventurine was introduced to Zircon so he could interact with other Whispering Deaths. Sadly, Zircon was terrified by Aventurine's appearance and didn't like being near him. Things began to change when Aventurine took a different approach to the situation; whenever the little dragon approached him, he pretended to be scared to make Zircon feel better. It wasn't the greatest improvement but Zircon did begin to approach Aventurine more often afterward. The two wouldn't officially bond until dragon hunters found their way to Wise's current residence and attempted to capture all the dragons. Aventurine was able to scare them away with the help of a few other dragons and protected Zircon from their clutches. The two are now much closer.

Rivalry with Constrictor's Son: At some point, Constrictor's son attempted to attack Wise out of the blues while she was on Berk. Aventurine quickly got to work and fought the younger Whispering Death, resulting in a love of damage being done to Berk. While he won the battle, a lot of Berkians became angry with him and few continue to bare a grudge against him. His disdain for this particular Whispering Death made befriending Constrictor difficult; upon discovering Aventurine was the dragon who hurt his son, Constrictor began to figth with Aventurine. After his son came back to attack Wise again, Constrictor shooed him away. After learning why Aventurine fought his son, the two slowly got on better terms with each other. Despite getting along with his father, Aventurine is still rivals with Constrictor's son.

Falling in Love: While flying around on his own, Aventurine found a wild female Titan Whispering Death acting odd not too far from home. She was twitching, hissing, flying out of control, and refused to go near the water; any time she did go near it, she would go berserk and flee from it. Aventurine couldn't get close enough to figure out what was wrong and flew home to get Wise. However, this Whispering Death was faster than anyone could've imagined and was nowhere in sight. The two spent three days looking for the dragon and found her fighting with a Typhoomerang. Aventurine was sent to distract the Typhoomerang while Wise lured the dragon to the ocean. While she was able to get her to the shorelines, she couldn't get her in the water; once he got the Typhoomerang to back down, he had to tackle her into the sea. With the Grimora off of her, the Whispering Death was her old self again and immediately began to bond with Aventurine. The two eventually became mates but while the female Whispering Death gets along with Wise, she isn't an official dragon of hers; she will however come to Wise's aid when need be and is always happy to see her. Aventurine visits his mate at least once or twice a month.

Personality: Aventurine is one of Wise's more aggressive dragons. He is incredibly protective of Wise and roars at strangers who come too close to her if he doesn't feel they're trustworthy; often, Wise has to assure him beforehand so he doesn't start anything. He treats Raiun as a brother and frequently plays with the Skrill. Even as a fully grown Titan Whispering Death, he takes great enjoyment in empty Whispering Death tunnels and will always play in them when given the chance; he looks like a giant whack-a-mole when he doing so.


Fun Facts

  • Aventurine was named and colored after a gemstone of the same name.
  • Aventurine can be in the sun but is more sunburn prone than other dragons.


Zircon the Male Whispering Death

Background: Zircon was one of 12 dragon eggs Wise recieved from a trader. He was introduced to Aventurine not too long after hatching, though he feared the Titan Whispering Death because of his appearance. He wouldn't approach Aventurine willingly until the dragon pretended to be scared of him in an effort to make him feel better and wouldn't truly bond with him until he protected him during a dragon hunter attack.

Personality: Zircon is gentle but extremely shy. He doesn't like being surrounded by too many dragons or people and being put in such situations will make him unintentionally eject his tail spikes while fleeing. He sees Bolt Flinger as a brother and tries his best to be like him to impress him, though he always fails. If he isn't curled up with Wise, he can be found enjoying the peace and quiet wherever there are few to none dragons nearby.


Fun Facts

  • Like Aventurine and Constrictor, Zircon can be out in the sun without any problems. However, he tends to stay in the shade or his hole so he can hide from other dragons and people, thus reducing the chance of an encounter.
  • Zircon likes wearing his Snoggletog saddle all the time because it makes him feel special.

Constrictor the Male Titan Whispering Death

Background: Constrictor was found by Wise and Comet wounded in his own tunnels; dragon hunters had previously infiltrated the tunnels and attempted to wrangle him out, though the ones that managed to survive only escaped with a few of his spikes. With the help of Hopemaker and Medic, Wise was able to build a bond with him through his relatively quick treatment. Things were well until he stumbled upon Aventurine, who had attacked his son years prior. The two began to fight until Constrictor's son appeared to finish what he started. Before he could lay a claw on Wise, Constrictor stopped him and shooed him away from the area. Aventurine and Constrictor haven't fought since.

Personality: Constrictor acts tough to keep others from messing with him but he's a softy on the inside. He is usually docile and lounges around a lot. He considered the smartest of Wise's Whispering Deaths, being just as innovative and crafty as Tinker. He is also a fantastic artist and loves to draw, though he doesn't want others to know about it; only Wise knows of his secret hobby.


Fun Facts

  • Constrictor was named after boa constrictors.
  • Constrictor is able to go out in the sunliht but if he's sitting in it for too long, he becomes grumpy.
  • Constrictor learned all of his drawing skills from Wise; he watched her from afar before getting lessons from her.


Magma Guardian the Male Eruptodon

Alias: Magma

Background: Magma Guardian was taken by dragon hunters at a very young age. He was going to be used to make Gronckle Iron but was put up for sale after he couldn't produce any metals. At some point, he escaped but was captured again only months later. For years, he was kept in cages, force-fed rocks, and transferred to various dragon hunter operations. His final destination under their cruel influence would be Auction Island, where Wise finally found him and put an end to his torment. She ended the dragon hunter operation and brought the dragon to Eruptodon Island. However, Magma Guardian didn't stay there long and followed Wise back home. Multiple attempts were made to keep Magma Guardian on Eruptodon Island but he always returned to Wise one way or another. After he showed he can live solely on rocks, Wise let him stay. To make him feel more at home, she decorated Magma Guardian's cave too look more like the interior of a volcano. He currently acts a sort of peacekeeper for Wise's dragons.

Finding Blazer: Magma Guardian was found in the Green Death's volcanoes during the events of Return to Dragon Island. He brought the egg back with him and tried to keep it a secret, only for the egg to explode and nearly destroy his cave. Wise helped him raise the little Nightmare to the Titan Wing he is today.

Personality: Magma Guardian is a very gentle dragon and an overall pacifist. He will only use violence as a very last resort; any other time, he would rather take hits than dish than out. He will however use his lava blasts to separate fighting individuals if he can't step between them in time or if getting close to them is too dangerous. He doesn't like thinking about his past and asking him about it makes him incredibly sad and quiet.


Fun Facts

  • Magma Guardian's name was oringally supposed to only be "Magma" but the game censored the word.


Meteor Burst the Male Eruptodon

Background: Meteor Burst was one of many eggs Wise has rescued from dragon hunters in her lifetime. She named the Eruptodon after Comet for his colors. Upon hearing this, Comet became incredibly emotional since this was the closest thing she was ever gonna get to having a kid with Wise. The intense reaction has since made Wise fear naming anymore dragons after Comet.

Personality: Meteor Burst is friendly, quiet dragon. He can be playful but would rather watch others and silently appreciate their company. He sees Wise and Comet as his parental figures but is a bit reluctant towards Comet after seeing her emotional outburst from his name.


Rock Spitter the Male Titan Gronckle

Background: Rock Spitter was found fighting off dragon hunters when they attacked Dark Deep, his previous home. Unfortunately, he was eventually shot down and would've been thrown onto a ship if Wise hadn't come in to help. The dragon hunters were fended off but most of the fighters of Dark Deep were either trapped, shot down, or wounded. It took the rest of the day to free all of the dragons and a few more days to mend their wounds. When her job was done, Rock Spitter followed her home and was trained. He is now Wise's main "shepard dragon" and helps everyone with their farm animals when they needed to be rounded up.

Personality: Rock Spitter is an incredibly active Gronckle and loves herding animals. He isn't one to start fights but proves to be a vicious fighter when he needs to be. He is very protective of the animals he manages, Wise, and the many dragons Wise rescues. He has a small rivalry with Fatal, as the two strive to be Wise's favorite dragon but still gets along really well with the Titan Nadder.


Boulder Bash the Male Gronckle

Background: Boulder Bash was one of 12 eggs Wise recieved from a fellow trader. He was greatly influenced by Rock Slam and attempted to mimic his rolling behavior, only to fail just about every time. To compensate for his inability to destroy rocks by ramming into them, he will find much smaller rocks to put among the rubble of any rocks Rock Slam happens to destroy.

Personality: Boulder Bash is a fairly lazy Gronckle but when the time calls for it, he can be a force to be reckoned with. He will (literally) charge into battle with little regards for his safety, resulting in other dragons having to keep an eye on him.


Elder Stone the Male Gronckle*

Background: Elder Stone was found napping in the middle of Wise's home island; when, how, or why he was there was a mystery. Once his slumber was disrupted, he became incredibly angry and flew around, firing at everything. Borealis forced the dragon off the island before too much harm could be done and cleaned up his mess. Needless to say, he wasn't too happy when Wise rescued him and brought him back to the island. Fortunately, Elder Stone was in a much better mood during his second trip to the island and made it up to the dragons. . .sort of. He built a rather small fort out of rocks so the only dragons who appreciated it was Wise and Comet's smaller dragons. With time and patience, the other dragons came around and forgave Elder Stone, allowing him be a permanent resident of the island.

Personality: Elder Stone is usually a docile dragon but becomes incredibly aggressive when he's woken up, especially if it's without reason. He also doesn't like strangers invading his space and isn't afraid to nip at someone's hand if they don't leave him be.


Fun Facts

  • Elder Stone was originally the name of one of the Gronckles on my main Viking, Master Stone. They were going to be the same character.


Socky the Male Titan Screaming Death

Background: Socky was found in the Whispering Death tunnels on Berk. No one's sure how his egg got there but none of the Whispering Deaths would interact with him no matter how often he tried to get their attention. Comet took him Wise's home once she saw the Whispering Deaths seemed relieved that the dragon was going somewhere else. He was quickly--and very easily--socialized with the other dragons. At some point, Comet thought it would be a good idea to make Socky a sock for Snoggletog. His immense love for the sock once it was on his tail earned him his name. As a Titan Wing, he continues to wear this sock, though it barely fits him.

Personality: Socky is extremely docile and gets along with humans and dragons fairly easily. He likes to play around but his large size makes it difficult to do so unless he's in an open area. However, he can become your typical Screaming Death in a heartbeat if anyone he cares about gets hurt, making him any dragon hunter's worst nightmare in battle. He really loves the sock Comet made for him when he was a baby, so much so that he can't eat if he knows it's lost. He either becomes very sad or angry when someone takes the sock (depends on who it is) and even sadder if it gets damaged.


Fun Facts

  • Socky's love for his tail sock and overall dependence on it was inspired by the Flying Dutchman from Spongebob.


Rock Slam the Male Catastrophic Quaken

Background: Rock Slam was one of the Quakens Rock Spitter was fighting for when he still lived on Dark Deep. After years of not seeing his Gronckle buddy, Rock Slam decided to track Wise down to pay him a visit. Wise's strong bond with Rock Spitter, in conjunction with the assistance she provided during the dragon hunter attack, made training him fairily easy. He now resides on the island with her and smashes large rocks for all the Boulder class dragons to eat.

Personality: Rock Slam is a benevolent dragon who will fight viciously to protect his fellow dragons and riders. However, he is a threat to both the enemy and his allies so he is only called into battle as a very last resort. When he isn't taking the offensive side, he will escort wounded dragons to safety and take damage for others.


Fun Facts

  • Rock Slam's colors were changed because he reminded me too much of a dragon that would be in the Papa Council (more on that can be found in my main dragon thread).
  • Rock Slam's a threat to friends and foes alike in battle because he has bad eyesight and tends to roll into everything rather than aim and time his attack.


Armor Head the Male Shovelhelm

Background: Armor Head was one of the many baby dragons Wise has rescued in her lifetime. He was named for the metallic-colored patterns around his body. He helps make sure Wise's home island is well defended.

Personality: Armor Head is a hard working dragon who likes to do things on his own. Even if he knows he needs it, he refuses to seek help with anything he's working on and when he does recieve assistance, he gets grumpy. However, he doesn't mind helping others. While he always means well, he often doesn't know his own strength and winds up doing more harm than good; as a result, he has a strained relationship with Tinker.


Humble the Male Hotburple

Background: Humble and his family were captured by dragon hunters. His parents were used to dispose of metals that couldn't be used while Humble was intended to be used to make Gronckle Iron. When they realized he couldn't do much other than look cute, the hunters decided to kill him, only for Wise to intervene and kill them instead. Wise took in Humble and his parents but once Humble was fully grown, his parents flew off to lands unknown. Humble lives happily with Wise and her massive flock of dragons and eats disarmed dragon traps.

Personality: True to his name, Humble is incredibly modest and thinks kind of lowly of himself. He is incredibly shy but can socialize with new dragons if they're introduced to him one at a time. As such, he gets along with Scorpion very well (though he'd rather no be near his brother). Unfortunately, humans are another story and he barely interacts with Comet without feeling the need to run away. He would rather spend time with Wise when she's alone; too many dragons coming to her during such moments between the two will cause him to fly away. Contrary to the Hotburple norm, Humble is quite active and only really sleeps when he's alone for long periods of time; even the presence of a single quiet dragon is enough to keep him awake.


Crunch the Male Snafflefang

Background: Crunch was found munching away on some geodes while Wise was doing an island check. Assuming he was safe and happy, she didn't pay much mind to him until he heard him trigger a dragon trap. When she returned to him, she found him dangling from a tree in a net; he was more upset that he couldn't reach his geodes than he was about being in the net. She quickly cut him free and removed any other dragon traps before another dragon could get caught in them. Crunch was trained shortly afterward and has remained in Wise's flock since.

Raising Frost Streak and Stumblefoot: Crunch took Frost Streak's egg the moment he saw it on Scuttleclaw Island while Wise was monitoring it. The egg hatched quickly in his care and he made it his mission to raise the young Flightmare. Similar events happened with Stumblefoot, except Stumblefoot was already hatched when Crunch found him.

Personality: Crunch is a very parental dragon and considers any egg and baby dragon he stumbles upon his own until the parents or caretakers show up. He is very friendly and gets along with most dragons and people. He doesn't like fighting much and would rather act as a shield for allies than deal damage.


Fun Facts

  • Crunch was named after the Pokemon move of the same name.


Stumblefoot the Male Snafflefang

Background: Stumblefoot was found by Crunch while he was flying around the Wilderness. Once again, Crunch took him while Wise was monitoring him. Because Stumblefoot was young and well-adjusted to Wise's presence, he was easily trained. He earned his name from seemingly tripping over nothing frequently--even as an adult, this still happens more often than it should.

Personality: Stumblefoot is a friendly, clumsy dragon. He likes to help, though his frequent "air tripping" doesn't make him a good helper; other dragons actively avoid his help, even as a last resort.


Almighty the Male Elder Sentinel

Background: Almighty was encountered and trained during the events of Wrath of Stormheart. He currently resides on Wise's home island and acts as the main sentry dragon, just as he did on Vanaheim.

Personality: Almighty is very protective of Wise and all the dragons that reside on her island. He takes his job as a sentry dragon incredibly seriously and gets set off by false alarms. If a dragon is dying, he will closely monitor them until they pass.


Igneous the Male Sentinel**

Background: Igneous was found as a hatchling on Eruptodon Island. The Eruptodons did their best to take care of him but it was difficult getting him food. Having aquainted with Wise previously, the Eruptodons allowed Wise to take Igneous under her care. With the help of Almighty, Igneous has grown to be a healthy, powerful Sentinel.

Personality: Igneous is an active Sentinel and doesn't remain stationary like Almighty does. He would rather fly around and patrol the island instead. He gets along with humans and Eruptodons the most.


Fun Facts

  • Igneous was named and colored after igneous rocks.

Ember Charge the Male Titan Crimson Goregutter

Background: When he was still in his egg, Ember Charge was nabbed by dragon hunters while his mother was away. A few days later, Wise snatched the egg before the hunters could sell it. Unfortunately, Wise didn't know where the egg came from, let alone which Goregutter it belonged to, so she took the egg in. Ember Charge hatched on Snoggletog Eve and took a liking to Wise and her allies. At this point, Wise wanted to look for Ember Charge's parent but Comet insisted that she keep him, especially since no Goregutter has claimed him for days. That same day, Ember Charge's mother finally came around and almost attacked Wise. She tried to return the little dragon to his mother, only for him to come right back. Soon realizing he was in good hands, Ember Charge's mother settled down and left Wise to care for her son. Now, Ember Charge is sight to behold and helps fend off pesky dragon hunters.

Personality: Ember Charge is very playful and energetic. He loves playing with baby dragons and has a little too much fun playing fetch. Thankfully, he's easy to control; a firm look from Borealis or a call from Wise is enough to make him settle down. He's very protective of his flock and will destroy the opposition with lava-drenched antlers.


Fun Facts

  • Ember Charge's name was inspired by the Pokemon move "Flame Charge". In fact, Flame Charge was his original name but the game censors wouldn't allow it.
  • Ember Charge's colors are the opposite of Elk's (my first Goregutter) colors; while Ember Charge is primarily red with green patterns, Elk is primarily green with red patterns.
  • Ember Charge was hatched on Christmas Eve.

Frostbitten the Male Groncicle

Background: Frostbitten was trained during the event of Icestorm Island. However, his story has a bit more misfortune than some other Groncicles. By the time Wise heard his eggs were misplaced, they drifted to Odin knows where. Not even her Tracker or Tidal Class dragons had any luck finding his eggs. Seeing as humans are the reason the eggs are gone, Frostbitten's mate was more than furious to see he bonded with Wise and left him. Instead of pursuing her again, Frostbitten remained by Wise's side. Though grateful for his companionship, Wise can't help but feel he wonder if he should've gone with his former mate. He still wants to be a father but he's so weary of potential mates disliking Wise that he'd rather not try at all. In the meantime, he helps take care of young newcomers in the flock. He's also Wise's go-to dragon when it comes to navigating new arctic terrain.

Personality: Frostbitten is a good dragon who would rather be with Wise than pursue a new mate. Though he's great with hatchlings, he tends to be quiet around adult dragons outside of the flock. He is somewhat better with humans but only if Wise is at least acquaintances with them. Otherwise, he tends to only focus on Wise and the flock.


Purple Snow the Male Groncicle

Background: Comet bonded with Purple Snow while she was exploring Icestorm Island with Wise. For some time, they only interacted on such visits but a time went on, Purple Snow started to secretly tail Wise and Comet. He was discovered a little too late though; they wouldn't know of his whereabouts until he was shot down during a confrontation with Stormheart. He was down for a short time but it was enough to leave him shaken. For months following the event, he never let Comet out of his side for even a second. He has let up substantially in more recent times but he continues to have nightmares about that day, which causes him to cling to Comet again. The other dragons in the flock are trying to mend this habit out of fear he'll get shot down pursuing Comet again.

Personality: Purple Snow is docile but his experience with Stormheart has made him really clingy with Comet. While he isn't glued to her side anymore, he'll go a far as to throw Wise out of their sleeping area to only be with Comet when he has his nightmares. Thankfully, it doesn't get any worse than that.

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Raiun the Male Titan Skrill

Background: Raiun was found playing amongst what was left of Wise's old tribe's hatchery: Egg shells from hundreds of shattered eggs and building debris. Wise quickly took him in before the hunters could spot him and raised him alongside Aventurine. When both dragons were full-fledged Titan Wings, they helped liberate dragons and fend off the hunters. Raiun has remained by Wise's side ever since.

Meeting Bolt Flinger and Zircon: Wise introduced Bolt Flinger to Raiun so he could interact with his own kind. Raiun quickly took a liking to Bolt Flinger and raised him. During the time that Zircon was afraid of Aventurine, he went to Raiun and was primarily raised by him as well. Seeing Bolt Flinger grow up to be the aggressive Skrill he is now does dishearten Raiun a bit but Wise is quick to cheer him up.

A Shot at Love: While doing a scan of a nearby island, Raiun came across a female Titan Skrill. He fell for her immediately but because of how domesticated he is, he didn't know how to win her over. The Skrill showed some interest in him but fled after hearing Wise approach the area. She wouldn't be seen again until Wise spotted her flying over the island a few nights later. He managed to convince her to land away from the other dragons and, with some advice from Wise, successfully won her over. Things went smoothly until the Skrill saw Wise and immediately attacked her; Borealis got her out of the way and fought the Skrill. Raiun had to stop him from killing her but he couldn't stop her from riding away with his heart on a lightning bolt. It took Raiun weeks to find her again and regain her trust. He is currently trying to get her to like Wise and the other dragons but little to no progress has been made. As a result, they have a strained relationship.

Personality: Raiun is extremely docile and gets along with others very well. He is very loyal to Wise and would rather be with her than other dragons, including his own [potential] mate; Wise is currently encouraging him to go out on his own and spend time with his mate. He sees Aventurine as a brother and plays with him often. He is also very nuturing towards younger dragons and helps Wise take care of them when other dragons are unavailable or the task becomes overwhelming. Don't underestimate him because of his friendly exterior; while he isn't one to start fights, he certainly isn't afraid to finish them and will put his own life on the line to ensure Wise's safety.


Fun Facts

  • Raiun "over domestication" and awkward relationship with his mate was inspired by Toothless and the Light Fury.
  • Raiun was technically the first dragon Wise trained, though the time between training him and Aventurine is only a few seconds.
  • Raiun is currently Wise's fastest dragon.


Bolt Flinger the Male Skrill

Background: Bolt Flinger was one of 12 eggs Wise recieved from a trader. She quickly introduced him to Raiun so the older dragon can interact with other Skrills. Bolt Flinger has grown to be a swift Skrill and is Wise's main racing dragon.

Personality: Bolt Flinger is more along the lines of your typical Skrill: Aggressive and quick to attack. However, he is loyal to Wise and looks up to Raiun. Like Raiun to Aventurine, Bolt Flinger sees Zircon as a brother; little does the Whispering Death know that Bolt Flinger loves him just the way he is.


Glow Spark the Male Skrill*

Background: Comet recieved Glow Spark as a baby around Snoggletog from the same trader who gave Wise a chest of 12 dragon eggs. The trader offered him to her as a gift for Wise around the holidays. . .that, and the little guy had too much energy!

Personality: Glow Spark is a very jolly, energetic Skrill. He gets along with others very well and is incredibly playful. The problem is he has a habit of releasing small jolts of electricity when he's really happy, making him difficult to be around sometimes. He doesn't like being alone and if he's left alone for too long, he will find a way to keep himself occupied. . .even if those ways cause troubles for others.


Fun Facts

  • Glow Spark was colored after Christmas decorations and Sleigher from Rise of Berk.
  • Glow Spark was named by Comet.


Tundra the Male Titan Woolly Howl

Background: Tundra was in a pack with other Woolly Howls before Wise found him. The pack was ambushed by dragon hunters and Woollies were shot down and captured left and right. Tundra put up a good fight but was ultimately shot down. Wise, with the help of her dragons, was able to end the fight before anymore Woollies could get caught and quickly freed them once the dragon hunters were dealt with. Initially, Tundra was incredibly hostile towards Wise and threatened to attack her until another Woolly in the pack reacted positively to her. It took a few tries but with the help of this Woolly, which was later trained and named Sunset, he began to trust Wise and was officially trained.

Personality: Tundra is generally aggressive and doesn't get along with most people and dragons. He is quick to growl and fire at their feet, resulting in quite a few short-lived fights. He is protective of Wise and even more protective of Sunset, whom he sees as a younger brother.


Sunset the Male Woolly Howl

Background: Sunset was one of the Woollies from Tundra's old pack. His positive reaction to Wise is the reason the Titan became trainable. He wouldn't officially become trained until the Snoggletog season, when he rode the winter winds to Wise's home island.

Personality: Sunset is the opposite of Tundra: Full of energy, playful, and very docile. Still, he looks up to Tundra and sees the dragon as a big brother. Interestingly, he loves to dig and whenever he starts digging, he finds something rare and/or unusual to give to Wise. He always tries to get other dragons to play with him but his most notable target is Hail, who always rejects playtime with him. He has been rejected so much, Sunet now only gets a little disappointed when he's turned down by the older dragon.


Hail the Male Titan Woolly Howl

Background: Hail was found on Titan Island in the midst of his Titan transformation. Why he followed Wise after he was done is a mystery; Wise isn't even sure if Hail himself knows why he followed her back home. Whatever the case, he is very happy in Wise's care. Too much movement without a break results in his limbs hurting so he doesn't move much. Almighty has been watching this dragon the moment he set paw on the island, much to WIse's concern.

Personality: Hail is a good-hearted Woolly Howl and gets along well with most dragons. However, he doesn't like playing with others due to his condition; as such, he rejects Sunset's playtime invitaitons not to hurt his feelings but because he literally can't.


Frozen the Male Snow Wraith

Background: Frozen was under attack by dragon hunters and dragons; not only did wild dragons begin to attack him but the hunters had some dragons under their control as well. Wise and her dragons fought off everyone before Frozen could sustain anything too serious, though he does bare some scars from the incident. Initially, Frozen was incredibly hostile towards Wise and her dragons, forcing everyone to keep their distance for some time. Once Wise caught him off guard and applied medicine to his wounds, he settled down and began to bond with her. The same couldn't be said for her dragons though, not even the friendly ones like Hopemaker and Raiun. When said dragon approached the two, Frozen opened fired and fled, though Wise quickly found him. This time, she collected some of Hopemaker's healing substance and kept her dragons at bay while she mended the Snow Wraith's wounds. Frozen was officially trained after his wounds healed but he still didn't get along with Wise's dragons--or any dragon for that matter. As a result, Wise has recieved quite a few complaints from other dragon riders as their dragons have gotten into fights against her Snow Wraith. She is doing her best to socialize him; currently, he babies are his strong point.

Personality: Like most Snow Wraiths, Frozen is incredibly aggressive towards most dragons, including other Snow Wraiths. So far, the only dragons he'll ever get along with is baby dragons. He is very quick to get into fights with other dragons and will even snarl at them just for looking in his general direction. He is better with humans, though he isn't that friendly with them either. He is however incredibly loyal to Wise and responds to her commands very quickly, making it easier to stop him should he get into a fight.


Champion the Male Triple Stryke

Background: Champion was one of two Triple Stryke eggs Wise recieved from a dying Triple Stryke mother. He hatched during the day while his brother, Scorpion, hatched at night. As a baby, he has accidentally stung other dragons numerous times, most notably Borealis; while he was treated fairly quickly in all instances, the Stormcutter doesn't like Champion that much. He doesn't care too much though; he has little to no remorse for the incidents because he apologized and knew they were all accidents anyways.

Personality: Champion is a troublemaker and more reckless compared to his brother, though he doesn't make it a priority to hurt someone without a good reason. He cares a lot for Wise and his brother and will go the extra mile to ensure their safety. He can be stubborn but overall, he is very social and doesn't mind being near other dragons or giving others a lift.


Fun Facts

  • Champion was named and colored after the Champion Triple Stryke from Rise of Berk.
  • Fret not, he's not angrily roaring at the poor Viking in the picture; he's just expressing his joy. . .very, very loudly (that Viking also happens to be my friend).


Scorpion the Male Triple Stryke

Background: Scorpion was one of two Triple Stryke eggs Wise recieved from a dying Triple Stryke mother. While his twin brother Champion hatched in the day, he hatched at night. Unlike Champion, Scorpion only accidentally stung someone once and still feels guilty about it: Wise. It was with the tail filled with numbing venom so it took a little longer to get her treated, seeing as she couldn't move to get the antidote. 

Personality: Contrary to Champion, Scorpion is very shy and quiet. He'd rather be in the company of people and dragons that he's close to, like Wise or his brother. If he has to be with dragons outside of the flock or newcomers to the flock, he'd rather only deal with a few at a time; preferably less than five. Anymore than that will overwhelm him and make him anxious to the point where he can't move. He triesto be like his brother and socialize more, though this often backfires; Borealis was his only successful target. He is very sweet and caring towards those he is close to. He also puts others before himself more often than he should, resulting in quite a few dragons and people taking advantage of him; Wise and Borealis are helping him with this. He cares deeply for his brother and would be more than miserable if something were to happen to him (his reaction to hearing something bad happen to his brother is so severe, some may wonder if he cares more about Champion than Champion does about him). Scorpion really doesn't like fighting and will flee if he senses conflict arising. Often, he'll try to take Wise with him in his tails before flying away.


Fun Facts

  • Scorpion's disdain for fighting was inspired by one of the Triple Strykes on my main Viking named Polar.


Snoggletoggler the Male Triple Stryke

Background: Snoggletoggler was born on Snoggletog and pride in it. He has been dubbed as the Santa of Wise's dragons and has been distrbuting gifts and punishments to others ever since Wise started riding him. While he'll give gifts to those on his nice list, he resorted to firing at those on the naughty list; Wise stopped him from doing this in the beginning but he started throwing coal at people and dragons instead. He continues to fire at others, though it's always a weak flame and near the victim's feet instead of directly at them like before. In addition to playing Santa, Snoggletoggler helps keep Champion and Scorpion in check.

Personality: Snoggletoggler is very friendly  filled to the brim with happiness and compassion like Santa. He likes giving things away, even if it comes out of his own expense. He gets along with all dragons, even the ones on his naughty list for some reason. While the same goes for humans, those on his naughty list don't like him much; not everyone likes being pelted with coal or fired at, even if it's the weakest flame a dragon could produce.


Fun Facts

  • Snoggletoggler was heavily inspired by Santa Claus and the North Pole.
  • Snoggletoggler's dream is to one day meet a Snoggletog Wraith.

Ocean Breeze the Male Deathgripper

Background: Ocean Breeze was to be used in a newly formed, mind-controlled Deathgripper army but was saved from such a cruel fate by Wise while she was trying to save Spectacle. He fled the scene while the hunters were distracted and seeked refuge on Wise's island while her dragons were away. Trouble began to arise when Borealis noticed the Deathgripper and became more than livid upon seeing him. The only thing that spared Ocean Breeze from his fury was the fact that the Stormcutter was too depressed about Spectacle being controlled by dragon hunters in such a manner. Wise was able to train Ocean Breeze after getting Borealis out of his depression and used him to knock out any dragon hunters who tried to intervene with Spectacle's rescue. He now provides Wise venom every now and then to use as a sedative against dragon hunters or, as a very last ditch effort, frenzied dragons.

Personality: Ocean Breeze is very timid and quiet, seldom making a sound whenever he's around. He doesn't like socializing with others and his species' startling reputation makes sure no one confronts him. He is very loyal to the very few who've managed to earn his trust.


Fun Facts

  • Ocean Breeze is my very first Deathgripper.

Anchor Tusk the Male Deathgripper

Background: Anchor Tusk was severely wounded when Wise found him in a dragon trap; the dragon hunters that controlled his pack abandoned him after realizing his injuries would only slow them down and didn't want to waste time or resources putting him out of his misery immediately. He had been there for so long, the venom used to keep him in line wore off. Having accepted his fate long ago, he barely did anything when Wise started freeing him. Even after being removed from the trap and given the chance to move around, he did nothing. He was weak. Tired. Incredibly miserable, and wondered why anyone bothered to help him. He was eventually transported to Wise's home island with the help of her other dragons and had his wounds finally treated. Out of fear that he'd eat the other dragons, Wise used Ocean Breeze to escort him to a new island. But Anchor Tusk had other plans: As soon as Wise and Ocean Breeze were just a few feet away, he followed them. He was placed on many different islands and different tactics were used but the results never changed: No matter what, Anchor Tusk followed Wise. Finally, Wise surrendered and integrated him into the flock. It took months but with only a few casualties along the way (namely wild Tidal Class dragons and some livestock), Anchor Tusk was successfully put on a fish diet like the other dragons. Nowadays, he seldom leaves Wise's side.

Rivalry with Wisdom: Being a trained Deathgripper hasn't spared Anchor Tusk from others being wary of him. However, Wisdom is the most aggressive towards him and thus, the two can hardly be together without a scuffle. The interesting part is Anchor Tusk never starts the fight; Wisdom is the first one to open fire and more often than not, Anchor Tusk plays defensively and avoids his attacks. Wise is trying to mend the bond between the two but it's proven to be just too dangerous for her to get near either of the dragons during such a time. She just has to rely on Stardust and Borealis to help them make amends.

Personality: Anchor Tusk has gone from a miserable dragon to an incredibly loyal one. In fact, some argue that he is Wise's most loyal dragon because he is seen with Wise more than Spectacle, which is saying a lot since Spectacle only leaves Wise for Borealis (who also doesn't happen to be too far most of the time). He has Raiun's docile nature when it comes to Wise and whoever she trusts and unspeakable fury for dragon hunters and anyone else who dare try to hurt his rider. While he wields his fire wisely, he certainly isn't afraid to get up close and personal and has been known to pounce others as a warning. He is forever grateful for what Wise did for him. Similar to Frozen, he responds to her commands in the blink of an eye.


Fun Facts

  • Anchor Tusk's name stems from the fact that his tusks are a little more curved than other Deathgrippers.


Wisdom the Male Light Fury

Mate: Stardust

Background: Wise found Wisdom while exploring the Hidden World Annex and wanted to study him immediately. Unfortunately, Wisdom had other plans and fired at WIse; thankfully, Wise had her fire-proof armor on, though the impact rendered her unconscious. Raiun had to pull her out of there before Wisdom could do more harm to her. Her love for dragons made her come back to the Annex though but she no longer attempted to study Wisdom. This time around, Comet had to encourage Wise to train Wisdom, seeing as though she was able to train the one that always follows the aggressive Light Fury. But Wise had no interest in training the dragon, not for a while at least--she only wanted to study him and if it was clear he didn't like human interaction, let alone human contact, why would she go against his wishes and try to train him? She would only make any sort of effort to train him when Comet and her Light Fury surrounded the two. The encounter was very quick, ending with Wisdom nearly blasting Wise to bits again and flying off, but a similarity was spotted: Both of them were blind through their left eye. Wise used this to get Wisdom to at least hold his fire; seeing her unmask and expose such a vulnerability garnered some of his respect and he finally stopped firing at her on sight. Through Comet playing and riding his mate, Wisdom and Wise grew closer together and the Light Fury was finally trained. Wise is now reintroducing him to the surface world after he has avoided it for so long.

Losing His Left Eye/Finding Love: Long before dragons were thought to be trainable, Wisdom did a bit of exploring of his own on the land which humans roam. His first trip to the surface world would be his last though, as he quickly flew into dragon hunters. He managed to escape their clutches but lost his left eye after a hunter shot an arrow into it. As he was flying back into the Hidden World, a female Light Fury was about to follow in his footsteps and see what wonders the surface world brings; Wisdom quickly stopped her and for the most part, kept her from going to the surface world. That job became impossible when the Annex was uncovered and she quickly escaped his watchful eye. In the time he did spent watching her however, the two built a connection and fell in love after a few years. After years of waiting, the two brought a son into the world.

Rivalry with Anchor Tusk: Because he's a Deathgripper and Deathgrippers are associated with the sharp decline of the Night Fury population, Wisdom doesn't trust Anchor Tusk in the slightest, especially with him being with Wise all the time strangely, he doesn't do anything to Ocean Breeze. He always starts the brawl, firing at Anchor Tusk and roaring at him when he catches wind of his presence. Wise is trying to mend their relationship but the brawls are too dangerous for her so she has to rely on Borealis and Stardust to mend things.

Personality: Wisdom is incredibly aggressive towards humans and for the longest time, despised the surface world because of them. However, after meeting someone so in-tuned with dragons like Wise and Comet, he is beginning to have second thoughts. He is more than willing to fire at those who come too close and will get up close and personal should someone not get the memo. He is very protective of the two beings he currently trusts the most--Wise and his mate--and watches them like a hawk when he can. He will try to fight as much as he can before fleeing from a battle, even if the odds aren't in his favor.


Fun Facts

  • Wisdom was named by Comet after she discovered his partial blindness.
  • Wisdom can't comprehend Wise's dragon-themed/dragon-related talents such as her dragon-themed armor and ability to fly with her wing-suits; he gets surprised seeing her fly whenever she's riding him, even if he's seen her do it a dozen times.
  • Wisdom and his mate are intended to be dragon parallels to Wise and Comet.
  • At this time, Wisdom and any other Light Fury characters are represented by the only Light Fury in the game at the time of writing (March 2019), which is Toothless' girlfriend. I wanted to clarify this juuust in case.
  • Wisdom is a little larger than most Light Furies.


Stardust the Female Light Fury

Mate: Wisdom

Background: When the entrance to the Hidden World Annex was opened, Stardust took the opportunity to finally see the surface world. She flew off the moment she heard the explosion, much to Wisdom's dismay. While flying out of the entrance, Comet crashed into her and brought her down momentarily. Despite the rough encounter, the two became near instant friends and their bond was the catalyst for Wise and Wisdom's relationship. Comet is now hardly seen without Stardust following her and gives her a tour of the Archipelago on a daily basis.

Meeting Wisdom: Stardust started spying on Wisdom when he flew off to the surface world. Curious to what the land of humans brings, she too made plans to go up there. By the time she started flying out of the Hidden World, Wisdom had already seen the terrors that humans could bring and quickly stopped Stardust in her tracks. For years, Wisdom prevented Stardust from seeing the light of day (literally) but alas, the two managed to bond and became mates. Once a new entrance to the surface world was made however, she slipped out of his grasp and made her escape. After years of being together, the two finally had a son.

Personality: Stardust is full of energy and is very playful. She is highly social and gets along with just about everyone she encounters. Like Comet, she seems to get along just a bit better with children than she does with adults. She loves exploring and feels more at home among fellow dragon riders than in the Hidden World; often, she'll become a bit bummed out if she's forced to stay in the Hidden World until she can fly on the surface again. While she's usually as friendly as a puppy, she can be incredibly aggressive and protective if Comet or Wisdom are in danger.


Fun Facts


  • Stardust is slightly smaller than most Light Furies.
  • Stardust and Wisdom held off on having children of their own because the former was more interested in playing with other babies than having some of her own.

Ice Scale the Male Light Fury

Background: Ice Scale was found next to a dragon trap set on the edges of New Berk; dragon hunters placed him there in hopes of drawing in sympathetic or curious dragons. He would've gone unnoticed had Constellation not accidentally set off the trap; fortunately, Vice yanked him out of the way in time. Attempts were made to relocate Ice Scale back in the Hidden World but he kept leaving whenever Wise left. He currently helps with Wise's baby dragons.

Personality: Much to Wise's surprise, Ice Scale is very docile and quiet. He doesn't mind the company of other dragons and humans. When he's watching over baby dragons, the little ones treat him like adult dragons treat Toothless: With great respect and a fear of making him angry. Just spreading his wings is enough to make them settle down. He will do what he can to avoid fights; as soon as he senses trouble brewing, he relocates himself and if that fails, he'll send off a few warning shots in hopes of stopping the fight or making the dragons move.


Fun Facts

  • Ice Scale can cloak much longer than other Light Furies.
  • Ice Scale was named after a Pokemon ability of the same name.
  • Ice Scale's origins and personality were originally going to be Wisdom's. It was changed because it was long forgotten until I read through some old-ish stuff I wrote down.

Constellation the Male Baby Light Fury

Background: Stardust and Wisdom finally had a child together, a son to be exact: Constellation. Everyone mistakes him for Pouncer until they see how differently he acts from the Night Light. He's abnormally strong for his size, though no one's sure why; Comet speculates he's been hanging out with the Hobgobblers. Another confusing trait about Constellation is his black patterns. Perhaps there's a little Night Fury in there after all. . .

Personality: Constellation is shy and well behaved. Most of the time he's around his parents or Ice Scale; the few times he isn't around them, he's with the other small dragons of Wise's flock. He's especially shy around humans and only shows his true colors around Wise and Comet. He likes hauling around his human friends, much to his father's dismay, and will carry them around the island at least once a day.


Boltseye the Male Skrillknapper

Background: Boltseye was rescued from a more. . .unique dragon hunter operation. In fact, "hunter" wouldn't be a good name for it: Trappers are more like it. They would capture dragons not to kill them or even sell them to other hunters for a quick gold piece but to create hybrids; after a hybrid was created, the dragons were released. The hybrids would then be used for various purposes; raiding villages, destroying dragon riders, and pulling ships are just a of the jobs they were given. They, including poor Boltseye, were kept in line with Deathgripper venom. Wise was able to put a dent in the operation but ultimately, some trappers managed to escape with their hybrids. Boltseye was among the lucky ones to be rescued and he has been a proud members of Wise's flock ever since.

Personality: Boltseye doesn't interact with anyone except Wise until there's a threat, in which case he'll be interacting with the troublemakers using his electrical fire blasts. He's swift and silent, with Wise often not knowing he's nearby until he makes something explode. Strangely enough, the only dragon that has come remotely close to Boltseye without him fleeing is Teary. They don't even make eye contact; they silently recognize each other's presence.


Fun Facts

  • Boltseye's name is play on "'bullseye."
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I go by the name Stormy! :D


An AMAZING picture of Stormy (my viking!) done by the even more amazing MerricupNightFury!!!! It is fantastic!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stormy as a Draconian!!!! By the incredibly talented TosiLohi!!!!!!! Thanks so so so much!!!!


All My Dragons!!


Tracker Class

Stormshear - Female Deadly Nadder (Main Dragon!)

Skypiercer - Male Deadly Nadder

Rosethorn - Female Deadly Nadder

Moonwatcher - Male Deadly Nadder

Mudslide - Male Mudraker
Sharp Class

Starlight - Female Razorwhip

Lightshard - Male Razorwhip

Puddletwirler - Female Raincutter

Mysticshine - Female Stormcutter

Peppermint - Male Scuttleclaw (Hatched on 1st December so he has a Snoggletog-themed name! :D)


Stoker Class

Firewing - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Firedancer - Female Singetail

Pheonix - Male Typhoomerang


Boulder Class

Rocky - Male Gronckle

Frostwing - Male Groncicle

Groundshaker - Male Whispering Death

Stonegrinder - Male Whispering Death

Guardianspirit - Male Elder Sentinel

Tidal Class

Wraithster - Male Sand Wraith

Thundergem - Female Thunderdrum (Older sister to Tidalgem)

Tidalgem - Male Thunderdrum (Younger brother to Thundergem)

Oceanshadow - Female Scauldron - TITAN!

Shockwave - Female Shockjaw

Strike Class

Nightstrike - Male Triple Stryke (Sunstrike's twin)

Sunstrike - Female Triple Stryke (Nightstrike's twin)

Elektra - Female Skrill

Sparkangel - Female Skrill

Mystery Class

Zip & Zap - Male Hideous Zippleback

Sparkle & Dazzle - Female Hideous Zippleback

Nightglow - Female Flightmare

Firework - Male Flightmare

Siren - Female Deathsong



In-Game Info!

Name: xXStormxRiderXx (Stormy for short! :D)

Title: Senior Nadder Whisperer

Clan: Warzone

Occupation: Dragon trainer, Huntress (for food, not dragons! XD)

Trophy amount: 3300+

UDT Score: 400,000! (MAX)

Stars: 1 Gronckle Iron Star! (MAX)

Viking Level: 48

Dragons: 32

Friend Code: FNNUWE

Favourite pass-times: Flying, training, battling and of course playing with my dragons!



Art done by others! Thanks so much!

Stormy as a Draconian by TosiLohi! Thanks sooo much!!


Shimmering Snow by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Stormshear by Andrea!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!


An awesome picture of me and Stormshear done by the even more awesome Hillevij! Thank you!!


Springflower my Crimson Goregutter done by the amazing Embala!! Thanks!! 


Firewing!! Done by the awesome Lissa!! Thanks so much!!! :D


Zip & Zap and Nightstrike & Sunstrike by the awesome RedHoodJason! Thanks!!!


Wraithster by the awesome SangoMichiko! Thanks!


Stormy in a beautiful Nadder-themed dress! Thanks so much TosiLohi! :D



Stormy by the awesome ParakeetAndine!! The one on the left is in normal clothing, on the right is in her flightsuit with Stormshear!! Thanks so much!!!!!



Oceanshadow done by the amazing Root! Thanks!



Stormy and my Light Fury, Aurora, as a hatchling! Thanks so much to Purpy!!!!


Stormy and Stormshear (again) done by the awesome RedHoodJason! Thanks so much!!


Lightshard and Starlight my Razorwhips! By Sango! Thanks!




Firework, Elektra, Bliss and Stormshear!! All by the amazing PURPY!!!! THANKS!!


Stormshear and me done by the awesome TosiLohi! Thank you so much!


nice day here NOBG by bottomlessBOX

Stormshear and me (again! XD) done by the awesome Tosi Lohi! I couldn't resist so I put the non-background one in too! Thanks so much!!



Here be Stormy! 


Stormshear by the awesome SangoMichiko! Thanks!


Stormshear by Purpy!! Thankies! 


Stormshear done by Silverraven! Thanks! :D


Stormshear done by the amazing nathanviking!! Thanks so much!!!

Me and Stormshear done by the awesome Katerina Pettrova! Thanks!!!!


Hawk by demonguitars1214

Hawk Sokolov my OC! Done by the awesome DyliehIdol1214!! Thanks so much! :D


Firework done by the amazing nathanviking!! Thanks so much!!!!





Pheonix, Wraithster, Rosethorn, Oceanshadow, Stormy, Puddletwirler, and Stormshear! 

All by the awesome Purpy! Thanks so much!!


Wraithster and Puddletwirler!! Done by the always awesome Zikta!!! Thank you!! 


Stormshear, Stormy and Wraithster done by the awesome LilyStark!! Thanks! 


 Razorwhip Banner Scuttleclaw Banner

Smothering Smokebreath Banner

Changewing Banner

All banners by Dragonriders Fury! Thanks! :D 




My Adoptables!!!


Aurora and Blaze! By the awesome Celine!! Thank you so so so much!! :D


Aurora and Blaze!! Done by the awesome Lissa!!! Thanks!!!!!!!


Blaze | For CZNZ Dragon Rider by HypnoTheSerpentLordAurora | For CZNZ Dragon Rider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Blaze and Aurora both done by Andrea!! Thanks!!!!


Aurora | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Aurora (again XD) by the awesome Andrea!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Blaze my Night Fury, and Aurora my Light Fury! Thanks so much Embala for drawing them!!!


Cuddles | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLordDeigh | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Misletoe | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord  +  


Cuddles and Deigh my Deathgrippers; Dreambolt my Deadly Claw; Skythorn and Stormshear my Curly Nadders; Mistletoe my Christmas Wreath, Crispin my Summer Wreath and their baby, Rustle; and Gruntshine my Tingecutter!! All by the awesome Andrea! Thanks so so so much!!! 


Brightstorm my Shinglescale and Duskflyer my Shinglespike!! By Rider Jyharri! Thanks!!!

Blossom my beautiful Nightsealer! By the awesome Chameishida! Thanks! :D


Behold the amazing... Frillfire! By Lissa! Thanks so much! :D


Aurora by the great Zesty!!! Thanks!!


Battleshine my Fighting Claw by the awesome Belubel! Thanks! 


Galaxy my Giarogia! (Sub-species of Spyrogia!) By the awesome Shelya! Thanks!


Princess, my moody Mood Dragon! Done by the (as always) awesome Lissa!!  Thanks!!!!!


Waterdevil my Tidereaper by the awesome Goldenwolfmidna! Thanks!


Firedemon my baby Coalskin!! Done by the awesome Chameishida!! Thank you!!!

Autumn and Roux, my Harvest Hunters! By the awesome Embala!!! Thanks!!


Aphrodite and Ares my Plume Tails by Embala! Thanks!!!


My Crytter and Bookwyrm, by Flitt! Thanks!


Alaska my Pykacynd! Done by the awesome Sheyla!!! Thanks!!!


Skyburner my Neckblaze! Done by the awesome Sheyla!!! Thanks so much!

Paco my Rainforest Griffin!! Made by the amazing Lissa!



Favourite Quotes!


- I wouldn't kill him because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him, and I saw myself. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Well, you know what I always say. When in doubt, take it out! - Dagur RTTE

- Oh I'm hurt! I am very much hurt!!! - Tuffnut HTTYD

- Excuse me, barmaid! I'm afraid you brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra-large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fish-bone! - Hiccup HTTYD

- The chicken is not amused. - Tuffnut RTTE

- Everything we know about you guys, is wrong. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Some of us were just born different. - Valka HTTYD 2

- Oh my... Me likey! - Ruffnut HTTYD 2

- Please, you... are my best friend, bud. My best friend. - Hiccup HTTYD 2

- Atta boy! That's it! - Hiccup HTTYD 2


Screenshots Of My Fantastic Dragons!!! (I will be adding more soon!)

Firework - Male Flightmare


Nightglow - Female Flightmare


Oceanshadow - Female Scauldron


Wraithster - Male Sand Wraith


Firedancer - Female Singetail


Firewing - Male Monstrous Nightmare


Frostwing - Male Groncicle


Thundergem - Female Thunderdrum


Tidalgem - Male Thunderdrum


Elektra - Female Skrill


Nightstrike - Male Triple Styke


Sunstrike - Female Triple Stryke


Zip and Zap - Male Hideous Zippleback


Sparkle and Dazzle (Spark and Dazz for short!) - Female Hideous Zippleback


Skypiercer - Male Deadly Nadder


Pheonix - Male Typhoomerang


Lightshard - Male Razorwhip


Starlight - Female Razorwhip


Mudslide - Male Mudraker


Shockwave - Female Shockjaw


Did you make it to the end??? Stormshear and I say... "Congratulations!!!"


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Swoopin' In!

No you're good! Just don't directly reply to the posts because as I obtain more dragons on these Vikings and/or make more OCs, I'll need to edit the posts. Keeps things cleaner. ^^

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Great thanks! I can't wait to see more of your dragons! :D

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Stoker Class

I know Hobgobblers are listed in the Mystery Class in the game but they're officially in both the Mystery and Stoker class so I decided to put them here. 


Blazer the Male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Background: Blazer was found as an egg by Magma Guardian during the events of Return to Dragon Island. The Eruptodon tried to keep Blazer a secret but he couldn't hide the explosion that resulted from him hatching; it almost killed Wise by nearly making the whole cave collapse. After he hatched, Wise named the Nightmare but Magma Guardian primarily raised him.

Personality: Blazer tries to be a pacifist and is gentle, just like his fatherly figure. However, he is more willing to use violence or aggression to solve problems than Magma Guardian. While he is very social, he would rather avoid other Nightmares due to their high aggression and short temperments.


Blizzard Wing the Male Monstrous Nightmare**

Background: Blizzard Wing was one of 12 dragon eggs Wise recieved from a trader. For some reason, out of all the dragons Wise has ever trained, she has a very strong gut feeling this one will become a Titan. . .she's not sure why or when it'll happen but the feeling's there nevertheless. In the meantime, he helps light the way for Wise and others during harsh snow storms or foggy areas and acts as a food delivery dragon for the dragons residing on Wise's home.

Personality: Blizzard Wing is a friendly Nightmare. He doesn't mind others riding him, so long as no one tries to pull him around by the horns; doing so will result in him bucking them no matter where they are. Like Blazer, he would rather avoid other Nightmares (with a few exceptions of course, like Blazer) due to their short temper. He prefers dusk or evening flights.


Boggler the Male Flame Whipper

Background: Boggler was obtained during the events of Secret of the Leviathan. He got along with Wise very quickly but the same couldn't said for Snotlout; in fact, years after their bad initial encounter, he still hates him (as demonstrated in the lovely image above) and tries to set him on fire when Hookfang isn't around. He earned his name because everyone mistook him for a female (and some continue to do so) and his colors changed drastically as he grew.

Personality: Boggler tends to be pretty aggressive and thinks highly of himself. If someone tries to steal his thunder, he'll become incredibly angry and attack the thief in question, even if they aren't intentionally ruining his moment. He doesn't like being mistaken for a girl but handles it much better than someone one-upping him. In spite of his aggression, he is loyal to Wise and has great respect for Phlegma, so much so that he'll get into a fight with her Snappy so she can ride him instead; Wise is currently trying to stop him from doing this.


Fun Facts

  • Boggler's story was paritally inspired by Disorient, the Flame Whipper on my main Viking.
  • Boggler is smaller than other Flame Whippers.


Grinny the Male Hobblegrunt

Background: Grinny was one of the many Hobblegrunt babies roaming around on Hobblegrunt Island during the events of Battle for the Edge. However, unlike the other babies, which were distraught, Grinny was sitting by himself with the biggest smile a Hobblegrunt could muster. Not a single Hobblegrunt parent paid any attention to him during the dragon hunter attack or became stressed out when Wise interacted with him so she took him with her. Wise wishes she knew what happened to Grinny's parents but for now, she's happy that he's as happy as a dragon could be. As one could imagine, he earned his name because he's seldom seen without a smile.

Personality: Grinny is a jolly dragon and loves to spread joy to others. He rarely ever frowns and when he does, it's usually because someone else is frowning and he can't seem to make them stop. He gets along great with others and will go the extra mile to make someone happy.


Fun Facts

  • Wise is aware that the Hobblegrunts in SoD are actually Threadtails but because they don't seem to produce their own poison and bringing up the fact that they're Threadtails sparks up arguments, she simply labels them as "Hiccup's Hobblegrunts" or "School Hobblegrunts".


Cloud Rider the Male Silver Phantom

Background: Wise spotted Cloud Rider soaring amongst the clouds while she was setting up her usual area in the Wilderness. Having never seen a Silver Phantom before, Wise took to the skies with Raiun in hopes of seeing him again but he was gone in the blink of an eye. The two wouldn't have a full-fledged interaction until he crash landed right into Wise's camping area. It was soon revealed that he had been shot with a dragon root arrow and used what little energy he had left to fly to safety. Wise gave him the antidote and tried to look at him for injuries but the Silver Phantom quickly flew away. The next day, the same events happened but this time, Wise tailed him on the back of Raiun. It was soon discovered that there were dragon hunters sailing towards the School and had set up camp at the sea stacks not too far from the School. Cloud Rider attempted to take on the hunters again but was quickly overwhelmed and shot with another dragon root arrow. This time around, he was also brought down with a bola so he couldn't escape. Wise called for back up and fought the dragon hunters in Cloud Rider's place. When the battle was over, Raiun carried him back to the Wilderness and Wise treated him once again. Once he recovered, Cloud Rider bowed in respect to Wise and was officially trained.

Personality: Cloud Rider is full of valor and will fly into battle regardless of the odds. When he isn't protecting others, he takes long, quiet flights in the clouds, hence his name. Others are welcomed to join but he likes to take things in with his eyes rather than his mouth. He is incredibly loyal to Wise and will do just about anything she says in a heartbeat, even if it's ridiculous or humiliating (fret not, Wise wouldn't actually give him such instructions). He can get along well with others but he gives off a rather intense, serious "vibe" so being near him can get uncomfortable for those who haven't known him long.


Alpha Flare the Male Night Terror

Background: Alpha Flare was one of the dragons that served under King. He revolted against the Fireworm King after too much mistreatment and attempted to fight him out of the blues. The fight was shortlived, with Alpha Flare only getting a few bites in before being plucked off by Wise. The two were then told to apologize to each other and Alpha Flare was given freedom. He came back a few hours later though and has remained Wise's faithful, tiny companion ever since. He now acts as a sentry dragon for Wise's island and has his own little post far away from Almighty so they won't disrupt each other.

Personality: Alpha Flare is, for the most part, a friendly dragon. He likes being picked up and laying in Wise's lap. However, he doesn't want just anyone picking him; only a few people have been given such an honor and anyone else who tries to pick him up will get roared at until they leave him alone. If he's really not having it, he'll go as far as to nip at them or even fire at them. Outside of that, such as people wandering too close to his post, he'll attempt to use his cuteness to make them go away before resorting to more aggressive methods. Even though he's in Wise's care, he still despises King and will roar at him until he's removed from his presence. He's a huge fan of fetch.


Fun Facts

  • Alpha Flare's personality traits were inspired by small dogs.
  • Alpha Flare's roars sound more like barking than actual roaring.


Regal the Fireworm King

Alias(es): King and Royal

Background: Regal was kicked out of his flock after getting an attitude with the queen. Months after the fact, he was found by Wise, cold and weak after not eating for so long. He was quickly taken in and gave him what little firecomb she had on her in the event any of her Stoker Class dragons lost their flare. When she began to run low on the already small supply, she got him on a fish diet. Much to everyone's surprise, he grew to Fireworm Queen size, if not slightly larger--even he was surprised to see himself become so massive. Once he was fully grown, he went back to his old hive and fought the Queen. Despite winning, he didn't take over the hive; he just fought her to say he won to other dragons. He did take a good chunk of her firecomb and brought it back to Wise. His grand feat garnered him more than just bragging rights; a small group of Night Terrors, a Fire Terror, and a Titan Terrible Terror became his servants, though one of them eventually revolted. He now provides Wise a steady supply of firecomb so her Stoker Class dragons don't have to worry about their flames going out (too much).

Personality: Regal is lazy and thinks highly of himself. He bosses around the dragons who serve him and doesn't treat them with much respect, causing one of them to rise against him and Wise's other dragons to dislike him. He's only ever nice to Wise, who he cares for greatly and is very protective of. He has even tried to attack Comet a few times, even though the two are married.


Fun Facts

  • Regal was colored after the Royal Fireworm from Rise of Berk.


Strawberry the Fireworm King

Background: Strawberry is very interested in courtship but for some reason, has no intent to engage in it himself [at the moment]. He joined Wise's group of dragons after being drawn to Spectacle and Borealis' various displays. He doesn't just sit around and watch though; when Wise is heading out into battle, he can be found flying above the rest of the flock and glowing as brightly as he could so his allies can see and the opposition is blinded.

Personality: Strawberry is very inquisitive and prefers to learn by watching others. Not a lot of dragons and Vikings are fond of his watching behavior but he means no ill will. He loves seeing others fall in love, be it dragons or Vikings.


Sparkler the Male Typhoomerang

Mate: Heartburn

Background: Sparkler was just a wee hatchling when Comet found him. He was next to his mother, unaware that she had fallen to dragon hunters. It took more than a dozen eels to lure the little dragon away from the scene and physical intervention from Borealis to keep him from flying back. Comet avoided bringing him to the site as much as possible until Sparkler was older and understood the situation better. He is now Comet's main dragon for just about everything and only recently started flying without her.

Finding Heartburn: Sparkler found Heartburn on a seemingly vacant island while on an afternoon flight with Comet. As soon as they landed, they discovered that the island was actually riddled with Slitherwings and Heartburn was only under the assumption that they stopped chasing her. After making the Slitherwings flee, Sparkler and Heartburn started to interact with each other. Their first encounter was short though, with Heartburn flying away after hearing a Slitherwing beginning to return. Although it was short, Comet knew Sparkler had to see Heartburn again and the two flew out to look for her. Little did they know that Heartburn was doing the same thing and happened to be only an hour away from home! After giving her a lift back home, Sparkler continued bonding with Heartburn. He managed to bring her back home, though he couldn't make her stay. His love for her has finally encouraged him to fly on his own after having spent his entire life flying with or near Comet. The two are now mates and while he still hasn't gotten her to stay with Wise's flock of dragons, he frequently tries to bring her over to visit.

Personality: Despite his grim beginning, Sparkler has grown to be one of Comet's best dragons, if not the best dragon she's ever raised. He is incredibly loyal and for the longest time never flew without Comet; the only reason he even bothered was because of Heartburn. He is very protective of his rider and will go as far as to surround her with a ring of fire if it means keeping her safe. While he tries to act professional around Heartburn, he always gets love-dazed by her and slobbers a waterfall. He gets along well with any friend of Comet's, whether they be human or dragon.


Fun Facts

  • To celebrate Comet's one year anniversary at School of Dragons (3/27/19), I hatched Sparkler on my main Viking.


Heartburn the Female Typhoomerang

Mate: Sparkler

Background: Heartburn was being chased by Slitherwings when Comet and Sparkler found her, though they stopped going after her temporarily to give her false hope. She took a break in a clearing, where the male Typhoomerang saw her. When Sparkler landed, the Slitherwings came out of hiding, only to get warded away by his fire. Heartburn and Sparkler soon began to interact but she fled when she heard a bold Slitherwing attempt to go through Sparkler's flames. The day after. she decided to search for Sparkler, only for the two to fly into each other somewhere down the line. After Sparkler took Comet home, he and Heartburn began to bond more. He even brought her to Wise's home island, though she has no plans living there just yet. Through her visits, she has interacted with Comet more and was officially trained.

Personality: Heartburn is a gentle Typhoomerang for the most part. She won't bother roaring or snapping at anyone if they don't bother her but she won't hesitate to eat someone whole if they prove to be bothersome and won't take the hint to leave her alone. While she doesn't mind Comet or Wise riding her, she prefers to not be ridden. She will swoop in the moment her allies need help and will help as much as she can. Similar to her mate, Heartburn gets lovey-dovey around Sparkler but she's much more self-contained than the latter.


Fun Facts

  • Heartburn's colors were inspired by peppers.
  • Heartburn earned her name because she's a Stoker Class dragon who won over Sparkler's big heart.


Teary the Male Smitten Hobgobbler

Background: Teary was obtained during the events of Curse of the Hobgobbler. Everyone kept persisting Wise to train the little dragon but she for a while, she refused; the little dragon looked like he didn't want to be bothered. In fact, he seemed pretty sad whenever Wise tried to touch him! But in actuality, Teary only behaved this way because of all the people and dragons surrounding him. He opened up to Wise after she lured all the Hobgobblers back to the Hidden World. Ever since then, he follows Wise everywhere she goes. Never assume he isn't with her because when he isn't in plain sight, he's tucked away somewhere; if one looks carefully enough, they'll spot his two big eyes gazing at Wise.

Personality: Teary is a shy little dragon and doesn't like it when there's a lot of dragons and humans nearby and Wise isn't there. When he's overwhelmed, he starts whimpering and his eyes get big, which earned him his name. He is very attatched to Wise and follows her where ever she goes, often without her noticing until he's called out or he makes noise while emerging from his hiding spot. He's capable of giving Wise a lift but if there's too many dragons nearby, he'll panic and drop out of the sky.


Twister the Male Singetail

Background: Twister was separated from his flock when a group of dragon flyers of training raided his home to get their hands on some Singetails. While he wasn't captured by dragon flyers, he was thrown into a cage by hunters who thought they could turn him into soup or turn him into a wallet. Fortunately, Wise and her Tidal Class allies managed to free all the dragons on the ship, Twister included. However, his family couldn't be located right away so he was placed in the care of a Singetail mother who happened to lose her eggs to flyers.

Reuniting With Wise: When Twister was a proud Broad Wing and his adoptive mother took her final flight to Vanaheim, Twister made it his mission to find the human that saved his life. He searched the School, the Wilderness, the Lookout, and more but had no luck finding Wise. Ready to give up, he rested on Dragon's Edge for a few days before flying back home when he was discovered by a few dragon riders. Initially, he didn't mind them but things soon took a turn for the worse when they continued to go near him, despite numerous attempts to get away from them. He eventually lashed out and started setting Dragon's Edge ablaze. Had Wise not made it there in time, the area would've been nothing more than a memory. Once he recognized Wise, he settled down; he still wasn't very fond of the other riders but he was more than relieved to see his old friend again. Strangely enough, no Singetails responded to the flames Twister had set but one could say that worked in everyone's favor. The flames were put out and Twister was trained by Wise. He continues to fight by her side, setting dragon hunter ships on fire and flinging dragon flyers off their mounts.

Personality: Twister is more open to dragons than to people, with Wise and Comet being the main exceptions. Around strangers, he's quiet and keeps his distance. But when he's in the company of dragons or allies, he's playful and engages with others. If he's extremely bored, he'll entertain himself by chasing his tail, which earned him his name.

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Tracky track track



Dragon adopts I've made!

Just click!


Join the School of Dragons Discord


I know it says Squiid invited you, ssh pretend I did, yeah, she's cool, but ssh I invited you..

'Bout me:

Name: Goldenwolfmidna; Goldenwolf; Golden; Midna; etc.

Name IRL: Call me Dave, I respond

Gender/pronouns: Dysphoria, so much dysphoria. Pangender/agender/not cis.  They/them

Favorite Dragon: Skrill, my dear children. Lightning breath and a bad attitude? It's me, dragon-fied!

Favorite color: Orange, probably, then blues

What I'm like: I'm a tired, oftentimes snippy and sarcastic, human. I enjoy art and playing video games. I am extremely passionate about genders and se.xualities, so if you want a long-winded rant about how I'm a human too, PM me and tell me! I'm always happy to explain what it's like being pangendered/agendered and panromantic/ase.xual!

Other crap: I am: panromantic, meaning I can be attracted to people of any and all genders in a romantic sense; I am ase.xual, meaning I am not attracted to people in a se.xual way.

I like to draw, so if you have a request of a dragon for an artist, PM me a picture of a dragon, its backstory, and what you want. If I feel so inclned, I will complete your request.

I am a huge nerd and proud of it. I play D&D soon-to-be three times a week, as a DM one time, a Drow Swashbucker, and a Dragonborn Paladin named Ajoke in the last. Fun fact; Ameme, Ajoke's father, was posessed by Bahamut one time. Bahamut is the D&D Dragon God of Good. 


Adopts and OCs:

Flikrr, made by the AMAZING Chamishida!

I looked around, nose in the air. It told me there was boar near. I, fire burning hotly within myself, looked around. Sure enough, fifty paces off, more or less, was a full-grown boar. I was getting rather hungry, and a boar makes a nice meal. I stealthily approched it, thinking of the feast I'd have today.

The boar's head jerked up- great. I must have been too loud. And then I heard it as well: crunching leaves beneath a foot. It was leaf-fall, so this was no big surprise. I lunged at the boar, and it gave a shrill whine of terror before I rammed into it, scorching the fur. Within seconds, it was d'ead. I tore into it, hunger stopping all other thought until I saw a shadow and heard the hushed voices: "Is it real?" "Is that a Coalskin?" "How are we not in Valhalla yet?"

I turned. There was a group of Viking children, watching me. They speak in whispers among themselves, but I hear. I turn to look at them, and the voices fall silent. They look scared, except one. I give a ROAR and the group scatters. Not one, though. She approaches me, and says quitely, "They're not going to hurt you." I look at the Viking. She's nothing special, really. She's just braver than the rest. I like that.

I look at the girl, and think about what I'm doing. I then dip my head, slightly. A respectful bow. I respect bravery, and this child, no less, has stood to a Coalskin. In my opinion, we are the most scary dragons out there. The girl returns the bow, and she begins to walk off, and I follow. 

"You need a name." Her voice cuts the silence of the forest. I look at her. I have a name, but nothing she can pronounce. It's 'Hrrrrr', all long and dragged out, and low, very low, until the end, where it flares up into a high pitch. But this girl doesn't know that. "Flicker? Nah, too generic. Flickrr." I like this new human-name. It cuts the 'e' sound, leaving you with a harsh 'rrr' sound. We walk back, both content walking in silence.

And that's how it's been ever since. Once Holly foud her island, I have stayed to keep it save from all who wish her harm.  I am a guardian, one who will keep this land I call my home. The other dragons, like Birchbark, all accept me as a protecter, and know better than to cross me. I am kept 'in check' by Holly's Groncicles, who I do adore, as they let me run free, so long as no fires start in my wake. Dragons come and go, taken to great beyonds, and although I cannot go on adventures 'round the world, I keep my own world safe, for myself, for Holly, and for the other dragons. 


Brichbark, made by, again, the amazing Chamishida! Thank you so much, Chamishida!

 Birch was found by Lightning, Holly's Skrill, on a stormy day. The small Sinisterous Woodreaper, being about two months old and having a broken leg, snuggled up with the large Skrill. Holly found them some time later, and saw the leg. She quickly bound it and took the dragon home. A few months later, the small dragon was healed and had the name of Birchbark. Holly set the dragon free but the dragon wouldn't leave. Holly relented and kep the dragon, letting her roam free on the island Holly and her dragons called home. Birchbark si all grown up now, and helps to protect the island.


Drym, made by the wonderful KasaneLover!

How Holly managed to tame this dragon is beyone her. After Drym had eaten enough of Holly's food, they just decided to follow along after her, and now is one of the dragons of her island.


If you're down here, then know this is a WIP. And it shall continue to be for quite a while.

Also, PM me 'wer aunel di vi darastrix' and you'll get a special dergon art!

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Tracker Class

Fatal the Male Titan Deadly Nadder

Background: Fatal's egg was obtained after yet another successful attack on dragon hunters. His overall sickly appearance and small size made quite a few people think he was sick or wouldn't even survive to adulthood. But Wise believed in otherwise and even gave him his name based on the idea that he was going to live up to the "Deadly" part of his species name. She would soon be proven right, as Fatal grew up to be a slightly larger-than-average Deadly Nadder with a beautiful vivid hide and he trained vigorously to make Wise proud. Unfortunately, he took his training too far and would train for extremely long periods of time without rest. It became so bad, he started to lose his color and felt cold to the touch. Wise forced him to stop training and sacrificed days of sleep to make sure he didn't attempt to train again until he completely recovered. Once he was his old-self again, Wise convinced him to take it easy and that he had surpassed whatever expectations he thought she might've had for him by a landslide. He is now Wise's main tracking dragon and is used to find missing or wounded dragons and Vikings alike.

Meeting and Losing Lila: When Comet Burst met Wise, Fatal was able to meet Lila. The two were practically inseperable and would play on a daily basis, even on days when their riders hadn't seen each other; in fact, Lila flying off to see Fatal usually lead to Comet visiting Wise, even when she had no plans to. Unfortunately, Lila was eventually killed by dragon hunters and her death essentially broke Fatal. For about a week following her death, he wouldn't eat, sleep, or fly; just lie around and whimper as loudly as he could. Not even Wise or Rock Spitter could raise his spirits and he was eventually left alone until he began acting like his old self. Little did everyone know however that Fatal merely changed his method of grieving; he refused to be near other Deadly Nadders, let alone bond with one. This wouldn't be realized until Wise brought a newly trained Deadly Nadder to the island and Fatal became incredibly distraught, to the point where he attacked the new resident and flew off uncontrollably. Currently, Comet is helping him with helping through this and he's now doing much better with Murasakino. However, he still misses Lila more than anything.

Personality: Fatal tends to be stubborn but he is a hard worker. He no longer overworks himself and spends more time relaxing or playing around than training. He has a small rivalry with Rock Spitter to see which one Wise likes more but this is more of a playful rivalry than a full-fledged one. He is incredibly playful and can be quite competitive so Wise avoids racing with him. He is always willing to help friends.


Fun Facts

  • Fatal's backstory was heavily inspried by Hopeful's, the Titan Nadder on my main Viking.


Murasakino the Male Deadly Nadder

Background: Murasakino was found wounded on an island near Dragon's Edge after Wise had just finished warding dragon hunters away. She was able to train him while helping him with his wounds. Once he was better, he was brought to Wise's home island and introduced him to Fatal. Unfortunately, things quickly went downhill as Fatal attacked Murasakino and flew off in complete distraught. Initially, Murasakino simply didn't want to be near Fatal but when the Titan Nadder started round two, he fought back. Upon hearing about his backstory, Murasakino felt a little guilty but was reluctant to even look at Fatal; it took quite a bit of fish and chicken to make him give Fatal another chance. Fortunately, the next encounter when substantially smoother thanks to Comet consulting him. In the time that Fatal was unavailable, was Wise's main tracking dragon and became her wood management dragon after the fact.

Personality: Murasakino is usually a patient dragon but once he's pushed off the edge, he can be incredibly aggressive, if not violent. He gets especially agitated if he's fired at for no reason and can go a bit over board if no one stops him. Additionally, he tends to bare grudges against such dragons and riders and will refuse to be remotely near them unless he is bribed enough and/or compensated. More often than not though, he can be found napping in any quiet spot he manages to squeeze into; no one's sure how he's able to escape every time, let alone how he's able to get in said spots so easily.


Fun Facts

  • Murasakino's name translates to "purple" in Japanese.
  • Murasakino's colors are the same as Lila's colors, with the belly nand spike/spine colors being swapped. Both of their names also mean "purple" in another language.


Lavender the Female Titan Deadly Nadder

Mates: Unnamed Male Titan Deadly Nadder (Decased), Paradice

Offspring: 5 Unnamed Deadly Nadders (Deceased)

Background: Lavender was found by Comet after a vicious dragon hunter attack that left her with nothing: Her home was unrecognizable, her mate was killed, and her were either smashed to pieces of stolen, the latter of which never hatched in the longrun. Her injuries were severe and she was taken in as quickly as possible. Throughout her recovery, she was incredibly aggressive but she slowly warmed up to Comet and Wise as they mended her wounds. Comet was eventually able to train her and bonded with her to the point where the Nadder wouldn't bite her or set her ablaze. The two now have a solid relationship, though it's becoming more and more strained.

Training Troubles: Despite being so close to Comet, Lavender refuses to be ridden by anyone. For a while, Comet was instantly bucked off the moment she even tried to mount Lavender. Now, Comet can at least sit on Lavender and ride her for a few minutes on land before the Nadder gets agitated. Comet's most "successful" attempt riding Lavender was just them crashing into just about everything, topped off with a crash landing. While progress has been made to making Lavender a rideable dragon, it just became noticeable.

Love Triangle/Falling in Love: It's still unknown how but Lavender met a Titan Wing Stormcutter and a Titan Wing Deadly Nadder and managed to win both their hearts. While she had sights for both of them, she eventually settled with the Deadly Nadder. The two now reside on Wise's home island and the Nadder, named Paradice by Wise, was trained by Comet. However, Lavender doesn't like Comet--or any human for that matter--being near her new mate. She'll only shoo Comet away and get grumpy when she's riding Paradice but with Wise is a completely different story; she went as far as to throw Wise off of Paradice while they were flying around the moment she saw them. This puts an even greater strain on her relationship with Comet and it's getting to the point where Comet is contemplating releasing Lavender for Wise's safety and Lavender's happiness.

Personality: Lavender is incredibly aggressive towards humans and isn't exactly fond of dragons she doesn't know, though she reacts much better to them than the former. On the other hand, she is very protective of those who are close to her, especially her mate. She doesn't like anyone riding her but is especially upset when anyone other than Comet is riding Paradice and is willing to throw someone to their death if she finds them flying with her mate. She's protective of Comet as well, though the threat she poses to Wise's safety in conjunction with her unwillingness to be ridden results in the two having a strained relationship. She also fights with Wise's dragons often, specifically Borealis for dominance; often, these brawls are quick but brutal and would've resulted in Lavender's death if the battles weren't stopped on time. Said fights have been dramatically reduced ever since Paradice won her heart, though she continues to have a bad reputation in Wise's flock.


Fun Facts

  • Instead of getting a whole new Nadder, I raised Lila to Rank 20, Titaned her up, and changed her name.


Paradice the Male Titan Wing Deadly Nadder

Mate: Lavender

Background: No one's really sure where Paradice came from, let alone when and where he first saw Lavender. All that's known is that he followed Lavender home one day alongside Windcutter. While trying to win her over, he became well adjusted to Wise and Comet and was eventually trained by both of them. In the end, he successfully won over Lavender and bares no ill-will towards Windcutter. He is currently training to be a rescue dragon but with Lavender constantly flinging whoever's in his talons or riding him into oblivion, said training has been near impossible.

Personality: Paradice is a friendly dragon who is always willing to help others. He wants to be a rescue dragon but Lavender keeps crushing said dreams; nevertheless, he still loves Lavender and dedicates most of his time to her when he isn't trying to train. The time he's able to spend without her is dedicated to playing with the other dragons in Comet and Wise's flock.


Fun Facts

  • Paradice's name is a corruption of the word "Paradise". He was named after the Bird of Paradise (the great bird[s] that inspired Toothless' failed mating attempts in the 3rd movie).


Charge the Male Rumblehorn*

Background: Charge was one of 12 dragon eggs Wise got from a fellow trader. He was named for frequently running into things. While this was cute in the beginning, it became a problem when he was older and thus, bigger. His love for ramming into things was put to use however; whenever Wise is about to go into battle, she'll send Charge in to ram into enemy ships and weapons to weaknen their defenses and thus, make victory that much easier to achieve.

Personality: True to his name, Charge loves charging into things. However, being an adult Rumblehorn makes charging into things without getting in trouble all but easy so he distracts himself by going out on his own scavenger hunts. His heart is in the right place but his love for ramming into things has gotten him in trouble with other riders.


Bulldoze the Male Titan Rumblehorn

Background: When Randy's Nadder passed away, he was prepared but still devastated. He was about to hang up the saddle when Amber came home with a baby Rumblehorn. The baby Rumblehorn quickly grew attached to Randy and Amber let him raise the little guy. Bulldoze grew very quickly and reached his Titan stage just a year after Randy got him. He earned his name for the fact that as he grew, it seemed like the ground shook with each step he took. He is currently Randy's main (and only) dragon. 

Meeting Comet: Bulldoze had only heard stories of Comet but really wanted to meet her, given how much she meant to Randy and Marci. So when she finally returned home after nearly a decade of isolation, he became incredibly excited and nearly trampled poor Comet. Once he was properly introduced to her, Randy allowed Comet to use Bulldoze for transportation and whatnot. Additionally, he'll send him after Comet to make sure she's okay every so often.

Personality: Bulldoze is normally a quiet, mature dragon. He doesn't play around often and keeps a close eye on things. However, he can get overexcited and move around like he was still a tiny Rumblehorn at times. He acts as a sort of guardian angel for Comet and makes sure she doesn't get a scratch under any circumstances whenever he's around her; if someone does inflict any sort of damage on her, he'll run them over or, if the damage is really bad, fire at them.


Fun Facts

  • Bulldoze was named after the Pokemon move of the same name.
  • Bulldoze was primarily colored after soil.


Rustle the Male Mudraker

Background: Rustle was found hiding in some bushes on Hobblegrunt Island when he was just a baby. The area around him was riddled with dragon root arrows, bolas, and blood. His parents have yet to be found but given the circumstances and how long it's been since she found Rustle, Wise has assumed the worst has happened to them. Nevertheless, Rustle seems to be happy in Wise's care but he is extremely terrified of dragon hunters; the moment he senses them, he'll run away as fast as he can and take cover in the biggest bush he can find. This "dive into the bush and hope they don't see you tactic" earned Rustle his name.

Personality: Rustle is a friendly dragon and cares deeply for Wise and the rest of his flock but his fear of dragon hunters prevents him from doing so. His flight-or-fight response kicks in and he essentially blocks out everything until it's over; it's almost as if he's being mind controlled whenever Wise sees him in such a state! Cloud Rider is trying to toughen him up but he's been anything but successful. He has however helped Rustle practice on his flying, making finding a bush to hide in much easier.

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Tidal Class Dragons

Screecher the Male Titan Thunderdrum

Background: Screecher was on his way to Titan Island when dragon hunters captured him. As he was being pulled out of the ocean, Wise and her then-small flock of dragons rushed to his aid. Once he was freed and the hunters were dealt with, Wise attempted to train Screecher. However, the Thunderdrum was gone in the blink of an eye and continued his journey to Titan Island. Once he became a Titan, he spent days looking for Wise. He was officially trained after finding Wise's home island and is Wise's first dragon to send into battle.

Alpha Position: Screecher earned his Alpha position by treating his flock mates the same way a benevolent Alpha would: Bringing them food, offering them protection, and treating them with kindness. He maintained this position for years and new flock members immediately recognized his authority. He gave the position to Borealis when the Stormcutter risked his life saving him and Spectacle, despite being injured.

Meeting Amplifier: After seeing him being a bit down, Wise decided it was time for Screecher to bond with another Thunderdrum. It would've made for an excellent surprise, had Amplifier's egg not hatched in a cave. The cave would've collapsed on both him and Wise if Screecher hadn't pulled them to safety. Nevertheless, Screecher appreciate the gesture and forged a close bond with the little Thunderdrum. He is now almost always seen with Amplifier.

Personality: Screecher is a benevolent dragon and treats all members of his flock like family. Even when though he's not the Alpha anymore, he continues to watch over the flock like a hawk and protects all members regardless of their species. He is very close to Wise and has a great bond with Comet. While he's normally calm and paitient, he doesn't like it when others fire at him, even when it's on accident. If said projectile or fireball strikes him or hits an area extremely close to him, he will retaliate with his species' signature sonic roar.


Fun Facts

  • Screecher has a Santa belly; he tried to get rid of it at one point but gave up.
  • Screecher is Wise's 2nd oldest dragon in terms of age; he's bested by Borealis.


Amplifier the Male Thunderdrum

Background: Amplifier was purchased from a fellow trader as an egg after Wise noticed Screecher was beginning to look a little down. He was intended to be a surprise but he hatched in a cave; Screecher had to yank them out of there before the cave could collapse on them. Nevertheless, Screecher greatly appreciated the gesture and now the two Thunderdrums are like father and son. Amplifier seldom leaves Screecher's side.

Personality: Amplifier is very friendly and incredibly quiet, especially for a Thunderdum. He has great respect for Screecher and sees him as a father. He doesn't socialize with others much but others are more than welcome to join him for a swim in the ocean or a flight over the School.


Fun Facts

  • Amplifier was colored after Boom, one of the baby Thunderdrums Thornado adopted.
  • Amplifier's story was partially inspired by the Thunderdrum trio Thornado adopted.


Shouter the Male Thunderdrum*

Background: Shouter was rescued from a dragon hunter ship by Wise, Screecher, and Amplifier. Prior to that, all of his encounters with humans had been negative so the moment he was freed, he tried to kill Wise. Screecher quickly fended him off. Wise and Shouter wouldn't be on decent terms until the second rescue and even then, he proved to be a lot of trouble. Like Lavender, he bucked Wise off whenever she mounted him and would dive into the water before she could try again [right away]. Months of training and assistance from Screecher and Amplifier later and Shouter finally allowed Wise to fly on him. Unfortunately, he's still unruly in the air and doesn't heed Wise's directions, resulting them in getting lost often. Despite this, Wise is still willing to put up with him.

Personality: Shouter is incredibly stubborn and fiesty. He is always quick to get into skirmishes with other humans and dragons. He'd rather be with Thudnerdrums but even then, he has gotten into quite a few scuffles with them. While he is significantly kinder to Wise than he was in their first encounter, he doesn't listen to her when they're flying. He is very unruly in the air and always  goes where he wants to go or worse, he'll do the opposite of what Wise tells him to do just to spite her. He prefers the ocean above all else and can be found there whenever he isn't with Wise.


Fun Facts

  • The only dragon Shouter gets along with is Lavender; the two found out they had a lot in common after seeing each other buck their riders off!
  • Shouter was colored after Bing, one of the Thunderdrum Thornado adopted.


Amethyst the Male Titan Shockjaw

Background: Amethyst was separated from his pod by dragon hunters. For months, he was in cramped, poorly managed places. The only time he wasn't in such poor condition was when the hunters moved him from one ship to another. Before he could reach Auction Island, Wise and her dragons ambushed the ship he was trapped on and set all the dragons free. While the other dragons went on their merry way, Amethyst followed Wise home and was eventually trained.

Meeting Wonderous: Amethyst came across Wonderous' egg while fishing; he stuck his head in the water and saw the egg covered in sand. He pulled the egg out and pawed at it like a toy, only for it to hatch. Amethyst has since forged a father-son bond with Wonderous and is teaching him how to fight off dragon hunters.

Personality: Amethyst is an incredibly loyal dragon and is forever grateful towards Wise for saving his life. He has a vendetta with any and all dragon hunters and will attack them the moment he senses them, even if it's a bad idea. He is also very protective of Wonderous.


Fun Facts

  • Amethyst was named and colored after the gem of the same name.


Wonderous the Male Shockjaw

Background: Wonderous' egg was found submerged in sand by Amethyst while he was fishing. He quickly pulled the egg out and began to play with it, only for the egg to hatch. Wonderous has since stayed by Amethyst and Wise's side. He helps entertain the young dragons that enter the flock and teaches them how to fly when Borealis is unavailable.

Personality: Wonderous is full of energy and loves baby dragons. Like Grinny, he lives to make others smile and will come up with the craziest things to make sure everyone is happy.


Boiler the Male Scauldron*

Background: Boiler washed up to shore after dragon hunters broke his wing with their catapults and sedated him with dragon root arrows. He was placed in what Wise dubbed a "medical lake", where he was able to recover from his injuries without the fear of dragon hunters finding him. He now resides happily in the sea surrounding Wise's home and alerts the dragons when a potential threat is sailing too close to the island. He also diverts the attention of Tidal Class dragons during battle whenever they're in danger of getting hurt by hunters or Wise's dragons. He used to come up on land but after being pranked by Slick too many times, he seldom comes to land.

Personality: Boiler is very docile for a Scauldron and seldom attacks unprovoked. However, he doesn't get along well with Sliquifiers; not only do quite a few of them fear him but Slick has ruined the species for him. In fact, he's probably the only dragon Boiler doesn't like and the only dragon he'll go out of his way to fight. Every so often, he'll bring Wise fish to express his gratitude for the rescue.


Joyous the Male Scauldron

Background: Wise obtained Joyous' egg during the Snoggletog season. He used to live with Wise until he grew up; once he was able to fly and fend for himself, he moved to colder waters. Every winter, he comes back and stays with Wise.

Personality: When he's out in the wild, Joyous is solitary and will hide rather than face conflict head on. With Wise and her dragons, he's very social and even puts on a water show for them by acting as a geyser.


Slick the Male Sliquifier

Background: Slick was captured by dragon hunters to be used as Scauldron bait. He was thrown into a cage and dunked underwater, where Scauldrons quickly became drawn to his attempts to free himself. As the Scauldrons were beginning to gnaw on his cage and trying to get a taste of poor Slick, Screecher came to the rescue and roared them away. Wise freed Slick from his prison and checked him for any injuries; fortunately, he only had a few faint scratches. After calming down from his near-death experience, he was trained but never quite recovered from it. He now plays pranks on Scauldrons, especially Boiler, and said pranks always lead to the dragon being trapped; Wise is trying to find a new way for him to cope with his experience.

Personality: Slick is an interesting dragon in that he's incredibly well behaved and friendly but incredibly mischevious at the same time. He's like an angel in front of humans but leave him alone with a Scauldron and his inner Loki comes out to play. Quite a few Scauldrons were thought to be missing because Slick left them in whatever trap he lured them in; Borealis or Screecher often have to threaten him to lead them to said Scauldrons. When he isn't trapping Scauldrons, he can be found swimming around the School.


Jesture the Male Sliquifier

Background: Jesture was found copying Wonderous' movements while he was entertaining baby dragons. When Wise approached him, he quickly retreated into the water. The following day, he did the same thing but came back the same night. This time, Wise took a different approach; instead of outright confronting him, she played along and mimicked him. Granted, Wonderous was a bit confused, but it paid off in the end; Jesture was more open to Wise since then and was trained in the long run. He now entertains others alongside Wonderous.

Personality: True to his name, Jesture is a clown and likes to make others laugh. While he's up for pranking others, he doesn't like Slick's pranks and avoids him when possible. His favorite act is copying the movements of other dragons and humans; unfortunately, not everyone likes it as much as he does.


Dust Storm the Male Titan Sand Wraith

Background: Dust Storm was found hidden in the sand along the Training Grounds after a battle event. Raiun somehow sensed his presence and encouraged him to come out . . .by pecking at the spot he was hiding in. Fed up with the pecking, Dust Storm came out alright, and he repaid the favor by burying Raiun; don't worry, he left his head out but the poor Skrill couldn't escape until Rock Spitter and Spectacle dug him out. Just as Dust Storm was about to find a new spot to hide, he came across Wise, who was checking Screecher for any injuries. Intrigued, he interacted with Wise. . .by flicking sand in her direction and pawing at her until she finally focused on him. A scratch beneath the chin and some dragon nip was all it took to get her on his good side and he was eventually trained.

Personality: Dust Storm is a pretty laid back dragon for the most part. He can usually be found lying along beach shores or beneath the sand. When he's doing the latter, he prefers not to be disturbed; too much disturbance will result in him coming out and burying whoever was causing all the commotion with their head out, whether it be man or dragon. He does make exceptions however; he's fine with coming out of the sand if Wise or Comet calls him up. He'll also readily come out if he senses Itchy nearby.


Itchy the Male Titan Sand Wraith

Background: Comet trained Itchy when he was just a baby. She found his egg mixed up with the Hobblegrunt eggs on Hobblegrunt Island and removed him out of fear the adult Hobblegrunts would attack him the moment they learned he wasn't a Hobblegrunt. Contrary to other Sand Wraiths, Itchy doesn't bury himself under the sand and doesn't find himself getting sunburned often. Although it can be hard to tell if he has it thanks to his red hide. . .the color of his skin earned him his name.

Personality: Itchy is incredibly playful and full of energy. He loves flying around the Archipelago with Comet and is working his way to being Comet's main dragon now that Lavender and Sparkler have mates to tend to. He gets along well with most dragons but thrives with Sand Wraiths, more specifically Dust Storm; the two often play Hide-and-Seek together, with Itchy always winning.


Vice the Male Windwalker

Background: Vice originally lived in the Hidden World and could've been seen flying amongst the tiny Fireworms. Upon seeing a ton of new riders and their dragons enter his territory, he decided to investigate and see where all these newcomers were entering from. Once he found the entrance of the Hidden World Annex in the School, he rushed out of it and took a look around. Unfortunately, he wasn't prepared for all the young riders and dragons and was almost instantly overwhelmed. He began snapping at others and even managed to bite an unlucky Sand Wraith's tail and an even more unlucky Stormcutter's foot; while the Sand Wraith was left with scars, the Stormcutter's foot had to be amputated. Wise wouldn't come face to face with him until he started pursuing Comet. Just as he was about to pounce her, Wise caught his attention and lured him out of the Caldera with some fish and dragon nip. Wise quickly learned that the snapping attack was only him responding to stress and was able to train him very quickly once he calmed down. However, because of his destructive behavior, he was banned from entering the School and New Berk until Grimmel attacked New Berk; he was one of Wise's many dragons that helped fend him off. After seeing this noble act, he was allowed back in those areas but Wise always has to be with him.

Personality: Vice is a quiet dragon who prefers to be alone or with people and/or dragons he's really close to. If becomes too stressed, he will start snapping at everything until he calms down; this behavior, and the fact that his bite strength rivals that of Strike Class dragons, is how he got his name. Wise is currently trying to help him vent out in other ways and to fly away before attacking others. For now, the Hidden World is the only place he can be that's filled with dragons he has little to no relationship with.


Fun Facts

  • Vice would be the NPC Windwalker you see flying around in the Hidden World.


Starfish the Male Tide Glider

Background: For all of his life, Starfish only knew the Hidden World. When the Annex opened up in the School, he got his first glimpse of the what the surface world had to offer. He played on the School's beaches, interacted with dragon riders, and followed other dragons to gather as much information as he can about this new world. He even bonded with a human of his own, Comet to be exact, and joined the massive dragon flock she and Wise called a family. It was paradise until he got a taste of a dragon hunter's fury; while going for a swim at the Training Grounds, a ship sailed pass and shot Starfish with a dragonroot arrow. Had Screecher not been nearby, he would've perished. The Tide Glider has since been more weary of his surroundings and doesn't like going to the Training Grounds alone anymore.

Personality: Starfish is a friendly, curious Tide Glider. Despite only recently meeting humans, he's kind to just anyone he encounters due to the great first impression dragon riders left on him. That said, he is terrified of dragon hunters and flees if he sees one.


Fun Facts

  • Starfish was named and colored after Patrick Star from Spongebob.
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Helper Dragons

These are dragons that Wise has encountered in some shape or form and has a good relationship with but ultimately didn't train (or train completely). She can summon most of these dragons with her own Dragon Cry device when need be, similar to how dragons will aid an Alpha once they heed its call.


Tidal Class

Male Helper Thunderdrum #1

Background: This is one of many dragons Wise has rescued in her lifetime and the first Thunderdrum she released after nursing him back to health. While he isn't an official member of Wise's flock, he is always the first to arrive to the scene when Borealis or Wise send the signal.

Personality: Helper Thunderdrum #1 isn't as stubborn as other Thunderdrums but he's twice as fierce when it comes to battle. True to his title, he is always willing to help out and will rally up other Tidal Class dragons to do the same, resulting in more than just the dragons Wise has come across to soar into action.


Male Helper Scauldron #1

Background: Wise unintentionally saved this Scauldron when hunters attempted to trap him using eels; his attention was drawn away when Wise flew over him with Screecher.

Personality: This Scauldron is very friendly and docile for a wild dragon, let alone a Scauldron. However, he likes traveling and moving at his own pace, which is why Wise hasn't trained him.


Stoker Class

Male Helper Monstrous Nightmare #1

Background: Wise helped this Nightmare out of a dragon trap before any hunters could come back for him.

Personality: Not much is known about this dragon because Wise has only crossed paths with him once (outside of his rescue) and that was on the battlefield after Borealis called for backup. He's merciless and will rip hunters limb by limb if he isn't stopped on time.


Mystery Class

Male Helper Hideous Zippleback #1

Background: Wise rescued this Zippleback when he was just a baby on Zippleback Island. He was trapped under his mother, who in turn was ensared in a few bolas. Both dragons were freed from their predicaments and the Zippleback grew to be a healthy Titan Wing.

Personality: This Zippleback is constantly bickering with itself and even gets his heads in a knot during really heated arguments. But when it's time to focus, he'll put his heads in the game and get the job done in the blink of an eye. If only he was always like this. . .


Sharp Class

Mr. Moonlight the Male Titan Wing Stormcutter

Background: Occasionally, Papa will visit Wise and help her out with dragon-related things. He even dragon-sits some of her dragons! Wise is one of the few, if not the only person who calls him "Mr. Moonlight".

Personality: Papa's a kind soul and true to his name, has a soft spot for babies and children. More about him can be read on my main dragon thread.


Strike Class


Tracker Class


Boulder Class

Male Helper Hotburple #1

Background: This Hotburple was rescued before the situation could esclate. He was surrounded by so many dragon traps, it took Wise an entire day to dismantle them all. He was then escorted to the Hidden World by Borealis and Screecher. However, the Hotburple returned the moment Wise used her Dragon Eye-esque invention to call for back up. The battle also revealed why he was so sought after in the first place: He stole food from these particular hunters. With those hunters dealt with, he now lingers much closer to Wise's home but no efforts are being made to train him.

Personality: This Hotburple is very friendly and gentle. He's always happy to see Wise, whether it be on the battlefield or whenever she visits Dark Deep. None would expect such a kind soul to be such a relentless, brutal slayer of dragon hunters. . .but here we are.