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When the Hidden World came out/was close to coming out (here in the States at least), I had a surge of ideas for things I wanted to do on the forums. One such idea was doing a review of all the Titan Wings in the game so far! However, I put "Dragon" instead of "Titan Wing" in the event I cover non-Titan dragons (which knowing me, I probably will in the near future). Feel free to leave your own opinions about the Titans! ^^


. . .this is never gonna get done. Enjoy!


Aliases: Kas or Kasane

Main Dragon: Papa Moon the Titan Stormcutter

Favorite Dragon Breed: Stormcutter

Other Favorites (in no particular order): Buffalord, Snow Wraith, Skrill, Prickleboggle, Triple Stryke, Woolly Howl, Thunderdrum, Deathgripper

Favorite Titans (somewhat in order): Stormcutter, Deathgripper, Woolly Howl, Skrill, Buffalord, Thunderdrum

Favorite Dragon Classes: Stoker, Strike, and Sharp (hehe, they all start with 's')

Clan(s): Immortal Midgard Lightnings (Primary Viking) Without Limits (Secondary Viking)


Information about my dragons can all be found here!: My Grand Dragon Family


To Be Acquired/Coming Soon (Color Key: Red = IncubatingBlue = StorageGold = TBA)

  • Unnamed Male Baby Triple Stryke
  • Unnamed Female Dramillion
  • Unammed Terrible Terror
  • Unnamed Male Speed Stinger
  • Unnamed Stormcutter (I'm almost always gonna want another Stormcutter)
  • Unnamed Deathgrippers


Information about my HTTYD OCs and their dragons can all be found here: My OCs and Their Dragons


Somehow interested in my opinion on dragons? I made a Dragon Review Here: My Dragon Review


Itching for a request or two? Maybe even 3? I have some art threads open!


Interested in Shiny Hunting? I've made a whole thread dedicated to it here!


Dragon Gallery!


Probably my most favorite screenshot that I ever took of Papa. <3


Just another flight with the big guy himself!


My first School of Dragons GIF. . .dedicated to Papa. Sounds about right!


"How are you all holding up over there?"


Zzzzzzz. . .


"eme [this is a face by the way] Is this where you've been this whole time?" (He came swimming up to me while I was at the Training Grounds)


As much as I love the big guy, it's fun to occasionally spite him. ewe Made/edited by SilverNight!



Drago once said the strength of will over others is true strength. . .and Hiccup says friendship is true strength. . .but they're both wrong. Cuteness is the one and only true strength! These faces will be the death of evil, I'm telling you. Made all by Zitka!


Happy wife, happy life. Made by Snowflake12298!



Raito and Doctor Alex, both drawn by me!


A truly fuzzy Moon made/edited by HoneyCloudy!


Yikes! Ezra looks angry! Made by AndreaEaston!


Sorry Dagur but I don't think the General agress with that "clever as a Skrill" statement. . .



. . .it's a bit difficult watching for danger when you can't get near the telescope.


He checked on the gigantic Hobblegrunt babies a billion times before finally moving forward. -_- Those Hobblegrunt parents were NOT happy.


The main character for my story made into a beautiful Snowy Griffin. Made by LissaFish!


Sometimes Papa's ego becomes as big as Jupiter. . .screenshot edited by Zeezur!


A cute Papa headshot made by HoneyCloudy!



I've expanded the army! NYEHEHEEEEEE!!! Made by Zikta!


A very happy General Moonlight. . .or angry. No one can say for sure.


Papa no, don't--aaannd it's too late.


Hobbleslicer, the male Tingecutter made my AndreaEaston!


"*Banshee screech* You look so cute!" - Comet Burst

-Insert Wise dying on the inside here-

Drawn by the terrific TosiLohi!

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Format, Rating System and Schedule


I'll be doing 1-2 Titans a week minimum. One week I might want to do a dozen but the following week, I might only do just the one. If I decide to do the non-Titan versions, they'll sort of just be a filler for the week and won't have a set schedule; just whenever I want to do a review but hold off on the Titans. I'm not doing any of the dragons in a particular order at the moment.



Dragon Name/Picture


My Overall Opinion:

What I Like:

What I Don't Like:

Changes That Can Be Made to Make it Better:

Recommendation (as in, if you should get it or not):


Rating System

Titans and non-Titans alike will be rated on the following things:


  • Usefulness - This is what the dragon is good for. Some dragons are better for stable missions than others while some dragons are best suited as "trophy dragons", dragons that aren't really useful in. . .anything but are still nice to have.
  • Color Options - This covers how you can color the dragon. The more liberty you have over coloring your companion, the better the score.
  • Animations
  • Fire Animation -  Not to be confused with the firing animation. This covers the dragon's fireball.
  • Design
  • Final Score

And finally, dragons will be scored using. . .happy Papa Moons (my main Stormcutter). This will be done on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst (and might as well be a sad Papa) and 10 being the best. The final score is determined by adding the Happy Papa Moons a dragon has earned and dividing it by 50 (the maximum amount of Happy Papas a dragon can earn). So if a dragon earns 30 out of 50 Happy Papas, 30 / 50 = .8 which will be translated as 8 out of 10 Happy Papas. Of course, if you decide to add your own reviews on here, you're not obligated to use the format or rating system. ^^


Keep in mind, these are all my personal opinions on the dragons so there will be a lot of bias; you're more than welcome to disagree with them! If anything, I'd like to hear why someone dislikes a dragon I love and vice versa. ovo

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Sound's Like a great way to start of a channel like Silver's! a SoD Channel????


                                                          Bright SmoothWing

                        Main Viking: Defendercrystals

Friends: sparky, snickerdoodle, mammoth, Myself, 

Main Dragon: Cristal the Titan Deadly Naddar

Favorite Dragon Breed: Deadly Naddar

Other Favorites (in no particular order): Flame Whipper, Light Fury, Skrill, Triple Stryke DeathGripper, Woolly Howl, Bewilderbeast

Favorite Dragon Classes: Strike, Tracker, Boulder


Hobbies: Flying, Drawing, Playing Video Games, Writing in forums, Sleeping, Drinking Water at 12:43 PM

                                                        I watch these here forums like a sherif 0-0

                                     Dragon's I've Trained

Species: Deathgripper - Name: Creed (Adult)

Species: Eruptodon - Name: Ashes (Baby)

Species: Groncicle - Name: Ellora (Teen)

Species: Triple Stryke - Name: Gordan (Adult)

Species: Night Fury - Name: Toothless (Adult)

Species: Sand Wraith - Name: Moonlight (Adult)

Species: Deadly Naddar - Name: Cristal  (Titan)

Species: Stormcutter - Name: Dane Egg)

Species: Speed Stinger - Name: Quicksilver (Egg)

Species: Woolly Howl - Name: Rudolph (Egg)




     I Love racing and going on flights with my Dragon's



Full Credit to Goldenwolfmidna V for making me a custom Tidereaper

Age:23 (Adult)

Primary Color: (Red)

Secondary Color: (Peach Pink)

Accent Color: (Light Green)

Belly Color: (Light Mint Aqua)

Eye Color: (Rose)


Name: Fiji

Gender: Female










       RoS Favorite Dragons I have



 Springshedder & Syringaca














   Dragon Gallery








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Great idea!! I’m definitely tracking!!!!!



I go by the name Stormy! :D


An AMAZING picture of Stormy (my viking!) done by the even more amazing MerricupNightFury!!!! It is fantastic!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stormy as a Draconian!!!! By the incredibly talented TosiLohi!!!!!!! Thanks so so so much!!!!


All My Dragons!!


Tracker Class

Stormshear - Female Deadly Nadder (Main Dragon!)

Skypiercer - Male Deadly Nadder

Rosethorn - Female Deadly Nadder

Moonwatcher - Male Deadly Nadder

Mudslide - Male Mudraker
Sharp Class

Starlight - Female Razorwhip

Lightshard - Male Razorwhip

Puddletwirler - Female Raincutter

Mysticshine - Female Stormcutter

Peppermint - Male Scuttleclaw (Hatched on 1st December so he has a Snoggletog-themed name! :D)


Stoker Class

Firewing - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Firedancer - Female Singetail

Pheonix - Male Typhoomerang


Boulder Class

Rocky - Male Gronckle

Frostwing - Male Groncicle

Groundshaker - Male Whispering Death

Stonegrinder - Male Whispering Death

Guardianspirit - Male Elder Sentinel

Tidal Class

Wraithster - Male Sand Wraith

Thundergem - Female Thunderdrum (Older sister to Tidalgem)

Tidalgem - Male Thunderdrum (Younger brother to Thundergem)

Oceanshadow - Female Scauldron - TITAN!

Shockwave - Female Shockjaw

Strike Class

Nightstrike - Male Triple Stryke (Sunstrike's twin)

Sunstrike - Female Triple Stryke (Nightstrike's twin)

Elektra - Female Skrill

Sparkangel - Female Skrill

Mystery Class

Zip & Zap - Male Hideous Zippleback

Sparkle & Dazzle - Female Hideous Zippleback

Nightglow - Female Flightmare

Firework - Male Flightmare

Siren - Female Deathsong



In-Game Info!

Name: xXStormxRiderXx (Stormy for short! :D)

Title: Senior Nadder Whisperer

Clan: Warzone

Occupation: Dragon trainer, Huntress (for food, not dragons! XD)

Trophy amount: 3300+

UDT Score: 400,000! (MAX)

Stars: 1 Gronckle Iron Star! (MAX)

Viking Level: 48

Dragons: 32

Friend Code: FNNUWE

Favourite pass-times: Flying, training, battling and of course playing with my dragons!



Art done by others! Thanks so much!

Stormy as a Draconian by TosiLohi! Thanks sooo much!!


Shimmering Snow by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Stormshear by Andrea!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!


An awesome picture of me and Stormshear done by the even more awesome Hillevij! Thank you!!


Springflower my Crimson Goregutter done by the amazing Embala!! Thanks!! 


Firewing!! Done by the awesome Lissa!! Thanks so much!!! :D


Zip & Zap and Nightstrike & Sunstrike by the awesome RedHoodJason! Thanks!!!


Wraithster by the awesome SangoMichiko! Thanks!


Stormy in a beautiful Nadder-themed dress! Thanks so much TosiLohi! :D



Stormy by the awesome ParakeetAndine!! The one on the left is in normal clothing, on the right is in her flightsuit with Stormshear!! Thanks so much!!!!!



Stormy and my Light Fury, Aurora, as a hatchling! Thanks so much to Purpy!!!!


Stormy and Stormshear (again) done by the awesome RedHoodJason! Thanks so much!!


Lightshard and Starlight my Razorwhips! By Sango! Thanks!




Firework, Elektra, Bliss and Stormshear!! All by the amazing PURPY!!!! THANKS!!


Stormshear and me done by the awesome TosiLohi! Thank you so much!


nice day here NOBG by bottomlessBOX

Stormshear and me (again! XD) done by the awesome Tosi Lohi! I couldn't resist so I put the non-background one in too! Thanks so much!!



Here be Stormy! 


Stormshear by the awesome SangoMichiko! Thanks!


Stormshear by Purpy!! Thankies! 


Stormshear done by Silverraven! Thanks! :D


Stormshear done by the amazing nathanviking!! Thanks so much!!!

Me and Stormshear done by the awesome Katerina Pettrova! Thanks!!!!


Hawk by demonguitars1214

Hawk Sokolov my OC! Done by the awesome DyliehIdol1214!! Thanks so much! :D


Firework done by the amazing nathanviking!! Thanks so much!!!!





Pheonix, Wraithster, Rosethorn, Oceanshadow, Stormy, Puddletwirler, and Stormshear! 

All by the awesome Purpy! Thanks so much!!


Wraithster and Puddletwirler!! Done by the always awesome Zikta!!! Thank you!! 


Stormshear, Stormy and Wraithster done by the awesome LilyStark!! Thanks! 


 Razorwhip Banner Scuttleclaw Banner

Smothering Smokebreath Banner

Changewing Banner

All banners by Dragonriders Fury! Thanks! :D 




My Adoptables!!!


Aurora and Blaze! By the awesome Celine!! Thank you so so so much!! :D


Aurora and Blaze!! Done by the awesome Lissa!!! Thanks!!!!!!!


Blaze | For CZNZ Dragon Rider by HypnoTheSerpentLordAurora | For CZNZ Dragon Rider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Blaze and Aurora both done by Andrea!! Thanks!!!!


Aurora | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Aurora (again XD) by the awesome Andrea!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Blaze my Night Fury, and Aurora my Light Fury! Thanks so much Embala for drawing them!!!


Cuddles | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLordDeigh | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Misletoe | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Cuddles and Deigh my Deathgrippers, Dreambolt my Deadly Claw, Skythorn and Stormshear my Curly Nadders, Mistletoe my Christmas Wreath, Crispin my Summer Wreath and Gruntshine my Tingecutter!! All by the awesome Andrea! Thanks so so so much!!! 


Brightstorm my Shinglescale and Duskflyer my Shinglespike!! By Rider Jyharri! Thanks!!!

Blossom my beautiful Nightsealer! By the awesome Chameishida! Thanks! :D


Behold the amazing... Frillfire! By Lissa! Thanks so much! :D


Aurora by the great Zesty!!! Thanks!!


Battleshine my Fighting Claw by the awesome Belubel! Thanks! 


Galaxy my Giarogia! (Sub-species of Spyrogia!) By the awesome Shelya! Thanks!


Princess, my moody Mood Dragon! Done by the (as always) awesome Lissa!!  Thanks!!!!!


Waterdevil my Tidereaper by the awesome Goldenwolfmidna! Thanks!


Firedemon my baby Coalskin!! Done by the awesome Chameishida!! Thank you!!!

Autumn and Roux, my Harvest Hunters! By the awesome Embala!!! Thanks!!


Aphrodite and Ares my Plume Tails by Embala! Thanks!!!


My Crytter and Bookwyrm, by Flitt! Thanks!


Alaska my Pykacynd! Done by the awesome Sheyla!!! Thanks!!!


Skyburner my Neckblaze! Done by the awesome Sheyla!!! Thanks so much!

Paco my Rainforest Griffin!! Made by the amazing Lissa!



Favourite Quotes!


- I wouldn't kill him because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him, and I saw myself. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Well, you know what I always say. When in doubt, take it out! - Dagur RTTE

- Oh I'm hurt! I am very much hurt!!! - Tuffnut HTTYD

- Excuse me, barmaid! I'm afraid you brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra-large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fish-bone! - Hiccup HTTYD

- The chicken is not amused. - Tuffnut RTTE

- Everything we know about you guys, is wrong. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Some of us were just born different. - Valka HTTYD 2

- Oh my... Me likey! - Ruffnut HTTYD 2

- Please, you... are my best friend, bud. My best friend. - Hiccup HTTYD 2

- Atta boy! That's it! - Hiccup HTTYD 2


Screenshots Of My Fantastic Dragons!!! (I will be adding more soon!)

Firework - Male Flightmare


Nightglow - Female Flightmare


Oceanshadow - Female Scauldron


Wraithster - Male Sand Wraith


Firedancer - Female Singetail


Firewing - Male Monstrous Nightmare


Frostwing - Male Groncicle


Thundergem - Female Thunderdrum


Tidalgem - Male Thunderdrum


Elektra - Female Skrill


Nightstrike - Male Triple Styke


Sunstrike - Female Triple Stryke


Zip and Zap - Male Hideous Zippleback


Sparkle and Dazzle (Spark and Dazz for short!) - Female Hideous Zippleback


Skypiercer - Male Deadly Nadder


Pheonix - Male Typhoomerang


Lightshard - Male Razorwhip


Starlight - Female Razorwhip


Mudslide - Male Mudraker


Shockwave - Female Shockjaw


Did you make it to the end??? Stormshear and I say... "Congratulations!!!"


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Dragon adopts I've made!

Just click!


Join the School of Dragons Discord


I know it says Squiid invited you, ssh pretend I did, yeah, she's cool, but ssh I invited you..

'Bout me:

Name: Goldenwolfmidna; Goldenwolf; Golden; Midna; etc.

Name IRL: Call me Dave, I respond

Gender/pronouns: Dysphoria, so much dysphoria. Pangender/agender/not cis.  They/them

Favorite Dragon: Skrill, my dear children. Lightning breath and a bad attitude? It's me, dragon-fied!

Favorite color: Orange, probably, then blues

What I'm like: I'm a tired, oftentimes snippy and sarcastic, human. I enjoy art and playing video games. I am extremely passionate about genders and se.xualities, so if you want a long-winded rant about how I'm a human too, PM me and tell me! I'm always happy to explain what it's like being pangendered/agendered and panromantic/ase.xual!

Other crap: I am: panromantic, meaning I can be attracted to people of any and all genders in a romantic sense; I am ase.xual, meaning I am not attracted to people in a se.xual way.

I like to draw, so if you have a request of a dragon for an artist, PM me a picture of a dragon, its backstory, and what you want. If I feel so inclned, I will complete your request.

I am a huge nerd and proud of it. I play D&D soon-to-be three times a week, as a DM one time, a Drow Swashbucker, and a Dragonborn Paladin named Ajoke in the last. Fun fact; Ameme, Ajoke's father, was posessed by Bahamut one time. Bahamut is the D&D Dragon God of Good. 


Adopts and OCs:

Flikrr, made by the AMAZING Chamishida!

I looked around, nose in the air. It told me there was boar near. I, fire burning hotly within myself, looked around. Sure enough, fifty paces off, more or less, was a full-grown boar. I was getting rather hungry, and a boar makes a nice meal. I stealthily approched it, thinking of the feast I'd have today.

The boar's head jerked up- great. I must have been too loud. And then I heard it as well: crunching leaves beneath a foot. It was leaf-fall, so this was no big surprise. I lunged at the boar, and it gave a shrill whine of terror before I rammed into it, scorching the fur. Within seconds, it was d'ead. I tore into it, hunger stopping all other thought until I saw a shadow and heard the hushed voices: "Is it real?" "Is that a Coalskin?" "How are we not in Valhalla yet?"

I turned. There was a group of Viking children, watching me. They speak in whispers among themselves, but I hear. I turn to look at them, and the voices fall silent. They look scared, except one. I give a ROAR and the group scatters. Not one, though. She approaches me, and says quitely, "They're not going to hurt you." I look at the Viking. She's nothing special, really. She's just braver than the rest. I like that.

I look at the girl, and think about what I'm doing. I then dip my head, slightly. A respectful bow. I respect bravery, and this child, no less, has stood to a Coalskin. In my opinion, we are the most scary dragons out there. The girl returns the bow, and she begins to walk off, and I follow. 

"You need a name." Her voice cuts the silence of the forest. I look at her. I have a name, but nothing she can pronounce. It's 'Hrrrrr', all long and dragged out, and low, very low, until the end, where it flares up into a high pitch. But this girl doesn't know that. "Flicker? Nah, too generic. Flickrr." I like this new human-name. It cuts the 'e' sound, leaving you with a harsh 'rrr' sound. We walk back, both content walking in silence.

And that's how it's been ever since. Once Holly foud her island, I have stayed to keep it save from all who wish her harm.  I am a guardian, one who will keep this land I call my home. The other dragons, like Birchbark, all accept me as a protecter, and know better than to cross me. I am kept 'in check' by Holly's Groncicles, who I do adore, as they let me run free, so long as no fires start in my wake. Dragons come and go, taken to great beyonds, and although I cannot go on adventures 'round the world, I keep my own world safe, for myself, for Holly, and for the other dragons. 


Brichbark, made by, again, the amazing Chamishida! Thank you so much, Chamishida!

 Birch was found by Lightning, Holly's Skrill, on a stormy day. The small Sinisterous Woodreaper, being about two months old and having a broken leg, snuggled up with the large Skrill. Holly found them some time later, and saw the leg. She quickly bound it and took the dragon home. A few months later, the small dragon was healed and had the name of Birchbark. Holly set the dragon free but the dragon wouldn't leave. Holly relented and kep the dragon, letting her roam free on the island Holly and her dragons called home. Birchbark si all grown up now, and helps to protect the island.


Drym, made by the wonderful KasaneLover!

How Holly managed to tame this dragon is beyone her. After Drym had eaten enough of Holly's food, they just decided to follow along after her, and now is one of the dragons of her island.


If you're down here, then know this is a WIP. And it shall continue to be for quite a while.

Also, PM me 'wer aunel di vi darastrix' and you'll get a special dergon art!

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Week #1: Titan Stormcutter

Starting off strong with my favorite Titan!


Titan Stormcutter

Overall Opinion: The Titan Stormcutter is my favorite Titan in the game so far, primarily because I love Stormcutters so much already. While it's not as big as I'd like it to be (a grain of salt rests on my shoulder whenever I see Cloudjumper and look back at my Titan Stormcutter), it still looks great and is pretty high on the "Useful Titan" list.



  • The wings of the dragon - I love the design overall but the wings stand out to me the most; the wing tips remind of bird wings!
  • The color options
  • Its excellent turn and pitch rate - Thanks to its four mighty wings, this dragon is a breeze to ride in racing. While not the fastest, it can surely make tight turns that much faster dragons like the Skrill or Snow Wraith struggle to make.
  • The breaking animation - I love how the dragon looks when it's breaking/stopping in the air because the way it essentially spreads all of its limbs make it look like its trying to be intimidating, a force to be reckoned with.
  • The idle animations - When it's standing, it looks incredibly curious. When it's sitting, it barfs up an invisible fish; it's nice to see a scene from a movie be turned into an animation. xD


  • Size - I understand that the Stormcutter (Titan or not) can't be made bigger because it'll cause the game to lag but I think it could at least be as big as the Titan Woolly Howl, a Titan that's bigger than the Titan Stormcutter. And considering there's quite a few of those flying around. . .I think it can be done.
  • Over a year since the accessory's release and this Titan still can't wear its red racing paint (I believe they're the Racing Stripes) because it'll have its adult look/textures when wearing it. On mobile, the dragon's textures become blurry in conjunction with this, regardless of what quality you're playing the game in.
  • There's no side-gliding animations for the dragon so it'll occasionally freeze when doing so. Prior to the removal of the ground firing animations when the dragon is flying, when you fired while side gliding, the dragon would spazz out (there's a gif of it on the Wikia if you want to see it).
  • Fireball - I have a mixed relationship with the fireball. I don't hate how it looks but compared to some of the more recent Titans (and even older ones like the Whispering Death), it looks lackluster.

Changes I'd Make

  • Make the Titan Stormcutter as big as the Titan Woolly Howl (at the very least; I'd love it to be much bigger but again, they can't do that without the game lagging).
  • Fix the red racing paint and side-gliding animation issue
  • Make the fireball bigger and/or brighter
  • Make the dragon slightly faster; I know they're not Night Fury fast but Cloudjumper wasn't too far behind when Toothless swooped in to save Hiccup from crashing into something (again).

Recommended?: 100% yes! It looks great and it's a pretty useful Titan.



Utility: 8.5 Happy Papas out of 10

​The Titan Stormcutter is a solid battler, though better battle dragons exist. It's excellent at turning and diving in racing but its speed leaves much to be desired, though it does have saddles. The Titan Stormcutter really shines in stable missions: It's good for missions that require Tough dragons (most notably "The Long Patrol") and is one of the few dragons that give a pretty nice boost for the "Nest Mess" mission if you happen to be down a Zippleback or two. There's even a quest dedicated to this Titan ("Cavern Hunt")! It's also a pretty good Dragon Tactics dragon, being able to restore it's own health and having a really powerful long ranged attack in its arsenal.


Color Options: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The color options of this Titan are great; you can make the dragon as bright or as dark as you want and there's not so much blending to the point where the color of one part drastically effects how the other part will look (It seems the belly is the only part that's really like that). You can color this entire Titan too! *glares at the Titan Dramillion*


Animations: 9.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Stormcutter, like a majority of Titans, has the same animations as a normal Stormcutter. The only fault with the animations is the side gliding issue, which prevents this dragon from getting a perfect score. The idle animations make it look as inquisitive as it did in the movie and it looks great while flying, especially when you're breaking (or more specifically, when you're holding down the acceleration and brake buttons at the same time).


Fireball: 7 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Stormcutter's fire doesn't look that bad, though it's one of my least favorite Titan fireballs. Compared to quite a few other Titans, the fireball for this lovable owl dragon is just lackluster and could really use a touch up.


Design: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Stormcutter looks amazing! The best part about this Titan is the edges of its wings. Considering owls are one of the Stormcutter's inspiration, the feather-like edges are perfect! In addition to looking more intimidating, it also has a "wiser" feel to it.


Final Score: 9 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Stormcutter is perfect the perfect addition to any dragon family and a must have for Stormcutter fans. While the size is a bit underwhelming, the Titan's design and colors outshine that.


That's all I have in store for the Titan Stormcutter! I honestly thought I'd have a lot more to write down for my favorite Titan. . .oh well. How do you all feel about this Titan?

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Week #2: Titan Zippleback

With today being April Fool's, I figured the next dragon should be the finest prankster of them all:


Titan Hideous Zippleback

Overall Opinion: The Titan Zippleback is a solid Titan, with nice color options, very high accessibility, and, like the Stormcutter, it's very high on the "Useful Titan" list.



  • The fact that both heads will follow you when you're in the water; the only other dragon that does this is the Thunderdrum.
  • Ease of Access - The fact there's so many ways to get this dragon is both great and bad, the latter of which I'll get into later. You can choose it as your starter dragon, buy it from the store with both gems and coins (the latter of which you need a certain amount of UDT first), find it in any of the sparkling chests lying around the Archipelago (if you're really lucky. . .or unlucky if you find it in the gem chests), battle events, Stable Missions that give Mystery Egg Chests, and even from racing (after you collect 1000 sheep in ThunderRun Racing, you'll get an egg chest)!
  • Idle Animation - While it still lacks sitting idle animations, the one that plays while it's standing is nice; the heads stare at each other a bit! It's not much but it's always amusing to see it.


  • Stiff/outdated animations - The Zippleback's animations are pretty outdated and it becomes evident when you look at dragons like the Stormcutter and the Light Fury, both of which have much more lively animations. However, it does have really good animations in Dragon Tactics that I think should be applied outside of the minigame as well.
  • Fireball - Like the Titan Stormcutter, the Titan Zippleback's fireball is lackluster compared to the other Titans (and even some non-Titans like the Goregutter).
  • If you look under the Titan Zippleback's wings, it'll revert to normal Zippleback wings. I'm not sure why it does that but I really like the dragon's wing edges so to see them disappear is both weird and disappointing. . .actually, the disappointment stems more from the fact that this was one of the first TItans released and it still has this problem.
  • Some of the more recent paints released for this dragon aren't Titan friendly, most notably the ugly Snoggletog sweaters and the Dreadfall Skin. The wing edges looks wonky since it's trying to apply normal Zipplback textures onto a Titan Zippleback.

Changes I'd Make

  • Give it Fire-in-Flight Animations (FiFA); this animation would be one head firing the gas and the other sparking it. If not, at least both heads should be together when the fireball is being produced.
  • Make the fireball more vibrant and bigger.
  • Make all of its paints Titan friendly; ironically enough, the warpaint makes regular Zipplebacks looks like Titan Zipplebacks but unlike the reverse scenario, it actually looks pretty good.

Recommended?: Yes! Even though there's quite a few things I dislike about the Titan, its utility and good looks make it a tough Titan to pass up.



Utility: 8.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Zippleback is a mediocre battler and racer, though saddles can help it out if you know how to race with it. This dragon truly shines in stable missions and Dragon Tactics. Two quests in particular--Loki's Maze and Nest Mess--require Titan Zipplebacks for the highest chance of success (the former of which I believe can have its success rate boosted even further with Rank 30 dragons) and offer excellent prizes: A big sack of gems and a mystery egg chest respectively. There's also a quest called Lost Zippleback, though that request only gives the usual prizes (coins, dragon experience, and UDT) and it's a members-only quest. In Dragon Tactics, it can boost its damage output and has a powerful long range attack and a solid mid-range attack; the only thing preventing this dragon from getting a 9 or higher is its lackluster performance in both racing and battle events.


Color Options: 9.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Zippleback's color options are pretty great! The only thing I don't like is the main color of the dragon effects the color of the spikes and a set of spots (I think it's the "Details" of the dragon but I can't remember). For example, one of my Zipplebacks is red, green, and light blue but because of the red, the light blue isn't nearly as bright and, if anything, looks washed out.


Animations: 6 Happy Papas out of 10

The only thing preventing the Titan Zippleback from getting a lower score on this is the heads watching you while you're swimming; I really like that feature and hope it gets applied to more dragons. The animations are just outdated and stiff compared to some of the other dragons like the Deathgripper or even the Deadly Nadder, a dragon release at the same time as it and yet, has better, more lively animations that still look great alongside ones like the aforementioned Deathgripper and Stormcutter. Not having any FiFA doesn't help its case either.


Fireball: 5.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Zippleback's fireball is currently my least favorite Titan fireball because of how lackluster it is compared to so many other Titans; the Titan Nadder has such a big, bright fireball, why couldn't the poor Titan Zippleback get a big fireball at least?


Design: 9.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Zippleback looks really good and still retains that Zippleback charm. It just looks more. . .mischevious. Like, "heh, we're bigger and better now, time to pull even more devious pranks."  My favorite part of this Titan is its spines; they remind me of leaves and considering this dragon is all about stealth, having leaf-like appendages suits it perfectly. The only thing stopping this thing from getting a perfect 10 is the wing thing I mentioned early.


Final Score: 7.8 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Zippleback, while having quite a few shortcomings, is still a good dragon to add to any dragon family, especially if you love your Zipplebacks. Its strong points are Stable Missions and Dragon Tactics, where it excels for providing high success rates and being a heavy hitter respectively.


That's all for the Titan Zippleback! Happy April Fool's Day everyone!

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Week #2: Hideous Zippleback

Hideous Zippleback

Overall Opinion: The Hideous Zippleback is the least popular of the main starter dragons but having started with one when the new opening came out in 2016, I developed a soft spot for this two headed dragon. It's pretty nice to have around; it'll help you stand out more since it's not picked very often!



  • If you're trying to stand out from the crowd, this is the dragon to pick; a lot of people tend to pick Nadders and Nightmares more than the Gronckle and ZIppleback (and that's not taking the member starter dragons into consideration, which gives this poor Mystery Class dragon even more competition).
  • Like the Titan stage, when you're in the water, the heads follow you around.
  • Ease of access - As a starter dragon, there's a number of ways to get this dragon (refer to the Titan Zippleback review for more information).
  • Idle animations


  • Fireball - The Zippleback's fireball isn't all that great compared to ones like the Shockjaw or the Gronckle.
  • Stiff/outdated animations (refer to the Titan Zippleback review for more information)

Changes I'd Make

  • Change the fireball; I'd make it look like a standard fireball (since that's the result you get when a Zippleback ignites its gas anyways) or a bright fireball with a trail of green gas behind it.
  • Update the animations; just adding the flying animations in Dragon Tactics would do this dragon justice. This would also include giving it FiFA.

Recommended?: Yes! It'll help you stand out more and the Titan makes it a solid choice in the long run.



Utility: 7 Happy Papas out of 10

The Zippleback doesn't strive in stable missions as much as its Titan stage does but it's still an excellent choice for Dragon Tactics and can earn you gems through the Loki's Maze quest.


Color Options: 9.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Zippleback's color options are like the Titan's: The only drawback is main color of the dragon can make certain colors look washed out.


Animations: 6 Happy Papas out of 10

The Hideous Zippleback has the 2nd worse/most outdated animations of all the starter dragons (including the member starters). Like its Titan stage, the only thing stopping it from getting a lower score is the heads following you in the water.


Fireball: 5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Zippleback's fire could use touch-up and can be disappointing when you look at how great the fireballs have been looking as of late.


Design: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

It looks like a Zippleback, it sounds like a Zippleback, ergo it is a Zippleback. However, it looks just a weeeeeee bit cuter in the game than in other media.


Final Score: 7.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The score came out to be a lot better than I thought it was gonna be; good! The Hideous Zippleback will help you stand out when you first start your dragon adventures and its Titan stage will prove to be useful later down the line. It is still just as useful as said Titan stage in Dragon Tactics (at the time of writing, Titans don't get any sort of boost in Dragon Tactics) and, most importantly, it's super cute when it watches you when you're swimming around. It's like it's watching out for you!


I thought I'd do this dragon next since we started off the week with April Fools; it only seemed right!

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Week #3: Titan Rumblehorn

What's that flying over the horizon? Why, it's the next Titan in line to review!


Titan Rumblehorn

Overall Opinion: The Titan Rumblehorn (may or may not just say Titan Rumblie from this point onward) was the last starter dragon to get a Titan stage but last doesn't always mean least! While this Titan may not be as useful as the previous ones I've covered so far, it's still a nice dragon to look at and an even nicer dragon to fly on.



  • Color Options - I prefer the coloring options on the Titan Rumblie than I do on the standard Rumblie. It's not as "blendy" and thus, one color doesn't dramatically effect another.
  • Ease of Access - While not as easy to obtain as say a Gronckle or Deadly Nadder, it's still relatively easy to get. If you're lucky, you can rescue one when you first start the game (October 2016 onwards). If you don't rescue one, you have a chance at getting one from mystery egg chests and the egg chest you obtain after collecting 1000 sheep in ThunderRun Racing. I think you have a chance at getting them from battle but I can't remember.


  • Fireball - Of the more recent Titans, the Titan Rumblie's fireball is very lackluster. It's up there as one of my least favorite Titan fireballs.
  • Lack of sitting animations - I can't be the only one who feels a little bad that this dragon can't sit down.
  • Paints - None of the Rumblie's paints are Titan friendly and two of the three reduce the graphics/textures of the dragon on mobile. . .plus, the warpaint kinda forces the Hero Skin on you and I'm not a huge fan of that.

Changes I'd Make

  • Let the poor thing sit. TmT
  • Make the fireball bigger
  • Fix all of its paints

Recomended?: If you like your Rumblies, by all means. It looks great! But that's about as much as it has going for it so if you're trying to get Titans that are useful, this isn't one of them (unless you consider being a trophy dragon useful).



Utility: 3 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Rumblie isn't very useful. It's far from the best battler due to its low shot limit and frequently changing trajectory, it's incredibly short range and lack of long range in Dragon Tactics means it won't do much unless the enemies come to you, it's not a great racing dragon (even with its saddles; it's too slow unless you've stocked up on Speed Boosts), and while it's somewhat useful in Stable Quests, there are dragons that can take its place and do the job much better. All-in-all, not a very useful Titan unfortunately.


Color Options: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

I love the Titan Rumblie's color options. Does it leave quite a bit to be desired? Compared to its promotional image, yes, but I'm still happy with it. I can color most of it independently and the parts I can't color are either small (the little tear drop patterns on the wing membranes, which look really awesome by the way) or something you couldn't color to begin with (the belly).


Animations: 8.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Rumblie has pretty nice animations and it probably would've gotten a 9.5 or even a 10 if the poor dragon could actually sit down and have some sitting idle animations. My favorite animation is the flying one; it looks just like how Skullcrusher flew in the 2nd movie!


Fireball: 5 Happy Papas out of 10

As I'm going through the Titans and seeing what I like and don't like about'em, I'm starting to realize the Titan Rumblie's fireball is my least favorite of the Titan fireball animations. It looks like they just added a lot more smoke to the fireball and made it brighter. I'm fine with it being brighter, I just wish it was bigger instead of having denser smoke trail behind it. Very underwhelming compared to the other recent Titans.


Design: 9 Happy Papas out of 10

I love how this Titan looks! I do wish there was a bit more to it though, like the armor-like scales could have more detail to them or the little spikes running along the Titan Rumblie's back could be made a bit thicker and/or taller; when you look at the normal Rumblie, it's scales do seem a little underwhelming but overall, I still like this thing.


Final Score: 7.1 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Rumblie was unfortunately given the short end of the stick in quite a few things but it's still pretty nice to look at and even better to ride.


And there goes our precious Titan Rumblie, flying back to which it came. Anyways, I didn't (and still kinda don't) have a set order I'll be doing the Titans and other dragons in but I do have a select few that I plan on doing in the coming days/weeks: The other starter dragons. That being said, which Titan (or standard dragon) do you want to see next? Here are your options:


  • Deadly Nadder
  • Monstrous Nightmare
  • Gronckle
  • Flightmare
  • Sand Wraith
  • Shockjaw
  • Skrill
  • Thunderdrum
  • Whispering Death

Voting will remain open until Monday April 15th at 2:30PM Eastern Standard Time; the dragon with the most votes will be done next and I'll work down the list from there. If there aren't enough votes (say 1 vote Deadly Nadder but 0 for the other species), I will assign each dragon a number and use a random number generator to determine which one I'll do next. . .I mean, I could do that now, but the former method is more fun (and give me more time to get pictures of the dragons during their Titan growths *cough*).

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I can't wait




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Week #4: Titan Deadly Nadder

Voting has officially ended. . .yesterday! Not enough votes were obtained to determine the order of the other starter dragons so I'll be using a RNG for them. But one dragon did get a vote. And that dragon is [the]. . .


Titan Deadly Nadder

Overall Opinion: Despite being the most popular non-member starter dragon, you don't see very many Titan Deadly Nadders flying around the School. Nevertheless, they're beautiful to look at and incredible to fly on. It's an amazing dragon to use for stable missions and while it's not the fastest dragon around, it's fairly easy to use in racing. It's a bit difficult to find the right combination of colors but once you find one you're happy with, it looks downright stunning.



  • Color options - You can make your Titan Nadder as vibrant as a macaw or as dark as a crow and it'll look great regardless. The main color of the dragon can greatly influence what I think is under "Details" for this Titan (so in the above picture, everything that's orange), hence why coloring this dragon hasn't been that much of a walk in the park. But I find that once you find a nice color combo, it looks fantastic on this Titan.
  • Animations - The Titan Deadly Nadder is the liveliest of the starters. It preens itself, looks around curiously while you're talking to the Headmaster, and flaps its wings every so often for some reason. It's also quite a fun dragon to ride since it's walk is so. . .bouncy!
  • Fireball - The Titan Deadly Nadder's fireball is a good example of what a Titan's fireball should look like: Bigger and brighter. Granted, the standard Nadder's fireball isn't much to look at anyways so improving it isn't (or shouldn't be at least) that difficult but still; more Titans should follow the Titan Nadder's footsteps.
  • Spike Crown - I love how massive the spike crown is. It doesn't look as ridiculous as a certain Titan's additional spikes/ear things (looking at you, Titan Triple Stryke) and gives it a bit more of a "royal" feel, like a queen or king.
  • Sound effects - A rare trait among Titan dragons, the Titan Deadly Nadder has different sound effects than its standard counterpart; the sounds are overall deeper. A small but appreciated trait.
  • Ease of Access - Like the Zippleback, the fact that it's so easy to get this dragon is both good and bad (I forgot to cover the bad in the Titan Zippleback post so I'll just add it here). You can buy it with coins once you get enough UDT and gems if you can't wait, pick it as your starter dragon after your secondary starter, win it battle events, obtain it from the chests lying around the Archipelago, have a shot in getting one from Mystery Egg Chests, and finally, have a chance to get one after collecting 1000 sheep in Thunder Run Racing.


  • The Hero Stripes aren't Titan friendly.
  • Ease of Access - Like I said before, being incredibly easy to obtain is both good and bad. Because there's so many ways to get this dragon, it's very easy to have too many of them; this isn't a problem if you're as much of a Nadder fan as I am a Stormcutter fan.

Changes I'd Make

  • Fix the Hero Stripes

Recommended?: Yes! They're designed really well and their quite useful in stable missions.



Utility: 7.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Deadly Nadder isn't the worst nor the best racer; it's decent but finds itself outclassed by much more speedy and nimble dragons like the Furies and the Sand Wraith. It's a poor dragon to use in battle due to its slow recharge rate and mediocre shot limit; while the damage can be considered compensation, the damage per shot doesn't contribute to your score. It's not a great dragon to use in Dragon Tactics either; again, it's just in the middle. So that leaves only one area for the Titan Nadder to shine in: Stable Missions. This Titan is great for gathering Titan Runes. There's one quest in particular called Ancient Stones that gets you 1 Titan Rune but it's fairly easy to get a 100% success rate; Level 30 dragons and having a Level 30 Titan Nadder makes things that much easier. Additionally, there's The Great Egg Rescue, another quest the Titan Nadder thrives in thanks to its attributes (Razor and Speed). I'm sure there's more missions I missed and/or haven't found yet but those two are the best ones I remember.


Color Options: 9.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The only thing stopping this Titan from getting a perfect score is the main color effecting a good portion of the dragon (again, everything orange on the Nadder for this review's picture) and the Hero Stripes giving this dragon its normal look. If I were to make the dragon light blue and the belly red, the red would look faded out and vice versa (but show up really well on the wings). Aside from that, this Titan has very nice color options.


Animations: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

Sorry Papa Moon, I have to give the Titan Nadder a perfect score on this one; there's no animation issues whatsoever with this dragon! It's almost never stops moving and it's incredibly lively. It's also very entertaining to watch! Fantastic animations overall.


Fireball: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Deadly Nadder's fireball is everything a Titan fireball should look like: It's bigger and brighter and easy to distinguish from a standard Nadder's fireball!


Design: 9 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Deadly Nadder is a beautiful Titan, that I cannot deny. While not on Titan Stormcutter level of beauty, it's still an admireable sight to behold.


Final Score: 9.2 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Deadly Nadder is an easy-to-access Titan that while not the most useful Titan around, is still a nice one to have. It isn't necessarily really bad at anything except battle but primarily excels in Stable Missions. If you love Deadly Nadders, you'll definitely want to train a Titan Nadder some day.


Wow, this Titan managed to get a higher score than the Titan Stormcutter; be proud Titan Deadly Nadder (and Titan Nadder riders), be proud! Anyways, the Random Number Generator has spoken! The next starter Titan is gonna be. . .


The Flightmare! Look forward to that!

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Week #5: Titan Flightmare

Sorry this one took longer than usual! I wanted to get a picture of the dragon during their Titan growth before I made the post and with little luck getting a Flightmare egg, I just decided to age up one of my other Flightmares. That all being said, give a warm welcome to the next dragon in line. . .


Titan Flightmare

Overall Opinion: The Titan Flightmare is a beautiful Titan and was one of the biggest because of its massive wings. It's mystical appearance adds to this species' mysterious and elusive nature.



  • The wings of the dragon - Like the Titan Stormcutter, this Titan earned a special section just for its wings. They're huge and look much better than standard Flightmare wings.
  • Color options - The sky's not even the limit with this dragon. You can make it extremely dark or vibrant like just like my dragons tend to be and it'll look great. You can also color this entire dragon!
  • Fireball - It looks like the Flightmare mist we see in Race to the Edge and Defenders (or Riders I can't remember which season it showed up in) of Berk; this is how the Flightmare's fireball should look like!
  • Solid racing performance
  • Ease of Access - Prior to the Dreadfall update of 2016, you had to hope you could win this dragon from battle or find it in mystery egg chests. Now you have a chance of rescuing one the moment you start your adventure!


  • Bad turn rate - This dragon doesn't have a good turn rate, though it's at least better than some of the faster dragons like the Skrill and Woolly Howl.

Changes I'd Make: N/A

Recommended?: Yes! It looks good, it races pretty nicely, it's pretty good in Dragon Tactics, ergo I say it'd be a fine addition to your collection of Titan Wings.



Utility: 6.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Flightmare is a solid racing dragon, with the main thing holding it back being its poor turn rate. Saddles may help remedy this but not enough to compete with dragons like the Sand Wraith. It's poor shot limit and fast recharge rate make it an awful dragon to use for battle events unless you're firing from the recharge station and even then, it's not the easiest to aim. It's a great dragon to use for Stable Missions, though it's not as useful as the Zippleback or Nadder in that department. This dragon really shines in Dragon Tactics; in fact, if Dragon Tactics didn't become what it is now (a minigame that isn't expansion exclusive and enables you to use your own dragons), the Titan Flightmare would have a lower score in this department. It's main ability can hit mulitple enemies and has a 50% chance to stun enemies! It's kinda frail though so cross your fingers the stun comes into play often.


Color Options: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Flightmare's color options are great! You can make it as vibrant or dark as you want and it'll still look phenomenal. My favorite part to color is the wing edges of the dragon; depending on what colors you choose, it'll look almost as if this dragon's glowing!


Animations: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Flightmare has pretty great animations! It's especially great when you remember that like the Stormcutter, it used to have Toothless animations. Unlike the Stormcutter, it has all of its animations intact; no missing animations and thus, no freezing in the air or something.


Fireball: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Flightmare's fireball is stunning. It actually looks like Flightmare mist, more so than the puny mist ball the standard Flightmare produces in the game. It's perhaps one of my favorite Titan fireballs to date and holds up well against the "modern" fireballs.


Design: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Flightmare looks amazing! It looks eerie and mystical at the same time, which is perfect for a dragon that has to be at least a litttle inspired by the banshee. It looks a lot better than the one in Rise of Berk, which is interesting considering that game usually has the better Titan designs.


Final Score: 9.3 Happy Papas out of 10

What was once a trophy dragon in my book has now rose to be one of the finest Titans in my book. It looks great, it's a useful dragon, and you have a few ways to get this dragon, with the most notable way being the chance you have to rescue one when you first begin your dragon adventure. The first (and currently only) Titan to need no changes be made to it, the Titan Flightmare is a grand addition to any dragon flock.


. . .looks like I'll have to take away some of the Titan Nadder's well earned pride because this Titan scored better than it. Not by much, but it did. With the help of a Random Number Generator, the next Titan in line is. . .


The Whispering Death!

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Week #5: Titan Whispering Death

To make up for the long delay the Titan Flightmare review had, I decided to work on this one right away! Give a warm welcome to the. . .


Titan Whispering Death

Overall Opinion: The Titan Whispering Death is a huge improvement from the Whispering Death and is probably the only reason I'm fine with having over a dozen Whispering Death eggs (literally). A fine, fine Titan indeed.



  • Color Options - The Titan Whispering Death's color options are far better than the standard Whispering Death. It's not nearly as dark unless you want it to be (the only reason it looks dark in the image is because I aged up this guy in the Whispering Death Tunnels) and no one color effects the other.
  • Fireball - Is it even right to call it a fireball? It's literally giant rings of fire. . .and I love it. I was in awe when I got my first Titan Whispering Death and fired with it for the first time! It's one of the older Titan fireballs that hold up very well with the more recent ones.
  • Animations - The Titan Whispering Death has snake-like animations, which is perfect given that the Whispering Death is pretty much a giant snake with tiny wings (at least compared to its body size) and teeth as long as spears. It doesn't have FiFA but for once, it makes sense why it doesn't have them; it's mouth is always open in flight. It's pretty much set.


  • Ease of Access - Normally I consider this a pro but for this dragon in particular, it's primarily a con. There's a non-expansion quest that gives you a Whispering Death egg, you can get one from the chest lying around the Archipelago, you a chance of finding them in battle event or mystery egg chests, and you can get it as a starter dragon. . .if you're a member. Now the trial membership is fairly easy to get but the fact that it's so easy to get in other ways doesn't make it a worthwhile dragon to select as your starter when you're a member; not even incredibly common dragons like the Thunderdrum, Nadder, or Skrill have the honor of being obtainable in a non-expansion quest, let alone any quest in general (unless you include the very first ones you do to pick out your starter and whatnot).


Changes I'd Make: N/A

Recommended?: Yes! This is one of the few instances where the Titan makes having too many eggs of the dragon worthwhile.



Utility: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Whispering Death is an excellent Titan. It's a solid racer, especially when you consider that this is a Boulder Class dragon, though like just about every other dragon, it's outclassed by others (even with saddles). In battle events, it's like a bulkier but ultimately worse version of the Prickleboggle: Slow rate of fire but very fast recharge rate. Not only does it fire slower than the Prickleboggle but it also has lower shot limit but I believe it has the highest health in the game at the time of writing. Despite its short range, it's an excellent dragon to use in Dragon Tactics. It's secondary attack is not only long range but leaves the foe burned once it hits, and the burn damage is quite high! Considering the move deals a lot of damage already, your target is bound to be done for before they even get to move. It can also heal itself like the Stormcutter. Finally, this dragon is one of, if not the best dragon to use in Stable Missions. It's good for a number of rune and gems quests, such as Lab AssistantHunk of Burning Runes, and Deep Dark Runes.


Color Options: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Whispering Death's color options are a huge upgrade from its standard stage. Like the Flightmare, not even the sky can limit you when coloring this dragon.


Animations: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Whispering Death has excellent animations, true to what we've seen in the show. While I'd like for its mouth to close while it's flying, I can see why the move wasn't made and thus, no FiFA was given to this dragon; in fact, this is perhaps the only dragon that is justified when it comes to the lack of having a FiFA.


Fireball: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Whispering Deaths' fireball is, like the Titan Nadder, the perfect example of what a Titan's fireball should be: Bigger, brighter, and substantially better. If the standard Whispering Death's fireball looked more like this or more closely to how it looked in the show, I'd like it more; for now, this is quite similar to the one we see in the show.


Design: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Whispering Death is an excellent Titan dragon in terms of design. The best part about this Titan is its horns; it can either look like hair or like a crown!


Final Score: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

A perfect score! This is a must have Titan for any dragon rider due to its stylish good looks, amazing fireball, extremely high usefulness, and show-like animations. You'd definitely be missing out if you don't have at least one of these in your arsenal.


Wow, of all Titans, I would've never thought the Whispering Death would get a perfect score. Now this Titan has something to be proud of. Now I was going to do a starter dragon next but I have something else in mind. However, I will still use the Random Number Generator to determine the next starter dragon I'll do. That being said, the next starter Titan I'll be doing is. . .


The Thunderdrum!

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Week #6: Titan Screaming Death

Make room for the next Titan in line!


Titan Screaming Death

Overall Opinion: The Titan Screaming Death is a SoD original; to date, it's the only game (that I'm aware of) that has a Titan design for the Screaming Death. I think they pulled it off pretty well! It's huge and intimidating, perfect for something that literally has "death" in its name. This dragon needs more love!



  • Size - While it's still not as huge as the Screaming Death in the series (due to technical limitations), this is still a massive Titan!
  • Fireball - The Titan Screaming Death has a large, bright fireball and the fire flares up a bit around the sides of its head/frills like it does in the series!
  • Color options - You can color your Titan Screaming Death however you want! Dark, bright, contrasting colors, you name it!
  • Animations - It shares animations with the Whispering Death but considering it's a mutated Whispering Death, it makes sense and works really well on this Titan. It also has FiFA!


  • No paints or skins are available for this dragon (at the time of writing at least)
  • The stripes/lines going down the body - I'm not sure why but I'm not the biggest fan of the lines going down the Titan Screaming Death's body. I prefer the "smoother" appearance of the standard Screaming Death.

Changes I'd Make

  • Give this dragon the paints and/or skins it deserves! I wouldn't mind buying my Titan Screaming Deaths some fancy red Racing Stripes!
  • Add it to Dragon Tactics; there's an icon with a Screaming Death on it and alas, you can't use this dragon in said minigame. I do have hope it'll be added in the long run however; the Changewing was in its shoes for a while before being added into the game, alongside other dragons like the Prickleboggle and Tide Glider.

Recommended?: Yes but it's best for people who really like Screaming Deaths or are in need of a good battle dragon; if you don't fall into either category and want a dragon that's useful for things like racing or stable quests, this isn't the Titan for you.



Utility: 6.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Screaming Death is a bit at a disadvantage here compared to the other Titans covered so far: It's not available in Dragon Tactics [yet]! So sadly, it loses some points for that. Like most dragons, it's a solid racer but it finds itself outclassed by other dragons. For battle events, it's like a slightly better Prickleboggle: It has a shot limit of 14, recharges very fast, and fires at a somewhat slow pace. However, it's range is very short; if you want a guaranteed hit on the ships, you need to be extra close for the ridicule to appear. It's okay in stable missions but I've only seen it be really useful for one Stable Mission in particular: Anti-Landing Party. A 4 hour quest that if you actually win, you'll get a sack of gems. In short, it's strong point is battle events but even then, you'd be better off using a Prickleboggle or Scauldron, both of which have much longer ranges and are much easier to aim from the recharge station.


Color Options: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

As I said earlier, you can color your Titan Screaming Death however you want. I have yet to see a color combination on this Titan that I don't like.


Animations: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

This is just a mutated Whispering Death. . .a very scary, giant, mutated Whispering Death. Therefore, the Whispering Death animations are perfect for this Titan! Plus, it gets the extra bonus of having FiFA, something the Whispering Death lacks (with good reason but it lacks it nonetheless).


Fireball: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The best thing about the Titan Screaming Death's fireball is the flare up that happens on the sides of its mouth or around the frills. It's like a giant flying cannon! Not to mention, it's easy to distinguish from a standard Screaming Death's fireball since it's bigger (not by much) and brighter!


Design: 8 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Screaming Death looks pretty neat! The only thing I'm not too fond of are the lines running down its body; I'm not sure why I don't like them to be honest. But it hasn't stopped me from getting more Titan Screaming Deaths!


Final Score: 8.9 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Screaming Death, while outclassed by its smaller cousin the Titan Whispering Death, is a solid Titan to have. Outside of battle events, this Titan is more of a trophy dragon but it's a scary trophy that's fun to fly around with.


That's it for the Titan Screaming Death! Every time I do something with the Whispering Death, Titan or not, I always follow have to follow it with something Screaming Death related; it just seems right.

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Week #6: Titan Thunderdrum

You might wanna cover your ears for this one.


Titan Thunderdrum

Overall Opinion: The Titan Thunderdrum! A fine, fine Titan indeed. It's bigger than the original and it's fireball (or should I say roar) is substantially better. . .and it's somehow able to roar a lot faster than the original too! This has to be probably one of my top 10 favorite Titans in the game so far.



  • Fireball - The Titan Thunderdrum's fireball is much larger and noticeable than the standard Thunderdrum, which is not only great since it's a Titan but makes it substantially more useful in battle since it's easier to track it down when you're firing from the recharge station. 
  • Patterns - My favorite part about this Titan is the bioluminescent patterns on its back and the top side of its wings. It always looks like it's glowing and gives it more of a deep-sea look! However, it looks much better on the top side of the wings than undernearth them.
  • Animations - The Titan Thunderdrum has great flying and swimming animations. While it's swimming, it bounces in and out of the water like a breaching whale or a bouncy ball and it watches you swim around it! The flight animations also have that bouncy feeling to it and I love how it'll suck in or expand it's belly depending on whether it's accelerating or not.
  • Stubby Legs - It feels like everything about the Thunderdrum grew when it became a Titan. . .except for its legs. Despite that, I think it looks funny; this massive dragon known for having the power of Thor walking around with itty bitty legs. XD


  • Ease of Access - Like the Titan Whispering Death, this proves to be more of a downfall for the Titan Thunderdrum than an upside. Because it's so easy to get--battle events, mystery egg chests, etc.--it's far from a worthwhile member-exclusive starter dragon. However, at least you can't get it in a quest on top of all the other methods like the Whispering Death.
  • Warpaint - Honestly, the paint itself isn't that bad. Just not a huge fan of the colors that were used for it.
  • Tail - The tail looks pretty great on this Titan but because it's so long, it whips up and down in front of the camera and can temporarily block your vision if you're zoomed out while flying. This can especially be problematic during battle events.

Changes I'd Make

  • Change the color of the warpaint
  • Bring back the Rider's Saddle - I don't even know why it was removed to begin with but it was and I miss it.

Recommended?: Yes! If you're like me and primarily battle on mobile, this dragon is the best choice and it's an excellent dragon to use in Dragon Tactics. 



Utility: 8 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Thunderdrum is a below-average racer and the fact that it's Rider's Saddle hasn't shown up in the store since 2017 only makes things worse. For stable missions, there's a few quests this Titan is good for, most Anti-Landing Party and Treasure Hunting. The latter is literally dedicated to Titan Thunderdrums; that is, you need 4 Titan Thunderdrums (level doesn't matter) to get the highest chance of victory, which is 80%. Then there's Dragon Tactics. This dragon can increase the damage it deals and it's primary attack is a mid-ranged one that inflicts damage on multiple enemies; an excellent primary move indeed, this makes it one of the best dragons to use in Dragon Tactics! Finally, there's battle events, where this Titan really shines. It's the only dragon that fires faster than a Scauldron and deals more damage; while it's incredibly fast rate of fire and average shot limit of 6 makes it seem like a bad battler, it makes it the best dragon to use from the recharge station. . .the only problem is it's a great battle dragon on mobile only because it needs to be aimed at the ship, otherwise it'll just fire ahead.


Color Options: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Thunderdrum can be colored everywhere and can be made either vibrant or dark. The bioluminescent patterns pop--and probably look their best--when the main color is dark. It'll look like it's glowing without the algae or the Hidden World effects! I also really like the nasal horn; it makes it look more like a war dragon.


Animations: 7.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Thunderdrum has wonderful flying and swimming animations and looks kinda cute when it's walking around. It's firing animation is accurate to what we see in the show but I'm not a big fan of it. . .Thunderdrums only really look good firing when they're flying. And speaking of flying, this dragon lacks FiFA. The Titan Thunderdrum also watches you around while you're swimming but because it has no neck, it looks kinda unnatural. . .and maybe a little creepy at times.


Fireball: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Thunderdrum's fireball--or should I say, sonic blast--is an excellent upgrade to the standard Thunderdrum's sonic blast. It's much bigger and slightly brighter; it's sound so it's no surprise it's not as vibrant as a Titan Deadly Nadder's, nor do I expect it to be brighter in the first place.


Design: 9 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Thunderdrum looks great; it looks like a giant deep-sea dragon! The main thing I'm not a fan of is the massive spikes on its tail; I think the ones that run down the tail are unnecessary compared to the ones that run down either side of the tail.


Final Score: 8.9 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Thunderdrum is a fine addition to anyone's team, even with its flaws. While not the fastest dragon around, it's still a threat to be reckoned with and its good looks make it a Titan to be proud to own and great to admire.


And that's it for the lovable Titan Thunderdrum! No ears were damaged in the making of this review. Now, the next starter Titan I'll be covering is. . .


The Sand Wraith!

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Week #7: Titan Sand Wraith

What's that moving under the sand? Could it be?


Titan Sand Wraith

Overall Opinion: The Titan Sand Wraith, a highly requested Titan alongside the Woolly Howl, Speed Stinger, and Scauldron. I'll be honest, I didn't care much for this Titan when I first saw it; if anything, I thought it was over-rated! But as time moved on and I got more of them, it grew on to me, and while it isn't one of my favorites, it's in a much better spot now than it was when it was first released. 



  • Overall racing performance - The Sand Wraith is an excellent racer and being a Titan supposedly makes it even better, albeit incredibly hard to notice. The Titan Sand Wraith is a very easy dragon to race with, being able to do turns and dives almost as well as the Furies. This can be said for most dragons if you know how to use them but the Sand Wraith is definitely a dragon that can beat a Fury in racing, saddles and all, once you know what you're doing.
  • Glossy complexion - On the PC version (or Steam) of the game, quite a few dragons look rather. . .glossy. While it looks really bad on some dragons, the Titan Sand Wraith is one of the dragons that look great with it. 
  • Fireball - Considering the standard Sand Wraith's fireball isn't much to look at (literally), the Titan Sand Wraith's fireball is an excellent upgrade from it. They could've taken the Titan Rumbly route and just add more sand behind it instead it's looks more like a flaming ball of sand.
  • Color options


  • Face - The Titan's Sand Wraith's face looks. . .weird. The normal Sand Wraith's face looks adorable and huggable but the Titan Sand Wraith's face discards those features. Granted, it looks more intimidating, which is great, but it also looks like a derp so it takes away from that added intimidation. . .actually, I have two words to summarize this Titan's face: Grumpy derp.

Changes I'd Make: N/A

Recommended: Yes! Just because it looks like a grumpy derp, doesn't mean it isn't a worthy member of your dragon pack or flock. It's an excellent racer and it's color options are as great as a standard Sand Wraiths (if not slightly better).



Utility: 7.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Sand Wraith is a slightly above-average battler because of it's above-average shot limit of 8 but it fires faster than it can recharge, meaning you'll be flying off to charge than firing. Additionally, it's not the best dragon to use from the recharge station. While there's stable missions where this dragon excels, there are dragons that do the job better, primarily the Thunderdrum. In Dragon Tactics, it has access to the ability Camouflage to boost its dodge and it's secondary move has a chance to stun but it's a close range move; all in all, a mediocre, if not below average Dragon Tactics option. This Titan's destiny is to race; racing is what it does best and with the Rider's Saddle, even the Furies may find themselves having trouble beating this Titan if the rider knows what they're doing. It's amazing racing performance is enough to give it 7 and a half Happy Papas.


Color Options: 9.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Sand Wraith's color options are great. Once again, there isn't anything you can't color and there isn't much limiting you. The only problem is the spots; you can make them whatever color you want but it can be hard to see or take away from the main color of your Titan, though it's not as bad as the Titan Hideous Zippleback.


Animations: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The TItan Sand Wraith has Skrill and Toothless animations. Perhaps it's because they're both Strike Class dragons but when these animations are put together on a dragon, they always look good; Toothless'. . .everything animations alongside the Skrill's hovering animations make this Titan look excellent in the skies.


Fireball: 8 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Sand Wraith's fireball is an improvement from the standard Sand Wraith's fireball; it's bigger and brighter! But considering the regular Sand Wraith's fireball isn't much to begin with, just about anything looks better than it. I think if the sand/dust that trails the standard Sand Wraith's fireball would make this fireball look even better than it already does; than it'll really look like a flaming ball of sand!


Design: 8.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Sand Wraith looks pretty nice but I'm not too fond of its grumpy derp face (at least from the front) and some of the fairly large spikes/spines on its back. This is intended to be a sleek dragon so I feel the spikes take away from that sleekness. I do however love the design of the tail fins; there's little waves on them! Really brings out the Tidal Class in this Titan!


Final Score: 8.7 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Sand Wraith may not look as majestic as a Titan Woolly Howl but looks aren't everything; the finest racers have at least one of these Titans in their arsenal, blazing through the race track against rank 50 Master's Saddle Toothlesses and [saddleless] Light Furies as if they were Night Furies in disguise. It's stellar race performance and excellent animations overshadow its lackluster performance in battle events, stable missions, and Dragon Tactics.


And there goes one of the more common Titans, crawling into the sand and waiting silently like a hungry flounder. That's 5 of the starter dragons down, 4 more to go! Up next, we have. . .


The Titan Monstrous Nightmare!

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Week #7: Titan Monstrous Nightmare

"Coming hot, and blowing out snot!" - Tuffnut from Race to the Edge


Titan Monstrous Nightmare

Overall Opinion: The Titan Monstrous Nightmare was among the first Titans to be released and is as rare--if not rarer--than the Titan Deadly Nadder. Additionally, it's one of the few Titans that we actually got to see in the animated series! Unfortunately, it seems like this Titan got worse with time but that doesn't mean it isn't worth investing in or discussing.



  • Color Options
  • Horns
  • Size
  • Ease of Access


  • Awful animations
  • Some paints aren't Titan friendly
  • Spikes/spines coming from the back; they're too big and don't suit this Titan very well.

Changes I'd Make

  • Fix the paints
  • Improve the fireball
  • Update the animations - If I had a choice, this would be the first thing I'd fix.
  • Make the back spikes/spines smaller.

Recommended?: Yes and no. On one hand, it's actually quite useful but it's animations are so bad, I can't even fully suggest it.



Utility: 7 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Monstrous Nightmare isn't the best racing dragon, even with a wide array of saddles, but it's at least faster than the other non-member primary starter dragons (according the SilverWillow Wing's most recent video on the top 10 racing dragons; this video was made a little over a month before the Hidden World update). Surprisingly, this Titan is incredibly useful in stable missions; Lab AssistantHunk of Burning Runes, and Fireworm Runes are just some of the stable missions this Titan is good for. I would say it's actually more useful than the Titan Hideous Zippleback in that sense! Finally, it's decent in Dragon Tactics; it can't heal itself or boost its damage output like the Stormcutter or Thunderdrum can but it does have two moves that hit multiple enemies.


Color Options: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Monstrous Nightmare has good color options. . .actually, they're the same as a regular Monstrous Nightmare and I'm quite happy with that. Usually when a dragon becomes a Titan, your options change (be it a different area, one area that was separate is now under one category, or worse, reduce what you can color) but this Titan is one of the few (if not the only one) who's options don't change.


Animations: 1 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Monstrous Nightmare has one of the worse animations in the game, if not the worse animations to date. It's sitting idle animations are great, hence why this dragon doesn't have a 0 in this category but the flying and walking animations are so bad, I just can't bring myself to give it anything better than a 1. They're stiff and just look plain awful compared to the other dragons; even the Hideous Zippleback has better animations than this Titan. All in all, I wish they would finally update the animations on this dragon; if the Stormcutter, Snow Wraith, and Razorwhip can get new animations, why not one of the starter dragons?


Fireball: 5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Monstrous Nightmare actually had a good fireball compared to its standard counterpart but an update came along and changed all of that; now, the regular Monstrous Nightmare's fireball is better than the Titan's. The only thing this fireball has going for it is size; it's bigger than the standard Monstrous Nightmare's but it's duller and the explosion is very underwhelming compared to said fireball. I'm not sure why the Titan Monstrous Nightmare's fireball didn't get touched up with the regular Monstrous Nightmare's fireball but hopefully it too will get an improvement.


Design: 7.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Monstrous Nightmare looks good but the massive spikes protruding from its back look bad; most Titans get bigger spikes and tend to look good with them but sadly, that just isn't the case here. That being said, the horns on this thing look great; it the horns on the Monstrous Nightmare are one of its most prominent features so making them bigger makes sense. And unlike the back spikes, they weren't made so big to the point of riduculousness.


Final Score: 6.1 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Monstrous Nightmare has great color options and is great for stable missions but its awful animations and lackluster fireball leaves much to be desired. This Titan is just in dire need of some updates but that doesn't mean it isn't worthy of being in one's pack of dragons; again, it's surprisingly useful and it still look pretty good.


One would think that someone who plans on getting so many Titan Nightmares somewhere down the line would give this Titan a better score but sadly this one isn't one of the Titans in that mix. Up next, we have. . .


The Titan Gronckle!

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Say... anyone have a subject I could borrow?

Yay! I finally got around to reading all of these, and I just want to thank you so much! They are so helpful, especially since I'm wanting to level up a dragon very soon and now I have more knowledge about the dragons and their pros and cons so the decision will be so much easier! So I really want to thank you for that! 


I've currently only got a Titan Scauldron which I use for battle a lot, but if I'm being honest, I probably preferred the adult. The colouring on the head looks weird and it's quite bloated as well... but it does more damage and since I do a lot of battles it's quite good for me! However, after reading your reviews, I'm leaning more towards getting a Thunderdrum as my battle dragon! I race only on mobile so it should be great! So thank you so much for that recommendation! 


Currently my list goes:

1. Thunderdrum

2. Flightmare/Whispering Death (I am still stuck between these two!!)

3. Razorwhip

4. Stormcutter

5. Nadder (I'm hesitant on this one because my girl looks so good in her Adult stage!!)


If you could maybe do Razorwhip sometime as well that'd be great but of course, it's up to you!


Thanks again! :)

~ Stormy!!

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Swoopin' In!

Sure, I can do the Razorwhip once I finish up with the remaining starters! Coincidentally, I just hatched a new Razorwhip so I'll have a picture just in time for the review. ^^

Ah yes, the Titan Scauldron is a broken Titan but I find it a beautiful one nonetheless. ^^ Hopefully they'll fix the poor thing soon, that double neck looks a bit creepy. But the Titan Thunderdrum is just a teensy bit better in terms of appearance and if you can aim it right, it's essentially a Thorspeed ballista. XD I'm glad my reviews are helping you with your Titan decisions. ^^

What you can do for your Nadder dilemma is getting another Nadder, Titaning that one up, and seeing how your main Madder's colors look on it; if it's not your cup of tea, at least you'll have the most useful Titan in the Tracker Class in your arsenal! Alternatively, you can name said Nadder "Titan Stormshear" (sorry if I got her name wrong, I'm trying to remember from the touring events xp) so you'll have a normal and a Titan version of her! That's what I did with the Death Song (then again, I don't like that Titan and I missed my dragon before the dreadful upgrade. . .).

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CZNZ Dragon Rider
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Say... anyone have a subject I could borrow?

Awesome, thanks!

The Titan Scauldron is beautiful just sad in the way it's broken... :'( 

That's also a great idea for the Nadder problem, I actually want to do it now! It's so smart!! (And don't worry, you got her name right! :D)

Thanks again! I'm looking forward to the next review! :)

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Week #8: Titan Gronckle

While we may never see a Titan Gronckle outside of the games, we can always appreciate that the Gronckle did have a decently sized spot light in the 3rd movie thanks to our little Fishmeat (he got even more screentime than his mother. . .actually, I don't recall seeing Meatlug that much until the end. :/)


Titan Gronckle

Overall Opinion: The Titan Gronckle was one of the first Titans to be released. . .and another one that is based off (if not the exact same design) the one in Rise of Berk. But considering Ludia's Titans usually look really good, I'm not complaining. And considering a Titan upgrade is either 500 gems or 50 Titan runes, I'm glad they didn't go with the one in the Book of Dragons special. All in all, I'm a big fan of this Titan and for a while, it was my favorite Titan from the Boulder Class.



  • Design - It looks like it popped right out of a volcano! I also really like the tail; definitely looks like something that'll do more than leave a mark if you get it angry.
  • Color Options
  • Turn Rate and Acceleration - I love dragons that can make good turns and this dragon's one of them. Not only that but it also has a really good acceleration, making you feel like a winner for a few moments before an expert Sand Wraith rider overtakes you.


  • Defenders Saddle - I'm not a fan of this saddle in general but it looks worse on some dragons than others. It looks too big on a regular Gronckle and it hasn't changed much here.

Changes I'd Make

  • Remove the Turn Rate decrease from the Rider's Saddle - This dragon is best known for it's ability to make tight turns so the fact that this saddle actually reduces it's ability to do so is a bit ridiculous. Instead of reducing the Turn Rate, just leave it be; considering it has a 10 in that department, there's not really a reason to increase it. That investment can then be placed in Happiness or even Pitch Rate.

Recommended?: Yes unless you're in need of a racing dragon; while it turns really good, it's also really slow so you're better off with the typical racing dragon (Sand Wraith, Furies, maybe even a Skrill). 



Utility: 6.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Gronckle has an excellent turn rate and acceleration but it's not very fast, even with saddles, thus making it outclassed by a lot of other dragons. It's an average battler with 6 shots and 16 damage per shot unless you're firing from the recharge station. Even then, it's more difficult to aim now that we finally got FiFA back and it doesn't fire as fast as the Scauldron or Titan Thunderdrum; again, you're better off using other dragons. Same goes for stable missions; it's not exactly useless but it's. . .just meh. It's one of the few dragons that can boost the odds of success for Nest Mess and there are a few quests specifically for Gronckles but the Titan Hideous Zippleback gives you the best odds for that quest and the Gronckle quests don't reward anything good. Finally, we have Dragon Tactics; definitely a solid choice but it's range could be better. However, it's primary attack is a mid-ranged one so that helps compensate for it. Additionally, it can improve its already high defenses and restore a little health over time, essentially making it a living tank.


Color Options: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Gronckle has excellent color options, with the best part being you can color the magma pattern in two different colors. You can make this dragon as light or as dark as you want, though I recommend keeping the main body color dark if you really want that magma pattern to pop. Black was particularly good on this Titan for that reason but sadly, we lost the color black with the UI change some time last year (or was it 2017? I can't remember but either way, it's been too long).


Animations: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Gronckle has great animations, with the only problem being its lower jaw glitches into its body when you're firing while flying (more specifically, accelerating). However, you don't really see it unless you're able to turn the camera. My favorite animation is when it walks; the way its tail sways almost gives it a sassy look.


Fireball: 7.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Gronckle's fireball is nice but I feel like the regular Gronckle's fireball is just a bit better. Since this is a dragon whose fire is dependant on the rock they eat, I would've imagined it to be more vibrant. Still, it looks like a ball of lava is being fired, which is essentially what Gronckles produce, so I can't complain too much.


Design: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Gronckle looks amazing; the increase of spikes and spike length look really good on this Titan, especially the tail. Not to mention the magma pattern looks like it's practically glowing from the inside! Its new and improved massive canines also add to its dog-like appearance and gives you another reason to not approach this thing in the wild unless you know what you're doing and come prepared with a lot of fireproof equipment.


Final Score: 8.8 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Gronckle is a very nice looking Titan with great animations and a decent fireball but it's kinda average in terms of utility. Far from the fastest racer or the best battler, I'm sure you'll be able to make use of this Titan's bulk and firepower somewhere.


That does it for the Titan Gronckle! Next in line, we have. . .


The Titan Skrill!

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Week #8: Titan Skrill

Don't look away, viewers! The final score might shock you! Okay I'll just excuse myself.


Titan Skrill

Overall Opinion: The Titan Skrill is one of my favorite Titans in the game! Like the Titan Gronckle, and a majority of the other Titans, the Titan Skrill's design in School of Dragons mirrors the one in Rise of Berk and considering their designs aren't usually bad, I'm fine with this. Like the Titan Gronckle, it almost has a natural glow to it, which is probably the best part about its overall design. This was also one of my first Titans so I have a soft spot for it.



  • "Glowing" Patterns - The patterns of this Titan almost make it look like it's naturally glowing, primarily if you decide to make the main color of your Skrill a dark color. Even the interior of the mouth and its teeth appear to be glowing (that probably wasn't intentional but oh well)!
  • Animations - The Skrill is general just has really good animations, especially when it's flying. While not as smooth as the Light Fury animations, they're definitely move nicer to look at than Toothless' animations; they just seem a lot more lively to me. The walking animations are funny too! The way it bounces while it's running amuses me a bit.
  • Speed - One of the best things about this Titan is its blazing speed; it takes a while to start up but once it's going, there isn't much stopping it.


  • Poor Turn Rate- The only thing stopping this Titan from being a better racer than the Sand Wraith is its awful turn rate. While it's nowhere near as bad as the Snow Wraith, it's still much worse than the Sand Wraith or slower dragons like the Stormcutter and Gronckle. Considering it used to be much better at turning when it was first released (from what I've seen at least) and how swift it is in the show, it just doesn't make sense that this thing is so awful at turning.
  • Low Shot Limit - I was hoping the Skrill would have a better shot limit but it only has a shot limit of 4. Now, I was expecting it to have a shot limit of 14 like the Scauldron or even 10 like the Whispering Death but maybe it could've had 6 or 8? One could say "Kas, the official stats of the Skrill says it has a shot limit of 4" but the Eruptodon has a shot limit of 7 and the Deathgripper has a shot limit of 8 and in the game, they both have a shot limit of 6. Therefore, I don't see why the Skrill's shot limit could've been improved juuuuuusst a smidge.

Changes I'd Make

  • Improve the turn rate
  • Add FiFA and sitting idle animations
  • Improve the shot limit - At least to 5 or 6.
  • Improve the recharge rate - Despite what we've seen in the show, this dragon's recharge rate isn't the fastest. Then again, there's no storm clouds this dragon can recharge itself with so I suppose it makes sense.

Recommended?: Yes! It's horrendous turn rate may make it a difficult dragon to race with but that doesn't mean it isn't worth investing in.



Utility: 7.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Skrill has the potential to be an amazing racer with its great speed and access to saddles but its inability to make tight turns without needing to slow down or crashing hinder it greatly. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible to race with this dragon; if you turn on time or slow down just before those rings that speed you up, you and your Titan Skrill buddy can win all the trophies in TRR. In battle events, its low shot limit means it doesn't fare well outside of the recharge station, even if there aren't a lot of Scauldrons and Prickleboggles around. For some reason, its trajectory changes every couple of shots, meaning its aim tends to ship up and down; one minute you'll be hitting the ship just fine but in the next, you'll find your Titan Skrill firing too high or too low. If you know how to aim your dragon, this issue can at least be manageable. In stable missions, the Titan Skrill doesn't really do anything special; it can bring in coins but considering you can get coins from racing, Trading Post jobs, Fireball Frenzy, and battle events, it's not really something you'll find yourself needing all that often after you've worked on some of the quests in the game. Finally, in Dragon Tactics, this dragon is a powerful long-ranged attacker. It can't heal itself or increase its speed and dodge but it's a heavy hitter with two long-ranged attacks (one is its primary attack and the other deals double the damage) and a close ranged attack that deals damage to mulitple enemies; the only problem with that short ranged attack is if it misses, your poor Titan Skrill will be vulnerable and they don't have the best defenses so you could lose'em in the first or second turn if you're not careful.


Color Options: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Skrill has great color options; you can color what is essentially two sets of glowing parts/patterns and the main body. While you can make these "glowing" parts a dark color, I wouldn't recommend it; even if the main body is a light color, it doesn't look that good. That being said, the neon patterns still look good against a brightly colored main body and tend to pop no matter what color you choose.


Animations: 9 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Skrill has great animations, having top notch flying animations and a funny walking animation. However, it's missing two things: FiFA (a quick refresher, FiFA = Fire in Flight Animations) and sitting idle animations. It does look super cute when it's looking around though. . .once it gets access to these animations, it get the 10 Happy Papas it rightfully deserves.


Fireball: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Skrill has a great fireball! Or should I say electrical ball? My only problem is the way the fire button looks when a Skrill becomes a Titan; it got duller instead of being more vibrant like the Titan's electrical attack! This lightning blast could also always be brighter and bigger, similar to the one we see in the show but it still looks pretty neat!


Design: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Skrill's design looks awesome! It looks like the electricity within is what's causing it so much of it to glow or look neon. Additionally, this Titan has the bonus of being more ferocious and much cuter than its regular counterpart at the same time. Its face just looks super adorable when you're viewing it from the front! It overall just looks a little more derpy, as if it were saying "Hello world, it is I, the Good Boy. You may love and fear me at the same time." Outside of that, the wings are probably my favorite part about this whole Titan; just look at'em. Need I say more?


Final Score: 9.3 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Skrill can be a solid racer if you know how to use it but even with all of its saddles, dragons with better turn rates still have the potential to overtake this Titan. It's a great choice for Dragon Tactics and an okay choice for battle if you're an expert Skrill battler. It's stunning design and equally as stunning lightning blast make it a worthy member of your pack and a force to be reckoned with.


That does it with the Titan Skrill! Now we only have one more starter dragon to cover! Last but definitely not least, we have. . .


The Titan Shockjaw!

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Week #8: Titan Shockjaw

Look at lil' ol' me doing 3 Titans in a week! Shocking, isn't it? Hehe. . . ewe


Titan Shockjaw

Overall Opinion: The Titan Shockjaw is one of the more recent Titans done so far, being released in the second half of 2018. While far from one of my favorites, it definitely makes for a good Dreadfall Titan, given its eerie appearance; reminds me of an angler fish!



  • Barbels - I like how big these little things got when the Shockjaw became a Titan. I almost wanna the round tips off and play with them but that'd leave me with a very angry Titan Shockjaw.
  • Eyes - The eyes of this Titan is what makes me think of an angler fish. It makes this TItan look like something you'd see in the deepest parts of the ocean, waiting to patiently to strike its next unsuspecting victim.
  • Design - I probably should've just included the other two features here but I like'em so much, they deserve their own spots on the list. The Titan Shockjaw looks pretty good! From the fin on its head to the tip of its tail, this is a solid looking Titan indeed.


  • White Belly Syndrome - White Belly Syndrome (WBS) is when you can't color in a large part of a dragon and to compensate, the developers let you color in a much smaller portion instead. The "White Belly" part of the name stems from how the part you can't color is usually white and is usually the belly. However, it isn't limited to just white, nor is it limited to the belly; it can be in different colors and effect different parts of the body. Alternative names for this include Red Scale Syndrome (RSS) and White Scale Syndrome (WSS). The Titan Shockjaw was one of the Titans released during a time where the SoD developers thought it would be a good idea to restrict our color options so all the parts that are white/white-ish on the Titan can't be colored; instead, you're able to color in a small part of its face. In fact, I think this is the Titan that made me coin the terms I mentioned earlier.
  • No Titan friendly paints

Changes I'd Make

  • Fix the paints and skins
  • Make the fireball bigger
  • Allow the white portions of the Titan to be colored and have the portion of the face you can color currently be part of the main body color.

Recommended?: If you really like your Shockjaws and/or are a fan of dragons that look like they belong in the deep sea, this Titan is for you. However, if you're not a fan of not being able to completely color your Titan Shockjaw like you could with a regular Shockjaw, leave your buddy be.



Utility: 8.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Shockjaw is actually a pretty decent racer. Like quite a few other dragons, the lack of saddles is the main thing holding it back. This isn't a very good dragon for stable missions; there aren't many quests this Titan can be sent on that earn you gems or eggs or can't be done better by another Titan. With a shot limit of 9, the Titan Shockjaw is a decent battler and is a great choice if there aren't any Scauldrons or Prickleboggles around. However, it's awful to use from the recharge station. In Dragon Tactics, it can increase its speed (and by speed, I mean its range, meaning it can move farther on the battlefield) and dodge and has a mid-ranged primary attack. It's secondary attack is close-ranged but it deals more damage and I believe it leaves your opponents injured (reduces the amount of damage your enemies do and dealing a little side damage before they make their move); all in all, a solid choice for Dragon Tactics.


Color Options: 7 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Shockjaw can be made as dark or as bright as you want it to be but there's such a large portion of the dragon that you can't color. You're no longer able to color the belly of the dragon and you're unable to color its wing bones or the white horns protruding out its head. Considering you could color all of a regular Shockjaw, this is a major let down.


Animations: 8 Happy Papas out of 10

Toothless' animations don't look the worst on the Titan Shockjaw but I wish it'd get its own animations. The Stormcutter's animations were reworked (and that dragon had Toothless animations in the beginning I believe) so why not give this dragon similar treatment?


Fireball: 9 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Shockjaw's fireball looks pretty cool but I prefer the regular Shockjaw's fireball; it sort of "pops" more it actually has a nice explosion. The Titan Shockjaw's fireball just calls it a day once it hits its target. It looks to be about the same size of the standard Shockjaw's fireball so that only worsens its case; still, somehow I still really like it. Maybe because it reminds me of a Skrill's electrical blast. That being said, making it bigger and giving it an explosion similar to the regular Shockjaw's will do this fireball justice.


Design: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The main thing that makes me want more than one of this Titan is how it looks. It screams deep sea, more so than the Titan Thunderdrum. Imagine seeing this thing like scuba diving at night or something, just staring at you with those eerie blue eyes. . .just to say hi. It'd leave you startled but once you get used to it, you'd realize how amazing this Titan truly is.


Final Score: 8.5 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Shockjaw isn't the worst Titan out there but its lackluster color options and reused animations might deter you from getting one. However, it still looks amazing and is a solid choice for battle and Dragon Tactics. It's a good choice for racing as well but without saddles, it'll find itself left in the dust often.


And that wraps up not only the Titan Shockjaw but all the starter dragons! Until they decide to add more that is. . .it seems ridiculous but we never expected them to implement secondary starters either and look what happened. We're now back to doing Titans in a random order (sorta, the next one is a requested one!) but you're more than welcome to suggest a Titan you want to see next. ^^

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Week #9: Titan Razorwhip

As requested by CZNZ Dragon Rider, up next is our dragon in shining armor!


Titan Razorwhip

Overall Opinion: The Titan Razorwhip is a pretty solid Titan. I love the drastically different color options compared to the regular Razorwhip because you still retain the ability to color this dragon completely; no WSS here, folks! And each section you can color stands out more than it does on the regular Razorwhip. A fancy Titan indeed!



  • Color options - They're a substantial improvement from the regular Razorwhip.
  • Armor-like Design - The Razorwhip already looks like it's wearing armor. When it becomes a Titan, it looks like it upgraded said armor.
  • Animations
  • Ease of Access - You can get a free Razorwhip from the Call of the Death Song expansion pack, mystery egg chests, or just buy the egg from the store. However, unlike most dragon eggs, the Razorwhip is only 500 gems (400 if you're a member) and, like the Skrill and Stormcutter, you can get one in a Dragon Tactics bundle!


  • Red Racing Paint - It's not that this paint isn't Titan friendly. The main problem is, on mobile (even if you're playing in highest quality), the paint reduces the quality of the textures/model, making everything look mushy and the paint look awful. Sadly, this seems like a common trait amongst the Sharp Class dragons.

Changes I'd Make

  • Fix the Red Racing Paint
  • Improve the fireball
  • Give it access to the Rider's Saddle - From what I've seen, this is the best type of saddle in the game so if it can only have one saddle, this should be it.

Recommended?: Yes! It's a rare sight around the Archipelago (much to my surprise) and is as useful, if not a little more so, than the Titan Deadly Nadder. Who wouldn't want to hitch a ride on one of these?



Utility: 8 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Razorwhip has the stats for racing but without saddles, it's left eating the dust of its competitors unless they too are saddle-less. It really excels in stable missions, where there's three quests (so far) that it shines in: Ancient Stones, The Lion's Den, and The Spider's Parlor. Most of those missions can get you a minimum of 300 gems if you succeed! Then there's battle: It's not the best battler because of its slow rate of fire and even slower recharge rate. So sadly, not even its relatively high shot limit of 10 could save it unless there's little to no Scauldrons, Prickleboggles, even Monstrous Nightmare or Whispering Deaths around. It's not a good canidate for the recharge station either; it kinda fires all over the place and it's difficult to aim. Finally, it's a force to be reckoned with in Dragon Tactics. It can increase its defense and regenerate a little health over a few turns and has two mid-ranged attacks at its disposal, one of which injures an opponent (which not only reduces how much damage they deal but deals a little bit of damage over x amount of turns). All in all, a great Titan with some untapped potential.


Color Options: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Razorwhip's color options are a good example for other Titans to follow. While most Titans have the same color options are their regular counterparts, the Titan Razorwhip's change greatly. You can't color the belly separately anymore but instead color different parts of its armor; there's literally a whole line of armor-like scales you're able to color now, plus the "outlines" of its scales can be colored as well. On top of that, you can still color all of the dragon; while you can't color the belly separately, you can still color it. It's just whatever the main color of your dragon is. I'd love to see similar changes in color options for future Titans: Change up what you can color while also keeping the dragon completely customizeable (I wouldn't mind the belly of a dragon being the same color as the main body of the dragon if I could color in say the wing membranes separately).


Animations: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Razorwhip had FiFA before any other dragon in the game; not even the almighty Toothless had one. We learned this the hard way when the developers decided to stop the Grounded Firing Animations (GFA) from playing when you fire while flying; this change came along with the Rise of Stormheart update. Then the Hidden World update comes around and now a majority of the dragons come equipped with FiFA. So good on ya, Titan Razorwhip, you were practically born ready. Additionally, it has excellent running and flying animations.


Fireball: 1 Happy Papa out of 10

Okay, so I don't hate, let alone dislike, the Titan Razorwhip's fireball; in fact, I think it's really nice. But when you compare it to the regular Razorwhip, you can hardly tell the difference. The biggest change is the explosion when it hits something; it's bigger. If the fireball itself was bigger and a different color, like the near-white blue we see in the show (maybe even get crazy with it and make it as white as snow?), it'd have a better score. But alas, because of changes so miniscule, you might as well not have changed it all, it has earned a practically sad Papa.


Design: 10 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Razorwhip is a flying piece of art. If it were to not move an inch and had metallic colors, I'm sure someone would mistake it for a statue. My only complaint is the eyes; I think they should've stayed green. But that's nothing compared to the amazing feature this Titan has; it looks fit for a king and his humble knight!


Final Score: 7.8 Happy Papas out of 10

The Titan Razorwhip is a durable, speedy Titan that is worthy of any dragon flock. This Titan has an overall regal look and has excellent color options. While it's fireball could definitely be improved and it could really use a saddle, this Titan excels with stable missions and is a great choice for Dragon Tactics.


That's it for the Titan Razorwhip! Not only was that the first [directly] requested Titan/dragon but it's also the first "expansion Titan" that I've reviewed thus far. Stay tuned for the next Titan or dragon and always feel free to leave your own opinions on these winged companions or let me know which one you'd like to see next!

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these are all great, and I agree with almost everything youve said about all of them
Could you do titan buffalord soon?
they are meh favoritE
I cant waiT tO read moRe oF theSe


Hi.. Im kiki.. uh.. just call me kiki.. Or Plague.. or Doctor.. But don't call meh Doc please.. My art and some pictures of my main dragons are at the bottom.. And my OCs backstory... and a suprise for you..

Storm Splitter and I in the Hidden World


2015 to 2019.

​I am still here, and I love watching the game evolve as time goes on.

In game name?



​Where to find me

​Hobblegrunt island, The Hidden world, or  New Berk. If Im not on any of those islands, I'm probably in the Whispering Death caves.


​Friend code?

​PM me and ask.





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I like to draw dragons, pet my dogs and make costumes, Im a furry and cosplayer.. Don't judge me. I also like to put Ghost Pepper hot sauce on almost everything I eat, and I like Steampunk stuff.


Pets (irl of course..)

​Marley (Bichon Shih Tzu), Trap (Rottweiler), Hellraiser (Rottweiler), Lemmi (Tamaskan Dog) and Rush, my service dog (dobermann). I also have ALOT of fish. but im not making a list of them all.. 


About me?

​I started playing with my current account in december of 2015, however I had an older account called "BeetLeafGrey" that I made in january of 2015, but I forgot the username. I live in Canada, Im 26 years old (even though I act like im four all the time..) and I am a paleontologist. My favorite show is Rupauls Drag race, And my favorite movies are How To Train Your Dragon 1,2, and the hidden world, The Greatest Showman, and most horror movies. I'm bi. I have ptsd and I have a sevice dog named Rush, and I am partially deaf in my left ear. I used to play the drums, and I like rock music. some of my favorite bands are: Seether, Slipknot, Skillet, Three Days Grace, In This moment, Imagine Dragons, Starset, Thousand Foot Krutch, Bring Me The Horizon, Linkin Park, Panic! At The Disco, I Prevail, Our Last Night, Fame on Fire, Marilyn Manson, Avenged Sevenfold, FFDP, Disturbed, Deftones, Get Scared, Halestorm, Shinedown and Hollywood Undead.


Eh.. Favorite song Lyrics?

This is the chorus to "The Fighter" by In This Moment.

​"I will not hide my face

​I will not fall from grace

​I'll walk into the fire, baby

​All my life I was afraid to die

​Now I come alive inside these flames"

​This song is very powerful. I highly reccomend you listen to it sometime.



​I don't usually do RPs because nobody asks me to join.. But if you have an RP I can join I would be happy to..

Main Dragons

​Storm Splitter (Titan Stormcutter, and he is my MAIN dragon)

​Demise (Titan Deathgripper)

​Jolt Lock (Titan Skrill)

​DeadHeart (Crimson Gorecutter)

​Guillotine (Titan Snow Wraith)

​Screaming Silence (Titan Screaming Death)

​Savage (Titan Boneknapper)

​Hero (Titan Sand Wraith)


Dragons? (very long list sorry.)

My main dragons will have coloured names

Sharp Class

Stormcutters: Storm Splitter (titan), Saint Asonia (titan), Joey (titan), StormSplittersWifeXD (titan), Natural Born Sinner (titan)

Timberjacks: Angel, Angel Of Darkness

Scuttleclaw​s: Hope (titan), Alistair (titan)

Raincutters: Acid Rainer, Spoutblast, Abyssal, InGen

Shivertooth (shiverteeth?): Shiver, BILLY, Mizz Long Face, Navy

Speed Stingers: Blue (titan), Delta, Echo, Harpsbain, Sergal

Razorwhips: Night Shear (titan), Broken Crown (titan), Mikasa

Prickleboggles: Blade fin, Medic, Lure

Grim Gnasher: Torment (titan)

Devilish Dervish: Crush Jaw

Mystery Class

Deathgrippers: Demise (titan), Azuriax (titan), Seraph (titan), Deramera (titan), Deathmatch (titan)

Hideous Zipplebacks: Mangle (titan), Jekyll and Hyde (titan), Hydranoid (titan), Hazard and Biohazard

​Slithersong: Basilisk

Death Songs: Skull Eater (titan), Carnivore (titan), Skull Eater Jr ( I logged onto the game one day and it had said I trained the baby deathsong. when I relogged, it forced me to name it and give it a stable.)

Armorwing: Markidragon

Slithersong:​ Basilisk, Blacklight

Snaptrappe​r: Snap Jaw

Changewings: Acid Eater, Team Skull Grunt, Hypnotic Panic, Vulture

Sweet Deaths: Pewdiedragon, Sweet Tooth, GOOD GODS, Butter

Flightmares: Dream Eater (titan), Marionette (titan)

Dramillion: Invincible (titan, and I want a refund for that age up.)

Buffalord: MemeLord (titan)

Smothering Smokebreaths: Smokey, A Flying Orange, The Next Episode

Boneknapper​s: Savage (titan),  The Infection (titan), Guzma

Boulder Class

Crimson Gorecutters: DeadHeart, Velvet

Gronckles: Slimm Thicc Hippo.., Moto Moto.., Thanos Car..

Whispering Deaths: Silent Screamer (titan), Bombwelter (titan), Hersha (titan)

Shovelhelm: Knight

Sentinel: SteelStone (titan)

Elder Sentinel: Migraine

Snafflefangs: Foxy, Little Moo, Krampus

Thunderpede: Sam

Quaken: Boulder

Screaming Deaths: Screaming Silence (titan), WarCry (titan), Hellfire, DeathOfMySanity, Moms Spaghetti

Groncicles: Planet Eater, It Was An Accident

Grapple Grounders: Gravel Eater, Garlic, Mz`Hyde, Rayquaza

Eruptodon: Loki

Hotburples: Oscar, Bobb The Blob, Pretty Noice

Stoker Class

Fire Terrors: UnderworldRaven, FEAR

Monstrous Nightmares: Claw Fang (titan, he was also my first dragon because I started before the new beginning), Spring Trap (titan), Valiant, Nemesis

Hobblegrunts: Purple Guy, Usui

Singetail: Flare

Silver Phantom: Fallout

Flame Whipper: Dako

Night Terror: Skyress

Fireworm Queens: Alpha (he's a boy so he's a Fireworm King I guess), Beast

Moldruffles: Laughing Jack, Toxin, Armin

Typhoomerangs: Bonnie, Nightscar, FireWave, Sin, Another Accident (I didnt mean to hatch him)

Terrible Terror: Ren (titan)

Tracker Class

Deadly Nadders: Chica (titan), Blade Spin (titan), Wavern, Trip, Virus

Mudrakers: Silhouette, Given

Rumblehorns: Champion (titan), Freddy, Welter

Strike Class

Skrills: Jolt Lock (titan), From Ashes To New (Titan), Noiz (titan), The Plague Doctor (titan), Exedra, Desire

Triple Strykes: Midnight Glass (Titan), The Plague (titan)

Woolly Howls: Monster (titan), Beauty Of The Bass (titan),Pursuit (titan)

Snow Wraiths: The Smiler (titan), Guillotine (titan), Lightheath(titan), Alabastor

Tidal Class

Thunderdrums: Phoenix (titan), DISGUSTANG

Tide Gliders: Jack Septic Dragon, Anti Septic Eye, Syrena, Motionless In White, Lil Mew, Diamond

Sand Wraiths: Hero (titan), Indominus Rex (titan), Phantom (titan), Skarth (titan)

Shockjaws: The Tank Engine (titan), Mountain Dew (titan) (I'm not apologizing for those names.)

Sliquifiers: (there was a glitch where the sliquifier egg wouldnt dissapear from the pedestal, and every time I went into my stables it made me hatch another one, so three of them are glitched.) Funtime Foxy, YOU SHALL NOT COOK, Jean (Glitched), Aqua (glitched), Tayerr (glitched), Cinnamon Toast Ken

Scauldrons: Aqua Shear (titan), Darkwater, Smidvarg, Tempest (titan), Legit, Nom Noms

Windwalkers: Dream, Nightmare, Pergatory (Pergatory is Dream and Nightmare's son, and he is the only dragon I have that is the offspring of 2 of my dragons, because I started making backstories for all of my dragons, and so far I only have Dream, Nightmare and Purgatory's story.)


Screenshots and Art


Me and Jolt Lock


Me and Hero


Me and Demise


Me and Deadheart


Me and Screaming Silence




​This is my first picture that I've made on my computer, I don't know how I would add textures or details, and I'm only really used to drawing by hand (my profile picture was also drawn by me.)

​I drew an ice dragon. I don't think its good. Yes, it has 3 eyes. I have a habit of drawing dragons with lots of eyes.

This is Cyro. Shes a Protogen. She's also my old profile picture.



​The Plague Doctor (my viking OC lol.)

[Likes: Dragons, wandering around hunter camps and acting like she owns the place, and then promptly blowing them up with her dragons, flying around in the hidden world (oh did I mention she turns into a dragon? Well she does, the picture of her dragon form is below this.), her best friends

​Hates: getting fired at by others in the school.. her enemies..

Her dragon form:


​(I have never written a backstory before so it might be bad.)

​It was normal at the school as always, Hiccup was working on new inventions, and the twins were destroying stuff, Until Astrid flew in from the training grounds saying she saw hunters coming towards the school. Hiccup and the gang along with all of the other students rushed to the Training grounds to stop the ships from getting into the school and hurting dragons. After a few minutes of fighting the ships, there was a roar so loud that it was heard over all of the growling and explosions coming from the dragons in the school. All of a sudden, a white and purple dragon with metal on its forearms, face, and its legs landed  on the crows nest of the ship and started blasting fireballs made of a black smoke like substance at the students and everyone who was firing at the ship, and they all started backing away. Then the white and purple dragon flew up off of the crows nest of the ship, and blasted a ball of smoke at the ship. When the smoke cleared,  There was a giant hole in the side of the ship, yet no debris anywere. Then the dragon flew back away from the ship, and then flew headfirst into the crows nest, tipping the hunter ship sideways and causing the ship to flip over.  The white dragon looked at hiccup and everyone else. Hiccup looked closely at the dragon, trying to see what species it could be, however, he didnt recognize it as anything he had ever seen before. When he blinked, it was suddenly gone. Later that day when the ship was being removed from the school, Fishlegs ran up to Hiccup and said he found something interesting. Hiccup and Toothless followed Fishlegs, and he took them to the hunter ship from earlier that day. It had been flipped so the place where the black smoke hit it was visible. Fishlegs started saying that the fireball wasn't smoke, but it was burning hot ashes, that were hot enough to entirely disintegrate  the materials from the ship within seconds. Then Fishlegs handed hiccup a dragon card with a drawing of the white and purple dragon on it, yet there was no info about it written on the card. Fishlegs was shining with excitement.

"ooh! I cant wait to learn more about it! Can we go search for it?! Pleeease?" 

​Hiccup thought about it for a while, thinking about how dangerous this dragon was, but then he remembered all of the dragons he had faced before. He agreed with fishlegs, and told him to get Astrid and the others. Fishlegs was so happy that he was running around looking for everyone. when he was searching for snotlout, He ran into Plague and Storm Splitter. 

​"Sorry Plague! We are going to search for that white dragon and I'm so excited!!"

​He kept running, but out of the corner of his eye he saw Plague glare at him. He ignored it and found Snotlout, and they all started flying out towards the ocean. 

​"Why are we searching for this dumb dragon?? Nobody even saw where it went!! I could be training right now!" Snotlout yelled.

​"Yes but that dragon could be dangerous, or it could get caught by dragon hunters and used to destroy the School. " Hiccup said.

All of a sudden, Stormfly stopped flying and growled.

"Whats wrong girl?"  Astrid pet Stormfly.

​ "Hh whats that over there? Is it a giant bird? CHICKEN IS NOT AMUSED!!!" Tuffnutt yelled. 

​Hiccup got a worried expression on his face when he turned and saw the white and purple dragon staring directly at them.

​Then, the white dragon flew towards them faster than they could all react.

It pushed Hiccup off of toothless and they both started falling. Stormfly blasted a fireball at the white dragon, but the dragon flipped around and fired a ball of ashes at her fireball before it hit her, causing a giant explosion of ashes. Astrid looked around trying to think of a plan, but suddenly a titan Stormcutter grabbed her and Stormfly and started flying away from the others. When she looked back, she saw everybody else being carried by titan stormcutters as well, But the titan stormcutter carrying Hiccup and toothless looked.. familiar.. Storm Splitter. When she turned again to face forwards, she saw the white and purple dragon flying ahead of her. After a couple of hours of flying, they landed on a rock, and the titan stormcutters stayed close. The white and purple dragon walked closer, and Astrid went to grab her axe

​The titan stormcutters growled at her and she instantly dropped it on the ground. The white dragon smacked the axe far away from astrid with its tail, and then it sat down. Hiccup looked at it closely. It just sat there castually. Hiccup looked at Astrid with a confused look, and then everybody looked at each other. "uh... Plague?" Fishlegs said in a confused voice. Hiccup turned to look back at the white dragon, but instead of the dragon.. He saw Plague sitting where the dragon was. He looked at her in a confused way, until he looked at her hands and saw.. the white dragon's hands.. "Wait.. What?" Astrid asked. Then Plague stood up, and flicked around a long white tail with a giant purple fin at the end, and purple spikes.

​"Boo" Plague said

​"WAIT YOURE A DRAGON??" yelled the twins.

​"Can you blow up trees?! I love blowing up trees! You can come with us! LETS GOO" Yelled Tuffnut

​"Nobody is supposed to know about this, so no, I can't help you blow up trees."

"​Youre no fun!" said Ruffnutt.

​"Why cant anybody know?" asked Astrid.

​"Just act like you dont know, Ok??" Plague said in a serious tone.

"We won't tell anyone." said Hiccup. "Right Guys?"

"I still wish we could blow up trees.."  Said the twins in a sad voice.

​Then Plague waved at her titan stormcutters, and they took them all back to berk. To this day, nobody knows that Plague can turn into a dragon, except hiccup and the others. Plague shows up at hunter raids to destroy ships every once and a while in her dragon form, but It still remains a secret.


(If you reached the end of my signature and read through my bad character backstory, PM me and I'll make a drawing for ya.) 

 I will add more to this and fix it later.




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Swoopin' In!

SuRe ThInG, BuDdY. Titan Buffs are one of my favorites too and I happened to buy a new Buffalord recently! ^^ If it doesn't come this week, it'll surely make an appearance next week. ^^

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Thank you so so so much for doing the Razorwhip! This really helped, I had no idea that the Razorwhip was so good in Dragon Tactics and especially in Stable Missions!

And... since I love Sharp Class I've made a choice! I WILL TITAN MY RAZORWHIP!!! :D

Now just one little problem... I got the double egg glitch so I got two Razorwhips instead of 1 from the expansion (not that I'm complaining! XD) so if I titan up only one I'd feel really bad for the other... XD I knew the Razorwhip was too good to be true! XD

But regardless, at least I'll have one Adult and one Titan! :D

Once again, thank you so much, you have really helped me make a decision and I can't wait to see your other reviews!

Thanks! :D