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So it was interesting to see allllll the dragon paints/skins be on sale. I even partook in the sales myself and now some of my dragons just look a little more stylish than usual! =w= Not to mention, they've fixed up quite a few of the problems that came with the update! But I can't help but notice a few things. . .


First thing's first, because this one made me lose whatever shizzle I had left and I want to start on a positive note: The Titan Woolly can FINALLY wear its skins/paints! In a later post on this thread, I'll probably (eventually) post my Titan Woollies in their paint (and maybe even use the hero skin just for showcasing). And the Buffalord's paint is fixed on mobile! It initially made the dragon appear all white (with the darker parts of the dragon appearing gray). This only happened on the regular Buffalord but it has now been fixed thank goodness. Additionally, the Silver Phantom and Armorwing's paints no longer mess up their eye textures! Thank goodness for all of that.


Next up we have the fixes! Finally, the motion blur was removed completely (nevermind how late I am to this party)! And the lighting in the areas that did have this effect (the School, Training Grounds, and the Wilderness) are back to to normal. And the ships! The battle event ships are now visible on the downloadable PC version (I think I'll stick to using Steam though because I don't want to waste all that time uninstalling the game on one platform just to install it on another). The infinite fire glitch was also fixed once again (this time all it took was for you to fly through either of the stations once to get it).


Of course, there are negatives that I wanted to point out. . .we STILL don't have fire-in-flight animations! No efforts have been made to implement them, let alone even tell us why they were removed in the first place and/or if they're ever coming back. At this time (and ever since it was removed to begin with), the only dragon who has fire-in-flight animations is the Razorwhip and even then, on mobile, they don't show (at least if you watch other players fire on their Razorwhip). It looks unnatural and it was a huge part of the game. . .gone in an update and never came back. Like seriously, the fire glitch was fixed, the ability to fly with your dragon in the cenote just by using your flight suit was fixed (for no good reason I might add!) and we STILL don't have fire-in-flight animations?


Another thing I'd like to point out is the paints. Yes, there are still paint issues. The Death Song (regular only, only on the PC/Steam version) race paint causes the Death Song's eyes to look wonky. The same goes for the Flame Whipper, though between the two, the Flame Whipper has it worse (if you ask me) and it happens on all versions of the game. On top of that, the Stormcutter racing paint gives Titan Wing Stormcutters regular Stormcutter textures. Here's what I mean.


This is how they look like without the paint/how they're supposed to look with the paint on (well, the paint is supposed to be on there but you get the point): 

Here's how they actually looks like: 

See? It's not really supposed to look like that. As far as I'm aware, this is literally the only dragon with this particular paint that this happens. Please fix this admins. QmQ My favorite racing paint released so far for my favorite dragons and I don't like to put it on said favorite dragon because of this! There are also problems that have been around for who knows how long, mainly the ever-so common issue of paints putting the hero skin on the dragons, even though the paint isn't a hero skin. This happens with all of the Dreadfall skins (so for the Nadder, Nightmare, Gronckle, and Zippleback), Scauldron Warpaint, Smokebreath Warpaint, Rumblehorn Warpaint, Typhoomerang Warpaint, and Hotburple Warpaint (if I'm missing some, let me know). While some people are okay with this, I am one of the many who aren't and would prefer if the hero skins and warpaint/other paint in general be sold separately (the Scauldron has both its hero skin and warpaint available and yet it still has this problem. . .in fact, the main starter dragons have this too and alas, they also face this problem as well).


This involves the Stormcutter Paint but it also includes the Night Terror and a few other things (including other dragons and objects): On Mobile, the graphics are terrible. It's all mushy or downgraded to the point where it's smooth not because it's supposed to be because of how poor the graphics are. Another reason as to why your might as well skip on buying the racing stripes for the Stormcutter! Very disappointed.


Now I know I've been complaining a lot about School of Dragons for the past week or two so I'm going to end things on a positive note! Remember how all the dragon skins and paints are all on sale? Well. . .there's a surprise sale going along with it! The Sand Wraith egg is on sale for anyone interested in adding a Sand Wraith to their collection, whether it be there first or their 3rd. They also added the Grim Gnasher Titan into the game (which I'm sure everyone knows about already) and I'm actually quite content with it! The fire animation is my favorite part about it and, unlike the Death Song, I don't feel discontented enough to have to get another one after missing the regular form too much (sorry to those who like the Titan Wing Death Song. . .it's not bad but it's waayyy over the top and there's too much clipping around its body!).


. . .this is never gonna get done. Enjoy!


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