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                  I just wanna suggest if you can make this game school of dragons a client based 3d MMORPG I experienced a lot of MMORPG and I think that it is better for us to manually download this game via client/installer to improve and have a better gaming experience for make it more convinient rather than loading this game via web browser it requires too much time if it is not your personal computer. thank you and God Bless us all

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i'm not that knowledgable in

i'm not that knowledgable in the area, but i think it would require more players for a full downloadable client as well as servers.

there are only three zones and a handful of mini games and maybe ten quests. i think there's still a lot that needs to be done before they can go the full mmorpg route

and to add to that, it's a more learning-based game. adding a client would add some more technical complications (while they have so many right now) and seeing as so many kids play this game, parents may not want or trust an extra download on their computer


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Although it would be cool and

Although it would be cool and ive even had this thought to have SoD be a client based MMORPG and i also do believe it would bring in more moola and more audience into the game itself, i also agree with Satine.


Most players are kids and that a lot needs to be done if they want it to be a client based MMORPG.

-more areas

-way more quests

-more detail into professions






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