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Deathsong and Thunderdrum VS Bewilderbeast

My theory is that Deathsongs and Thunderdrums can not be controled by Bewilderbeasts. I'll get to the Thunderdrum later but lets start with the Deathsong and Bewilderbeast abilities.



Uses its hypnotizing call to lure in dragons then trap it in its amber.



According to Dragons: Rise of Berk Bewilderbeasts use their eyes and ultrasonic sounds to control dragons' minds. This was shown in the second movie, the Bewilderbeast's bony spines on its head were rapidly vibrating while the pupils on its eyes narrowed into slits, making it seem more likely, plausible, and believable that they are what broadcast the ultrasound.


The thing these two dragons have in common is that they both use sound to control dragons, differently of course but still controling them. It apears as though Deathsongs are imune to Deathsong calls and Bewilderbeasts are imune to other Bewilderbeasts so why can't deathsongs be imune and/or be able to break a dragon away from the Bewilderbeast's control using their calls. 



Thunderdrums tend to always almost be deaf making them imune to Deathsongs so then they could possibly be imune to the Bewilderbeast.



Who would win Grimmel or Razorwhip?

Probably the Razorwhip due to the fact the Grimmel's darts probably will not be able to penatrate the metal scales. Of cource there are other ways around this like managing to shoot the dart in between the scales if thats even possible. 





If there is something I don't know about these dragons (there probably is) or anything you wish to add to these theories just post it. Anyway if you some how managed to read through that giagantic mess then congragulations. :)


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Interesting theories.

Though it is true that the death song and Bewilderbeast both use sound to control dragons, the Bewilderbeast projects it's control-waves with it's head spines and not it's vocal chords, so I don't think that the Death Song would be able to resist.  Also, since Thunderdrums and the Bewilderbeast are both tidal class dragons, I think that the thunderdrums would obey the bewilderbeast due to it being a so much larger tidal class dragon, if they truly are unable to hear sound.  


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Fair point. That one was a

Fair point. That one was a little far fetched.