Just saw Infinity War *Nobody Post Spoilers Please*

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~Thank you.


So yeah, I just got home after seeing Infinity War in Imax... I'm still in a daze... To those who haven't seen it yet, be ready to have all, and I do mean ALL your expectations blown to Valhalla... I literally almost fell down the steps when we were leaving the theater. I could barely walk. I was physically shaking from adrenaline for like half the movie. I wanted to cry but I think I was in too much shock... I'm not going to give you any specifics or anything just... be ready to have your emotions, your heart, and possibly your brain, thrown in a blender and put on pulse about five thousand plus times...


I applaud you Marvel... really I do... you have managed to throw curveball that even I could not see coming. That, I assure you, is no small feat. Never before have I seen a movie that I both loved and hated in equal measure... bravo Marvel... Feige... Russo Bros... everyone... bravo...


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Hoi Hoi Hoi

I haven't watched it yet but I'm going to tomorrow! But my friends already told me some spoilers so -_- thanks friends. 


I'm still rly excited tho!



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I once stood in your place...

And I too was... excited, yet at the same time terrified... So might I offer you some advice...? Forget everything you're expecting.

I want someone to make a meme of this moment from Dr. Strange and use it as an Avengers: Infinity War meme.


Can I just say... your friends kinda suck. I never spoil stuff for my friends. If I've seen a clip on the Tonight Show or whatever, I'll casually mention it, but I won't say exactly what's gonna happen just something to the affect of "oh, this scene is funny" or something like that. Even with the spoilers though, just fair warning, you're probably not ready... no one ever is before seeing Infinity War... I left the theater hours ago and my emotions are still shot.

One last thing... Vision's death is one of the worst in my opinion... I mean you know it's coming but... UGH the feels from that moment... T-T... Which is one reason I say even with the spoilers, you're probably not ready. My heart at that moment... I actually shed a few tears at that one...

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Oooft, the feels. I was hurt by the feels... But, still, makes me pumped for Captain Marvel, that's for sure!

To be honest with you, I kinda have mixed feelings about Thanos. I don't like him for obvious reasons, but then... (Won't go any further, that's spoiler territory)

I'm still honestly shaken by it. I was expecting it to be rough, because of how powerful Thanos is, but I was expecting a little more hunour in it. Welp, I guess that's what Ragnarok and Black Panther geared me up for xD


I watched a late-night screening of it recently, and man, was I happy I did. Even if it did end at midnight and I had school the next day.



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The movie was awesome.

The movie was awesome. Everyone who likes marvel but hasn't watched it should go to watch it. The best parts were.... idk the whole movie was awesome. I really liked Scarlet Witch, her powers and her relationship with the Vision. I liked the fight scenes, the beginning right after Thor Ragnarok credit scene and the ending when..... well I am not gonna spoil it. I also liked the charcter development of every character, the relationship between Thanos and his children and every scene with Gamora. Last but not least I liked that they brought back a villain from one of the movies and that we saw Thanos crying which meant that he has emotions too (only for one person but.... yeah). Overall I think it is the best MCU movie


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