Just a Roll Around the Corner [fan-fic] chapter 1

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hey everyone!!!


I was just thinking that i should make my first fan fic.


I had some advice off of people and i am starting it!



So i think all i have to do is say the name of it and off i go right?

There will be 5-10 chapters prox.

It's set in 2015


Well here it goes!



Just a Roll

Around the Corner



I am Estowick. It's 2015. I'm 15.

Ive got quite a weird name i know. I was names after my great great great great great [X i don't know how many] granfarther:


Estowick the Enthusiastic of the viking era!



I go to high school and it's extreamly boring!!! All we learn is triangles and verbs and, and, and, how to say 'hi' in another language.


I'm not keen on that stuff. I like it where we lean how to do eqasions, write stories of dragons and humans and how to speak dragonese.


I know if i was aaying this to my freinds they'd think i were mad! When i was little i inherrited a book. It was  Estowick the 1st's book. But i have it now. It has his memoirs. 


These proove all the things i say true! I write this down for this is my only encounter with a dragon and if it returns you need to know how and what to do!


In his memoirs are papers on how to actually speak  dragonese, how to swordfight, how to battle and look out for dragons. And maybe most important f all:


How to train them!.


When i first read these i found out that danger was


Just a Roll around The corner!





I woke up one morning, Sunday, i think. I put the news on and saw an Earthquake had hit somewhere. I watched for a few minuests standing, still half asleep, untill i went over got and ate my brekfast and went off to the libary.


It was the quitest place oin the town on a sunday. It was the perfect place i could read the memoirs.


I sat down and opend the book to the last page i had read. 


"page 343, the Skrill" I said allowed to myself. Well why not? I was all alone n the library!



It said


The skrill to some is said un-tameable but I estowick say that wrong! I trained a skrill, called it lightwing, and rode it to the edge of the earth. I even went beyond the borders of Afar to a land that does not exist, to america!


I skipped a bit.


How it stores it's lightning. as i have mentiond the skrill is an energy store. The way it stores it's energy is, like i found out on afar when i was nineteen, is in the bone of the skrill, inside the bone itself!


Ingenius the skrill! And every other dragon in the world! That saying reminds me of a time-


My ancestor did used to wander a bit. In his writings and in life, he said he would wander everywhere just to think of a word to put in a letter!



I read a few more chapters on how he found Lightwing and trained him untill i decided it was time to go for a wander of my own around the park.


I took the books and wanderd off for  a few minuets [hours]. Whe i arrived home i went straight to bed, i was that tired.


Yes i went straight to bed but not strait to sleep! I had to read a few more chapters.




I woke up the next morning only to find on the TV that a volcano had exploded the day before with nobody knowing  in the same place as the earthquake.


I watched again for a few minuets before eating and going off to school.


I left early, as always, so i could wander around every place and shop in the town.


All i could think of was that one day imadgin if could train a dragon!


The bell rang, i went to lessons and once again it was verbs.


Boring old verbs, untill the fire alarm went off and a thunderstrm started!!!







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Made by Nessie!
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Never Before Seen Dragon- The MOLDRUFFLE!
The Mudraker is Making Waves!
Shockjaws are Electrifying the Skies!
Making a striking entrance, the Screaming Deaths are here to stay!
 Stormcutters Have Landed!
Ride on to Adventure with the Raincutter!
Take the Top Ranks With the Typhoomerang!
And I especially like this  one the Hobblegrunt!
Steal the Spotlight with the Hobblegrunt!
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This is when I first met my dragon Screaming Death, the Screaming Death.
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I am Estowick the Enthusiastic
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"The City of Afar"
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This is Estowick the Enthusiastic with a bone of a skrill in his hand and dragon nip in the other.
He lived on Icestorm Island in the ancient city.
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Screaming Death
The Screaming Death
As I walked through the tunnles of berk with my trusty boneknapper 'Skullion' (next dragon to have a backstory) we reached a pile of exploding whispering death eggs about to hatch, hang on let me start at the very beginning ( a very good place to start [sound of music]). We walked for hours searching for the centre of the caves. As we walked through and through only hearing small drops of water every now and then two bright eyes glared me in the face it was a 'death' spiesies i say that because there are rumers that there was such thing as a Screaming Death( got to be a hoax).  I was scared, frightend terrified (if you want any more descriptive words to say scared words please request i shall look in a thersauous)i did not know what to do...
It slithered foward with it's eyes getting closer and closer, it's head facing downwards making a foul face.
As i walked back petrified, it followed. I thought as quick as i could and moved the saddle of 
Skullion so some light from a tiny hole in the roof of the cave
would reflect off of it and onto the Whispering Death. It growled and shreiked 
a horrid sound and was not an inch in front of me...
(to be continued)

Hobbi my Hobblegrunt





This is Lightwing my Skrill.





This is Skullcrusher my Rumblehorn.





This is Smokebreath my Smothering Smokebreath.





This is Screamingdeth my Whispering Death [ I know it's spelt wrong it wouldnt let me have death becuse it's 1 letter too long]





These are my 2 favourite dragons.




Skullion my Boneknapper.



and , of course, Screaming Death 

my Screaming Death.



Please pm me because i don't pm much i should but i forget.



I love Icestorm Island


Thanks Inthetardis.

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Chapter 1 part 2


As the clouds thickend and the water started to plummet, we all


rushed outside leaving all of ou belongings inside, including our coats.


Nobody was very pleased. It was wet, it was the last week of term 


before the Christmas holidays and most of the people were having free lessons.


We all rushed to the top yard where we went into our form groups


and then called the register. Suddenly the register stopped half way


through because of an ear splitting noise, a scream!


A beautiful, yet dangerous purple lighting bolt


struck less than half a mile away fromus.


The fire alarm had stopped, it was just a hoax, but the school had much larger problems.


It wasn't a student who screamed, it was a teacher. A teacher


had been coming from the other side of the school after hearing 


the fire alarm. She was coming just past the hills of the school


when a boulder; 10 metres wide at least, came crashing through the 


school at tremenders speeds, narowly missing the teacher.


It didn't harm anyone at all. The only harm it did cause the teacher


was just that she was so shocked that she fainted, but that wasn't really 


the boulders fault.


We all went back to class, most of which were in devestation because of the crash.


We had a half day the next day, so I went to the library and looked at the

Skrill pages again. 


"That lightning does sought of resemble that of a skrill, does


it not?"


I said to myself. My freind walked in, Gorge.


"What ya doing Estowick?"


He asked.




"Yea I guessed that, but anyway what do ya think of the 


boulder yesterday?"


"It's fine, just natural, just from the mountain!"

I replied.


"Oh really? In the newspaper it says:"


He walked up to the counter of the libury and asked if they had the 


latest newspaper. They handed him one and he walked back.


"It says here that a Miss Elcicnorg saw the boulder and said:


When I saw the boulder it looked as if it were


like a giant hedgehog! It was like a creature;



a giant creature, which was rolled up in a ball! With a tail and, and


and a face, with spikes all over it!!!"


He said.


"A giant Hedgehog?"


I asked.


" Yea i know rediculous, right!"


He said as he wanderd off back to hi house after buying the newspaper.


"Rediculous, yes.. well maybe not."


Isaid to myself as i was thinking as i did nearly


every week:


Its a dragon, a dragon, a dragon!!!!


Of course most of the time it wasn't a dragon


but it was wishful thinking.


But this time, it could have been real!


So all that night, a phrase was going around in my head; 


You must find that dragon. It WAS a dragn she saw!!!


It was, it was it was!!!!!


Please reply!!!

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Dear past me, 


I just wanted to let you know that you are by far one of the worst writers I have ever seen and I do so much hope you progress. 


Have a good day,


    Future You.


(PS. This writing is honestly the most awful piece of written work I have ever had the, I can't even call it pleasure, of laying my eyes on).


"The Truth was hidden once, but that was long ago,"