Just found out that the speed bug still exists.

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Over a month ago I contacted the admins over an issue where my viking ran faster than a speed stinger on steroids, and then found out on my own that the clothes were the problem. I made a forum post and sent a dm to an admin, but since nothing changed and the bug still is there, i decided to make a new post, since the problem might have gotten forgotten about. It really annoys me not to be able to wear my alpha toothless armor anymore. Does anyone know anything about this problem and if it's being worked on?

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Do I know anything about this problem?

All I know about this problem is that I don't have it.  Which honestly makes me a little sad. XD


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Lol I have the same issue. I know a fix would be to de-equip the gear but it's not working for me. 


I don't mind it. At least I can get to places quickly I guess. My speed's normal on mobile though.


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Yes, me!

Have it, I might ask someone about it. And that someone told me to change my outfit and worked but idk when admins CARES about US and the BUGS in SoD ://