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Before I add in my 2 cents about this awesome game first I would like to thank the admins for all the bug fixes these past few days. I am able to finish questing (yayyyy).


I understand this MMO is mainly towards the younger crowd...17 and under, but there are some experienced MMO players on here (mainly 17 and up) who are very familiar with the online gaming world, and hopefully they agree with me on some of the ideas I want to throw out there. I also understand that my opinion doesn't matter at all, but heyyyy there's a 'Suggestion' section and I thought 'WELL WHY NOT!?" So here I go.


1. The chat box....needs more organization. I don't really like the 3 different tabs, but I understand their purpose. Maybe one main chat box but with different channels you can enter such as /c "clan" /p "friends in your group" /w "whisper". It just makes it easier and more oragnized instead of being cluttered. Also those channels would be color oriented and have the suffix (g, p ,w) in front of whoever is speaking.


2. Dailies. Yes there is that one quest where you learn about how Hiccup befriended Toothless blah blah blah....but that same one could get tiring. How about dailies that are revolved around fishing, farming, gathering? That way players get the materials they need on top of gold and gaining exprience points. Also the dailies could only be done once a day each, but it adds more flavor instead of "The Scientific Method."


3. I already have a thread out there somewhere about turkeys and rabbits, but pleaaaaaase make them available year round for gems or something. I want bunnies on my farm and I want to be able to complete those quests which reward quite a bit of gold.


4. Servers. MAYBE. ONE DAY. Mainly because I feel the adult crowd and the adolescent crowd should be seperated. Not at all for the wrong reasons like mature language, but just because these two groups of players can't really interact with one another in a professional way...someone is in chat blowing it up, they get told off, they're upset, other player gets banned. There's different levels of maturity and we can all agree HTTYD is for ALL AGES.


Anywho those are just suggestions, but I thought I'd let them be known :).



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I like 1, 2, and 4. Number

I like 1, 2, and 4. Number three I don't really like. When the bunnies and turkeys are available the cost gems to buy anyway. 


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i absolutely love the idea of

i absolutely love the idea of different servers. perhaps even a server dedicated to roleplaying. obviously this would be lifting the limit to toons you can have. let's say one per server if you want to make it really tight, which i think they would prefer to do.

and i totally missed the bunny and turkey events, so that would be pretty cool to experience!


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all of my yes

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!


I agree on these as well. Dailies would be amazing, and servers would provide more orginization! 


Also.. Clan perks may be a good idea as well



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Yayyy people agree :D! Yes, I

Yayyy people agree :D! Yes, I totally forgot to put in server types besides age groups....rp and pve (normal). Clan perks are prety interesting! Like level up your clan and a clan at the highest level obviously gets all the perks, but at different levels you only get a certain number of them until all are available. Hopefully an admin reads this >.>...