jurassic world warriors join now!

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Joined: 04/24/2015

jurassic world warriors join now join us become strong become legendary like never befor find out what know other clan has find out more about jurassic world!


introduction and how to join us

jurassic world is a new move which is in the cinema i reccomend this clan for jurassic park lovers and jurassic world lovers you could become legendary like never befor help protect from hackers be a hero to all to be the ultimate dragon trainer of the clan and awards will be given out to the best hard working viking and the viking witch gets the most trophies every month so if you join get the trophies and work hard also i look for loyal kind people which ill check so they can be an elder

to join us all i need is:



friend code


how active you are

and how long you race weekly

elder requirements

to be an elder its not just the trophies it requires kind loyalness and hard working to become an elder

name bow ie

trophies 1820

poisen leader

remember we are an family clan.



This is war!!!