Jupeter's Throne (A Percy Jackson RP)

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The people and Demigods of Camp Half-blo.od have known of Camp Jupeter for a while now, and they are still wary of each other. They are an friendlier terms, but a stranger appered and is trying to turn them against eachother. You must go an a Quest and save the camps and the gods...
Race (Demigod, Satyr/Faun, Dryad):
Godly Parent (if Demigod):
Jupiter or Half-blo.od:
Quick Description or picture:
Weapon and Matereal (Celestial Bronze, Imperial Gold, Stygian Iron):

Heya! This sig is ALWAYS WIP, so don't expect much .-.

​Hello. I'm Hollysh, or Goldenwolfmidna. I come from Berserker Island, but was set adrift by my parents. Why? I don't know. Anyway, I ended up on Vanihiem. Yep, the island of  dy.ing dragons and the great Sentinels. One, who I've nicknamed Stoneberry, even let me ride him once. I think the Sentinels helped me survive on the deserted island, and I'd do anything to protect them. My shelter is still there, and I want to go back to my draconic parents. I helped them with cleaning up, and the way I got out is by Dragon Rider. A lone Rider came and offered to take me back to Berk, and I accepted. I got my first dragon, Ocean, the next day. I love the Sentinels with everything I have, but I also love mine.


​Age: 1 year (Broadwing)

​Gender: ​Female

Favorite Place: ​Dragon's Edge

Favorite Food: ​Sagefruit

​Personality: ​Windy is a protective Dragon, being sure to care for her Rider at all costs. She can be a bit of a pain, but she just wants to help.

​Backstory: ​Holly found a Razorwhip on Vanihiem one day. It was carrying an egg in its talons, and Holly was interested. She helped care for the egg, with the Razorwhip's help, and it hatched one day. The baby Razorwhip climbed onto Holly's back and wouldn't come off. The adult Razorwhip just touched Holly with her snout and left the cave. The Razorwhip flew off at five months, but Holly rescued her again at the Ship Graveyard, using Amber to blast eels off of the terrified Razorwhip. Windrider stayed by Holly after that!



Age: ​1 year (broadwing)

​Gender: ​F

Favorite Place: ​Farms

Favorite Food: ​Eel!

​Personality: ​Amber is a tad bit of a troublemaker, but she's loyal once you gain her trust. She acts like a big baby though...



Age: ​Four years! (Broadwing)


Favorite Place:

Favorite Food:






Some lovely art:


By Piggyxl (thank you!)

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Goldenwolfmidna V
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Name: Livia Age: 13 (2,013)

Race (Demigod, Satyr/Faun, Dryad): Demigod

Godly Parent (if Demigod): Pluto, dead

Jupiter or Half-blo.od:  Jupiter

Quick Description or picture: A tall, thin Roman, she wears a toga-like tunic dyed white with the SPQR symbol on the front in purple

Personality: Berzerk, only spaeks latin, and is friendly when you know her

History: She di.ed fighting a Chimera, was brought back by Hazel because she's a child of Pluto.

Weapon and Matereal (Celestial Bronze, Imperial Gold, Stygian Iron): A Stygian Iron ax, and an Imperial Gold spiked shield.