Julie's Adventures At te School (Fanfiction)

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  There's an all things NOT school of dragons section in the forums! With stories and fan fiction! My other one is based off another story, just with the addition of dragons. I thought I could combine two franchises for this! :D Me and at least one other are. (Read The Timberjack Express!)

Chapter one!!!! :D 

  "Hey, wake up! I'm making breakfast!" My mom yelled across the hall. I sat up drowsily. My 11th birthday was last week, so I put on the clothes I had gotten. I had a sweater my mom made on the loom, and some nice leather pants. I had a flight suit too, but I didn't have a dragon yet.

  I walked into the kitchen. Dad had gone to work, at the MoM. Mom was flicking pancakes onto a plate with her wand. She used magic to put butter and syrup on it, and levitated it to me. "Thanks, Mom, these are delicious!" I said, gratefully. She came to the table with her plate and sat. "A terrible terror came." She said, smiling really wide. She pulled the scroll from her pocket and handed it to me.I read it excitedly. I hardly ever got mail.

  To the parents of Julie,

    Your daughter has been accepted to go to Skolehesker, Berkian school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She will need the following:

 •The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1 (book)

 • An introduction to potions (book)

 •Simple Charms (book)

 •A Guide To Herbs and Fungi (book)

 •Methods Of Transfiguration (book)

 •A medium cauldron

 •A wand

 •Writing material

•Seven standard School robes

Each student may bring an owl OR a cat OR Terrible terror. Brooms are provided for the Quidditch team, but if a broom is brought to schol it will be confiscated. Flight suits are allowed.

 To get on the boat to school, go to the second dock on the North side of the island. It leaves at dawn on the 6th of August. Each student chooses a dragon upon arrival.

-Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Headmaster






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  I rolled up the paper.

  I rolled up the paper. "Tomorrow we can get all that stuff. You can get a terror today at the Muggle trading posts." She said, handing me twenty five gold coins. I finished up my breakfast and headed out the door. I looked at all the interesting objects for sale. Jewelry, clothing, beads, food, and some miscellaneous contraptions. I found someone with a brood of young terrors.

  I sat on a log and watched them. They all ran up to me, crawling in my lap and on my shoulders. I stuck out my hand towards one, who sniffed it. Deciding I was friendly, he crawled on my hand and chirped excitedly. I smiled and stroked his head. "I'll pay 25 coins for him." I told the man. He was a large, heavy Viking. "Aye, that's about right. He's the smallest of 'em." He was pretty small. He was turquoise on top, but his belly was a pale yellowish green.

  I took out some of my own Muggle money. I bought a helmet with thin curled horns, and an apple. I ate the apple on my way home. When I got there, I put the helmet in my room and my new dragon in the terror cage. Then I went out and fed the chickens, and collected the eggs. After that, I milked the cow and weeded the garden, while Mom spun wool. She would feed our sheep later.

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I like it! very

I like it! very original....... lol. Cant wait to read more!




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