Johann is evil, why hasn't he been replaced yet?

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If you have watched race to the edge you will know that trader johann is evil and becomes enemy of the dragon riders, he also dies. Both of those are good reasons to remove him from the game just like stoick. Idk who would replace him though, Perhaps bucket and mulch?



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How about...

What about a trader from the books? I have little memory of what all goes on in the books since I haven't read them in..... before the movies came out.. But I'd like to think they had a merchant trader in it as they did the series.


Idk, anyone whose read the books recently, tell me if there's a trader for possible replacement?


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Not Bucket and Mulch because they have their own quests. The reason why Johann isn't replaced is that he is required in several quests. Though they might change him out in a new update.


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