Johann’s Trading Post: Limited-Time SALE on Smokebreath Eggs

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While obstacles at the Training Grounds are certainly challenging enough for your average everyday Viking, Astrid was itching for something more! But what could be more exciting than a bit of Frenzy Fireball or Thunderrun Racing? Thinking on it some more, Astrid was hoping to find something at least as challenging as Loki’s Maze of Mayhem. So with that spooky scary theme in mind she decided to take Stormfly out for an adventure at the Ship Graveyard.


Hours went by as she and Stormfly circled a distinctly metal-less ship beached on a patch of rocks to survey the area. Finding the atmosphere as eerily quiet as it should be, Astrid was starting to feel a chill creep in, until she noticed that the ship they’d been using as a reference point was emitting a smokey fog!


Strange, as she hadn’t recalled ever noticing the smoke while they were flying around. Wondering what that could be, they came closer to examine the source - and with a few hearty beats of her Deadly Nadder’s wings, the fog dissipated to reveal a metallic nest of eggs! Distracted by how the nest was made up of parts from the wrecked ship, Astrid quickly saw how the eggs emitted smoke at different intervals. She recalled a conversation she had with Fishlegs about a dragon he thought to be a myth, and thought that maybe these were Smokebreath eggs.


“Oh how exciting!” She exclaimed, already imagining how she might one day be able to train with some new Smothering Smokebreath dragons. Not wanting to just take the nest without its mother, she stuck around just long enough to realize that the poor nest was abandoned, and off they went to deliver the eggs at the Trading Post!


So the veil has been lifted just enough to reveal a LIMITED 3-DAY SALE on eggs of this Mystery Class dragon just for half the price! Up for a little bit of mystery in the shadowy corners of your Stables?