Jewel Of The Night (HTTYD Fanfic) Chapter 1

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So here's a fan fic I've been meaning to finish for a few years.......... >.>......... Hope you like and tell me what you think!



Chapter 1


"Snotlout! Where are you?!" Astrid yelled as she glided through the island looking for the Monstrous Nightmare to spin out of nowhere. After a while of nature scenes and lively forests, she decided to return to the campsite. The gang had left exploring a new island closer to the Edge for a potential trading post with the Berserkers. They rested in an area that may be their base, all they have to do is study the wildlife to make sure they aren't disrupting anything, or putting their post in a dangerous area.


"Have you seen Snotlout? He was supposed to be gathering firewood near the campsite, but I can't find him anywhere" Astrid spoke as she landed beside Hiccup, everyone chirped a no, then gave ideas on where and what he could be doing. Astrid rolled her eyes and went to grab the wood by herself.


"Has anyone seen the twins? They were on water duty" Hiccup stated, Astrid and Fishlegs shook their head.


"Nevermind here they come" Hiccup announced pointing towards the Zippleback gliding in, as usual, the twins came back empty handed, but announced they had made a shocking discovery.


"Did you grab the water?" Astrid spoke coldly as she cut off their ranting with her voice. Their confidence depleted and they shamefully shook their heads, but quickly raised them with a smile and pointed upwards. Stating they saw a new dragon, which got Fishlegs jumping up and down asking what it looked like, what it was doing, and where it was. The twins gave each other a devious look, then reached for a bag that was hanging from their dragon, and tossed it on the ground, causing it to open and three small eels slither out, with electricity beaming off their skin. The dragons fled with a fearful cry and flew off to hide, while Toothless flatted his ears with a hiss and shot at them.


"That was not cool!" Fishlegs exclaimed chasing after his dragon, calling her back once the eels were no where in sight. The twins laughed but stopped once they saw their own dragon no where to be found. They sighed and began their dragon call, walking around trying to find them.


Hiccup let out a frustrated sigh and asked Fishlegs to retrieve the water, Astrid left for the wood, and the twins continued to search for their fear induced dragon. Hiccup unraveled some blueprints and began to plan out the trading post.


"Well what do you say bud? Should we map out the island?" Hiccup asked rolling up the paper and placing it in the side bags on Toothless's saddle, Toothless cooed as Hiccup mounted him, and they took off to the sky.


"Well let's see, we got a lake here..." Hiccup muttered, sketching out a lake on the paper, before going through the island. He continued to sketch out the mountains and the forest of the lower land. He placed an 'X' on the campsite, before he and Toothless raced over to the other side of the island, he sketched out the caves on the side of one mountain and continued on.


"Well, I think that's it, should we head back? See what everyone else is up to?" Hiccup asked as he put the map in his side bag. Toothless purred and they began flying back to their friends. A small, almost unnoticeable whimper sounded from one of the caves in the lower land. The cave almost blended in with the ground, with a grass covered top and a rocky entrance. Hiccup jolted his head in the direction with confusion before pulling Toothless towards it.


"Huh, almost didn't see that one" Hiccup spoke, they glided over top and quickly sketched it out before landing and seeing what was making the sound. The sound stopped when Hiccup stepped into the cave. He saw nothing move with no sound to indicate anything living there. Toothless didn't appear to sense anything as well, so he shrugged it off and they returned to the campsite.


The twins were wrestling as usual, their dragon studying them before copying their actions. Fishlegs was lost in reading the dragon eye notes he had made before leaving the Edge. While Astrid had just started the fire and was poking at it with a stick to keep it alive, and still no sign of Snotlout. He sighed and handed the map to Fishlegs, who eagerly took it and began examining the island from the paper. Astrid joined him and mentally started planning the defenses, and the twins raced to plant their crazy ideas all over it. Hiccup smiled and leaned against Toothless as he heard out the gangs ideas for the trading post. He took them into consideration and began to rearrange everything in his head, while still keeping the basic design he started with. The chatter was interrupted by a scream and a Monstrous Nightmare came flying in with a stream of fire crashing into the ground.


"Snotlout! How nice of you to join us" Hiccup sarcastically spoke, Astrid asked where he's been with hands firmly on her hips and a glare to top it off. Snotlout appeared out of breath, leaning on a startled Hookfang for balance.


"New dragon! Monstrous Nightmare! Crazy! Almost died.. " Snotlout rambled with no break of breath, Astrid and Hiccup exchanged confused looks.


"Uh.. Snotlout.. A Monstrous nightmare isn't really a new dragon" Fishlegs explained. Snotlout shook his head, trying to catch his breath before attempting to explain the issue again. Still only rambled on about needing to leave the island immediately.


"Okay, slow down Snotlout, breathe... Now, what are you talking about?" Hiccup interrupted, Snotlout took a few more deep breaths before properly explaining what happened.


"Okay.. Hookfang and I were flying around trying to find some wood, and we came across this hidden cave that came from the ground, and we heard this roaring whimpering sound, so we checked it out, and-"


"Wait... Were you actually looking for wood? Or were you just looking for a place to sleep?" Ruffnut interrupted. Snotlout growled at her with a fury filled glare, before Hiccup pressed to continue on with his story.


"Erm.. yes. So anyways, we get to the cave and this huge white dragon flies out and fires at us! Hookfang fired back and and and.... and the dragon ended up just eating his flame! Then it lit up like a Monstrous Nightmare!" Snotlout explained.


"A trick of the eye of it eating the flame? Maybe it was another nightmare? an albino perhaps?" Fishlegs suggested, Snotlout shook his head violently saying it looked like a cross between a Razorwhip, and a Night Fury.


"A cross between a Razorwhip, and a Night Fury you say?" Hiccup repeated, Snotlout sighed angrily and stated a firm yes.


"Well then let's go see this dragon shall we?" Hiccup spoke, getting on Toothless, everyone copied mounting their dragon, then looked towards Snotlout who disagreed with the idea of returning to the scene.


"Why do I have to go?!" Snotlout exclaimed after the antagonizing silence the group grew.


"Because, Snotlout. You know where it is, and what it looks like" Hiccup answered. Snotlout sighed and jumped on Hookfang who growled in response as they took off.


"I'm telling you! This is a bad idea. We should just leave the island and the dragon. Alone" Snotlout announced.


"But it's a new dragon! We have to at least see it! and and.. what if it's hurt? and that's why it attacked you" Fishlegs protested, Snotlout sighed once again before stating it looked pretty healthy to him.


"Still, I would like to see this dragon" Hiccup spoke, Toothless cooed and Hookfang dove down to the cave Hiccup and Toothless last mapped out.


"Snotlout.. Toothless and I stopped here for a bit, there was nothing here" Hiccup said, Snotlout crossed his arms and said he saw what he saw.


"Maybe it wasn't here when you two landed, wouldn't be surprised! that thing can move!" Snotlout exclaimed. Fishlegs began to ask how fast it appeared to go.


"It was like the snow wraith in the blizzard! I couldn't see it once it got into the air, it could run quick too! Hookfang and I thought we lost it until it came up behind us and almost took my head!" Snotlout continued. Astrid rolled her eyes, and the twins started going about how deadly the thing could be, and what it could of done to Snotlout. Their conversation was interrupted by a loud high pitch screeching roar from directly above them.


"That! That's it!" Snotlout yelled pointing to a dragon circling above them.


"Wow! Look at it! I've never seen anything like it" Fishlegs spoke admiring the dragon, only to run and hide under Meatlug with a scream as it dove on them.


"It's pretty to look at... but boy is it fast!" Astrid spoke taking cover by Stormfly, who shot at it with a spine shot. The dragon dodged it and shot back with the same move, spinning down and shooting barbs from its tail as it spun close to the ground. The barbs flew in every direction and almost hitting the riders. Toothless shot at the dragon as a warning, only to watch the dragon gulp the blast and return it with the same flame.


"I have never seen a dragon do that before!" Fishlegs announced with awe as the dragon flew away, now shooting at something else.


"What's it shooting at?" Snotlout asked, the riders mounted their dragons and raced after it. It dived at a small fleet of ships that docked near a sea stack, it's flame still that of a Plasma Blast.


"Dragon hunters?" Hiccup questioned as he saw the insignia pasted on the ships sails.


"But how? I thought they fell after Viggo and Ryker.." Astrid started.


"No time to figure that out, look!" Hiccup spoke pointing to the dragon, flying in range of the hunters arrows.

The riders began to circle the ships, synchronizing their attacks on the boats. The ear piercing screech of the white dragon dove from above, spinning and hitting the three ships with the barbs from it's body, and climbing back up into the clouds.The dragon became aggressive to both the hunters and the riders, making it impossible for them help it take out the hunters. Hiccup spun out of the way of the dragon as it lashed at them, turning it's attack into a spin then a dive to the ships below, firing at everything that moved. Snotlout passed the ship with a flaming nightmare, accidentally cutting off the white dragon and blinding it in the process. With an painful screech the white dragon fell into the water as an arrow hit it's tail, it was encased in a net before being brought up to the deck.


"Astrid look out!" Fishlegs called from behind, Stormfly let out a shocking yelp before losing control of her wings and letting gravity take her and her rider down.


"It's three ships! Why is this so hard?" Snotlout yelled to himself, Fishlegs began to analyze the ships more closely, finding nothing that could explain their trouble taking it down. He flew a little lower to the ground to get a better view, but resulted in getting tossed off his dragon by net. With a fearful Meatlug diving to catch him on the way down, ending with her getting trapped in a net and Fishlegs harshly landing on the ship's deck. Snotlout let out an angry war cry before racing to attempt to save his friends, jumping off his dragon as they neared the ship and swinging his axe wildly at everyone who came close. Hiccup yelled his name and quickly pointed to his dragon who flew too close the archers range. Snotlout squealed his dragons name before getting pinned to the deck and watching his dragon fall into the water.


"Hiccup!" Ruff and Tuff yelled in unison as their dragon twirled down. Hiccup raced to catch them, only to dodge out of the way of a wall of arrows flying towards them. Pulling Toothless back into the clouds to analyze what happened.


"Hiccup run!" Astrid yelled from the ship, the male groaned with an angry glare as he watched the endless arrows fill the sky. Toothless turned and darted for the island, finding a place to land and running under a large bush, taking cover and watching as the ships part. One making it's way to sea and the other for the island.


The two crept back to their base, being wary of hunters that had already started exploring the land. Hiccup ran to grab some paper and a charcoal pencil as they made it back to their camp. With fast, sloppy writing, he wrote out what happened and tied the map into his note while finding a Terrible Terror to strap it to. Pulling out a startled little dragon, he tied the paper to it's leg and tossed it into the air, watching it fly off into the distance.


"Okay we got this. Just hold them off until reinforcements get here... Not too hard.. right?" Hiccup spoke with a worried smile to Toothless who gave a bleak expression in return, shooting his ears up at the sound of heavy footsteps and voices approaching from the bushes.


"That Night Fury will get some big customers in the ring, eh?" A hunter spoke to his friend, looking around the area and loosely scanning the perimeter as he listened to his friend laugh and agree.


"Now we just gotta catch it" He responded.


"Dragon fights?" Hiccup suggested as he overheard the conversation, Toothless let a small bark escape before spinning behind him with a hiss. The person that startled the sleek dragon lost no time in shooting an arrow to Hiccups head, skimming his check as it passed and landed in the tree. Toothless responded with a plasma black that alerted the hunters to their spot. The male jumped out of the way, and grabbed the stumbling Hiccup that stood beside the dragon. Trapping him in a choke hold with a dagger to the skin of his neck.


"Call your dragon off" He hissed into Hiccup's ear, Hiccup let a small gasp of pain escape his lips before thinking about what to do. The hunters held their crossbows up the black hissing dragon, ready to shoot until the male called them off. Repeating his command to Hiccup who obeyed in defeat, unable to find another plan that wouldn't result in their death. The hunters muzzled the hissing dragon and pushed it towards the ships, with the male keeping Hiccup in his grip.


The auburn haired male was pushed into a cell and Toothless in the one parallel to him. The male who pushed him in immediately took control of the men as he tossed down his hood, revealing snow white hair, and angry, bright green eyes. Hiccup glared at the male who captured him, receiving nothing in return from the male. Instead, he brushed it off, and walked away, giving orders to the men and leaving the cell room in silence. Hiccup groaned before looking over inch of the cell and the room, examining every possible exit and scenario. Triple checking his plan and tweaking it as he saw a new obstacle enter his sight.


He examined the cell room some more, seeing the other riders held in their own cell for the third time, and their dragons scattered through out the ship, so said one of the passing guards. Loud roars made themselves known to the riders, each rider perking up and calling their dragons names as they recognized their friends call. Getting silenced as the hunters leader walked into their room, with two vikings on either side of him. The hunters had fished out the white dragon, and pushed it into the cage neighbouring Toothless's. The dragon was quite docile from the dragon root arrow and was fed some purple coloured liquid. Which Hiccup only guessed was an antidote, assuming it has the same reaction to concentrated dragon root as the Night Fury does.


"Hiccup... We got to find a way out of here..." Astrid spoke as their captors exited the room. Hiccup nodded and continued looking for weak spots, requesting the others do the same. The twins continued to speak outrageous escape plans, pushing Snotlout's nerves to the edge, causing him to explode on them. A few hunters came in and started yelling for them to silence, earning a few nasty faces from the twins and a consistent glare from Snotlout. Hiccup sighed at the three before continuing on with his plans.


"I sent a terror mail to Berk. My dad and the A team should be able to track us down if we don't get out of here in time" He hushed to the others, who nodded with hope, and continued to search. Astrid memorized a few hunters periodic patrols, their routes were the same each time and she signaled to the others every time their route would cross their room. Ruff and Tuff figured to loudly talk and argue when they do, hoping to draw one of the guards close enough to get a key. Fishlegs more admired the white dragon across the room then look for weak spots, studying it as it too searched for an escape. While Snotlout, having a cell near the end of the room, got a general idea of the outlay of the place near the hall, trying his best to map it out and let Hiccup know so he could add it to his plans.


"I'll say.. You guys work fast" A voice spoke coming into the room. The white haired male walked in with the two usual hunters at his side. Hiccup glared and questioned what he was referring to.


"I have been listening to your conversations. You're not that discrete when it comes to keeping us out of the picture. But, that was the whole reason I ordered your separation, make it a little challenging for you. But I truly wasn't expecting you guys to get this far in planning. At least not this fast... Viggo's stories doesn't do you justice... Clever I'll say, almost as much as this Night Fury" He smiled, everyone threw on their most shocked face at the name. Hiccup calling him away from his dragons cell as the male kneeled to view the dragon better. He silenced his yelling as the male stood and walked to Hiccup's cell.


"Night Furies are rare.... Almost extinct... How did you come across one?" The male questioned leaning on the bars of the cell door.


"How do you know Viggo?" Hiccup asked changing the subject from his dragon, while keeping a straight back and maintaining his glare to the lithe male.


"Well... He's family, so I kind of have to know him" He smirked, taking a step back and raking his hand through his hair. Then gave most of his attention back to the Night Fury behind them.


"What are you going to do to us?" Fishlegs whimpered as a hunter neared his cell door with a menacing hum emitting from the large viking glaring down at Fishlegs. Astrid took the next question.


"What are you going to do to our dragons?" She demanded with anger and a fury filled expression. The other hunter stepped towards her cell before Snotlout asked the next question.


"More importantly... Who are you?" Snotlout asked with narrowed eyes and a stern face. The guy chuckled a little before speaking.


"No need to worry.... Non of you will be harmed during your stay here, and neither will your dragons.... I mean.." He started, the hunter glaring Fishlegs down continued his sentence.


"They need to be well rested for the ring" He cooed, finishing his words with a terrifying smirk. The hunter neighbouring Astrid's cell continued the speech.


"Oh yes, your dragons will bring in more than enough cash..." He smiled, revealing browning teeth that even the twins gagged to. The white haired male made his way to the door and looked at Hiccup once more.


"And as for who I am.... You can call me Killieh. I do hope you enjoy your stay here. We don't get many guests on our ships" He chirped with a smile, then walked off with the bulky hunters trailing behind with echoing laughs. Hiccup glared at him before shaking the bars of his cell door with anger.


"Hiccup?" Astrid whispered out, Hiccup sighed and looked to her.


"We'll get out of here... I promise" He stated.





No promises if chapter 2 will come out soon......... I take a while writing stuff...... Tell me what you think so far! :)



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I like it so far! The beginning was a little straight to the point but hey, i think it's pretty good. Keep it up, i'm curious to read the next part! ^^!


Sorry if you couldn't understand me properly; English isn't my first language, and i'm not really good at it, either.

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Like I said.... I started it.... almost one year ago.. Two? XD My writing comprehension was... pretty limited back then, and I was just too lazy to go back and fix it when I finished the chapter.... XD NEXT ONE WILL BE BETTER I SWEAR!


And thanks! Glad you like it so far :D