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Dunno if this is in the right section, but oh well.

So ya! This is my Q&A! 

just basic rules:

-NO swearing

-no inapropriate questions

-no fighting

-I have the right to not answer a question


I dont expect this to be popular, but hey, if you got a Q for me, go for it! =-)


 Siggy (Always) Under Construction

^ By the AMAZING TosiLohi! (I know right? Awesome! -squeel- )

CloudStream welcomes you to my siggy!

She protects the art here, so dont try and take anything! :) 



Thanks SOO much to Rebell for making my Profile Picture dragon edit!!!


Hello! I am jenniemkitty! I'm always open to chat, but may not get back to you super quickly. I am a bit of a goofball you have been warned. =-)

(warning:this siggy is long. Prepare yourselves.)

(another warning: bit of an art hoarder E)



My Q&A 

(click the words)



A little about me:


I am crazy about...

Everything Httyd of Course! - Httyd, Httyd 2, Rtte, SoD, and looking forawrd to HTTYD3! (I also play Rise of Berk) I would like to add that the Fanfiction 'A Matter of Perspective' by Squiid is really good you should read it :) (It's about Viggo's backstroy)

Harry Potter (i am completly nuts about this and have always been, and if you are too, I always love to talk to other Potterheads! =-) More about Harry potter stuff down lower, about half of the way down & at the bottom in the funny's)

Rangers Apprentice (not many people have heard about this book seiries, but it is Awesome! )



Pet Peves:

Judging other people


insulting (on purpose, sometimes people do it on accident, but as long as they apoligize they should be forgiven.)


I may get mad if you do these. 



I'm a Mormon!

- questions and chatting are welcome

- Antagonizing me is not

- one important thing you should know is that there are many untrue rumors about Mormons on the internet.



Im a part of...


Sunwing Voagers!

Thunderclan warriors!


My Viking OC


Name: Geveda

Apearence: scroll down a little and you'll see the artwork!

 Personality in a nutshell:

- friendly

- compasionate

-loyal, but it takes time for her to become loyal to others/trust others

- weird,but in a good way

- (sometimes strange) sense of humor

- avoids harm to others when possible

-  can be somewhat socially akward

- tends to talk to much 

Long version:

Personality: freindly, but socialy akward, loyal, compasionet, weird but in a good way, its part of her charm, with a sense of humor that sometimes leaves her standing akwardly when no one gets it. She is a very loyal person, and will not switch to the opsoing team, give away information, or help them if she is on the side she knows is good. However, while she is very loyal, it takes some time to for her to trust someone, and until then is figuring out if they are a good person to trust. There are reasons, however, that will get  her to break the rules, for example, going off to free trapped and caged dragons from dragon hunters despite being told not too (thats how she met CloudStream). She hates any kind of serious harm to people, which is why her arrows (more about them later on in siggy) only freeze the targets, not hurt. She also will try to get people to aviod injuring others when possible.

^ This awesome drawing was done by Fireflash! Thank you sooo much!



^ By Alina Wildfire! Thank youuuuuu!



^ by Katarile! Thank you! Your art is awesome! =)

Main Weapon

A large bow with flightmare frost balls tipped on the end of her arrows. The balls are flightmare frost coated in some hard substance (differs depending on the purpose). When they hit something, they burst open and freeze whatever it is touching 



Dragon Art!!!



My Woolly Howl (and my favorite, don't tell the others!)



















                                                                                                                                                                            ^ Thanks so much to Arrowalker for this amazing dragon! ^^


 ^ This drawing is made by Alexadragonfire! Thank you!!! (skillz!)

Thanks SOOOO much to Rebell for making this! (also my profile pic)

An incredbile animation of CloudStream by TosiLohi! (-squeels- E-)


About CloudStream: She is protective, loyal, and compasionate. She thinks of others before herself. She never shoots to kill, only injure if needed to protect. Cloudstream rescued her rider, Geveda, when she was attemting to free dragons out of cages in a dragon hunter camp. She was rather closed up at first, but warmed up to Geveda after Geveda proved to her she was trustwothy, and they formed a close bond. She loves speed and feeling the wind in her face, and often does stunts with her rider (however she pushes the limits of how daring they are, as Geveda is more catious than CloudStream)She, liker her rider, is very loyal. Her main and first loyalty lies with Geveda. It takes time and good actions for her to trust others. She is very determind and has a strong willpower.

Weaknesses: Sometimes she doesnt listen and does something anyway if she is determind to do it, which gets them in trouble sometimes. She does not give up easily, which can be bad if there is a need to stop.



The tripple strike

 ^ This adorable and amazing dragon was made by LissaFish! Thanks!



The Night Fury

  ^ By DukinaDragon, thank you!! (congrats on ur first edit! =-)




The Fireworm Queen


 ^ Thanks so much BoomBox74! I love it!!! Amazing!  =-)




the Tripple Strike












^ This was drawn by Mystery-Venomnshift - thanks!!



















Thanks BoomBox74! She's adorable!




Dragon Screenshots

I decided to put in on a google docs instead. It was taking up to much space: 




(I am a huge potter-head)


I am proud to be  Hufflepuff!

To Understand Hufflepuffs more, read this:


My wand: 

Larch wood with a unicorn hair core, 13 ¾" and slightly yielding flexibility

My patronus: Dolphin

My Ilvermonery house: Thunderbird






moved to a google docs:

ENJOY! =-)





CRAZINESS!! E) (you must have been boooored E)

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I guess I will start this off with a question:

Cheesecake or Icecream??? =-)

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Favorite desert (Did I spell

Favorite desert (Did I spell that right?)?
Favorite drink?
Favorite movie?
What's ur greatest fear?
If u could travel to one place in the world, what would it be?
Favorit subject at school??(or college)
Do u like icecream?



                                                                  StormHeart says hi...




Mah dragon and I / professional TRR racers   (drawn by me)



                                                                 Elder of the           




ALL banners, gifs, and pictures made by me except for adoptables ( please give credit when you use) Also do not steal my artwork or art done by others.




          A little bit about my viking......

She spends most of her time in TRR. But when she has free time, she looks like this


          When she is not racing she likes to:

Watch the chat box  and listen to interesting conversations


Hang out on Immpossible Island 


                                       RACING OUTFIT



                                                            Alpha Toothless Armour: 



Extra: Wears two belts, one with a nightfury batarang attached to it. Wings light up when her surroundings turn dark.



                                                              By Katarile ( TY ^^)



                                                          A D O P T A B L E S




Tarka the miscolored but cuddly Nightfury-By the talented artist Wyndbain adopted from AntroTyree’s Nightfury breeding center




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Yay someone posted! =-)

Favorite desert(s) (no idea): cheesecake, icecream, island sorbe (I dont know how to spell it but it is amazing!) candy in general. Most desserts in other words. XD

Favorite drink: probably orange fanta 

Greatest fear: someone I care about hurt (i know it is , ug i forgot the word i was going to use, cliche? weird? i dunno. But really. It is. )

favorite move: HTTYD OF COURSE!! =-D

Place to travel: dunno, my parents love to travel, so i've already been a lot of places...Germany maybe? Wait! U didn't say it had to be real! BERK!!!! =-)  XD

Fav. Subject: Art. Though L.A. is great to.



which one would u eat??? =-)


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The chocolate one ^^

The chocolate one ^^

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^^ All of them. Exept the

^^ All of them. Exept the yellow one. (I dont like sherbert) =-P  

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Thumbtack, bring back that subject!

ANOTHER HUFFLEPUFF MATE! Highfive dude, have a cookie!

Well let's get into it, shall we? WARNING, LOTS OF HP RELATED QUESTIONS AHEAD because YES


Favourite character?


Favourite subject?


If you could choose a single spell to use for the rest of your life what would it be?


Thestrals, Nifflers or Bowtruckles? Or idk, any other favourite magic beasts?


Describe what in your opinion is a good and a bad side of each House.


Favourite teacher? If you were a Hogwarts teacher what subject would you like to teach?


What exactly is the purpose of a rubber duck?


You get to visit Hogsmeade village for the fist time. Where do you go first?


What would a Boggard shapeshift for you and how would you fight it?


Of all the series, Which character would you bring back? You may choose only one (because I'm evil)


Were you proud to be a Hufflepuff right away or did it take some time to appreciate it?


(you probably did this already, but whatever) The first object at your right is your weapon against the Dark Lord. On a scale to one to ten, how doomed you are?




Enough with Hp, some more random stuff for you coming in hot!




Favourite Dragon species in HTTYD?


Favourite Defenders/riders/RttE episode? Why?


Your NOTP?


What are your hobbies?


If you could travel anywhere in time and space, what would you like to see? Is there any Hystorical character you would like to meet?


Sweet or salt? (salty? Idk)


Do you remember a funny dream you had?


Any cartoon series you enjoy (despite RttE, I mean)?


That's all for now, I'll be sticking around later, cyaaaa!



They told me I could be anything I wanted, so I became a Whispering Death amateur.

Who frequently fangirls over Hotburples and other Boulder class'.






Oh, there it is. Silly old universe. The more I save it the more it needs saving. It’s a treadmill.

Yes, yes I know they’ll get it all wrong without me.

Well, I suppose….one more lifetime won’t kill anyone. Well, except me.

You wait a moment, Doctor. Let’s get it right. I’ve got a few things to say to you. Basic stuff first.

Never be cruel, never be cowardly. And never ever eat pears! Remember – hate is always foolish…and love, is always wise.

Always try, to be nice and never fail to be kind. Oh, and….and you mustn’t tell anyone your name. No-one would understand it anyway. Excep

Except….children. Children can hear it. Sometimes – if their hearts are in the right place, and the stars are too. Children can hear your name.

But nobody else. Nobody else. Ever.

Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind.

Doctor – I let you go.



-Twelfth Doctor, Twice upon a Time

The tears I cried over this speech, you have no idea.





May Starclan light your path




Heyo. Hillevi here, but you may call me Hill for short, if you like.


For my italian fellows no, I have nothing to do with the youtuber Favij. I added the last letter to my name because otherwise the game wouldn't accept it, realising only later that I might be mistaken for a fan. Luckily a while ago I found a solution to this problem in-game, but my forum account is older. So, yeah... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




Random stuff about me:



-I'm a Hufflepuff


-I'm probably older than most of you


-I'm a cat lady


-Also obsessed with sunflowers!!


-I'm an incredibly introverted person


-I cried like a baby watching Coco by Pixar


-I'm studying Dutch and currently living between Italy and the Netherlands


-I love listening to music. My favourite genre goes from Disney songs to Disturbed, but I also love the Cranberries, MIKA, Panic! At the Disco, Skillet, Starset, Imagine Dragons and Thousands Foot Krutch.


Out of HTTYD, I love Fullmetal Alchemist, Doctor Who, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Harry Potter and Warrior Cats (still not over Yellowfang).




In game I'm simply known as Hillevi (Hil‧le‧vi), you might see me in the wilderness chilling on the platform or, when I'm in the right mood, the racing lobby. Please note that any jokes hinting to Levi from Attack of Titan won't be taken well unless you like to be fired at with no mercy.








I'm sorry, but I stopped accepting friends and or clan

requests. But if you want to know, I'm leader of the

Crescent Moon Clan.






I draw in manga style! Might consider opening an art

thread somewhere at a point in the future. Unfortunately

I don't have a graphic tablet, so if it will ever be, I'll

draw only in traditional.






Thumbtack, male titan Whispering Death                   


DemonSlayer, male titan Terrible Terror


Psycho Mama, female Hotburple


Free Spirit, male Buffalord (soon to be titan)


Cleo, titan Deadly Nadder


Balerion, adult Deadly Nadder



More boring stuff no one wants to know, coming soon on this signature!


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Hey! I know u!

Hey! I know you!! =-) Sorry it took so long to respond, i had to finish HW first and then help my family with something. Sorry about that.

btw i came up with a hufflepuff chant!

person 1: Huffle!

Person 2: Puff!


2: Puff!

1: True!

2: Just!

both: and loyal!



wow thats alot of questions...bring it on! E-)



Favorite character: Ginny and the twins ( I have Ginny's wand! =-)


Favorite subject: my school-art  hogwarts-charms


Spell: protego! or Oculous Reparo! ;-)


Magical animal: thesterals out of the 3, Hippogriff out of all


Houses: Griffindor - yay=brave, nay=reckless  RavenClaw- yay=smart, values learning nay=sometimes valuesw learning too much  Hufflepuff - yay= loyal, friendly, trustworthy, "unafraid of toil" nay= some get boastful, or dont value learning enough,  Slytherin: yay=ambicious, follows goals through  nay=can get cocky, loyalty isnt their best trait


Favorite teacher: hmmm....does Dumbledore count? He was a teacher! If not then...hmmm...Flitwick. I would teach charms. =-)


Rubber Duck: to bug siblings with squeeckyness XD (I cannot spell, oviously)


Hogsmead: Okay so i've been to the Florida I would beeline for the Butterbear!! It is SOOO delicious! (its not actual bear, it tastes like butterscotch)


Boggart: same as mrs. weasly, dead person i care about. I would imagin it as...a puppet. The pupet then gets up and does a jig.


Reviving character: NOOO!!!! why just one! Why! XD  I would choose Fred. One of my fav. characters and it was just to sad when he di.ed. =-(


I first got sorted before Pottermore was changed, so they had the introductory thing. I read it, and was instantly proud of my house. =-)  And my Hufflepuff pride has only grown =-)


Thing to the right: A chair. 4. Bring it on. XD


Species: in HTTYD+episodes....oh man this is hard...I guess a nadder. If the game is included then deffinatly a woolly howl! =-) (bet you never would hae guessed XD  )


Episode: okay i cant pick out of them all! But I will say in season 5 it was "No dragon left behind" The way Astrid risked her own life to save Stormfly AAAAA!!!! E-))  And how cute Stormfly and Garff were AWWWW!!! so ya. =-)


NOTP: I dont know what this acromym means...clue me in? 


Time travel: -shrug- i dunno...wait. you didnt say it had t be real again! Berk, Hogwarts, and Aurlan!!!!!!!


Sweet/Salty? Sweet. Definatly sweet. =-)


Dream: my goodness, there are a lot. (these are't funny, really, but they are some of my favs) I had one with a flying motercycle in the mist (this was before I read HP), another of galloping on a horse, another about jumping off a REALLY tall building, flying, and meeting Peter Pan. Plus daydreaming is really awesome too.


Cartoon: Well, its not a episode series, but I like this comic series called Lumine my friend showed me



Hello! GO HUFFLEPUFF E-D   =-)   =-D  (if u cant tell, I like emoji's =-P ) Its great to see u again and those were good questions! =-)  How doomed would you be if the object t ur right was ur only weapon??? =-)  (It was funny picturing myself trying to run Voldemort through with a chair! XD  Or i gues i could use it as a sheild...who knew chairs were so helpful?! XD  )



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Thumbtack, bring back that subject!

Hey nice to see ya again!

The thing about NOTPs is simple. Do you know Hiccstrid? that's called a Ship. It's the relationship between two characters. They can be from the same story, canon (Hiccstrid, sill for example, is canon because it actually occurs in the franchise), non canon etc. an OTP, One True Pairing, is someone's most favourite ship. You will find many people have Hiccstrid again as OTP. A NOTP is the exact opposite. The least favourite/most hat.ed ship of all. Now that I filled you in you may decide if ignore my unneccessary curiosity or satisfy it xD


Good thing you like sweet, what am I going to do with these cookies otherwise?





(in case ur wondering this is a pic from the web, I can barely boil milk for my breakfasts, cookies are waay too far from my limits xD)

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Oh okay, so in answer to the

Oh okay, so in answer to the question...uh i dont know many...astrid and snoutlout? I bet thats not a thing...but still. no. way. that. will. ever. happen.



COOKIES!!! -eating noises- (between bites) Thanks!!!  lol  E-D


Hang didnt answer my question: How doomed would you be if the object to your right was your only weapon??? =-)

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Thumbtack, bring back that subject!

Oh, I thought you were just appreciating the swift art of taking memes from socials xD
Let's see... An old printer and/or a pile of clothes to put in the laundry... What can I say, I can either break the printer onto his head or choke him with armpit-smelling shirts... Considering Voldemort and the sense of smell don't get along (how can you smell without a nose? Unless you're a snake that smells with its own tongue... Which is actually what he pretty much is so the clothes would be indeed effective after all...) I'd go for the printer xD

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With my chair I would use it

With my chair I would use it to block his first spell, and then charge him with it. =-) 

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The Dragoness
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Oh, boy, what did I do now?

I have some good questions:

If YOU were the one to discover the dragons, what would you do first? (Be honest).

Have you ever gone hang gliding/skydiving/anything related to flight? (if so, I am SO JEALOUS!!)

If you could choose ANY place to live in the world, where would you go and what type of house would you live in?



I have several more questions that I forgot, so I'll be back!



*siggy under construction*


*Author is crazy*

*You have been warned*




I'm the Dragoness!

First thing you should know about me: I am forever and always a


Dare to be a Mormon,

Dare to stand alone,

Dare to have a purpose firm,

Dare to make it known. 


Now, on to business!!


Fun fact:  I am actually two people in SoD: Heather Autumnsword (picture pending)

and Sapphire Wraith

The Dragoness's picture


          My Dragons: *work in progress*

                       midnight--------Titan Deadly Nadder

                       Midnight---------Sand Wraith (just pretend she's a night fury, okay?)

                       Shockwave-------------Screaming Death






                       Fangster--------------Monstrous Nightmare

                       Icyfire------------Hideous Zippleback

                       Barf and Belch------------Hideous Zippleback

                       Sane and Insane------------Hideous Zippleback

                       Sane and Insane------------Hideous Zippleback (due to a glitch I have two dragons w/ the

                       Spitfire---------------------Singetail                    same name)

                      Zippy------------Hideous Zippleback





The Dragoness's picture

My profile pic (a stunning beauty) was made for me by the amazing, talented Katarile! 

For the backstory on this character, click here:





Here are my ALL-TIME favorite fandoms! (Used to be top ten, but I have too many things I love!!!)


le fandoms...not necessarily in order of preference...


1. HTTYD books/movies (obviously, but I HAD to put that in there, it really is my favorite)

         The books were SO GOOD. No swearing, no (extreme) violence (does getting eaten by a lava dragon that dives into a volcano count? Or Grimbeard the Ghastly killing his own son?) Okay, scratch the violence, but it really is pretty awesome. The characters are SO well put together, each with his or her own little quirks that make them unique, and they’re all (mostly) lovable in their own way (Alvin and Exellinor are irredeemable). The little lessons Cressida Cowell teach by inserting them into the plot are truly inspired. Can’t wait for her to write more!!! (Also, I love the quirky way she capitalizes random words to make them a little bit more important. It’s just funny to me.)

          The movies I mainly love because all the characters are so lovable, and because ever since I have wanted a Night Fury of my Very Own. And honestly, Race To The Edge was a pretty decent, except—*gag*—for all the mushy romance—*retch*—I’m sorry, I can’t stand that stuff. *retch*


2. Brotherband Chronicles

3. Ranger's Apprentice

4. The Ever Afters (EAS)

5. Narnia

6. Pete's Dragon

7. Brave (Merida)

8. Harry Potter

9. Spirit Animals

10. Wizards of Once

11. The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

12. The Frog Princess/The Wide-Awake Princess

13. Leven Thumps

14. The Land of Stories

15. Keeper of the Lost Cities


Wait, don’t go...

Did I forget to...Yeah, I did. I didn’t warn you did I? Okay. Ahem.



One thing you must learn about me VERY fast is that I love spoilers and will hunt them down at every opportunity. I also enjoy giving spoilers and withholding them on a whim. I know, I’m cruel.

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AAAAAA sorry sorry sorry! Saw

AAAAAA sorry sorry sorry! Saw this, and completly forgot! =( 


Dragons in general? or a species? (im gonna answer species) i'd probably kinda aproach it and find some out about it, but not more than that at first. Then i'd get an expirienced dragon rider/tamer like Hiccup and show them, and help with whatever is needed, and do my best to help tame and help it!


No i havn't, i'd be terrified! Im not scared of hights in general, but I am of anything I will or might fall off of! My parents have gone both skydiving and hangliding though! They showed us videos afterwards, and it was nice to see the view without having to accually do it XD


HAHAA! YOU DIDN"T SAY IT HAD TO BE REAL! XD if not real, either Harry Pottter's world, or HTTYD world (I cant decide!) well, i guess it depends if dragons would go into hiding only 20+ years after vikings tamed them, if so, then NO! My heart would be broken, if not, YES! (well, maybe, Harry Potter! =)  If real: hmmmm well I like it where i live rn (can't say where ;), but Germany would be fun too!

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The Dragoness
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Crazy girl... ;)

I think you misunderstood my first question. I meant, if you discovered the dragons IN REAL LIFE, just in the wilderness close to your home, what would you do?

And I understand the heights thing. That’s what I’m afraid of too! Heights don’t bother me; it’s the fall that might happen. If I’m confident I won’t fall, I’m not afraid.

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If i discovered dragons in real life (HTTYD ones) i would fangirl like crazy, and camp out near by doing my best (but I prob wouldn't do great at first) to earn it's trust and use all of my dragon knowledge i got from the movies and episode series! I would also be pretty pretective about it...ya know...'ITS MINE. NO TOUCHY. (unless u can help me)' then i would train the amazing dragon all the while euphoric that I had the chance to find and train a dragon. =D

If it was many dragons, i would learn all i can about them and try train them with the help of others, who I would teach to train them. =D

-high five- yup, that's me! ( i would have to get over that if I found dragons tho...=)

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The Dragoness
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What about the government, mmm?

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hmmm...i'll discreetly ask

hmmm...i'll discreetly ask around and find out their thoughts about that if something like, i dunno (  ;)   ), dragons appeared (hehee) and if they sounds like they could be convinced, yaaaaa!! If not, adios people! i'm gonna dissapear with the dragons and anyone who likes them! Byyyye!