A Jarl Mollerson Mystery Series Short Story - The Wedding - Part 4

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Finally, after getting homework done and taking my time to make this just right, this part is finally done.


As for songs, there are a few songs spread throughout that you can listen to.  In the chapter itself, I will create a link to the music.  Otherwise, for this part, there is no other music.  I wrote it in silence so I could concentrate, so you can listen in the same way.  Although, if I had to pick one track to listen to for this part, it would have to be Forbidden Friendship.  I love that song.


Without any further delay, here is Part 4 - The Ceremony!

Hope you enjoy!


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A long time coming, book wise... But I hope well worth the wait!

A Jarl Mollerson Mystery Series Short Story


The Wedding - Part 4


Jarl’s Point of View


         Seems like the moment the sun started to rise and the rays started to chase away the darkness of the night, I woke up.  Annabeth and I both decided that we would have an afternoon wedding, mainly so I would not over sleep.  Here I am waking up at the crack of dawn.  Sometimes, when this happens, I am able to go back to sleep.  If the reason for today was not enough to keep me awake, it is the fact that I really do not feel sleepy.  Yet, I find myself staring at the ceiling.

         I know I will be married in a few hours, but it feels like an eternity away.  I am glad it is not, but when one wakes up on their wedding day with not really much more than just wait, what is one supposed to do in the meantime?

         Deciding to go check on our dragons, I get my winter gear on and head downstairs.  Going to the front door, I open to a bright sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, with fresh powered snow on the ground… And not a footprint in sight.  Berk slept under a nice, freezing, cold blanket of snow.  What could be more satisfying than seeing snow like this without a footprint?  Well, I can think of one thing which is actually a who but not an owl.

         I walk out the door and make the left turn to go to the stables, “Why are you asking yourself that question?  You already knew the answer to it.”

         But that is the point, who else am I going to talk to?

         “What are you asking me for?” I question.

         Why are you answer a question with a question?

         “Well,” I counter.  “You just did just that, answer a question with a question.”


         I stop in my tracks and think, “Why am I narrating myself?”

         Because you have to know what you are going to say.

         “Maybe I should go back to bed and get some more sleep,” I shrug and continue on as I know that is the last thing I should do.  If I do go back to sleep, who is to say that I will not wake back up?  Probably, Annabeth, though Asvord would probably dump cold water on me or something before then.

         Opening the stable doors, a lot of the dragons are just waking up and stretching, “Good morning,” I greet them.

         They all respond, in their own way, with some type of purr or slight rumble of a roar.  I go about the stables to give each dragon their breakfast.  Basket of Salmon for Fredrick, basket of Brown Trout for Spiker, basket of Perch and meatballs for Meatballs, and then two baskets of Mutton for Marigold and Fintan.  Then going over to where Smoky, our Terrible Terror found to sleep for the night, I give him his own portion of Perch.  Smoky finds the oddest places to sleep sometimes, he truly reminds me of Pebbles or Jewels.  His choice of bedding this time is on the shelf next to our basic leather saddles.

         While I am over there, I notice all of the saddles.  My first Thunderdrum saddle, my first racing saddle, my current racing saddle, and then my current simple saddle and my current battle and sleuthing saddle.

         “Wait a second,” I climb up to the top of the shelf to look at my first Thunderdrum saddle.  “Where’s that crate at?”

         It dawns on me, “By my own mother, she outsmarts me,” I shake my head and chuckle.  “What better way to outsmart a mystery conqueror than to give him the very thing that he has been looking for the whole time.  That is truly the deceptive move.  Because I knew the obvious choice would have been too obvious to me, I was looking for the deceptive choice.  But because they knew that I knew that I was looking for that choice, they knew that they would have to make the obvious choice to truly make the deceptive choice.  While I did not put all my energy into solving the mystery of ‘The Phantom Wedding Dress’ -I should remember that title, though sounds more like a creepy mystery title than what it really turned out to be- mother took advantage of that and therefore took advantage of me.  I’m impressed, to say the least.  Not to say that my mother could not outsmart me -I mean she’s a woman for one and secondly, my mother- but I really did not see that I was actually helping.  I suspected, but never pursued any leads.”

         Before exiting the stables, I realize this is probably going to be the last time I go into these stables to feed my family’s dragon like this.

         “Well,” I say outloud.  “Until a few hours from now, there will be a lot of things that you will do for the last time before the time comes.”

         Then I chuckle, “If Annabeth were here at this moment, I bet she would say, ‘The way that was worded, it is like your life is about to end.’  Then I would say, ‘Yes, because I am giving it to you.’”

         Now what?

         It has been less than thirty minutes and I am already not knowing what to do.  So, I just wait.

         Within the next half hour, the rest of my family gets up and we prepare breakfast.  My sisters and I decided to take a flight around Berk to milk some time before the food is ready.  Another half hour later, we return to sit down for meal of pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and milk.  The meal takes about an hour.  Am I counting time?  Yes, I am.

         My father and I then go to our farm to go to the chores.  Milking, collecting eggs, checking bedding, checking the sheep, and feeding everything.

         “So,” my father asks while we milk that last two yaks to finish up.  “How are you doing?”

         I think my father picked up on the fact that I did not talk much during breakfast and then hardly a peep the whole hour or so we have been working.

         “Fine, just waiting,” I return.

         “I know the feeling, believe me,” my father confirms.  “But we are already a few hours closer.”

         That is a little strange.  For as much as it seems that time is crawling by at a snail’s pace, time is starting to fly by; it has already been a few hours since I got up.

         Within the next hour, I find myself going to The Great Hall to get ready.  Of all this time, I have not had a chance to see Annabeth yet.  Though, probably for the best.  She probably has a million things to do, though I wonder how she is coping with the wait?

         By now, it is probably an hour or less before the wedding starts.  Peaking out from the side room that I am in I see that The Great Hall is already starting to fill up.  I bring my head back and start getting my wedding apparel out to then get on.

         I got brand new golden-brown boots for today, my best pair of golden-brown pants I use for special occasions, and then my mom made me a new dress shirt to wear for today.  It has my checkerboard look to it but is a golden-brown.  Over top my sleeves on my forearms, I have bracers that are attached to a crimson red sleeve with a simple reinforced leather covering over top.  Oh, I have a belt with belt buckle on that has the family seal that Annabeth and I have decided on.  On my left side, attached to my belt, is my sword sheathed in its holder.  Then I have a fur cape that goes down to about my shins.  The cape is attached to my shirt by two buckles that have the Tidal Class symbol on them each; they are both on the front side of my shoulders.  Finally, there is my helmet.  Looking at it I remember Adam who made it for me.  This helmet has been with me about as long as Annabeth has been in my life.  Slightly not as long, but this helmet has been through a lot.  Even before it got polished for today, it still looks the very same when Adam gave it to me.

         The name of the Thorvalds also reminds me of the room I am in the same room that I officially met Adam’s sister, Annett.

         I tell myself, “It is like everything is truly coming full circle today.”

         Before long, my father then comes in, “It’s time.”

         Taking a deep breath in, I nod to my father, and walk out to my place on the right side of the aisle in front of Stoick.

         Facing the audience, I am able to see the whole crowd.  I know we invited other clans and vikings of other islands to the wedding, but I have never seen this many vikings in The Great Hall at one time.  Berkians, Berserkers, Outcasts, Defenders, Wingmaidens, and all the great friends I have made over the years.  All the seating has already been filled and the crowd is filling in the rest of the area; the Twins are playing crowd control.

         Speaking of which, having the Twins apart of anything might begging for trouble, but I have seen a little bit of where the best areas they can be used for.  If you put them in charge of a single task, make it a simple one but not too simple, an important one, but not the most important one, letting them exert some authority in the position you have put them in, and you get the Twins fulfilling what you asked them to do.  Now, they are fulfilling in their own Twin-tastic, way, but they are getting the job done.  Pretty much everything is set and the ceremony is about to begin!

         The musicians start playing, “Hark, Harold, the Angels Sing” as the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen start making their way down the aisle, starting with the Maid of Honor and the Best man, Cazi and Hyrith.  Each couple will be separated by ten feet.  Going at a leisurely walk, Heather and Garth are next.  In behind them by about ten feet come Dawn and Explod.  Third in line of the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are Aiyana and Ohmarr.  Then comes Asvord and Thoreous.  Finally, Astrid and Hiccup.

         When Heather and Garth come to the front a few minutes later, the break off and go to their sides, the women to Annabeth’s side and the men to my side.  Once all of them have come through, at the start of the aisle, Elsa starts the Ringbearers going.  Their names are Katie and Kyle… Two of our Thunderwhips.  Elsa and Annabeth have been specifically training these two for this purpose.  Annabeth thought it would be cool and I agreed, though we both understand that they are still baby dragons, baby dragons of a hybrid breed we no practically nothing about.  So, what could go wrong?

         The two Thunderwhips are looking a bit daunted by the whole crowd, but they continue making their way up the aisle.  When they make their way to the front, both Astrid and Hiccup come out to stand next to the Thunderwhips on either side of the aisle.  Katie has Annabeth’s ring laying on top of their snout and my ring is on Kyle’s snout.  Astrid and Hiccup are there to hand the rings off to Cazi and Hyrith to give to Annabeth and me.

         Now that the Ringbearers are in place, Elsa, the Flower Girl, makes her way down the aisle to prepare for the Bride.  Elsa spreads dyed-purple rose petals along the pathway coming to the front and ending up near Astrid’s left.  Everyone is staggered in such a way as to make a subtle arrow pointing towards where Annabeth and I will be standing.

         Speaking of which, the musicians then transition to the Wedding March.  Everyone stands and turns to greet the bride.

         The doors to The Great Hall swing open as the bright light of the sun is shone through.  At first nothing can be seen as the rays of light bounce off the snow and into The Hall.  Then out of the light steps forth one Annabeth Everdeen.

         The crowd Oo’s and Aw’s at the sight.

         My breath is taken away, leaving me speechless, “My…  She’s…  She is…  She…”




         All I can muster is a whisper of, “Wow.”

         Words cannot describe the sight to behold.  All I can do is smile at the beauty that is my heart and soul.

         Annabeth’s eyes are closed.  She stands with an air of confidence, holding her simple bouquet of lightly colored purple roses.

         When the doors are close, she opens her eyes, steps forward to accept her brother, Dagur’s right arm to walk her down the aisle.  Dagur brushed his hair, trimmed his beard, and cleaned up nicely.  He has not looked this nice since his own wedding day.

         Dagur brings her down the aisle, lets her go, and kisses his sister on the forehead.

         As Dagur walks by me to stand in his position, he leans over and whispers to me, “Remember what I said.”  He then winks, gives a slight smile, and then parts by giving me a slight pat on the back.  I shake my head slightly at the remark while also chuckle a bit.

         Right on cue with the music, Annabeth steps up the stair to platform to meet me.  Annabeth has already given the bouquet to Cazi to hold.

         Both smiling at each other, Annabeth gives he hands out to me, and I take them.

         Stoick raises his arms to signal the music to stop and everyone to sit down.

         “Well,” Stoick begins.  “Here we are.  Here stands before us two vikings.  Two vikings who grew close as friends committed to being betrothed.  Then after giving a promise of marriage to each other, stand before us right now, to fulfill that promise in a ceremony before the rest of their lives begin.”

         Stoick pauses and then address each of us, “Annabeth Everdeen.  Jarl Mollerson.  You two are two of the most stubbornness of vikings I have ever seen.”

         Everyone laughs, including the two of us.

         Stoick then shoots a glance at Astrid and Hiccup.  “Well, okay.  Second most stubborn.  But in all seriousness, I am sure we all could not be more proud of the two of you.  From your first time coming here to Berk, Annabeth, you have been around vikings that have shown to you what it means to be a Berkian and what it takes to be a viking.  While it turns out you are actually a Berserker, you showed us what it takes to be a true viking.”

         Stoick goes on, “Through your adventures with Jarl and his crew, I have seen the two of your grow up and mature into the young woman and man that you are today.  But the journey here has not been an easier one, yet the difficulties of life and situations have never stopped either of you.  Life has spoken against you, but you have replied with the truth.  Life has pushed both of you down -daring you to get up- and what do you do?  You reach for each other to pick the other up.  Life has tested you and you have endured.  Life has threatened you and you have protected the other.  Life has wronged you yet both of you have remained steadfast.  Life has pushed you to the brink and you were willing to give up yourself for the other.  After each time life tries to bring you down, you keep coming back to each other.  And now you want to spend the rest of your lives together regardless of what life has thrown at you and what it still has in store for you.  To publicly announce your commitment, you may now say your vows.  Annabeth Everdeen, you may go first.”

         Annabeth let’s out a quiet, “Okay,” before taking in a breath and looking at me, “Jarl Mollerson.  I love you without fear, without hesitation.  I have supported you and encouraged you as a friend just as you did to me as a stranger.  I promise to take this next step with you to support you, encourage you, and cherish you as your wife.”

         Annabeth continues, “I promise to be a nurturing wife, compassionate companion, and always be on your side and by your side always.  Nothing thus far has kept me from you, and nothing will keep me from you.  This ring that we will put on each other’s hand is more than a circle of metal with a red jewel on top.  These rings are a symbol of our unity.  Our unity will be unbroken here for our lives, our unity will be unending and eternal in the halls of Valhalla.  This ring embodies my promise to you wherever I may go, I will always return to you.  Wherever I might do, I will be near your side.  I promise this to you, my husband.”

         Stoick waits a moment before saying, “Thank you Annabeth.  Jarl, if you will.”

         I also take a breath in before I start; I close my eyes as I do and open them to look into her eyes, “Annabeth Everdeen.  Suffice to say, I never did write down my vows.”  Chuckles rang through The Hall and the face Annabeth makes is a face trying hard not to punch me in the side, yet she cannot help but smile.  “Don’t worry, I’m going to save it.”

         She rolls her eyes.

         I go on, “The reason I never did write down my vows is that every time I would think of something to say, I would think of something different to say every time.  As you say about the unity that these rings represent, the words I have for you are unending.  I could not think of enough words to tell you the love for you that I have is unending.  But stalling for time, I have found the words.”

         Annabeth shakes her head and sighs, though never once looks away, “I give all that I am to you.  You are my heart, you are my soul, you are my wife.  I will love for eternity… And even further than that.  I pray that I am able to guide you with strength, comfort you with wisdom, annoy you with puns, and protect you with all of my might.  I promise to you, at this moment, for the rest of my life I will continue to give my best to you, my wife… My Heart… My Love.”

         Stoick comes back in, “Well, I don’t think Berk will ever hear a set of vows like that again.  May I have the rings please.”

         Astrid and Hiccup both bend down to take the rings, but both Katie and Kyle start to act up, wanting to play as they have forgotten the fact of what is on their snouts.  Star Scream, from Annabeth’s side, and Undyne, from my side, step forward and let out a quiet and subtle yet firm snort to snap the two Thunderwhips out of it.  They promptly comply and allow Astrid and Hiccup to take the rings.  Our two friends bring them to Stoick who thanks them and then takes the rings in his hands.

         “I thought I was going to have an important message, but is it seems as if you two saw my notes,” Stoick chuckles and continues.

         He shows us our rings.  The way in which the rings are made is that if they are put side by side, they fit together like puzzle pieces.  The designs and engravings on them do look nice, but as a nod to our adventures in mysteries, our rings are puzzle pieces.  But since these rings will hardly ever be combined physically, the only way to put together these puzzle pieces is for Annabeth and I to be together.  Since these rings are a symbol of our unity, these puzzle pieces are a symbol of our commitment for each other.  Together, we form a bond unbreakable by anything.

         Stoick shows us the rings, “As you two have mentioned, these two rings are a symbol for the two of you.  This two represent more than just a piece of metal to show that you are married.  While these rings are little in comparison to what you two consider the other, it is these little things that mean the most to us.  Take a great ship.  For all of its might and look and power, there is a tiny rudder that steers it where ever the captain desires.  So also, are these rings, they are a small part of you two.  These rings boast of great things, yet are only as strong as the two of you.  Take the other’s ring now.”

         Annabeth takes mine, I take hers.

         “Annabeth Everdeen,” Stoick address as Annabeth puts the ring on my left hand and holds the ring in place while Stoick talks.  “Do you take Jarl Mollerson to be your husband?  Do you take him to love and to cherish, in peace and in battle, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

         Emphatically, Annabeth responds, “I do and I will.”

         “Do you Jarl Mollerson,” Stoick turns to me.

         In the brief moment that Stoick pauses, I put the ring on Annabeth’s hand, as in actually on the top of her hand.

         I whisper to Annabeth, “Well, he told me to put it on your hand.  So, I did.”

         Annabeth rolls her eyes as I swiftly put the ring on her finger of her left hand just as Stoick starts, “Do you take Annabeth Everdeen to be your wife?  Do you take her to love and to cherish, in peace and in battle, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

         Immediately, I respond, “I do and I will.”

          “Then as chief of the Hooligan tribe of Berk and the power given to me as chief as well as the power given to me by Dagur, chief of the Berserkers, I now pronounce you husband and wife!” Stoick concludes.  “You may kiss the bride.”

         I take my heart into my arms and kiss her.

         The crowd erupts in shouts of joys and chants of cheers.

         It is as if time stops all around me for this very moment.  I do not know how long it takes or what time it is, all I know is:


         I am one with my heart.


         I do not let go until Annabeth is ready.

         We then stand back, facing the audience as Stoick announces, “It is with great pleasure and greater honor that I present to you… Mr. and Mrs. Annabeth and Jarl Mollerson!”

         With Annabeth’s left hand in my right, we walk down the aisle as we are showered in confetti pellets that are white.  Why waste good sugar or salt?

         As we make our way down the aisle, the Maid of Honor and the Best man along with the Bridesmaids and Grooms men follow us.  Our dragons are following us around the side.  The doors of The Great Hall open for us and we quickly make our way down the steps to the bottom.

         Annabeth and I start at the bottom and line up our dragons with the rest going back up the stairs.  Everyone in the ceremony gets ready to mount their dragons.  I along with rest of the men help the ladies mount their dragons before mounting our own.  Annabeth on Anora, Razorwhip, myself on Fredrick, Thunderdrum.  Cazi on Electic, Skrill, Hyrith on Sun Rose, Nadder.  Heather on Windshear, Razorwhip, Garth on Riptide, Tide Glider.  Aiyana on Kaimana, light blue, purple fins Sliquifier, Ohmarr on Hawk and Ace, sea blue Zippleback.  Asvord on Spiker, Nadder, Thoreous on Meteorblast, red Gronckle.  Finally, Astrid on Stormfly, Nadder, and Hiccup on Toothless, the Night Fury.  Annabeth and I lead the group in a formation into the air.

         Once we reach the edge of Berk, everyone behind us stop is mid air and makes a line reaching from left to right.  Once Astrid and Hiccup come to the line, all of the dragons in the line fire into the sky multiple times in celebration.


         Annabeth and I fly over and lean our dragons in so that we can kiss again.  Fredrick and Anora snuzzle each other.

         We fly off into the horizon for a little while.


         “Annabeth?” I ask.

         “Yes?” she answers.

         “I want to show you something, come on,” I turn Fredrick around.

         Annabeth follows suit but asks, “What for?  We still have time for our first flight together?”

         “I know,” I reply.  “But as you did with the mystery of me helping my mother bring home your dress everyday without me knowing it… Yes, I finally figured it out when I was feeding the dragons this morning.”

         Annabeth quips, “Well, you do eventually solve everything.”

         I return, “You’re not the only one that can be mysterious.”

         I urge Fredrick on as Annabeth joins me with Anora.

         By now, we were well out of sight range of Berk.  All our family, friends, and guests at The Great Hall will now start the dual party going for Snoggletog and the celebration of the marriage.  But instead of going back right away, I lead Annabeth to the west side of Berk.

         As we near the site, Annabeth declares, “You didn’t?”

         I smile, “Not alone at least.”

         I lead Annabeth down to the ground, dismount, while she does the same and unclips her cloak train from her dress, then I reveal to her as we walk around to the front that faces west, “Welcome to you home.”

         With the help of basically every man or friend of mine on Berk, we built a house and stable for two dragons in the same amount of time it took mother to make Annabeth’s dress.  The stables is right close to the house, but to the north by about fifteen feet.  I told my mom to keep Annabeth busy these last two weeks as I did not want to have Annabeth go out to her spot on the cliff.  I wanted it to be a surprise.  Explaining this to Annabeth, I can tell by the looks of it, it definitely is a surprise.

         “While I know that we both consider each other our home,” I walk up to her and grab her shoulders.  “Here is a house to call our own.”

         Now finally, Annabeth cannot hold it in and starts to cry.

         She grabs me for a hug and tells me, “This is the happiest day of my life.”

         As I hold her for a few moments, I then lift her off her feet with her back on my right arm and her legs on my left arm.  This surprises Annabeth, but something else surprises me.

         “What are you doing?” Annabeth declares as she now has a hold of my neck.

         As I stumble for a moment, “Trying not to fall.”

         “Are you saying I’m heavy?” she looks at me.

         “No,” I quickly answer.  “I just was slow to find the center of gravity to stay upright.”

         “That’s better,” Annabeth nods.  “Because you would have gotten it had you thought otherwise.”

         Walking over to the door, I just realize.

         “Um, Jarl?” Annabeth states.

         “Huh?” I return.

         “You uh…” Annabeth trails off.

         “I know,” I say.  “I didn’t think this through.”

         Annabeth offers, “You can put me down.”

         “No, that’s fine,” I say then smile.  “You’re not the heavy.  Plus, Asvord taught me one time that when your hands are full and you go to a close door, you always have your feet available.”

         So, I balance one foot and use my right to lift the wooden latch up out of its holder.  After several tries, I get it and nudge the door open with said foot.


         Annabeth retorts, “First try, right?”

         I grin, “First try that I got it right, at least.”


         I carry Annabeth across the threshold of my… Excuse me, our house.


         I stand there still holding Annabeth, who has now rested her head on my right shoulder, “You going to put me down yet?”

         “No,” I simply put.  “I’ll let gravity do that.”

         “What?” she slightly lifts her head to look at me.

         “I mean,” I tell her.  “Once my arms give out, gravity might take over.  But then you’re still holding on to me, so there’s that.”

         I carry her back outside and close the door with my foot.  The momentum caused the latch to fall down into place when the door gently banged against the doorpost.

         “Okay,” Annabeth chuckles.  “You really can put me down now.”

         Putting her down, she then starts to walk around the corner of the house and is about to mount Anora when…


         Some snow just so happens to hit her back.

         She turns around, I start whistling.

         As I am looking away, looking at the ground, looking to the side…


         Some snow just so happens to him me in the face!

         When I look back over to Annabeth; she can barely contain herself from both laughing and trying not to smile.

         Anora then shoots a small blast to the roof of the house which causes an avalanche of snow to fall on top of me and Fredrick.

         Finally, Annabeth laughs, “It was her idea, but I approve.”

         Appearing from the mound of snow, Fredrick then breathes in and blows all the snow over to Annabeth and Anora.

         I shrug, “It was his idea.”

         “I see that,” Annabeth then throws more snow at me.

         I throw snow back at her… The cycle continues… And before we know it, we are playing tag in the snow and throwing snow at each other every chance we get.  Fredrick and Anora join in on the fun blowing snow on each other.  Then after a little while the dragons team up against us and we do battle against them.  Pretty soon we all stop that and continue the game of tag.

         I then tackle Annabeth to the ground and she winds up on top of me.  I am not sure if she let me catch her or if she is just tired.

         I thought, “Nope, gotta be the first.”

         Annabeth is laying on top of me as we get lost in each other’s eyes.  When then kiss.


         After a few moments, Annabeth pushes back slightly to say, “We best be getting back by now.”

         “You are right,” I whisper, but sigh at the same time.

         Annabeth stands up and offers her hand to help me up.

         Taking it, she says to me, “I’m Annabeth, not right.  Oh no, something just occurred to me.”

         “What is it?” I inquire a bit worried but not for what someone might think might be wrong… Something else I can sense coming.

         “With you as my husband,” Annabeth declares.  “What is it going to take me to not let you name our kids after puns?”

         We both start laughing, “Yeah, we’re going to have burns for names as well, don’t forget that.”

         Annabeth looks to the sky, “Valhalla help me.”

         Annabeth and I mount our dragons and are back up into the area.  To say that we did our first flight together, we take a lap around Berk and end up at The Great Hall.  Snotlout is there waiting for us.

         Snotlout’s back is turned, so when we land, he states, “Alright, buddy.  The party is already started and you are late.  The fee was already at two chickens, but now that will cost you a yak.”  Then he starts to turn around, “The only two vikings that will get in now is…”

         When he sees us, he is surprised and stutters quite a bit, I ask him, “So, how’s business been?”

         He starts to answer, “Well, I have been turned down quite a bit, but at the start and end I have gotten some takers.”

         Annabeth questions, “But where is your stock?”

         “Where is my stock?  Please,” Snotlout waves it off and then points somewhere off to the right.  “It’s right over…”

         Where he pointed, nothing is there.  From around the other corner of The Great Hall, we hear some familiar giggles and chuckles.

         Snotlout exclaims, “Ruff, Tuff!  Get your butts over here.”

         The Twins do step out but run over to the doors.

         Before Snotlout could chase them down, I jump in, “Are you going to announce us Snotlout?  I mean, you are the Village Crier for the party.”

         Ruffnut whispers to Tuff, “More like just a crier in general.  Am I right?”

         Snotlout heard it to, but ignored them as he straightened his clothes, fixed his helmet, and got a sophisticated look about him.

         As I go to help Annabeth down off Anora, we both look at each other, knowing exactly what the other is thinking:  Because Snotlout was going to try and get a fee out of everyone anyway, having the Twins here foiled Snotlout’s plans into actually not conning anyone out of their own stock.  Now, just hopefully, the Twins returned them.

         Opening the doors to The Great Hall, only the vikings who were nearby saw we were coming in.

         “May I have your attention please,” Snotlout announces.

         No one answers.

         He clears his throat, “May I have your attention please!”

         Still nothing.

         Snotlout then screams, “Quiet!!”

         He got a few more, but still not the whole Hall.  Snotlout mumbles to himself as he walks back out of The Hall and brings back with him Hookfang.


         Snotlout says under his breath, “Do these people only respond to dragons?  What does I guy have to do to get some respect around here?”  He clears his throat again and announces in a distinguished voice, “May I present to all of Berk for the first time…”

         Annabeth interrupts, whispering to Snotlout, “Second time.”

         Snotlout quickly comes back, “…For the second time, Mr. and Mrs. Jarl and Annabeth Mollerson.”

         A chorus of applause rings in from everyone.  As we make our way back to the front, everyone we meet congratulates us.

         Since we last were here, The Hall has been transformed back to its usual set up, just with the seating for a grand party, all with the exception of the main table at the front where the wedding party sits.  The two main chairs are waiting for Annabeth and I to sit down.

         I walk Annabeth around to her side, pull the chair out for her, she hesitates slightly, and then I push it in for her to sit down.  I take her cloak, which she unhooks, and drape it over the back of the chair.  Before I sit down, I take off my sword and hook it onto the side of the chair.  As the crowd sits back down themselves, Stoick comes up to address the crowd.

         While he comes up, Annabeth whispered to me, “I thought you might actually pull the chair out for me as in let me have no chair to sit down.”

         I comment, “It did cross my mind.”

         Stoick raises his hands to quiet the crowd, “I know how you are all ready to start eating, but can we hear it one more time for the man and woman of the day.”

         Another thunderous chorus of applause comes our way.  Stoick quiets the crowd again.

         “Alright,” Stoick clasps his hands together.  “This is a party for Snoggletog and celebration of the new union.  Grab some food and a mug and let’s celebrate the new couple!”

         From here everyone, including the wedding party goes through the line and gets food.  Those in attendance had already gotten their food.  We thought that keeping this big a crowd’s attention away from food for too long may not be good, so before anything else starts, we all should eat.  Though, we said that they could start eating before we got here, Stoick must have stopped them from starting until Annabeth and I got arrived.

         Over the next hour, we ate our first meal as husband and wife.

         Now with all of our guest fully stuffed with food, they are quieter and more attentive now.  Hyrith is about to stand up and give a toast, but instead, in the center of The Hall, one Tuffnut Thorston stand banging Macy against a shield.

         “Alright, quiet down everyone, quiet down,” he demands.  With all eyes now on Tuff, he starts.  “I know Hyrith was about to make his toast, but I would like to make one first.  Out of all the weddings I have been to, this has been the greatest.”

         Ruffnut tells him, “You’ve only been to one other one.”

         “True,” Tuffnut replies.  “But that was only by accident, I wasn’t invited, and people keep telling me I crashed the party.  But fear not!” He starts to mimic a thick viking accent, “For I, Tuffnut Thorston would like to offer a toast.  Raise your glass, raise your mug, raise it to the sky!  For today, two vikings have made the sacrifice to live together in matrimony.  Another single man has been lost to us.”  Tuffnut starts to cry.  “We shall mourn his…”

         Ruffnut smacks her brother in the back of the head, “This is a wedding, not a funeral.”

         “Oh, sorry, I got my toasts mixed up,” Tuffnut answers back.  He then concludes, “What I am trying to say is that we should raise our toast… I mean raise or cups to celebrate the new couple.  To Jarl Mollerson and Annabeth Everdeen, may they survive each other, as they have survived until now.”

         Tuffnut then bows and there is not a peep out of the crowd.

         Hyrith then stands and calls the attention of the crowd, “What our esteemed colleague is trying to say is kind of what I was going to say.  To Jarl and Annabeth,” Hyrith raises his mug to the air.  “May their friendship never cease.  May their bond never break.  May their marriage out last them all.  May their union be an example to us all.  May we wish them all the success in the world!”

         I grab my mug of milk and knock against Annabeth’s to then drink to the toast.

         Hyrith then announces, “Who’s ready for dessert?”

         That is Annabeth and my cue to go over and cut the cake.

         The cake is rolled out in front of our table, both Asvord and Elsa made and decorated the cake.  It is a towering master piece, molded to look like the Isle of Berk.  It is three feet in a circle and nearly four feet high with six surrounding smaller, fourteen and ten inch, two tiered cakes.  At the top of the highest peak on Berk, stand two figurines made to look like Annabeth and me.

         As I go over to Annabeth to pull her chair out for her to get up, the musicians start to play softly a song I specifically requested, “Into a Fantasy.”  I move to her left side, and offer my right arm for her.  She takes hold and I lead her around to the front of the cake.  There sits a small, six-inch cake just for us to take our first bite of the cake.

         Annabeth and I both take the knife and cut a piece for each of us.  Annabeth insists I go first, so I take a fork, stick the piece of cake in it, and raise it up to her mouth.  I then smile.  She looks at me as if something is going to happen but she opens her mouth… And I stick the whole thing in.

         She was not expecting that to happen, yet she did not spill a crumb.  Though it does take her a moment or two to finish the bite.

         Now Annabeth looks at me.  She takes half the piece of cake but puts in her hand.  She slowly brings it up to my mouth.

         Someone from the crowd yells, “Go on!  Give it to ‘im!”

         We all laugh and Annabeth shoves the cake in my mouth, though because I laughed, spills some of the icing on my lips.  Annabeth spreads the icing around and then kisses me.

         Thinking it is done, I look down for a moment before… Annabeth throws the other half of the piece at me!

         To defend myself, I throw some of the small cake back at her.

         Then out of nowhere, Tuffnut jumps up onto a table and screams one of his blood curdling cries, “FOOD FIGHT!”

         If any Berkian needed any encouragement, a food fight did ensue.

         I chuckle as I declare to Annabeth, “What have we done?”

         I run and grab a shield off a nearby column and run back to shield Annabeth.  Just in time too, as a half-eaten fried chicken slams against the shield.  We crouch down, both ducking behind the shield.  Annabeth and I cannot help but smile and quickly kiss each other again.

         Then came the booming voice of Stoick, “Hold it, hold it… HOLD IT!”

         Annabeth and I slowly peak over the top of the shield only to see Stoick be hit in the right side of the face with a fried Mutton.  Oh, and Ruffnut was the one that threw it.  She did not dare make eye contact afterwards, so it has to be her.

         Everyone is shocked to see what Stoick will do next.

         He takes the Mutton, sniffs it and says, “Too much salt.”  But takes a bite anyway, “Still tastes pretty good.”  He pauses to swallow after setting the fish on the table, “Now that you have that out of your system, would you mind getting in line for a slice of cake so we can then watch their first dance?”

         Most everyone, though most of the Berkians, reluctantly got up and made a line to get some cake.  Annabeth insisted that she help served; I insisted that I help.  About fifteen minutes later, all those who wanted cake had gotten a piece and now we were ready.  Wiping our hands on some towels, then offer my right arm to lead Annabeth back behind the platform to where our first dance is to be had.

         Everyone encircles the large area, about forty feet square.

         I slowly walk her out to the middle, wait a few moments to let everyone find a place to watch, and then I grab Annabeth’s right hand, bow, kiss her hand, and ask, “May I have this dance?”

         Annabeth curtsies as well as bows her head to accept.

         The song plays again from the start.  I lead Annabeth in a slow-moving dance.  With nowhere intentionally to go, we just move around in a small circle.

         Halfway through the song I twirl Annabeth’s arms so that I am now holding her in front of me.  We both close our eyes as we let ourselves get lost in the moment.

         I suddenly hear the ending of the song and feel Annabeth pull away to bow.  I also bow.  Annabeth tries to walk away, but I pull her back to me and lead her into another dance as the song repeats.

         I start to sing the lyrics, “I have a dream you are there.  High above the clouds somewhere.  Rain is falling from the sky.  But it never touches you, you’re way up high.”

         “No more worries, no more fears.  You have made them disappear.  Sadness try to steal the show, but now it feels like many years ago.”

         I outstretch my arms, “And I…,” I then twirl her around to have her back against me.  “I will be with you every step.”

         “Hey…” The crowd shouts with the music.  “Hey…

         I start to lead her to the right with a reaching step and then back to the left with another reaching step.  “Tonight, I found a friend in you, and I’ll keep you close forever.”  I turn Annabeth around and leap into a circle going to the right while turning us both in a circle as we go, “Come fly.  With.  Me!”

         “Oh-Ah-Woah,” The crowd sings, “Oh-Ah-Woah.”

         “Into a fantasy.”

         “Where you can be whoever you want to be.  Come fly.  With.  Me!”

         As the song interludes, I end up where we began but I made the circle go wide to end up where the crowd is.  I do this because Hiccup and Astrid are on that side.

         As the next verse starts, I twirl Annabeth to my right hand and nod with my hand to have her grab Hiccup’s hand.

         Annabeth knows just what to do and declares, “Everyone grab a hand!”

         Though taken by surprise, Hiccup instantly grabs Astrid’s hand and she takes with her Stoick and the line continues.

         This is a song that every Berkian knows, so I call out to them, “Everyone join in!”

         As I lead the crowd into a giant circle that slowly gets smaller each time we overlap.

         “We can fly, all day long.  Show me the world, sing me a song.  Tell me what the future holds.  You and me will paint it all in gold.”

         Continuing the circle, the chorus starts, “And I… I will believe your every word.”

         “Hey…,” the crowd sings.  “Hey…”

         “‘Cause I…  I have a friend in you.  We’ll always stay toge-hether.  Come fly with me!”

         “Oh-Ah-Woah,” the crowd sings, “Oh-Ah-Woah.”

         At this point, everyone knows which dance I am doing, so when the chorus starts, each circle breaks to complete the circle.  Then each circle rotates opposite the one from the inside, I start the inner circle to the right which came out to just who I hoped it would be.  Annabeth, Hiccup, Astrid, Stoick, and myself.  The next circle goes the opposite direction.  And, so on and so forth.

         “Into a fantasy.”

         “Oh-Ah-Woah,” the crowd sings, “Oh-Ah-Woah.”

         “Where you can be, whoever you want to be.  Come fly.  With.  Me!”

         As the musical interlude starts, the circles step back and forward towards the center of the circle.


         We all swing our arms back as we go back and then our arms forward as we go forward.

         As the next verse starts, we raise our hands to the air and hold them there.

         “And I… I will be with you every step.”

         The crowd lowers their hands down, then I alter the next step.  Instead of unwinding the circles, I pull Annabeth to the center, spinning her into my arms.

         I lay my forehead on hers as I alone sing, “Tonight… I found a friend in you.  And I’ll keep you close forever!  Come fly.  With!  Me!!

         I then start turning us both into a circle in place while slowly building up speed.

         “Into a fantasy.”

         “Where you can be, whoever you want to be.  Come fly.  With me,” I lift Annabeth into the air and set her back down.  “Come fly.  With.  Me!”

         “Oh-Ah-Woah,” the crowd sings, “Oh-Ah-Woah.”

         I start spinning fast, “Into a fantasy.”

         “Oh-Ah-Woah,” the crowd sings, “Oh-Ah-Woah.”

         “Where you can be, whoever you want to be.”  As I sing the next line, I stop, lift Annabeth straight into the air, but hold her there, “Come fly!  With!  Me!”


         While still holding on to her, I let her fall back into my arms, and pull her in for a kiss!


         The crowd erupts in cheers of joy and thunderous applause.

         I thought maybe Annabeth might be crying, but as I pull her back slightly, she merely has a couple tears down her cheeks.

         While the crowd is still going, I whisper to Annabeth as I look into her eyes, “This was for you.  I wanted to create a special moment, just… for you.  I know the journey to this moment has had its ups and downs and has been ten times worse for you than it has for me.  But I hope to show you, starting today and with this dance… I hope that it will be all worthwhile!”

         If she was not crying before, I think that did it.

         She throws her arms around my neck and digs her head into my chest and declares, “Thank you.  Thank you so very much, Jarl!!”


         From that moment, the whole crowd comes in on us to shower us with praise and encouragement.  As Annabeth straightens up, the crowd picks us up into the air and sends us forward, back to the front.

         We return back to our seats.

         The next thing we do is get more cake and settle down to enjoy more first moments together.  After a few minutes, anyone and everyone who had any connection with Annabeth and me comes up and shares a story, funny moment, or randomness that they remember about us while also wishing us happiness, success, joy, and or safety.

         This takes several hours, but Annabeth and I enjoy every minute of it.


         As it nears sunset, I find myself just wrapping up washing the dishes with my mother as Annabeth is tending to last minute wrap up things to take care of.

         When I go out into the now empty of vikings Great Hall but littered with food and decorations, I do not see Annabeth anywhere.  So, I exit The Great Hall and sit down with my arms kind of around my knees while on the first step, looking out over the village.

         Several minutes pass by and already I start to feel the cold air.  While my suit may look nice, it is not much of a keep oneself warm kind of a suit.

         I then look down at my ring and rotate it around my finger while just staring at it.

         Unsure of how much time passes since then, but I then feel the gentle touch of hands putting a cloak around me.

         It is Annabeth who puts her cloak cape train around me.

         I question, “Don’t you need this?”

         “Nah,” Annabeth sits down next to me on my left.  “This dress is hot.”

         I chuckle, “That’s one way to put it.”

         She slaps me in the side, “You know what I meant.”

         “Yes,” I reply.  “I-.”

         She finishes for me, “Just being Jarl… Which is what I love.”

         Annabeth scoots closer to me, wrapping both her arms around my left, “Today was everything I hope and dreamed it would be… And more.”

         I lay my head on her head as she asks, “The way that dance unfolded, did everyone know that it was going to happen?”

         “I told a few,” I answer.  “Stoick, Gobber, my parents, your brother and sister, a few of my friends and a couple others.”

         Annabeth chuckles, “Only… a few.”

         “While I knew that any Berkian would know that song and the dance that goes along with it,” I tell her.  “I wanted it to also be as spontaneous as it could be while also be organized so nothing would get messed up.  While I knew it could not be flawless, I wanted it to be the perfect moment for you.”

         “Don’t start talking about ‘why you did it’ again, or I’ma gonna start crying again,” Annabeth jumps in.

         I chuckle.

         A few moments pass, Annabeth questions, lifts her head to look at me, “Why did you come out here?”

         “Oh,” I sigh.  “Now that the ceremony is over and the party, I’m just thinking.”

         “Thinking about what?” she asks further.

         I take a deep breath in and go back to rotating my ring and staring at it, “I pray that I can be the husband you want me to be and that I will come through on all that I have promised to you.  Guess I am feeling the daunting task of marriage now.”  I stop with the ring and look straight at Annabeth.

         I am a bit at a loss of words, but Annabeth starts and no doubt finds the ones I was searching for, “As long as we stay close forever, there is nothing that we cannot handle.”

         From behind us, a voice that is my father speaks, “Just wait until you have kids.”

         Annabeth and I turn to stand up and greet my parents and Annabeth’s sister and brother.  Father offers his hand, I shake it but bring him in for a father-son bro hug.  Annabeth hugs mother.  Mother then comes over to hug me.  Even now, mother is holding it together quite nicely.

         Father says for he and my mom, “Goodnight, you two.”

         They walk away, going down the steps, arm in arm.

         Dagur comes over squeezes me, Heather and Annabeth hug.

         Dagur declares, “Wow, now I do have an actual brother.  So, be it a brother by marriage, but still a brother.”

         Heather steps over to me jabs her brother in the gut, “Yeah, and you never tried to kill him, so he is a lot closer to you as a brother.”

         Dagur hugs Annabeth, and Heather hugs me.

         Dagur and Heather both say, “Goodnight.”

         As if right on que, Anora and Fredrick peek around the side of The Great Hall in front of us.

         No words are spoken.  Annabeth and I mount our dragons…

         And fly home!

         The Thunderwhips follow us and we bed all of our dragons in their new home.  Feed them.  And tell them, “Goodnight.”

         Before we go inside, hand in hand, we go stand out over our cliff.

         The updraft from the sea blows in our faces as the crisp night starts to fall upon the setting sun.  We stay here for the last minutes of the sunset before going into our home.

         With all that has happened today, we are both pretty tired.  But I do make sure to make a fire in the fireplace to keep us warm overnight.  Then going upstairs, we each go to our closet and change to our normal clothes.  Coming out, we kiss each other, “Goodnight.”  Getting into bed, I take the blanket with my right hand, I pull it up over each of us.  After I do, I reach my hand around Annabeth caressing her waist.

         Annabeth says, “Goodnight my Love.”

         I respond, “Goodnight my Heart.”

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Over the last a couple of months doing work here and there, then over the last three weeks doing a lot of work, I drew Annabeth's dress.


Here is a progression in pictures of what the dress started out as and what it ended up as:

(Right click on the pictures and click on "Open image in new tab" to see a larger version)

I started out with just getting the design to what I wanted.  So only a front view.  I incorporated designs from all versions of Annabeth's outfits, past and future.


Then I worked on color.  Also added what the back would look like, just for reference.  Then started the 3D version of the drawing with Annabeth in the dress.


To show how big the scale of the final drawing will be, I added the picture of front view of the dress.  The front view is on an 8" x 10" sketching notebook.  The final drawing is about 13" x 17".


This is the final drawing before coloring.  Pretty soon, I would like to take this drawing, put it into Adobe Illustrator, trace it, and then color it just like I did the teaser "trailer" for Book 8.  This way there would be a more accurate, crisper, and sharper colored version of the dress.



I hope you all enjoy the chapter and to see how the drawing progressed.