I've been having several issues with the game since Friday, March 27

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I was hoping that the issues I was having with the game over the weekend would be resolved today since weekend issues are common, however, I'm still experiencing a bunch of issues so I'm reporting them. I hope I can remember them all.(Unless indicated these issues started on Friday.)


- I'm experiencing long loading times when I try to enter the game.


- I'm frequently getting the "create new viking" screen when trying to enter the game.


- My dragons keep getting kicked out of the stable quests they're doing even though they haven't glitched out of their stables.


- My daily rewards have been stuck on Day 1 since Friday and I'm receiving the Day 1 bonus multiple times a day(almost every time I log in throughout the day I get the Day 1 bonus).


- It takes forever for the game to register I'm feeding my dragons. Sometimes it doesn't register it at all and so I have to hit the chicken eggs/fish button again and it takes away 2 of the items even though it didn't register the first time I hit the button to feed my dragon.(so I'm getting cheated out of chicken eggs and fish)


- When I entered my farm for the first time Saturday, the farm tutorial popped up so I closed out of the game. I reentered the game and went back to my farm. I noticed I had about 10 extra farm plots, all of them under the fence posts I have, and I had 246/400 decoration points(or whatever they're actually called) instead of the 208/400 I'm supposed to have. I figured the extra farm plots were the cause of me having all those extra decoration points(before this I had never checked how many points the farm plots gave you) so I went into decoration mode, removed the fence posts, removed the extra farm plots, and then replaced the fence posts thinking that would bring my points back down to 208 but it didn't. It only brought it down to 241/400. I have no more extra stuff that the game glitched to me so I've been cheated out of some decoration space.


- My dragons glitched out of my stables today so I had to rename all my stables and put all my dragons back into my stables.(Between this and the other issue with stable quests mentioned above I've basically given up on completing stable quests right now.)


I have tried logging in and out of the game and uninstalling and reinstalling the game and neither of those things have helped fix any of the issues I'm having. These issues are making playing and enjoying the game very difficult. I hope something can be done to fix all these issues soon.



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Same Here

I am very glad it isn't just me experiencing these issues. I've been experiencing many of the same things since the same date - I was worried something was wrong with my laptop or internet for a while, but it would seem to be a more widespread problem. 


Along with your aforementioned issues with the repeated daily login bonus and very long loading times, I've also encountered bugs when trying to do some quests with my newest viking slot (I'm working through the expansions with her now, on the Death Song expansion currently). I've at least twice now had the 'Your progress has failed to sync with our server' error when attempting to talk to the NPC that would have closed out a quest, leading me to have to log out and back in again to find that I can no longer talk to said NPC to finish the quest and instead just have to start the next one. 


Another error I got just now was that when I attempted to go to my farm to gather eggs from my chickens, the farm took obscenely long to load and then brought me to a level 1 farm with nothing in it, prompting me to name it (I've never bought any farm expansions, this was the first thing to happen when I loaded into my farm which definitely was not level 1 and entirely bare of pens when I left it). 

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I'm glad to know it's not just me as well. It's always nice to know that it's not specifically your account/device/internet when you're experiencing difficulities. I saw on another thread that I read earlier that another forum user has also had issues since Friday. Whatever's wrong I hope it will be fixed soon.


I knew I'd probably forget some issues since I've had so many for the past several days. XD

I've also experienced the "Your progress failed to sync with our servers" issue. I was trying to turn in some eels at the job board and I got that message. I had to reload the game and when I got back in game, the eels I had were gone and I had more coins than I previously had which means that despite that error message the game still somehow registered I turned in the eels and gave me the coins for them.


I've also had other issues with my farm. It sometimes takes a long time to feed/harvest stuff from my animals and sometimes the game will automatically feed them again even though I didn't press the feed button.



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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

I wonder if this has anything to do with the corona virus. Is SOD's staff working somewhere where it's hitting? Cuz they might not be working to keep the game running if everybody's hiding from the virus there.




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I've wondered that same thing. I think I've seen people state that part of the team is in California and part of the team is in India. Both places are getting hit by the coronavirus so it's entirely possible that they can't work on/maintain the game right now. I've also wondered if the servers are overloaded because a lot of people are being quarantined so it's causing issues for the game.

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Same has happened to me, all of those mentioned except the farm thing. Only today my dragons glitched out of their stables *twice*, destroying the progress I had going for Nest Mess the first time and Long Night Flight the second. It's odd considering those issues were most likely to happen on weekends like before, but like you I expected things to be at least a bit more stable today. I'm not sure what's going on and if it's related to the upcoming event, or perhaps the alleged bug fixes they're working on. Overall, I hope things get sorted out soon :<


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the first issue is what is

the first issue is what is happening to me but the rest hasn't happened yet


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I had some of these issues, but now I can't even get into the game. It eternally loads. Doesn't even bother to say the server time called out. I haven't contacted the devs because quite frankly I am so sick of reporting crap, and it's not like my tickets help AT ALL, the only time they've ever helped me is when my level dropped during the Dreadfall event. -_-" And the glitches are getting worse and they keep piling up and nobody knows what's going on because it's over the top to ask for communication.


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Yeah, I kinda have similar

Yeah, I kinda have similar problems

I stopped receiving daily rewards as well- Although when I visited icestorm island I somehow recieved it so it might be worth a try.Still I cant receive rewards in the school or wilderness or any of those regular places


All my ongoing stable quests were reset ,also considering the fact that I had purchased a trial membership and  2 quests with chest of gems reward were deleted.

It says on the screen no quests are available in the 4th slot in the stables.







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If by "fourth slot" you mean the one all the way on the bottom left-hand corner, that's not a mistake. I think they're preparing for a new event (or were) which means the "event quest slot" (which is just what I like to call it) is empty for now. But aside from that everything else is glitched up bad.

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A bit of a tip:

If you know how, you can actually sidestep the fact that there is "No Mission Available". ;)


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I don´t know how to do this and would like to know (unless it involves cheating).


If you won´t tell here on the formum, you can PM me.


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Me too

I've had a lot of similar problems, and it won't let me do dragon tactics. I get to go through the battle, but it won't load at the end so I don't get my rewards. I get the XP and that stuff, but I never get the stuff in the chests. I hope they fix this soon.

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So far the game has been running pretty good for me today. The only thing out of all the stuff I've listed on this thread that I'm still experiencing is the extra decoration points thing. Hopefully all the issues will stay gone and we can go back to enjoying the game.

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Quest Issues

Same here. It has been very laggy for me, though it hasn't kicked out my dragons from stable quests, but the other problems I've also experienced. There's also one more problem for me, I just got a membership again and was going to do the Dragon Tactics battle against the Grim Gnashers in Vanaheim to protects the Sentinel Dragons. I've won all four times, but when I get to open the chests and then continue so that I can leave tle battle and finish the quest my game just crashes. On my laptop it's just stuck on loading with the grinding gears and nothing else happens. I troed on mobile but then the game just crashes completely and kicks me out and goes back to home screen. And when I log back on it says I still have to battle the Grim Gnashers in Dragon tactics and I don't get any of the rewards either. I really want to finish that quest so that I can keep playing on that expansion, I haven't had this problem before.


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Quest Issues

Same here. It has been very laggy for me, though it hasn't kicked out my dragons from stable quests, but the other problems I've also experienced. There's also one more problem for me, I just got a membership again and was going to do the Dragon Tactics battle against the Grim Gnashers in Vanaheim to protects the Sentinel Dragons. I've won all four times, but when I get to open the chests and then continue so that I can leave tle battle and finish the quest my game just crashes. On my laptop it's just stuck on loading with the grinding gears and nothing else happens. I troed on mobile but then the game just crashes completely and kicks me out and goes back to home screen. And when I log back on it says I still have to battle the Grim Gnashers in Dragon tactics and I don't get any of the rewards either. I really want to finish that quest so that I can keep playing on that expansion, I haven't had this problem before.

Edit: I just logged on agan and when I did I got an achievement on Dragon tactics for dealing damage. But I still have the quest to battle the Grim Gnashers.


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The issue with Dragon Tactics is something everyone is experiencing right now. All we can do is wait for it to be fixed. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.